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The Nurses At Home

We were settling down for sleep last night. The twins were done with their goodnight prayers and begged me to tell them a goodnight story.

I wasn’t well, had a bad cold and cough, was even coming down with fever, so I croaked,” Cant tell a story today pumpkins, I’m not feeling well”.

Shobby immediately comes up to me checks my forehead with his tiny palm.

“LUI”, he yells, “Mumma ko bukhar hai“.

Lui scampers up to me and checks my temperature.

Haan Shobby”, she says solemnly, “Mummy has fever. Mumma, please don’t go to office tomorrow”.

“Why baby? I’ll be fine by tomorrow”, I said feebly.

“Lui, humko kal chutti leni chahiye school se“, says Shobby to Lui.

“But why??”, I croak a little louder this time.

Arre Mumma, agar hum school chale gaye, toh aapka khayal kaun rakhega?”, says a very concerned Shobbs.

Abbu ne humko bole thhe, Mummy ka khayal rakhne ke liye. Thats why we will not go to school tomorrow”, adds Lui.

Cue for me to break into tears *Sniff* .

I hugged the two and thanked Allah for the millionth time for giving me two priceless gems as kids 🙂

This morning, the kids got up, dressed for school and didn’t make the fuss that they usually do every morning. They seemed a bit disappointed that I was up and about 😀 😀 😛

“Mumma, if you are not feeling well, then call me from school. I will come”, said Lui as she boarded her school van.

Again, *Sniff*

😀 😀

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