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The song’s actually, “Dil kabootar khana hai” .

But since its the only appropriate song for yesterday’s situation, I just had to title this post as such πŸ™‚

So what happened yesterday??

I came back from work, all tired and cranky. It was the traffic that ticked me off. I swear Pune traffic is the WORST in this planet! The kids cheered me up considerably with their enthusiastic welcome. MIL handed me a cup of tea before I progressed towards my room. Once inside, I closed the door, sat on the sofa and closed my eyes for a few minutes. A routine that I follow practically everyday. Helps me re-energise to get through the evening.

Anyhow, so there I was, happily lost in my thoughts when I heard a clear “gutar-goo”. The pigeons are getting louder eat day, I muttered to myself. And then, I felt the flutter. The distinct movement of air as a pigeon flew right over my head.

I yelped as I hopped out of the sofa, spilling tea left and right and struggled to unlock the bolt.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against pigeons. They are nice little, grey birds that wake me up each morning with their constant cooing. But a pigeon in the room, on my bed, is something I’m not comfortable with.

I rushed to the hall to check for the FIL, a tall, stately person, whose presence itself would suffice to get rid of them birds. Alas, he had just left for some work. I moaned in despair. My phone and change of clothes were in the bedroom and there was no way I was going back there.

“Don’t be chicken”, chided the MIL, “Pigeons don’t harm people”.

Yeah, right. Those sharp beaks and red eyes are for show!

But my anger was directed elsewhere now. The BF!!! He left those windows open! Oh well, then he was gonna get rid of that birdie! I had to call him to let him know.

My phone. It was in the room.

I summoned all the guts I had. I didn’t have a choice. The kids were looking on and they didn’t seem to appreciate their mother’s petrified stance. Not when they themselves seemed nonchalant about the whole pigeon issue. So armed with a big broom, the dupatta tied tightly across my waist, hair up in a bun, I stealthily approached the room. The said pigeon was sitting atop the cupboard. I groaned. No change of clothes for meΒ  now 😦 . On the brighter side, the table on which I’d dumped my jhola, was safe.

With utmost stealth, I crept up to the table, dug my hands in for the phone and pulled it out with a triumphant snort. Only to face another pigeon which sat mutely on the bookshelf, observing me at close quarters. I did a repeat of the yelp and the dash and was out in a flash. Called up the BF and asked him to come home PRONTO. He drawled that it would take him another hour or so. I grumbled and muttered and finally disconnected.

I spent the rest of the evening glued to the drawing room. No ironing of kid’s uniforms for the next day, no ironing of mine.Β  No sorting of washed laundry and arranging in cupboards. I just sat in the hall and yelled at the kids to do my bidding.

Anyhow, around 9:30 pm, the BF sauntered in. I glared for all I was worth. He gave a disarming smile and said the pigeons would be out in no time. I didn’t bother to follow him inside to check.

A little over 20 minutes later, when the sounds ofΒ  ‘hudd hudd’, ‘sshhhhhhh’,’whee wheeeeee’, were still coming from the room, I couldn’t bear it anymore and walked in. The BF was trying his best to get rid of the birds. Must give it to him. He looked rather cute though , with the towel in one hand and the eyes focused on the birds and reserving a sheepish smile for me πŸ™‚ . All the windows were open, curtains drawn and yet, YET, the pigeons kept flying in front of the window, but would not fly out!!

Finally, we gave up.

It was late, we were all tired and if a pair of pigeons refused to leave the warmth of your house, there is very little you can do about it. That is how I ended up sharing my bedroom with a pair of pigeons last night. Mercifully, they were silent throughout. My only grouse was that they pooped a load!! All over my room 😐

This morning, they didn’t immediately fly out after sunrise. One disappeared when I was busy in the kitchen. The other took a round of the house and finally flew out of the balcony door. Surprisingly, it barely took a few minutes for the birds to abandon us! I kind of agree with the BF that the birds just wanted to stay warm for the night, nothing else!

Anyhow, thats my kabootar-khana tale. When the kids grow up, I’ll share this tale of spending a night with the pigeons. A fancy memory this will make πŸ™‚ . What say?

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