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A Year went by. Again.

I grew older by a year yesterday. Its funny , you know, one day you are a number and the very next day, you are the number plus one . But then, what is age, if not a number?! How exactly am I different today compared to two days back?

Beats me, I still feel the same 😐

The kids had fun blowing the candle and cutting the cake. As a rule, the twins get to cut the cake for everyone’s birthday at home, including theirs. It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is, they are the ones to do the honor πŸ™‚ , a duty that they much look forward to ( I’m inclined to think we’ve been pampering them to no end!).

Edited to Add : I got back pretty late from work yesterday. As soon as I stepped in, Lui and Shobbs asked me when we’ll ‘celebrate’ my birthday. The BIL wasn’t expected back home before 11pm and I had forgotten to pick a cake for the twins on my way back. So I just apologized to them, promised that I will get them a cake ‘tomorrow’ and went in to change. I came out, and laid out the dinner for the twins. Just as we were almost done, my in-laws came in with a large birthday cake πŸ™‚ . I mean, I had no idea they had sneaked out to buy one ! It was rather sweet of them πŸ™‚ . The twins, obviously, were delighted πŸ™‚

I already received my gifts much before and am going ga-ga on the smartphone. My 3G plan is yet not activated but hopefully, it should be active from either today or tomorrow. WhatsApp, FB, here I come πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And ohh, this is really sneaky, but my smartphone has an option to click snaps in the ‘beauty mode’. Which means, it takes snaps of mine and blurs out the millions ofΒ  zits and scars on my face. I actually look all glow-y and pretty. I LOVE this phone alreadyΒ  πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


On hindsight, I realized that my last post paints a rather grim picture of me 😦

I must be some sort of a monster mom for my son to be over-whelmed with gratitude towards his sister!


😐 😐 😐


Its been a few weeks since I rejoined work. I know I was looking forward to joining back but a part of me still misses the solitude of home!

I’m generally a very affable person and can talk nineteen-to-a-dozen with complete strangers. But I’m usually at my happiest when I’m alone. I love my loneliness and unlike the BF, I can think up of a million things to do when alone. He needs people around him, even though he’ll hardly utter two complete sentences when they are around. But he needs them . Don’t ask why.

The other thing I miss is picking up the kids from day-care, having evening tea/snacks with them, the homework time and then early meals and nap time. With me working full-time, our schedule has gone bonkers. I get delayed, reach home not before 8pm, quickly scan their school diary for homework and thank Allah and my stars if they have completed their homework in the day-care itself πŸ™‚ , feed them dinner and call it a day. Just when I’m about to hit snooze along with the kids, I realize that I haven’t had dinner myself ! Quickly hop out, have a few bites and then hop in again!

Now remind me again, why exactly did I rejoin?

Oh yeah! ‘Twas for the money.

*Damn* !!


I gained more kilos at home than what the BF lost in US ( We now have a difference of barely 10 Kgs between us)Β  . The stark difference in our girths also highlights the height difference between us ! With him getting leaner and me getting broader, we no longer look like the ‘made-for-each-other’ couple anymore 😦

Staying at home has made me lazy and fat. Luckily for me, friends at office have taken it upon themselves to make me fitter. So they make me climb the steps from our first-floor wing to the 7th floor cafeteria. Its a different matter that by the time I reach the last floor, am practically hanging on to the side rails for dear life, my legs feel like jelly and I’m gasping like an asthmatic. I waddle till the cafeteria, dump some food on my plate and grab the nearest chair. All that excessive breathing makes me lose my appetite and I eat smaller portions than before.

They also drag me along for walks *shudder* at odd times. Imagine! Walking right after a meal?!! Who does that?? I mean, except for half the population of my company, who else?!

I’m hoping it all helps 😐


We are having some renovations taking place at home. Since the apartment we live in is an old construction, we’ve finally started the process of getting the wiring concealed. Loads of drilling and banging is taking place.Β  Every single piece of furniture/appliance/exposed goods is coated with a fine layer of dust. Initially, I used a cloth to wipe away the dust each day. But every evening, its right back 😐 . So I’ve given up. Let the dust accumulate till the work gets over. Am not going to be bothered with it. I’m ALSO praying, rather vehemently, that no guests should drop by our place 😐 . Its a mess with a capital “M”.

By the way, I LOVE the smell of oil-paints. The MIL’s room is the first to get repainted and every time I pass by their room, I stop to fill my lungs with the sharp smell. It smells so divine πŸ™‚

(Okay, so maybe its just me! And for the record, I love the smell of fresh petrol when my bike is refilled with it. I don’t like the smell of petrol that comes as exhaust :|)

My room is next and I’m petrified of the mess thats gonna happen. I need to shift the double-bed, bunk-bed, 3 cupboards, a study table, 2 chairs and 1 large Army trunk to another room. For obvious reasons, most of my stuff will land up in the terrace. The next few days will be terrible, but the outcome will be worth it πŸ™‚ . InshaAllah πŸ™‚


I haven’t read the newspapers since last week. Even when I do, its usually in the evenings and mainly the sections that are related to sports, entertainment or like the “Pune Mirror” says, “chai-time”. I like doing the cross-word, Sudoku, the Mensa puzzle, etc.

I no longer bother to start my day with bad news and more bad news.Β  And guess what?Β  I’m in a better mood these days than before.Starting the day on a happy note DOES make a difference.

And sometimes, ignorance IS bliss!!


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