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Hair There Everywhere!!

The BF called up one day to confess that he has gotten rid of his mustache.

It was a news I didn’t take too well 😐

“WHAT?!! How Dare you?!! OMG!!! Don’t you know? Moochh nahin toh kuchh nahin??” I yelled at him the minute he told me.

The hubby pacified me the best he could and then, since I was simmering, asked to talk to the kids. The first up was Lui, who took the news of the missing facial hair rather coolly.

‘Abbu, aapne shave kar diye? Koi baat nahin. Woh phir aa jayega. Waise toh aap hamesha achche dikhte ho“.

(Goodness!! With the amount of butter Lui slathers on her father, I wonder how he still manages to stand in one place 😐  !! )

Next up was Shobby.

“Hmmm….Aapne shave kar diye….hmm…lekin Abbu, mujhe toh abhi tak muchhi nahin hai!”

“You’ll get yours in due time”,  the BF consoled him.

Lekin Abbu, ek good news hai“, says Shobbs.

“What is it?”

Mere hands and legs par abhi small-small hair aa rahe hain. Thode din ke baad bhar-bhar ke aa jayega. Phir mai bhi aapke jaise dikhoonga“!


BF : 😐 Err………!

Quite a hair-raising moment it was 😀 😛


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