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My Loss

It was bedtime and the twins were busy guzzling down their milk.

I still hadn’t changed to home clothes (since I’d returned late from work) and was in my day’s office wear.

The twins finished their milk and sported big, white milk mustaches.

Lui grinned at me and leaned forward . I was sure this girl was going to wipe her mouth on my dress. I snapped at her to use a napkin.

She leaped back, stung. Giving me the saddest look I’ve ever seen in her eyes, she said,”Mai to sirf pappi de rahi thi”.


Yes, I felt smaller than a beetle.

Lui is a serial kisser, who loves to shower her love in the form of kisses. when she’s in the mood, she doesn’t bother what body part of the other person is available. So I’ve been kissed on the head, tummy, shoulders and even feet 😐

But last night, I felt awful. Though I pulled up my daughter and hugged her for all I was worth, I realized that a precious moment was lost. For what? A dress that could be easily washed the next day?!

Another lesson learned. A Child’s love is precious. Respect it!

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