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I firmly believe that children are messengers of God. They say things that no other adult in their sane state would say. Kids are not bridled with social or moral implications of their speech, so naturally, whatever comes from their mouth comes right from their heart. They say stuff that either warms the cockles of the heart or adversely, shames us into hanging our heads.

The twins, unaware of the impact of their words, complete their speech and then move on to more important topics such as hunting for the last bar of 5Star or whacking their sibling and getting whacked in return. Their lives are simple, really.

Not so for us adults, I say. Long after the kid leaves us alone, we are left with a gob-smacked feeling, wondering what just hit us, and why, kids can say the damnedest things and get away with it 😐 .

Of my two kids, The Good Lord Above chose Shobby to be my moral Police and conscience keeper.  My little son is rather diligent in the task delegated to him. Every single thing he asks me to do, is appended with the question, “Aapko maloom nahin hai kya?” or the more rude, “Aapko samajhta nahin hai kya?” When admonished for speaking like that, he will immediately alter his tone, come up with a sweet smile and say,”Mummy, I am teaching you……don’t get angry”.

Yeah right 😐

Lui, on the other hand, flings around her opinions like she does the bits of papers chopped diligently with scissors.

“Mummy, I DON’T like Shobby”, this, after she remembers that a few days back he had taken a few raisins from her lunch box,”You don’t talk to him. He’s a bad boy”.

Or, “Mummy, I DONT want to talk to you”.

“But why??”, I exclaim.

“Because you don’t give me strawberry everyday”.


I would hate to tag Shobby as a “Brat” because there is very little my son does to earn that title. He has a more mature outlook towards life and actually listens to what we say, paraphrases each sentence and deduces his own opinion of the same. For a four-year-old, he talks much sense and it helps a lot, because his sister talks only stuff that rarely makes sense (most of the times). It kind of balances the two together.

Just yesterday, we were ready to go to the SIL’s home for lunch. I was in the drawing room, waiting for the in-laws to come out. Shobby was busy hopping around, showing me his balance on one leg. I was barely paying attention, focused more on a silly game on my phone. Suddenly, the boy comes up to me and says, “Mumma, when I look at you, I feel very happy. Mujhe bahut achcha lagta hai“.

He went back to his hopping again.

As for me, I just sat there for what seemed like ages, glowing with the undeserved compliment and heart-broken because I knew that I didn’t deserve it then. Maybe otherwise, but not at that very moment.

Lui did something similar a few days back. I got delayed at work so the MIL was busy making the two eat their dinner. When I came in, Lui was making a big fuss about wanting to eat. I was tired and a wee bit irritated , so I asked her sharply why she wouldn’t eat. The little girl puts on the most pitiful look on her face and says, “I want you to feed me. When you give me food, it tastes soooo sweet and yummy!!” And then she goes,”Yumm yumm yumm”.

Obviously, I broke into a smile and offered to feed her (this is bad habit actually. Try as I might, I cannot seem to NOT feed the two dinner. I know they have the rest of the meals in the day themselves. I just cant resist sitting down with them and feeding them with my own hands at night 😦 ) . While we were eating, after a couple of morsels, Lui turns to me and says, “Mummy, I was wrong. Aaapke haath se bhi khana boring lagta hai. I lied. I said it tasted sweet. I’m sorry”.


Seriously now, what do I do with these kids?!!

But the best of speech is reserved by them for each other. Like the other day, the kids found the two sippy cups which we had hidden in order to wean them off it. Shobby was all excited and happy at finding his beloved sippy-cup. Lui, in the meanwhile looks at it and says with disdain, “Shobby, leave that cup. Its for babies. You are not a baby. Samjhe?” Shobby dutifully kept the cup back in its place. He did look woeful though.

One day, I was cleaning their cupboard and found a shirt that Shobbs hadn’t worn in a while….maybe a month. I thought of giving it away because it wouldn’t fit him after a while. Lui grabs the shirt from my hand and runs to Shobby.

“Shobby, Shobby, see your shirt”, and happily holds out the shirt to him.

Shobby looks all happy and glee-ed. He then holds it in front of him to check out the size and says with apparent sadness,” Lui, yeh chhota ho gaya. Lagta hai mere bachpan ka shirt hai“.

😐 🙄  😐

There are so many other little things that these two say, so many little nuggets of sweetness and laughter that its impossible for me to remember them all and put them here. But I really must….because like the BF says, pretty soon this phase will be over. Before we know it, the kids would refuse to accept stories of fairies and monsters. Before we know it, they would start treating their parents like old coots from another planet. Before long, this age of dependence and faith in their parents will be gone. Which, in one sense is good. But a tiny part of me will regret when that actually happens. When it does though, I’ll come back to this post and relive those moments 🙂

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