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Ahead Of His Times

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, Shobby popped a question.

“Mumma….shaadi kyun karte hain?” (why marriages happen)

I was perplexed. An answer had to be given, as the little face looked up, patiently awaiting my reply.

“Ummm…to stay together. I married your father so that I could live with him”.

The boy stared off into space, deep in thought. I figured I was off the hook, until he quipped –

“Saath rehne ke liye shaadi kyun karna hai? Aise hi saath raho! Shaadi ki kya zaroorat hai?” (what is the need to get married to stay together? Live together without marriage!)

Yup, I almost fainted! 😐

For a four-year-old, my little boy is pretty ahead for his time, isn’t it 😀 ?!

For the record, the matter of marriages came up because we are actively looking for a bride for the BIL. My kids are wondering why – a) the BIL needs a woman.

b) The BF and I got married.

c) The in-laws got married and didn’t invite them 😐

Some tough questions out there still await us 😦

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