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Starting Young

I came back home from office yesterday and Shobby came up to me with a scrap of paper (it was literally a scrap) and showed it to me.

“Mumma, Z gave me this. Uski mummy ka number hai. Maine nahin maanga, ussne khud diya” (Its her mother’s number. I didn’t ask her for it, she gave it herself).

“But why?” I wondered aloud.

Arre baba, jab bhi baat karni ho, call karne ke liye number chahiye na, issliye“(So that, when we want to talk, we can call each other).

“She asked you to call her?” I asked further.

“Yes”, he beamed.

Ya Allah!! 😐 😐 😐

Shouldn’t I be waiting a few more years before kids started exchanging telephone numbers?

But that wasn’t all. Lui took the paper from me and sat down to scribble something on it.

“LUIIIIIII”, thundered Shobby,” Woh mera hai. Z ne mujhe di thhi. Jaldi se return karo“(That paper is mine. Z had given it to me. Return it).

Lui gave him a cool look and said, “Z meri bhi friend hai“(Z is my friend too).

Nahin!”, yelled Shobby, “Woh aapki sirf friend hai, lekin woh meri BEST FRIEND hai“(No. She is just your friend but she is my best friend).

Saying this, he snatched the paper from Lui and stuffed it into his shirt pocket where it stayed till this morning. Before leaving for school, Shobby comes up to me and handing over the scrap, says, “Mumma, yeh please chhupa ke rakh do, nahin to gum jayega“(Mumma, please hide this paper or else it will get lost).

Yup! That piece of paper was really precious 😀 😀 😀

Its well hidden now with only me and Shobby aware of its location.

When the BIL came home at night and we narrated this incident, his first reaction was to turn to Lui and say, “YOU, miss, are NEVER sharing any number with anyone, geddit??

😀 😀 😀

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Miniature Logic

Ever tried winning an argument with a 4-year old?

Chances are, you’d either look smug after outwitting them, or, you’ll be left baffled with  their line of reasoning with their limited knowledge.

With me, its mostly the latter. The twins, at almost 5 , have started bombarding me with the kind of logic and one liners that usually shut me up while I try and reconcile myself with what they’ve just said. Of the two though, its Shobby who gives out the googlies most.  He may be just 3’3″ in height, but his mind mostly works on adult time zone !

Here are some snippets of recent conversations with the brat :-

We were back home after an engagement in the family . I was in the kitchen, making some tea for all the relatives who had come back home with us. Shobby, who has a keen interest in all that I’m cooking, piped in with a question, “Mumma, where is M chachu”.

“He’s gone out”, I said.

Bachche laane ke liye gaye hain?”(Has he gone out to get kids?), he asks.

“What?? Bachche kyun lekar ayenge?“(Why would he go out to get kids?), I wondered aloud.

Unki shaadi ho gayi na, issliye. Shaadi ke baad bachche milte hain na“(Because he got married. After marriage one gets kids), he reasoned. Obviously, by ‘gets’ he means that kids are bought on the market 🙄

It was all I could do to keep bursting out aloud with laughter 🙂

It took me some time to tell him the difference between an engagement and a wedding 🙂


One day, we (me and the kids) were enjoying a lazy afternoon on the bed, with the kids rolling all over me and each other. In between, Shobby, in a rare show of affection, cupped my face in his tiny hands and gave me a keen look. It was a tad unnerving because he tends to look a LOT like his father when he gives that kind of a look. Just when I was wondering when the kid’s scrutiny will get over, he gives a big sigh and obviously referring to my pimples, says, “Mumma, aapke face mein kitne spots ho gaye hai. Please drink more water. Paani peene se aapke sab spots chale jayenge. Yeh sach baat hai (Mumma, you have many spots on your face. If you drink water, all your spots will go away. This is the truth)”.

So solemn was his look and so sincere his advice, I killed the laughter bubbling in my throat and punished him with a volley of kisses 🙂

And Oh! When we had that accident a few months back, water therapy was suggested to the BF to cure the wounds and pain. In Shobby’s own words, “Abbu, agar aap roz roz, hamesha ke hamesha bahut saara paani piyoge, toh aapka sab pain chala jayega” (Abbu, if you have water everyday and forever, then all your pain will go away).

Point noted. Water is drunk in abundance now 😀


On a recent trip to a resort near Pune, Shobby had this to say as he took survey of the room assigned to us.

Mumma, yeh ghar achcha hai, lekin ek problem hai. Badi problem“(Mumma, this house is nice, but there is a problem. A big problem).

“What problem babes”, I asked.

“No kitchen 😦 . Yeh ghar mein kitchen nahin hai. Yeh bahut hi problem wali baat hai”(There is no kitchen here. It is a very big problem), says he with a disappointed nod of his head !

“But why?”, I wondered aloud.

Arre baba, khana kaise banayenge?”(How will we cook food?), he bristled.

“Err….we are at a resort sweetiepie. We don’t cook here. We get readymade food”.

Achchaaaaa!! Toh aisi baat hai. Yeh toh mujhe pata nahin thha. Theek hai, phir koi problem nahin hai“(Ohh. Is it. I didn’t know this.Okay, then there is no problem).

Whew!! Saved!

For a kid who loves the idea of cooking, a missing kitchen is a big deal indeed!


In my previous post, I already mentioned how Shobby has directed his entire focus of attention towards his father. Each time I call out to him for a hug or a kiss, he goes, “Mumma……...abhi Abbu ki chance hai na!”(Mumma, its Abbus turn now).

Its frequent enough to drive me up the wall 😐


When the BF had come back, he made sure to get loads of clothes and toys for the kids. Lui was in a happy state of mind, excited about all the new things and went about gushing about her gifts.

Shobby, meanwhile, walks up to the BF, puts his tiny arms around the BF’s neck and says in the most serious voice, “Abbu, aapne hamare liye kitne saare gifts laaye. Thank you Abbu”(Abbu, you have brought so many gifts for us. Thank you).

The BF was teary eyed and choked for quite some time.


One day, the BF was playing with the kids (on his India visit in May). In between, he was feeling a tad upset that he’ll soon have to go back again.

“Shobby, when I go back, I’ll remember you a lot. What will I do then”, he mock lamented to Shobby.

Abbu, mere paas ek idea hai. App yeh iPhone se meri photo lo. Jab meri yaad ayegi, tab yeh photo dekho” (Abbu, I have an idea. Take my snap with your iPhone. When you think of me, see my photo”.

Achcha?! Photo dekhne se kya hoga” (Really? What happens on seeing a photo?), persisted the BF.

Shobby, with the maturity of a centenarian says, “Meri yaad nahin ayegi. Aisa hi hota hai” (You will not miss me. This is how it always happens).

Needless to say, the BF stores up countless snaps and videos of the twins on his iPhone 🙂


Sometimes, I call Shobby a Rat. Only because he’s so tiny, but so sharp 🙂

He also has a cute way of getting into our covers for a cute snuggle.

One day, as I was watching the twins play and saw the vast difference in heights of the two kids, I lamented loudly,”Shobby darling, when will you grow tall?!!”

“I wont”, he replied confidently,”Mai aapka rat hoon. Rats big nahin hote” (I’m your rat. Rats dont grow tall).

Yeah, right. A part of me does wish that you always remain my tiny little boy whom I can carry and cuddle all I want 🙂 . And I hope and pray you continue to provide me blog fodder with all your talk 😀

I’m being mean, but cant help it can I ? I’m a relegated-to-the-the-sidelines-mom at the moment. Better take revenge while I have the chance 😉

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Its highly UNFAIR that we women design our entire lives around the kids, run around them, do their bidding, take care of all their frivolous needs, get up a hundred times in the night to fetch water, educate them, do their projects, iron their clothes, entertain them with stories and then, if the kids are satisfied, we earn their love.

Men, do nothing. Or rather, they hardly do a fraction of all that a woman does. Yet, the kids ADORE him. They wait for him eagerly, cuddle up to him without him ever needing to stretch out his arms, snuggle next to him each morning and literally worship the ground he walks on. They never ask him for chocolates or ice-creams, they never pout or get irritated when he’s feeding them, he never has to tell any bed-time tales and they never ever asked him to wash their bums.

Its really unfair 😦

Since the BF came back, I’m having trouble having some exclusive time with him. The twins have claimed him for themselves. This morning, I was urging Shobby to get out of bed and get into the bathroom. The brat, snuggling under the blanket with his father, gave me a quiet look, took a deep breath and as if explaining to an imbecile, says, “Dekho Mumma, maine aapko kitne saare din pyaar kiya hai. Ab Abbu ki baari hai” (See Mumma, I have loved you for so many days. Now its Abbu’s turn).


Just when I was wallowing in misery at those words, the kid pips up, “Jab Abbu nahi hai, tab mai aapko phir se pyaar karunga” (When Abbu isn’t here, I’ll love you again).

Ohh the generosity, I tell you!!

I’m blessed with the hope that my baby will get back to loving me soon. Till then, Mumma is best forgotten 😦

Aren’t I ?!

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….a lot happened.

And I mean, A LOT!!!

Some of it was good, some was okay and some things were too hard to deal with. Overall, I don’t regret a single day of being at home 🙂

The funny part is that, now that I’m back in office, at least 4 people have asked me if I had a boy or a girl 😐

Go on, laugh it off…its not everyday that a woman takes off 5 months from her professional life to do  – nothing! Alas, I had to disappoint them. It was hard, because the lump that formed in my throat was tough to push down. It was hard not to burst into laughter or cringe at their conclusion. It wasn’t their fault , really. Given my expanded form due to inactivity, anyone could be mistaken. In fact, now that I look back, I realize some people did give me pitying looks…hmmm…wonder what they were thinking!

*Sigh* Such is life 😐

Anyhow, I’m back at work, sans new kids, thank you very much. Am much refreshed and raring to go. But before I go into all that I’m going to do, here’s a summary of all that happened before :-

1) The BF came back for a vacation in April. Since the kids were on leave, I was on leave and he was on leave, we had a blissful time together. Late mornings and even later nights were the order of the day 🙂 . We didn’t go out much because of the terrible heat but it was just wonderful to be free and without work and worries for a while. Truly, it was a time well spent.

2) Me and the BF had a bike accident. A day prior to the BF’s departure, we were returning from visiting his friend, whose wife had delivered a bonny baby boy. On the way back, we were forced to apply brakes because a couple of teenage guys took a wide turn at high speed and were about to collide with us. If we hadn’t braked then, all of us would have been hurt. Thankfully, it was just us. And even more grateful we are to Allah that we didn’t bump our heads or break any bones. We had a hundred bruises all over but none of them were deep or critical. The BF was guilt-ridden and pain-ridden. He just wanted to go home. I was sane enough to suggest that we needed to get the wounds cleaned up at a hospital. Luckily, the bike was functional and we somehow made it to the hospital close to our house. It was nearly 12 in the night and the casualty department had a couple of more patients.

The nurses on duty cleaned us up well I admit, but it stung like hell. Like HELL!! Can’t even begin to describe how it felt when some acid was poured on the open wounds to kill the germs. By the way, I’m proud to say that we didn’t squeal one bit. I almost passed out with the pain, but I didn’t squeal or yelp 😀

3) A lady at the hospital thought I was the BF’s mother.

So there I was, waiting outside while he was being tended to inside. This lady, who had accompanied her aged father to the clinic was waiting outside. She started this small talk about old age problems. “Its very difficult for people of his age”, she said, pointing to her father,”In another 10-15 years, even we will be facing the same fate”.

A warning bell rang at the mention of “we”, but I kept a sympathetic smile in place.

“We women our lucky in some things, unlucky in some”, she continued,”Osteoporosis is a big concern”.

I nodded my agreement.

Aapko bhi problem hoti hai kya?”, she asked.

Huh?! What?? Was she talking about the Big O and me in the same breath?

“Err…..what problem”, I asked innocently.

Wahi...Osteoporosis, 40 ke baad toh sabko hoti hai“.

😐 😐 😐

I couldn’t speak. Frankly, with the pain and the shock of the accident, this added insult was the last straw. I just looked at her blankly.

“Is that your son inside”, she asked. Probably she didn’t understand my silence.

“No. He’s my husband”, I said as firmly as I could.

“Ohhhh. O- OHHHHHH!!!!”.

Yup, that was the last I heard from her.

When I mentioned it to the BF, he said that it wasn’t the lady’s fault. While we were skidding, we embraced the road-dust for nearly 20-25 feet. He said my hair almost looked grey-white and my face looked no better.

But yeah, am still bitter about the whole thing 😦

4) A Wedding in Tamil Nadu. After simply ages, I got to meet my relatives from Tambaram and the surrounding areas, thanks to cousin H’s wedding. If there was one blot on the entire proceedings, it was the heat. I swear I could fry omelets on the road. The kids got sick and tired of the sweat, so did I.

The saving graces were the trips to the wonderfully clean beaches and of course, Pondicherry. Its Puducherry now, but somehow, I prefer the “Pondi” to the “Pudu”. The lovely blue water of the sea, the clean, CLEAN golden sand, loads of sea shells, two squealing with delight kids and my parents. Life couldn’t get any better. I really wish the BF could accompany us , but he was back in the US by then.

5) The Bangalore Trip. A trip to the “maika” is always welcome, isn’t it? Somehow, knowing that you can get up late, sleep late, eat what you want, not eat if you don’t want to, just laze about or go visit the Bro and Sis whenever the mood strikes is so liberating. Not that I can’t do all of that here, but somehow, parents tend to pamper us and make it really hard to go back to reality 😦 . It was a wonderful time. The kids had a blast with Cousin SA and M, whom they get to see just about once a year. They bonded well, played to their heart’s content and luckily, required very little monitoring. Unfortunately, Aapa couldn’t join us with her two kids, she was stuck in Pune 😦

6) I finally started driving our Maruti. I joined a  four-wheeler driving class and summoned up the courage to take out our car. I still haven’t got the confidence to take it out at peak rush time, sticking to the 6AM slot when the roads are relatively empty. But I’m confident I can make it to a later time slot shortly. So wish me luck 🙂

7) My uncle passed away 😦 . About three years back, my aunt had passed away. My uncle took her demise rather badly. He never came out of his grief. In the last three years, he became a different person altogether. His health deteriorated rapidly. On the aunt’s birthdate in August, he expressed his desire to join her. A week later, he was admitted to the ICU for bleeding in the brain cavity after a routine dialysis. He slipped into coma shortly after and never came out. The day after Eid, he passed away. Its been a terrible loss, specially for my cousins who have lost both parents. But they are young boys, one of them is even married. I’m sure they will get their lives back on track.

But one is never too old to not need a parent. I can’t imagine my life without mine!

8) On the lesser issues, the twins started school, became smart-mouths by the minute and started giving me hell, we had some renovations done in the house (which required my staying at home throughout the day), The BF came back for another short vacation (he’s here right now), we had an engagement in the family, did lots of shopping and got loads of gifts from the BF (I LOVE this guy 🙂 ) and I’m sure I’m missing out more things to list, but I’ll stop for now. My fingers are aching from all that typing 😀

(I really need to get back to the blogging groove !)

Till then, see ya all. Hang around, I’ll post more 🙂

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Anyone Missing Me??

Its time I made my presence on this blog again.

I’ve been away for long, so long that its a wonder I was able to login to my profile 😛 . But now that I’m in, its time I started putting my thoughts out here. The last few months were a welcome break, but I’m keen to start posting again, so help me Lord 🙂

So where was I all along?

Well, I was home. Being a SAHM for a few months. I took break from work and dedicated a few months to the kids. A few months in which we spent more time together than we had ever done since they were born 😀 . I did try to drag myself to the laptop and blog about each day, but try going through a day with two over-active pre-schoolers and see if you have the stamina by night time! I swear, there were days when I blanked out much before them. Both would then settle carefully on both sides of me making sure I had no room to turn. Not that I had the strength to int he first place!

This month, I rejoined office. Its seems strange, coming back here. A part of me is eager to get hold of a project and jump into work right away. The other part of me still questions if I was wise to come back. Classic Libran in me, I guess. Till the scales even out, I guess I will continue to work and sort out my inner conflict. The kids aren’t happy about me coming to work though, which is obvious 😦 …but I guess they’ll have to get used to my decision.

My visa hasn’t come yet. It was a disappointment initially but like the BF says, everything happens for a reason. I got to spend the time with the kids and take a break for some introspection. There’s a lot I want to do and pursue and InshaAllah, I will. I just needed the time to collect my thoughts and plans.  The BF will still be away but me and the kids are dealing with it much better than before.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be frequenting this space more often than not 🙂

So if any of you old followers are around, do drop by once in a while (as I will be dropping by you 🙂 ) . Blog friends, see you around.

Much love,



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