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Sometimes, I feel that the kids are changing and evolving rapidly, throwing away old habits and learning new ones. We talk to the twins about how they used to crawl as babies, the way they used to drool, the way they used to clap their hands. The twins, needless to say, find these tales highly amusing, as if tickled at the thought that they ever behaved like that!

A lot has changed over the years. Their eating habits, sleep patterns, social behavior, characteristics, etc. Sometimes, I wonder where my little babies disappeared to, leaving behind two impish elves πŸ™‚ . The kids I now have are loud, opinionated, stubborn and high-strung. It doesn’t mean that they less loving or adorable. That they have in bundles πŸ™‚ . In a way, I’m glad that they are evolving into personalities and can no longer be clubbed as just ‘babies’. Lui always had a distinct persona around her and slowly, but gradually, Shobby has carved his own. They are both as similar as chalk and cheese andΒ  more than a mother, I perform the role of an umpire. The judge. It is both harrowing as well as entertaining, depending on the time of the day (and also my mood πŸ˜€ )

But when the kids are asleep, some remote instinct kicks in. They forget their squabbles and differences. And never mind how far I place them on the bed, they find each other. Even after all these years, even after keeping them away from each other through the day, I cannot keep them away from snuggling up to each other at night 😐

See it for yourself –

Then :-

Joined at birth…? At 9 months


Still joined πŸ™‚ at touching 4

There was a picture on Facebook once, of two little babies, premies, snuggling inside the same incubator. Apparently, being premature babies, they were extremely fragile and were kept in two separate incubators. One of the kids’ health kept deteriorating, until one nurse thought of keeping them both in the same incubator.

And Voila!!Β  Both the kids started showing signs of rapid improvement ( Unfortunately I cannot access FB to post the link here. You might just have to hunt for it πŸ™‚ )

My twins, needless to say, seek each other’s company when in slumber, because since the time their hearts beat together, they’ve found company in each other.

May Allah bless this beautiful bond that is so beyond our understanding. I’m sure all twins/triplets/and other ‘Lets’ must be sharing similar experiences with their siblings. I can only see it from a distance and rejoice, but they are lucky enough to experience it.

May this bonding never change. Ameen.

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