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The Butterfly Effect

Morning hurry.
Wake up kids, WAKE UP!!
No lights!! Darn! Should have ironed their uniforms yesterday itself!
Lights back. Great!!
Kids up. Brushed.Bathed.Dressed.
I’m dressed too.
Lui : Mumma, come here. Yeh clip lagao.
Whats wrong with this girl?! We are running late and she insists that I adorn her clip!
Lui doesn’t budge till I give in and clamp the dratted clip on my head.
Drink your milk. FAST!
Socks? Check.
Shoes? Check.
Bags? Lunchbox? Bottles? Books? Diary? Check.Check.Check.Check.Check.
Goodbye Abbu…..and we go down.
Meet one neighbour. Share greetings.
Meet another. Some more greetings. Met one more! Whats this?? Everyone seems to be out at the same time today 😐
Wait for the van with the kids.
MIL comes down to leave for her school.
Bids goodbye to the kids and me.
“Is that your clip?” She ask as she departs.
My hand reaches for my head and thats when it strikes me – I met half the society people this morning, sporting a big, bright orange butterfly clip on my head 😐
Go on, laugh it out.
But believe me, you wouldn’t have wanted to be in my shoes 😐

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