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Starting Young

I came back home from office yesterday and Shobby came up to me with a scrap of paper (it was literally a scrap) and showed it to me.

“Mumma, Z gave me this. Uski mummy ka number hai. Maine nahin maanga, ussne khud diya” (Its her mother’s number. I didn’t ask her for it, she gave it herself).

“But why?” I wondered aloud.

Arre baba, jab bhi baat karni ho, call karne ke liye number chahiye na, issliye“(So that, when we want to talk, we can call each other).

“She asked you to call her?” I asked further.

“Yes”, he beamed.

Ya Allah!! 😐 😐 😐

Shouldn’t I be waiting a few more years before kids started exchanging telephone numbers?

But that wasn’t all. Lui took the paper from me and sat down to scribble something on it.

“LUIIIIIII”, thundered Shobby,” Woh mera hai. Z ne mujhe di thhi. Jaldi se return karo“(That paper is mine. Z had given it to me. Return it).

Lui gave him a cool look and said, “Z meri bhi friend hai“(Z is my friend too).

Nahin!”, yelled Shobby, “Woh aapki sirf friend hai, lekin woh meri BEST FRIEND hai“(No. She is just your friend but she is my best friend).

Saying this, he snatched the paper from Lui and stuffed it into his shirt pocket where it stayed till this morning. Before leaving for school, Shobby comes up to me and handing over the scrap, says, “Mumma, yeh please chhupa ke rakh do, nahin to gum jayega“(Mumma, please hide this paper or else it will get lost).

Yup! That piece of paper was really precious 😀 😀 😀

Its well hidden now with only me and Shobby aware of its location.

When the BIL came home at night and we narrated this incident, his first reaction was to turn to Lui and say, “YOU, miss, are NEVER sharing any number with anyone, geddit??

😀 😀 😀

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