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Simply Shobby

This one’s been sitting in the drafts. I’d intended to post it as soon as I’d posted the one on Lui here.

With Lui babbling non-stop, it would be erroneous to assume that Shobby is more restrained of the two. He talks just as much, if not more. The only thing that strikes strongly, is the way these two talk. If Lui is loud, opinionated and brash, Shobby is restrained, humble and inquisitive. Which eventually means that we end up answering a lot of questions that we’d otherwise love to avoid. When he starts on his interrogation, nothing can deter him from the path except his own conviction of our replies.

(These kids are tough on my nerves, I tell you 😐 )

The other difference is that where Lui has no qualms on flaunting her broken English, Shobby is extremely cautious. He’d rather say the right words or not say anything at all. Mostly, he speaks in English only with me and if I correct him, he takes it in stride. But if I correct him in public (read, in front of other family members), he goes into a shell and refuses to speak further 😐

I’ve realized lately that Shobby is indeed a much more well-balanced kid in terms of his choice of speech. He expresses himself beautifully and sometimes, when he says something in his solemn way, it just hits right at the vicinity of the heart πŸ™‚ . Sample this :-

1) Shobby was disgruntled that I’d bought Lui a pair of jeans and some colourful vests. I couldn’t find the same two items for him that day and had promised to buy them next time I go shopping. Well, I forgot all about it. Shobbs kept reminding me every other day and finally, after an hours of hunting down stores, I found jeans that would fit him and most important, colourful vests (for the record, colourful vests come for kids who are toddlers. Stores keep only white vests for kids four and above. Luckily, Shobby is a tad small for his age and so I bought him the vests for the 3-4 age group, instead of the 4-5, which will be his range startingΒ  next month).

So pleased was my boy that he strutted around the house with the parcel tucked under his arm. He wouldn’t let me keep it in his cupboard, he wouldn’t let Lui check it out, in short, he refused to keep it out of his sight. Finally, when it was bed-time, I convinced him to keep it in his cupboard. He came along with me and we made it a secret affair to open the cupboard and ‘hide’ the parcel, lest Lui sees it. As I closed the cupboard, Shobby looked up at me with a big smile and said, “Mumma, aap mere liye itna samaan laye na, mai bahut khush ho gaya. Thank You”.

I stood there, too stunned for words. I’ve heard people expressing gratitude before, but Shobby’s genuinely heartfelt thanks was the purest πŸ™‚

2) I was making Uttapas once day. Both kids demanded to be fed first. So I cut the first uttappa into two and gave it to them in two separate plates. Lui started gobbling hers. Shobby took a bite from his plate, munched thoughtfully and finally swallowed.

“Mummy, mujhe uttappa bahut pasand hai. Aapne achcha banaye”,Β  and he walks away with his plate. I’m left there, looking at his back. Lui gave me a quizzical look and went back to eating her’s.

3) Its not always that my son compliments me. Sometimes, when his lunchbox is not empty when he comes back from school and I ask him about it, he has no qualms in directly telling me,” Aapne achcha nahin banaye . Aapko theek se pakana nahin aata”.


4) Until a year back, it was Lui who was possessive of her brother but these days have seen her do an about turn. It is Shobby who is perpetually worried about his sister’s well-being, whereas Lui happily gives him the cold shoulder.

So a couple of days back, Shobby was done with his morning bath, but Lui was raising her crankiness levels. She refused to take a bath and started throwing her tantrum right outside the bathroom door. She was busy rolling on the floor when the MIL came and threatened to douse her with cold water if she (Lui) didn’t get into the bathroom asap.

“Nahin dadi, nahin”, yelled a voice from inside the bathroom,”woh meri bhen hai. Usko satao mat”. Not behen. He said Bhen. And said it with the authority of one who has the sole right over his sister πŸ™‚

5) It is late at night. The BF is delayed once more, he messaged me that he would be home around 12 in the night. I get the kids ready for bed, switch off the lights and start on a bed-time story. Suddenly, Shobby chirps up,”Mumma, Abbu abhi tak nahin aaye”.

“IΒ  know baby”, I coo at him,”he is working late today”. Shobby becomes quiet. Lui urges me to continue the story. I start off once again.

“Mujhe Abbu ki yaad aa rahi hai”, says a small voice, obviously Shobby’s.

“Its okay”, I reassure him,” Abbu will be back soon”. He’s quiet again. I think he’s done with his worries and carry on with the story once more.

“Jab Abbu ayenge, mai unko gussa karoonga”, he pips up once again,”good peoples office se jaldi ghar aate hain”.

“Yeah right”, I can’t help but agree πŸ™‚

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