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Anyone Missing Me??

Its time I made my presence on this blog again.

I’ve been away for long, so long that its a wonder I was able to login to my profile 😛 . But now that I’m in, its time I started putting my thoughts out here. The last few months were a welcome break, but I’m keen to start posting again, so help me Lord 🙂

So where was I all along?

Well, I was home. Being a SAHM for a few months. I took break from work and dedicated a few months to the kids. A few months in which we spent more time together than we had ever done since they were born 😀 . I did try to drag myself to the laptop and blog about each day, but try going through a day with two over-active pre-schoolers and see if you have the stamina by night time! I swear, there were days when I blanked out much before them. Both would then settle carefully on both sides of me making sure I had no room to turn. Not that I had the strength to int he first place!

This month, I rejoined office. Its seems strange, coming back here. A part of me is eager to get hold of a project and jump into work right away. The other part of me still questions if I was wise to come back. Classic Libran in me, I guess. Till the scales even out, I guess I will continue to work and sort out my inner conflict. The kids aren’t happy about me coming to work though, which is obvious 😦 …but I guess they’ll have to get used to my decision.

My visa hasn’t come yet. It was a disappointment initially but like the BF says, everything happens for a reason. I got to spend the time with the kids and take a break for some introspection. There’s a lot I want to do and pursue and InshaAllah, I will. I just needed the time to collect my thoughts and plans.  The BF will still be away but me and the kids are dealing with it much better than before.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be frequenting this space more often than not 🙂

So if any of you old followers are around, do drop by once in a while (as I will be dropping by you 🙂 ) . Blog friends, see you around.

Much love,



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