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Men Will Be Men

This morning, I was chatting with my project mates when the topic of Shah-Rukh Khan’s latest film, “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” came up. This is how the conversation went :-

Colleague 1 : Trailor gives away the entire movie. Shah Rukh is looking old now.

Colleague 2 : Haan…buddha ho gaya hai.

Me : Of course!! He’s nearly touching 50 now.

Colleague 1 : But so is Salman. But he doesn’t look that old.

Me : Thats because he doesn’t have any responsibilities. He doesn’t have a wife or kids.

Colleague 2 : But Aamir Khan has two wives!! AND children. But he still looks young!

Me : Correction. Aamir Khan has just one current wife. He was divorced from his first one.

Colleague 2 : But you forget, Aamir has three children!!

Me : I agree…but….

Colleague 1 : Hmmm…so the secret is this. If you want to look young, you either don’t marry or if you do, make sure you marry many times.

Colleague 2 : I agree…..the more a man marries, the younger he becomes.

Colleague 1 : Sahi hai yaar….ek wife aadmi ko buddha kar deti hai!!

At this point, the guys guffaw loudly and high-five each other, whereas I can only stare on in shock!!

Seriously, when will guys grow up??

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