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I’m Around!!


Its been rather silent around these parts lately, hasn’t it??

Well, I have a bit of good news and bad news. Good news is that I’ll be back to blogging shortly (thanks to all of you who called, mailed and messaged me about the absence). Bad news is that my visa is still under processing and I’m still on Indian soil. So yeah, those of you wondering if my feet have left the Indian shores, I’m sorry to say, I’m still here.

Life’s good, the BF was in Pune for a brief vacation, which got extended due to unavoidable circumstances. He is back in US, minus the wife and kids and we are back to pining for him. Ho hum 😦

I’m currently on vacation, just spent a week in Tamil Nadu and will be spending another week in Bangalore. A detailed travelogue is due and I really will publish it all with the details……once I’m back in Pune.

Till then, leaving you with a few snaps of the awesome vacation till now.


With Dad,at a fishing village near Pondicherry


Playing in mud and sand at an aunt’s backyard.


Running away from the waves 🙂


Lui being led into the sea by a relative.

I promise to be good and post more often now 🙂

Have fun, people.

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