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The Nameless

Hey there 🙂

Its been a while now, you know, I’ve been talking to you all through this blog, expressing all that I have to express and then some more ! Some of you, when you see a connection, go over to the comments sections and drop in a line or so. But most of you, those hundreds of people who escalate my stats but are mostly nameless, are a mystery to me. It cheers me to no end to see that however silly the twin’s antics, there are people out there who find it entertaining enough to open my blog once in a while to read about them. Sometimes, they get the short end of the straw and end up reading about me 😐 .

Life’s not always fair, I admit 😐

Nevertheless, I want to know about you. You don’t have to write paeans about me or the blog. Just drop by to the comments section and give me your name. Or just say “Hi “, just so you know, I’m assured that there isn’t a hacker sitting out there somewhere ,who takes sadistic pleasure in hitting up my stats.

Also, I really do want to know how many of my true friends are aware of this blog 😀

Most are, I confess……but I just want to mess with the rest 😀

So, what do you say?

Wanna give me your name? Wanna drop by and say Hi ?!

Go on, I’ll wait……



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