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Well well well…….

Reality strikes hard I say.

I had put up a post a few weeks back. Since the twin’s birthday is coming up, I was planning on giving them new blog names (since most of you complained about the RS/SS ones :D). The post was a request to send in your names for the twins.

Alas 😦

Except for an entry by kind-hearted Jeanne, I have no other inputs.

*Sigh* Such is life, I guess 😥

Anyhow, on the brighter side, I do have a few names up my sleeve. So see if you can vote for any one of them for each 🙂

So here goes my list :-


1) Laddoo (ermm…I do call her that. At times 😀 )

2) Boki (umm..its actually ‘boka’ or ‘fat-cat’ in marathi…but a boka is a male, so we call her boki 😀 ).

3) Lui (that’s how most kids call her)

4) Limma (Please dont ask. I’m a horrid mom who gives her kids such names!! Now you know why I’d put that request in the first place?)


1) Shobby (I call him that most of the times)

2) Saba (*Sigh once again* dont ask)

3) Chhabli (Okie okie…I’m treading a thin rope here….)

4) Shobs (as the BIL calls him)

Believe me, these names are nowhere close to their real names. But if they sound funny (huh?!Who am I kidding here?! Of course they sound funny!!)  then why don’t you good people out there chip in with your entries?

C’mon guys….the twin’s Birthday is just 9 days away.

Help me out 🙂

PS : Could you please send in names which ensure that my kids won’t sue me for libel?!

Thanks once again 🙂

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Dear Twins….

I’ve been a rather boring mama lately, what with complaining about you two non-stop all the time 😦

I’ve been harping on and on about how you two are turning my hair grey. And sometimes, I get so carried away with all this harping that I forget to see the silver lining on the cloud.

My sweeties, you both are bratty, brash and a menace. It’s true that you drive me up the wall, but only to come crashing down when you give that impish smile and hold out your arms for a hug 😀 . Sometimes, when I see you sleeping, I wonder where the time flew…when did my kids become individuals with a mind of their own?

But there are things you do for which I need to be really grateful to Allah.

I hear friend/relatives complaining about how their kids throw a fit when they have to be administered medication. I can only nod my head in amazement when I hear such tales, because you see, the two of you LOVE medicines!! I have no idea where you get that trait from, but the simple mention of the word  “medicine”  has you both tagging behind me with your tongues hanging out 😐 .And the worst part is, you guys actually love medicines which are the most bitter!! Go figure! You two clamour for medicines even when you are not ill. So if I’m ill, I have to make sure I never take my prescription in your presence, else you two scream at me to share my stuff with you 😀

When you two were little babies , I used to wait till you went into deep slumber before I could attempt to cut your nails. With fingers barely a few centimetres long and nails which were difficult to locate, let alone cut, I had a harrowing time. I had to run the nail-cutter through the nails before you moved an inch, because you see, my hands used to tremble so much because I was terrified of cutting through your tender skin.

Is it a blessing then, when you both now hold out your hands and fight each other to be treated first 😀 ?! And just when I’m almost done with the hands, you lift your feet for the toes to be clipped too. Makes my job so much more easier 🙂 . I can’t be thankful enough !!

And now, on to the diapering 🙂

There was a time when changing your diapers was a chore!! It didn’t help that when you two weren’t kicking your mamma in the face, you were busy digging your fingers into the poo 😦 . Eww!! Is it less than a blessing then, when these days, I just have to say “diaper change”  and you two come scrambling up to me and lie down obediently while I do the needful!! No kicking, no messing. In fact, you demand to be powdered over your privies with special emphasis on your bum 😀 . Yes, both of you LOVE your bums to be smeared with an inch thick layer of talcum 🙂 .

There are many other little things, like insisting on brushing your own teeth, having food by yourself, doing everyone’s bidding, setting right furniture which is not in place, picking up stuff from the floor and putting it back in its place and many other antics which either keeps your family in splits of has us gushing with love and pride. Sometimes, its hard for me to believe that you are yet to turn two…..and then there are times when I’m totally overwhelmed to see you both so grown-up.

We still have our hurdles to cross. You two can’t have a decent meal without smearing every visible surface within a metre’s diameter with your food. When you brush your teeth, you also take time to brush the walls, your cycle handle, the door knob and (yuck!) even your Abba’s shoes 😦 . I need to keep nail-clippers and scissors as far from you two as possible, because you try to mimic my actions, almost giving me a heart-attack when I see you trying to clip off the fingers of your twin 😐

It’s a roller-coaster ride with you two and frankly, I’m enjoying every millisecond of it 🙂 . You have no idea how much you teach me each day. How much more I feel chastised for shouting at you and how much more blessed when in spite of it all, you bestow me with a warm hug. Awww munchkins….you have NO idea how much I love you 🙂

You two will soon become two years old and officially enter the world of “Terrible-Twos”….which roughly translates to “Terrible-Fours” for me 😦

I’m buckling up for it, I am…and really hoping that at the end of the TWO’s I’ll look back as fondly as I do now. Ameen.

Have fun sweeties…..now and forever…..and keep learning. Because that teaches me a lot too 🙂

Your Much-in-love-with-twins,

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We have a nice little park behind our house. It has a small play area where there are a few swings, slides, see-saws and other rides. We rarely take the kids there, not because the place is bad. Its just because, there’s hardly anyone at home to take them to the garden 😦

Me,the BF and BIL return late in the evening (usually past 8pm). The MIL returns early, but by the time she reaches home and has a cup of tea, it is already dusk. The FIL took the kids there once, but he was a tad uncomfortable at being the only man in the vicinity. For some reason, the park is usually full of women and their kids. Men rarely frequent the place. After that one instance, the FIL gave it up too. The girl who looks after the kids cannot manage them both together and it makes no sense for her to leave one at home and take the other out!

So my poor little munchkins are more or less held captive at home.

And that is why, on a rare Saturday afternoon, when I take them out, they look like this :-

Happy to cruise along 🙂

"Can't this thing go any faster??"

The real smile

....and the fake one!!

"Whoa!! Giddyyup Duck!!"

"I wanna go up this way. NOW!!"

      SS : “Mammaa…I’m coming down”.                      RS: ” I won’t get off this swing. EVER!”


"I LOVE the warm sunshine on my face"

"....and I have attained Nirvana. On the horse 😐 "

"But we love it best when our Abba's around 🙂 "


Just looking at these snaps makes me wallow in guilt up till my eyes 😦

There is so little the kids actually ask for! And when they get something like this unexpectedly (a trip to the park with the parents), their joy is unbridled !

We really need to make more such trips. At least before they start getting embarrassed to be seen in public with their parents (oh!! The shame of it!! They wouldn’t be able to face their peers for ages!! My poor angels 😐 ).

The future, is not too far way 😦

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….as I’m not too keen on typing today 😦

Her father's daughter 🙂


Any idea what this flower is??

I don't know the name of this tree, but it has some heavenly smelling flowers on it.

Hidden sunlight

Brisk walk!!

A collage I made and gifted Bags 3 years back!!

Some more cooking and feeding

One of the UB City towers

Biscuit time 🙂

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10 Happy Updates….

…..from the Deadly Duo, who else 😀 ?!!

Life is pretty good, we all go about our regular routines and all this while, the twins are catching up with new things even as we blink. They’ve both transformed into sponge-blobs, absorbing every good, bad and ugly stuff we do.

I’ve been meaning to write posts on the many new things they’ve learnt, but then its a new thing everyday and I’m finding it rather difficult to keep count or track of it.

So now, I’ve decided to list down the 10 things the twins do that makes me a happy Mamma (albeit a sleep deprived one 😀 . And NO, the kids haven’t yet learnt to sleep through the night, though I WISH!! Thanks for asking 🙂 )

Without much ado, here goes :-


1) Jhappi-Pappi :- How do you resist when a tiny pair of arms encircles you for an impromptu hug, when you least expect it?? How does it feel when you get back home after a tiring day and the kids fling themselves at you, smothering you with kisses??

Its bliss 🙂 .

Till now, the twins were at the receiving end of our kisses. It’s good to see them now giving it right back !! Yes, SS included 🙂 . And the best part is when they are playing with their toys and suddenly, RS gets up, walks up to her brother and envelops him in a bear hug. SS then brings his arms around her and hugs her back!! They stay like that for a few seconds before separating and carrying on with their toys. And it’s not only RS, even SS takes the initiative to hug his sister when she least expects it.

Its fun to watch, seriously 🙂

2) Nach-Baliye:- OK!! What do we have here??

Two sets of twinkle-toes, no less 🙂

So each time me or the BF or the MIL or FIL come back from work, we are greeted with the index-finger-raised-hopping-on-both-legs dance. And that’s not all. The dance is accompanied by chanting the name of the person who has come. So if its me, I am greeted with a dance of “Mamma, mamma,mamma….”.

It’s so heart-warming, seeing them express their glee on seeing a loved one!!

Apart from this, there is the dance which takes place when they hear music, or the drum beats of any procession on the road, or the sound of  off-key trumpets from someone’s baraat. There’s just one step. Fingers extended, pointing upwards, hop, hop, hop 😀

3) Khana-Khazana :- Hmmm…little progress from SS on this one. But RS more or less covers up for him! So we can now feed her anything under the sun and she’s game. Be it rice, chapatis, spicy curries or vegetables. She’ll at least try that first morsel before deciding whether she likes it or not. Must have her mother’s genes 😀 . SS, in the meanwhile, refuses to open his mouth for stuff he cannot identify or stuff which is new (that’s his father’s genes) .

SS is still a little finicky and refuses to eat anything himself (that’s the royal streak in him. More on that in the next point). At least he has taken an immense liking towards bananas , which he can polish off at a go :).

RS is now addicted to cheese and anything sweet. I’m not liking the sweet-tooth part, but since she adores cheese, I think that more or less balances things !

4) Ji-Huzoor :-  I mentioned above that SS has a royal streak in him. Hmmm. Let me prove it to you.

What do you say about a kid, who, on finding the slightest sign of smut on his fingers, rushes to the nearest adult and signals them to get rid of it?

What do you say about a kid, who, when bitten by a mosquito, extends his leg to be scratched, while he reclines and enjoys the scratching?

What do you say about a kid, who clambers in your arms and points his tiny fingers in the direction where he wishes to go? The directions keep varying, depending on his mood levels!

What do you say about a kid, who, when faced with a plate of food and spoon, patiently waits till you are free to feed him? Try keeping a plate and spoon in front of any other kid. Then you’ll know what I mean.

RS is no better at times. So she gets a little smut on her fingers. The little miss looks around and then cooly wipes her hand on her dada’s uniform, or her dadi’s sari or her mom’s new suit. It doesn’t matter whose dress it is, as long as it isn’t her’s!! The same goes for wiping her runny nose. Mummy’s dupatta is the best thing around for such tasks!!

5) Chaddi-Buddy :- There was a time when the twins used to kick and howl at the mere suggestion of changing diapers or undies. But not any more.

So after they’ve done their big jobs in their diapers in the morning, I just have to tell them that we need to change, and they happily oblige by lying down on the changing mat . While I get busy with the diapers, they hand me the wet-tissues or the box of talcum powder or their undies, as the case may be :).

The twins can now use the powder-puff to powder their *ahem* parts. Thankfully, that’s one task off my lists now 😀

6) Nhao-Nhao :- Aaahh….bath times. The twins have loved their baths as long as I can remember. They still do and with much more vigour than before. It’s tough to get them to quit and come out.

The new thing is that the twins can now dry themselves with their towels. I just have to tell them which part to dry and they vigorously rub their towels on that part. Its fun to watch them. That’s mostly because their newly acquired independent streak doesn’t allow them to be bathed or rubbed down by adults 😐 !!

After the bath comes the powdering part. Which, like I said before is a greatly enjoyed sequence .They have fun dusting the powder on themselves and on each other 🙂

7) Maaf Karo :- Its been tough, but we’ve been able to get the children to understand what sorry means. So if they get naughty and break stuff, they immediately say sorry, by which I mean that they tug at their ears and pull a long face (since they still can’t say the word 🙂 ).

The only problem is, the kids need to be thoroughly convinced of their guilt, for them to apologise. So if I scold them, just for larks, and ask them to say sorry, they’ll give me a look which says I should go take a hike!! Oh well, you can’t win every time 😦

But there are also other fun instances which crop up .Like the time MIL was reprimanding the BF on something, and RS, who was sitting on her father’s lap, immediately got up and pulled at his ears, while calling out to her dadi. Well sweetheart, I’m sure your father was deeply apologetic (not to mention, tickled pink) when you pulled his ears. How about leaving him to do the needful next time 🙂 ?

 8 ) Jiska Maal Uska :- There are three men in the house .And three women. Amongst us, we have a total of 8 mobile phones.

Yet, the twins know exactly which mobile belongs to whom. So if the MIL’s mobile rings and I move to pick it up, RS comes running to me , yelling ,”Naaaaaaiiiiii”. She grabs the phone and runs to her dadi and hands her the phone. If the BIL’s phone rings and the GMIL picks up the call, the twins throw a fit, yelling, “Chacha, chacha…”!


SS can differentiate between all the trousers at home, easily distinguishing between the jeans belonging to his father and the ones belonging to his chachu. RS knows all my clothes by heart and can easily sort between mine and MIL’s suits.

Also, if something belongs to me, it has to be with me, ALLthe time!! So, while leaving for work, if I keep my purse in the hall and come to the kitchen for a drink of water, the twins lug my heavy bag to the kitchen, calling out to me and showing the purse, indicating that its mine and has to be with me 🙂

9) Nakal-khor :- Copycats. Thats what the twins are. They now copy everything we do . Or say.

So if I scold RS for dropping something, she’ll yell at her baby doll in the same way.

If I give SS a small tap on his cheek for throwing stuff, he’ll turn to his baby doll and whack it exactly as I had done.

Which also means, they treat their baby dolls like we treat them. So my two babies now look after their own two babies 🙂 . If I give SS his bottle of milk, he’ll try to feed his doll. Same is the case with RS. If I give them something to eat, they try and feed their babies. They ask us to dress their dolls in their dresses. So RS’s doll wears her frocks and SS’s doll wears his shorts.

Moreover, SS tries to put his doll to sleep on his lap exactly the way I do for him. And RS hugs her doll close and pats its head, walking around the house and humming her own tune. It surprises me to see them mimicking our actions so closely!!

10 ) Not without my father :- The one thing that pleases me to no end, is to see the bonding between the twins and their father. The BF works long hours and gets to spend very little time with the kids. But when he gets the chance, he plays around with them to their heart’s content.

RS calls him Abba and at times, Aabuuu (this is the surprising part. We never taught her that. Its something she picked up on her own!!). SS still stick s to calling him Baba 😀 .

The twins are used to their father’s absence. But the one time when they refuse to stay without him, is during their sleep hours. If their abba is not in the room, the twins will get up multiple times, asking for him. “Aaabuuuu….Aaabuuuuuu…..” is the chant RS carries on with until I ask her to go and check if her father’s back yet. she’ll promptly get up, run around the house checking for her father and not finding him home, come back tell me, “aaabuuu…nai“!!!

SS meanwhile, lies on his bed, looks up at the ceiling and yells “BABAAA…… ” in the loudest voice possible!!

I have no option, but to call up the BF and ask him to hurry home, before the neighbours start knocking on our doors to shut up!!


As I started writing this post, I realized that it isn’t just these 10 points which tickle my heart. There are many other smaller things the twins do, like handing me onions when I’m cooking in the kitchen, or waking up and cuddling up to me in the morning, or making their choice of clothes clear when we are going out, or calling out to the pigeons which sit at the window sill, or loudly exclaiming bow-wow when they see a dog , or being smitten by kids younger than them…..and many more!!

Its amazing to see them grow and develop as individuals. To see them behave so alike and yet so different from each other. To see them grow each day and marvel at the miracle of human life. To feel my heart being tugged in two different directions at the same time. To feel the rush of love, so heady, so satisfying, I wonder why people ever need drinks or drugs 😐 !!

Or maybe, its just me talking, a madly-in-love-with-her-babies momma 😀

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You know, there was a time when I was extremely keen on having babies. I was encouraged by many to go for it, they said it would make my life complete , blah blah and blah.

I went ahead and had babies because I wanted to.

The twins arrived, all precocious and tiny. Fragile to the point of bruising if held too long. We fussed over them, fed them , treated them with all the love we possibly could. Everyone in the house made sure the twins were as comfortable as possible.

Then, they turned a year old.

Shortly, they were eighteen months old.

And all this while, not ONE person bothered to inform me what would be in store for me.The sleepless nights apart, there were other kinds of torture lying in wait. Initially, it was just one instance…but then, the frequency grew.

So I now take this chance to let you all know that Toddlers are MAJOR health hazards.

Don’t believe me?

Hear this :-

— I’m playing with RS, tickling her tummy. She squeals in delight and kicks out her leg. The said leg makes direct contact with my nose. I see stars through the tears.

— I’m playing peek a boo with the twins.Just as I remove my hands from my face, SS picks a steel glass and hits at my nose. Direct contact. Stars and tears again.

— While putting RS to sleep, I lay next to her and pat her. SS walks up to me and calls out sweetly, “mammaa…..”. I turn to face him. He brings down one of my slippers on my face. I get hit on the eye. Gasp for breath. Stars and tears routine.

— Changing SS’ nappy. RS takes the talcum jar and runs around. I ask her to return it. She comes close and bangs the jar on my head. I yelp in pain. She loves the sound and bangs my head again.And again.And again.

— It’s the middle of the night, RS is sleeping next to me. Suddenly, she gets up, looks around , sees her mother sleeping blissfully and calmly throws her 12kg weight on my  tummy. I gasp with pain and shock. Madam is off to sleep. I suffer severe tummy cramps for the next week.

— I return home to find the kids playing around with furniture. SS picks a small stool and walks towards me , just as I’m removing my shoes. I turn to find the stool deposited with a loud thud on my feet. I yelp with pain. SS finds it  funny and tries to pick the stool again. I run to my room.

— I’m changing RS’ nappy. SS is running around with the box of wet tissues. I ask him to give me the box. He does. He throws it right on my face.Thump. Stars and tears once again!!

— I’m feeding the twins. RS doesn’t want any more. I coax her to have just one last bite. She opens her mouth obediently, just to clamp down her jaw on my fingers. I yell with pain. She refuses to open her mouth. I have to hold her jaw with the left hand to release my mangled fingers. There are deep teeth marks on all the fingers. Painful!!

— I’m teaching the twins about their features and point to their nose and say “No-ose”. The twins both jump up and grab for my nose, fighting for their share of it, making sure I have a hundred scratches on my face in the bargain.

These are just a few instances. I’ve suffered some of the worst kind of pains at the hands of these two brats. I have NO idea why no one ever bothered to warn me that toddlers are major health hazards. And yeah, I know you got mislead with the title of this post 😀 .

Surprisingly, many people would expect that after so much battery (is there a word for physical abuse at the hands of toddlers??), I would have faster reflexes. Alas, I don’t. I sit there like humpty-dumpty who’s fallen off the wall, and let the two pummel me. It’s the age thing. And also the weight (though I’d NOT like to go into that issue now!). So people who want to have kids, please have them while you still have the stamina to run around. Because once you lose your stamina and gain some weight, you have no option but to grin and bear it. I swear!!

But seriously, you really need to have a LOT of patience to bear all that pain. And frankly, you actually do. I mean, you know your kid has hurt you , but there is nothing you can do about it. They are too small to understand punishment. That reminds me. I punished SS yesterday. He was caught licking the moisturizing lotion once again and got one sharp spank on his bum. Not that it made a difference 😦 . So I just had to ground him in the room. I made him sit on the bed and scolded him to not come down until I told him to. Poor guy, he started crying immediately. RS, meanwhile, tugged at my clothes and pointing to SS said, “mammaa….papai”. Which roughly means, “mom, he’s a baby”. Oh well. Sister to the rescue !! What chance do I have against these two?!

And oh, a surprisingly WTHell mail from BabyCenter :-

Now seriously, unless I’m physically blind, is it really difficult to see whether my child loves me or not?!!

Is there any mother out there who is blind to her child’s love?

I didn’t open this mail.

It insults my motherhood!!!

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To my Two Angels

Dear Twins,

You two have grown up (mentally) real fast. And by fast, I mean, that you two now understand everything we say. You can fetch things if we ask you to. You can keep things in their place if your arms reach till there. You know you have to wear shoes if you want to go out and can run to fetch them by yourself. You know how to let us know when you are hungry/thirsty.

All this pleases me to no limit 🙂

I LOVE the fact that my kids are growing into two strong , independent individuals.

And now that we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way, its time for me to get nasty and down to business.

Look here you two, I’ve had it up till here with  your antics.

It’s high time I laid the rules on what you two should NOT be doing, ok?

1) You shall NOT pour water on the floor. Yes, copy that sharp. It’s no longer the peak of summer. Spilled water on the floor is NOT funny. For ANYONE. Least of all, for you two, since you both tend to slip and fall the most. And definitely NOT for your mother, who had major ankle sprains with all that skidding!!

2) You shall NOT eat moisturizing lotion. It is to be applied on the face. And arms. NOT teeth or tongue. SS, next time I find you licking that gooey stuff, I swear I’m going to shove my finger down your throat and make sure you throw up!! And RS, the same goes for you too…you are sly , my darling, but don’t think I didn’t see you sneakily taking a few licks!!

3) You shall NOT rub rice on the floor. Read that, you both!! It isn’t funny when I come home to find that my first task is to mop and swab the floor where my brats have smeared their dinner.EVERYDAY!! Not funny at all.

4) You shall NOT wipe dirty hands and mouth on other people’s clothes. There are napkins for that. You have your bibs, those things tied around your neck. See it? Yeah, use that. Your father’s formal shirts and mother’s silk dupattas are NOT to be used!!

5) Kissing is fine. Just learn the where part now, please !! RS, feet are NOT to be kissed. Specially when someone just enters the house and removes their shoes. Ugghhh!!! And SS, grinding your teeth is not kissing. How about using your lips for a change? There now, it isn’t as difficult. And hey, NO BITING. What did I just say about using your teeth?!

6) The kitchen is off-limits. And I say this specifically for you SS. I love the fact that you are interested in cooking. BUT, attempting to stir the pot is a strict no-no. The same goes for knives and scissors. I’ve suffered the worst cardiac arrests after finding either one of you with those sharp things. And RS, I don’t ever want to see you eating off the knife!! (Shudder).

7) Throwing out clothes is ,err…fine. So is toys. We can get them back. Throwing out calculators, mobiles, etcs is just NOT done!!  The shopkeepers down below don’t find it amusing anymore! Neither do we!!

8) Climbing up on tables is good, ONLY if you know how to get back down. Climbing up and then howling to be let down should NOT be done. Especially 20 times in a minute.Can’t get down, then don’t go up!! Simple!

9) Tantrums will lead to nowhere. So both of you can stop that hopping-on-one-leg act you seem to have perfected these days. We will only smile in mild amusement at your ‘dance’. Howling will worsen your case further.

10) You shall NOT attempt to cuddle up to mamma when she is angry. No puppy-dog looks from you SS, and don’t you snuggle up like a wet chicken, RS. Its hard for your mamma to stay angry with you two and you guys have to do your bit to let it stay that way. Pampering mamma with kisses is just NOT done. Ok, maybe once in a while…

Aww…forget it. Who am I kidding here!! Your kisses are always welcome!! But just don’t think you’ll have it easier because I melt. Because I do.

The house rules will be implemented with much more stringency once you are 2 years old.

(But something tells me that list is going to be much longer 😦 )

Till then, enjoy your second year. But no damage, ok??

Love ya both to bits 🙂


Forever Yours,


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Help me sleep!!

I’ve had it!!

Seriously 😡 .

Its been nearly TWO years since I slept through the night. The sleep deprivation is not doing me any good. I’m losing hair, piling on weight, the skin is lack-lustre, there are dark circles the size of craters under my eyes and I’m perennially in a nasty mood.

I LOVE my kids to bits, but I guess I’m reaching the end of my tether!!

So tell me, O-folks-who-have-kids.

HOW exactly do you make sure your kids sleep through the night??

For the record, this is the routine I follow these days :-

9-9:30 pm : dinner time, generally dal-rice mashed, or milk and rice mashed.

11 PM : Kids hopefully toddle off to sleep.

11:30 PM : Diaper change, with a last bottle of milk before they sleep. The twins can guzzle milk in their deepest slumber!! BUT, herein lies my problem. The twins refuse to drink over 120 ml. If I give them a full bottle, they have their 120ml and leave the rest. Exactly after 3 hours, somewhere around 2:30 to 3:00 AM, they start howling. Yes, I’ve used the word howling , because that is exactly how they both start yelling at the top of their voices in sync!! From my deep sleep, I practically spring out of bed and jump into action , fumbling for the lights, filling their bottles , shaking the mix and handing them over to the duo.  The BF , meanwhile, vainly tries to hush the kids with his eyes closed. Mean feat, that!!The twins eagerly grab for the bottles in their sleep and all is bliss in my life. If I’m extremely tired, I conk off as soon as I hand them the bottles. But usually, I stay up till they finish, wash their bottles and then go to sleep. To be rudely woken up around 5:00 or 5:30 AM. The same, fumbling activity ensues and once the feed is over, I hit the pillow, only to wake up in another hour for the regular morning chores!!

This is the routine on any regular night.

For the irregular nights, the twins wake up alternately EVERY hour, which effectively ensures that I don’t catch the requisite 40 winks 😯 !!

To overcome this problem, I’ve tried these techniques :-

1) Give the twins a bath and milk before they sleep.

2) Feed them their dinner earlier, so that they have their fill of milk by 11 pm.

3) Feed them late so that they are famished and have more food (enough to last them the night).

4) Give them water, instead of milk, when they get up in the night.

Alas, I’ve failed miserably on ALL fronts.

In spite of my BEST efforts, the kids just HAVE to get up for their nightly feeds!! And when I tried the water-instead-of-milk trick, they howled their protest so loud, that the neighbour came knocking on our door wondering if the kids were going through some trauma!! Little do they know, who exactly was going through the said trauma!!

We also tried a ‘dadima-ka-nuskha’ where we grind a wee bit of nutmeg and mix it with milk or honey and feed it to the kids. Nutmeg ensures that the kids snore through the night.

Once again, to my rude realization, I found that my kids are immune to nutmeg. Give them ANY measure, it makes no difference.

Their systems wake up on clockwork and demand just the same amount of feed every time!!

What am I to do??

Help me people!!

I really can’t go through another year without sleep. I am this close to admitting myself in the nearest asylum!!!

I need my sleep back 😥 .


Help !!

Edited to Add :-

I just realized that this is my 300th post!!

THREE.HUNDRED.POSTS. In a time span of NINE MONTHS!! Not even a year yet!!

It was almost like a blow to my solar plexus, with the air whooshing out of my lungs.

Now seriously folks, be honest.

Do ya all really really feel that I talk/post  a wee bit too much?!! C’mon, I beg you to be honest here.

Am I posting too frequently??

Or it isn’t frequent enough??

Being new to blogging, I really don’t know what the standards are!

Enlighten me, please 🙂


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Poop Tales

I reached home a little early yesterday and as expected, the twins launched themselves at me . I quickly changed and took the liberty of playing around with them.

We had a lot of fun, grappling, chasing, swinging, doing everything that makes the twins squeal in delight 🙂 .

Maybe around 45 minutes later, while the kids were playing with talcum powder (their latest obsession is to spread talcum powder on anyone and anything, including self!) , SS squatted down and spread the powder on the floor with his palms. Now, my boy generally sits like this when he’s busy with the big job and that’s why the antennae sprung up and I asked him mildly if he was busy with his ‘sheee” (short for shit. I know you know it. Just saying 🙂 ). He didn’t reply, just gave me a look and went back to spreading the talc.

RS, meanwhile, went belly down on the floor and looked under SS’s bum. Then she gets up, walks around and peers down from another angle. She repeats this act from the front. Confident that she sees no droppings between his legs, she comes up to me and says, “nai-ay’.

Errr…..Your reporting capabilities are impeccable sweetheart, but the investigations can wait. How about just trusting your nose, for a change 😀 !!

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Thanks a lot for your wishes and prayers, people.

RS is much better now. The fever is finally down and she is back to being the active baby whom I love and adore :). As usual, she was back to bullying SS, scampering down the bed, running to and fro and generally pleasing everyone with her antics. And all these are reports from just this morning. Her fever subsided only around 4 am today. It was a tough night, believe me. It’s not a pretty sight, a sniffling, coughing baby with a high temperature, all red in the face and the dullest eyes ever!!

Am glad she’s better now. If only her throat gets better too. Poor thing is unable to have anything, except milk. Am keeping her on liquid diet for today. Hope the soreness comes down a bit. Any solid food and she’s throwing it up. She feels as though there is something stuck in her throat and tries to put her hand in and in turn gags and throws up. Must be awful for the poor darling.

So disturbed was a neighbour’s kid (Sania, 12 years ) at RS’s illness that she was crying in her house and calmed down only when her mother brought her down to see that RS was being given medicines and would be fine. I was deeply touched to see that my kids are loved so deeply by other children. Even the front-door neighbour’s kid (SK, 11 years) , who’s a permanent friend of the twins now, dropped in a couple of times to play with RS and distract her from shoving her hand inside her throat. I’m grateful to Allah that I have such kind and considerate neighbours…people who, when the twins get cranky, take them out and relieve us for some time. Who come home and play with my kids everyday, who have helped me change the twin’s nappies and dress them 🙂 . Once RS goes to SK’s house, she refuses to come back home!! Thats how closely the twins have bonded with the neighbour’s kids.

SS, contrary to his regular persona , is behaving quite well these days. Hs isn’t throwing tantrums or demanding attention like he usually does. Maybe even he knows that his sister needs us more than him. My babies’ mind doesn’t cease to amaze me at times!! He’s been quite generous with his kisses too (which otherwise, he never bestows on anyone!!).

Anyway, things are more or less back to routine. Am not so guilt ridden in office today. Looking forward to having a nice and quiet weekend with the kids 🙂 .

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