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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Its highly UNFAIR that we women design our entire lives around the kids, run around them, do their bidding, take care of all their frivolous needs, get up a hundred times in the night to fetch water, educate them, do their projects, iron their clothes, entertain them with stories and then, if the kids are satisfied, we earn their love.

Men, do nothing. Or rather, they hardly do a fraction of all that a woman does. Yet, the kids ADORE him. They wait for him eagerly, cuddle up to him without him ever needing to stretch out his arms, snuggle next to him each morning and literally worship the ground he walks on. They never ask him for chocolates or ice-creams, they never pout or get irritated when he’s feeding them, he never has to tell any bed-time tales and they never ever asked him to wash their bums.

Its really unfair 😦

Since the BF came back, I’m having trouble having some exclusive time with him. The twins have claimed him for themselves. This morning, I was urging Shobby to get out of bed and get into the bathroom. The brat, snuggling under the blanket with his father, gave me a quiet look, took a deep breath and as if explaining to an imbecile, says, “Dekho Mumma, maine aapko kitne saare din pyaar kiya hai. Ab Abbu ki baari hai” (See Mumma, I have loved you for so many days. Now its Abbu’s turn).


Just when I was wallowing in misery at those words, the kid pips up, “Jab Abbu nahi hai, tab mai aapko phir se pyaar karunga” (When Abbu isn’t here, I’ll love you again).

Ohh the generosity, I tell you!!

I’m blessed with the hope that my baby will get back to loving me soon. Till then, Mumma is best forgotten 😦

Aren’t I ?!

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