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Striking A Pose

One fine morning, as I stood waiting for the twin’s school van, Shobby turns to me and says, “Mumma, do I look good”.

“Of course you do”, I gushed, even as I wondered where this came about!

Phir meri photo kyun nahin lete?”, he asked.

“Well, because its cloudy and the light is not very good right now”, I reasoned.

“Please Mumma, please photo lo na, mera mood ho raha hai“.

“Haha!! Why not”, I said and unlocked my phone to click one.

The little boy walks up a certain distance, turns around, folds his hands and says, “Abhi photo lo”.

So I take his snap and show it to him.

“Hmmmm, mujhe lagta hai mai issmein achcha dikh raha hoon“, says the tyke.

“Haan Shobby, aap toh hansom lag rahe ho“, chips in Lui.

Well, as their  mother, I’m inclined to agree with them 🙂 .

What say 😀 ?!!


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