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Is it true that what you do on the first day of the new year is the indication for how the rest of the year will be?

If yes, then no doubt I would want my year to go by just like it did yesterday 🙂

It was a working day, sadly. All my friends had an off and I didn’t. Not that it really mattered. I’m not the types to party late to bring in the New Year. I did bake a cake though. A Chocolate-walnut delight which was better by my own standards. Its a different matter that the cake still wasn’t ready by zero hour (the idea to bake the cake struck me around 10:30 pm in the night, after which I scavenged around for the ingredients and somehow rustled it up). The in-laws gave up waiting for the cake. They are early risers and its a tough task to keep them awake beyond 11pm. They bravely fought off the sleep but eventually, it took over and they trudged back to their room. The BIL, me, BF and kids passed the time by watching some inane awards ceremony which looked like the king of ‘so-blatantly-rigged-you-can-figure-out-the-winner-by-just-looking-at-the-nomination-list. It was fun though…we were bang-on! each time 😀

Anyhow, it struck 12, we wished each other , smothered the kids with kisses, had a last look at the still-rising cake, checked the timer and sighing heavily, clambered into bed. We had a long working day ahead.

First of January began like any other day. Into the kitchen. Rush rush rush. Wake up the kids, rush rush rush. Get ready, rush rush rush. In between, old friends BFS and BFG messaged to check if we could meet for lunch. We hummed and hawed, called up each other, calculated the time required for lunch and our other appointments (me and the BF had work, BFG had to attend a wedding) and finally decided on a venue close to my office. I left immediately for work, aware that I needed to show my face around before I would disappear for nearly 2nhalf hours around noon. The BF would drop the kids at their day-care before joining us.

The lunch was wonderful. The company, even more so. I’m SO glad that after all these years, the BFFs and us (me and the BF) are still together  that we can still have a good time and catch up from wherever we had left off in the last meet . We missed BFC, though she’s in town, she now has a bonny little boy to take care of. The  said bonny-little-boy does not like his Momma leaving him for even a second and him being a barely 3-month-old, we couldn’t risk having BFC getting him across the city to where we were meeting. Anyhow, lunch was serious fun. We ribbed each other, pulled the BF’s leg (he was a minority 😐 ), ate heartily and if it wasn’t for our respective schedules, would have continued to sit there and gossip.

Something happened as I stepped out of the restaurant. I don’t know what it was, but it struck me so strongly that I was breathless for a second. It was the realization that I didn’t want to go back to work !! The feeling was so fierce, that instead of thinking about it further, I made a decision right there. “I’m not going back to office”, I announced.

“What??”, said the BF.

“Wow!! Thats great”, said BFS.

“Want to plan something?” asked BFG.

I looked at the BF, waiting.

“Err…..I need to be in office for at least an hour…some work….”.

“I’ll wait”.

“Alright then, hop in!”.

And so, it was decided on the spur of the moment that I would bunk, the BF would quickly wrap up his work and bunk too. We had no plan in mind, but were excited to just spend time together 🙂 . I called up my manager with a fib, but it really wasn’t required as there was no particular work I was assigned for the day and even before I could state my excuse, he said ‘okay’. Oh well!!

(I’m seriously hoping that the said manager doesn’t read this 😐 )

We dropped BFS and her mother to the wedding venue (BFS declared she was incapable of  eating even a morsel more 😀 ) and drove to the BF’s office, which was miles and miles away. It was a nice long drive, some good songs for company and a nice stuffed feeling in my tummy. Frankly, I did dream of doing an about-turn, going home and getting into a deep slumber. But then, opportunities like these, of me going absconding with the BF, rarely come by and it would be a shame to let it pass by, wouldn’t it?

Once at the BF’s office, I settled into the plush couch in the reception and pulled out the latest book I’m currently reading (The Immortals of Meluha. Yeah, I know….caught this train pretty late, didn’t I ? 🙂 ). After an hour we took a coffee break in the cafeteria. The BF still had some work. I didn’t mind waiting, since I had a captivating book to keep me company. In between, I even entered his cabin to check if he really was working 😀 . I am suspicious of people who sit in cabins. For all we know, they are the picture of  utmost concentration as they struggle to place the next card in the Freecell/Solitaire deck 🙂 .

Alas, the BF was working. He wrapped up quickly though.

It was long, lovely drive we took back. From one end of the city, we drove right till the other end. The BF had to collect a few clothes from the Raymond showroom on MG road. Parcels in hand, we shopped around a bit for the kids, new shoes for Lui and a sweatshirt for Shobbs. Finally, with our arms laden with purchases, we headed back home.

After a nice homely dinner with the family, I started readying the kid’s school bags and uniforms (assuming that their school commences today after the winter break. Alas, it starts tomorrow). After a session of storytelling , the kids finally dropped off to sleep.

And as I lay my head on the pillow, I realized how terribly happy I felt 🙂 . I had spent the day with my best friends and my loved ones. I seriously wish I have many more such days to spend time with people who matter!

I didn’t do an iota of work and didn’t have the slightest tinge of guilt about it (now, that’s worrying!). My forecast for the year says that I should look forward to drastic changes on the work-front. I wonder what it means. Either I’ll be quitting my job for some other line of work, or maybe, just maybe, I’ll be chucked out of this place and remain jobless.

The best part is that, unlike earlier, the possibility of being jobless doesn’t rankle me any more . If thats my fate, so be it. Oh man! I sound so……so  mature!

Looks like 2013 is the year when I finally grow up 😀

So, how was your new year?? Anything  interesting  happened?? Do let me know 🙂

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