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The Tantrum

Last night the MIL told me that she had bought “bhindi” for the next day’s lunchbox for the kids. Now, Lui had taken a keen liking for the ladyfinger a few months back, so naturally, the MIL assumed that Lui would love to take it in her lunchbox.

The minute Lui heard it was going to be bhindi, she started jumping and howling,”No Mummy, no, no NO!! Don’t want bhindi. I don‘t like bhindi!”

She shouted and cried, stomped her feet, her tears spilled all over her face as she vehemently refused to take bhindi in her lunchbox.

After a couple of minutes of her raging tantrum I was on the verge of snapping at her, when she comes up to me and with puppy-dog-eyes asks softly, “Mumma, what is bhindi?”

😐 😐 😐


The MIL burst out laughing.

Me? I’m still searching for the nearest cliff to jump off from !!



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