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This review has been more than delayed in coming. My sincere apologies to Yashodhara. After all the trouble she took to get the book across to me, I kept her waiting for the review 😐

My fault 😦

Truthfully speaking, I started reading her blog only after I entered her contest . But more than winning the book, I think my real reward was her blog itself. It was so full of daily humour, like the kinds found in Erma Bombeck books (another favourite)Β  that I became an instant addict !

But coming to the good part, the book ROCKS!!

Firstly, I had a terrible time getting through the book. No, no, don’t take me wrong. Its all the book’s fault!! Its not that I have a terrible reading speed, but seriously, if I have a twin soul somewhere out there, then it must be Yash.

No kidding, seriously.

Right from the very beginning, from the uncertainties of getting married, to the married-in-Bangalore-honeymooned-in-Goa, to having a baby…it all seemed so much as though I was reading a slightly alteredΒ  biography about myself πŸ™‚

After every few pages, I would be lost in memories, evoked by some text in the book and I would find myself traveling along memory lanes I’d forgotten. It would take me time to come back and finish what I was reading. Sometimes, I would forget where I was and would need to start reading the last few pages again 😐

Clearly, the book is written from the heart. The beauty of its content lies in its simplicity, in its recollection of everyday instances, in its honesty about the little idiosyncrasies we all have. So the way Vijay confuses ‘contraction’ with ‘contraption’ when pacing nervously at his wife’s labor is something that even the BF does. Not pace, bungle up words when hyper πŸ™‚ .

The day-to-day life of a newly married couple is so charmingly captured,Β  I doubt anyone would shake their head in wonder. Its all so believable because we’ve been there!

Yashodhara’s writing is simple. But the humor isn’t. It lurks right there, between the lines. Through the little tales of struggling through the first year, you can’t help but smile at the funny anecdotes and similes strewn throughout πŸ™‚ . Some parts even had me laughing out loud. like the one where Y is learning to drive and she almost drives off, with Vijay hanging on to the open door, one leg still outside πŸ˜€ . This incident is close to me, because the BF cited the very same reason when he refused to accompany me in my training sessions . He was sure I would leave him hanging out πŸ˜€

The birth of Baby Peanut and the resulting mood swings, incompetent handling of a newborn, the worries about career and home,Β  are all very well captured. They are as relate-able as looking at a mirror of our own lives.

Here’s a BIG thumbs up to Yash. For a debut, she makes a rather solid start!

My only gripe would be with the proof-reading. But the errors are few and far between and don’t rankle enough to divert from the book . So no harm done πŸ™‚

Do lay your hands on the book. It really is a rollicking ride πŸ™‚

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Apologies for the layout. My formatting’s off and the preview button isn’t working. I have no idea how this post will look like. Kindly excuse πŸ™‚


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