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Its pouring heavily this year and finally, we decided to get the open balconies covered with a shed. Now our balconies, they are rather large, the size of the bedrooms in the flats below. The flats two floors up do cover our balconies but it isn’t sufficient. If there are high winds with the rains, everything gets wet. By everything, I mean, all the extra stuff that we dump in the balcony, stuff that has no place inside the house, but no one has the heart to trash it. You know, regular stuff that every house has 😀

Anyhow, so these welding chaps came over to do the needful this week. For the last one week they’ve been welding, drilling, hammering and cutting. To do all this, they need space. To make space, all the extra stuff lying in one of the balconies is dumped in my room. That’s because,

a) it’s the largest room in the house

b) it’s the closest to the balcony.

2+2 =4

So thats how, I ended up with the clutter that is now my room.


Even as I sit here and type, my eyes hover over the stuff and I cant help but shudder to think what the BF would say if he were here to witness it.

For the record, the new stuff that now adorns my room is as follows :-

2 Plastic chairs

1 large Clothes-stand to dry the clothes

2 Cycles

2 small children’s car

2 gas cylinders

1 cane swing

1 water cooler

5Kgs of Onion and 1Kg of Garlic which had the misfortune of getting wet and are now spread to dry on a paper on the floor.

This is in addition to the regular stuff in my room which includes :-

1 double bed

1 bunk bed

2 cupboards

1 bookshelf

1 Exercycle

1 study table and chair

1 large steel trunk

two cane single-seater chairs

1 large carton of children’s toys.

Try imagining ALL the above under the roof one ONE room and you’ll know what I mean by clutter. My erstwhile  spacious bedroom has barely any space to move about in. Hopefully, by tomorrow, the men will be done with their work and I’ll finally dump the stuff back where it came from.

Right now, the dampness due to wet clothes, smell of onions/garlic and just the whole junkyard look of the room is driving me nuts 😦

(Nothing against the rains though. Love the weather, love the rains….we need all the water that God can give us 🙂  ).

I think I’m done with the oddly-timed rant. Logging off for the day.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead.

So long,

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