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My baby is ill…..

…… and I’m in office because I have a client call to attend and my team member is on leave.

RS was feverish since yesterday. Crocin drops didn’t work last night. She was still burning with fever this morning. I took her to the doc who , after a thorough check-up declared that my baby had a severe throat infection (no wonder those cough syrups weren’t working all these days!!). I felt like a bad bad mother for not realizing this before. But then, she used to cough only early mornings of late night , while sleeping!

I administered her the prescribed medicines after which she had her milk. The temperature, thankfully came down a bit after some time. I know she’ll be sleeping through most of the day today, and that is my one excuse for reporting to work!

Luckily, the MIL will be home by 5:30 , that is 5 hours from now, after which , the BF will be home too.

In all the rushing around with RS, I gave zero time to poor SS,who, for once was quite obliging and didn’t whimper for me all the time. Thanks Baby. For not harassing your already worried mother 🙂 . Life sucks big time! I know. And I just pray that you dont contract this infection of RS.

Priorities, you say….well if I wasn’t assured of the GMIL being at home with BIL and the maid there to assist her, I wouldn’t  have even thought of budging out of the house.

But it doesn’t help assuage the roar of guilt that I can hear in my ears. Only option is to wrap up work asap and rush home.

So no more posts for today ….but do drop in a kind thought for my babies 🙂

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Last Sunday I did some jewellery shopping with the MIL. The BF played chauffeur for the day and drove us around. For once , he was placid throughout, not even uttering a single word of reproach , even though we left him out in the heat and sat in the air-conditioned shop for more than an hour!! Poor guy.

The jewellery store we were at, is an old reputed store. But I wasn’t satisfied with their service. Firstly,the staff was not so polite. I don’t know marathi, but I can make out the tone. And when someone speaks a little rudely to the MIL (who speaks real soft and decent) ,I know they are not all right. Secondly, they catered to people who came in after us. The MIL had already booked her stuff and we had come to just make the payments. It took them more than an hour just to prepare our bill. How efficient is that??

I mentioned this to the MIL and her answer surprised me. “How would you behave if you were asked to work on a Sunday”, she asked. Oh well…..now that she mentioned it, I agree I’d hate it. But not to the extent of venting my anger on others. I didn’t point out that ALL the staff members were rude…or that there were five staffers who not attending anyone, yet, were reluctant to attend to us. The impertinence!!

Anyway, remember that baby pool I spoke about earlier, well we got it inflated and all set for the twin’s first dip-in-cold-water session.

RS took to it like a fish (as expected), since this girl can’t be kept away from water for long. It was SS who was quite scared initially. He howled loudly the first time we dipped his feet into it. So BIL did the clever thing of introducing him to it gradually. First, just the feet. Then when SS cried, quickly taking him out and distracting him for some time. Then bringing him back for another dip, this time, up to the knees. He had to perform this exercise four times before SS was comfortable enough to sit in it and splash. RS, meanwhile had become a pro. She was splashing like crazy, flinging her toy fishes out of the pool, fishing for stuff that had settled at the bottom and over all , having a great time. Expectedly, she threw a royal fit when we tried to fish her out of the it.

Suffice to say, the pool is a big hit. We are going to have a regular dip session every weekend now !! Only problem being, I can’t find an proper place to store the inflated pool. Can’t deflate it because it requires a machine pump to inflate it (and we don’t have one!). Making a trip each week to the garage far away from home is not possible. Any suggestions, people?

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of the twins having their fun :-

Hunting for drowned stuff

Splashing his fish

Splashing her fish


Seeing the kids having such fun, I was more than tempted to hop in myself. But given the fragile strength of the pool and my *ahem* not-so-light-frame, I gave the thought a pass.

Its been ages since I went swimming…..primary reason being, I threaten to empty the pool as soon as I dive in(he he , seriously , not kidding 🙂 ).

But I do look forward to the time I’ll be taking the twins for their first real swim. RS, no doubt will catch on quick. Its SS I’m worried about. He’s way too timid for his own good.

Hoping things change as they grow up a little more.

Summers are here…and in all this heat, a pool is just the right reprieve. This is the twin’s second summer and hopefully, they’ll handle it better than last year ( though they didn’t trouble us much then , except for getting up every half an hour throughout the night!!)

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In Pune, we have no reason to celebrate Spring. We have no Spring. One night its bitter cold and the very next day, BANG!! It’s the peak of Summer.

This year’s winter was the twin’s second one. The first time round, they were tiny little fledglings, wrapped up in sweaters and blankets. This time ,they had pullovers, monkey caps and cardigans. I know they won’t have any use of it for the coming winter and am planning to give away all the old woollies (that reminds me, I’m just not able to discard those tiny little half-sweaters that the twins wore when they were a few weeks old. Am gonna preserve them till the end of my lifetime, just to remind me of how very tiny they were………).

Anyhow, I found a few snaps of the twins in their woollies while clearing my desktop. Image quality is very poor (what did you expect from me?!!) and not very clear….but I know I won’t be seeing these caps and sweaters again. So here’s an adieu to the woollies :-

Looking out for Pigeons from Chhoti-Dadi's house


'Helping' Big-Dadi with the green leafy veggies 🙂


Looking out for Pigeons at home


You know, there are times when I fret that the twins are not growing up enough. I feel they are not putting on the requisite amount of weight, they are not growing taller, they have lost most of the baby fat, they are way too thin, they haven’t started speaking coherent words yet, and what not!!

But when I sit down to sort their cupboard, and come across clothes that don’t fit them anymore, I realize with a start, that they really are growing up. They have outgrown loads of clothes by now. It almost seems like a trick of light. How could it be?? When all I can see is that my twins are such tiny  little slips of people, running around between our legs…..

Ahh well…maybe mothers have a different set of eyes when they see their kids. Maybe I have those eyes too. But I also know that I don’t look at them with rose-tinted glasses. I see them for what they are. Faults and all. I don’t think my babies are the most beautiful in the world. I know there are better looking babies out there. I don’t think they are the sharpest and smartest ever. In fact, I’m not the mom who feels that her children eat rainbows and poop butterflies. I guess that more or less sums up the kind of mother I am.

B-U-T. I know that they are mine. If they have any faults which can be overcome, I’ll do my damn best to help them over come it. If they are not naturally brilliant, I’ll work on giving them more mind puzzles, games, help them hone their skills. I know it’s not easy doing all this, but it comes with the package deal of being a mother. People lament that RS has a stubby nose. I think it gives her character.  Some say that SS will be on the shorter side.  Good things come in small packages, I say. I don’t want my babies to be perfect. I want them to learn to live with their imperfections IF they are unable to over-come them in the first place.

I guess I got off on a tangent here 🙂 . This was supposed to be a post on winter clothing!!

I guess I should reserve the rest of my sentiments for another proper post.

For now, I gotta sort and wash all the old woollens for giving away.

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Tooth update


The current count of teeth stands as follows :-

RS :
Upper = 4 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 2 molars
Lower = 4
Total =10 + 1/2 + 1/2

SS :
Upper = 4 + 1/2
Lower = 4
Total = 8 + 1/2

So RS has sprouted two molars now :).

Am welcoming those most precious set of teeth that will finally enable my baby to chew food and not just swallow it 😀

She has been nibbling on bits of chapatti and dry toast for the last few days and seems to be making good use of those new teeth.

SS is yet to get his own. Seeing how he generally follows in RS’s wake after 2-3 weeks, am expecting him to sprout his by sometime this week.

Anyhow, after using the finger brush (suggested by Shweta) for the last one month, I thought of graduating to a proper tooth-brush for the twins.

Finger Brush

Searching high and low, I finally found the right tooth-brush and toothpaste at the BabyCenter outlet in Pune (Surprisingly, I didn’t know that BabyCenter had their outlets in India, let alone Pune, yet let alone, on my way to work!! Was more than elated when I found it hidden behind a tree, sandwiched between a bakery on one side and a Men’s apparel store on the other 🙂 ).

I hopped in there and selected the softest bristle toothbrushes for the twins along with fluoride free toothpaste from Pigeon.

Johnson's baby tooth-brush

Pigeon Tooth paste (Flouride free)

Well, it wasn’t really smooth sailing getting these two to brush. Firstly, they refuse to open their mouths. And when they did, on the first touch of the brush, they tilt their heads way back so that I face their upturned chins. When I do manage to shove the brush in, both start gulping on the tooth paste.

RS was a little more helpful, she allowed me to swipe the brush across her teeth a couple of times, before she lost interest and clammed up.

With SS, I have to forcefully open his mouth and shove the brush in.

If you are wondering why I gave up on the finger brush so soon, well, it’s because I have Sharks for kids!! They have collectively managed to mangle my finger to bits. The thick silicon was no protection against their deadly jaws. At one time I actually heard my bone crunching in their jaws (well, not really, but pretty close!!)

I now have to get a few minutes earlier than usual….I have three sets of teeth to brush.

What fun 😐

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Tooth Update

The current count of teeth stands as follows :-

RS :

Upper = 4+1/2+1/2

Lower = 4

Total =8+1/2+1/2

SS :

Upper = 4+1/2

Lower = 4

Total = 8+1/2

Its been a long time since the twins sprouted any new tooth. I’ve been checking their mouths practically everyday now (if they were any older, they’d wonder why their mom was treating them like prize horses!!).

SS has gaps in his teeth. Plus, his gums are giving him trouble. Maybe thats why he always appears to be gnashing his teeth. I almost worry that he might grind them to powder if he gnashes any more 😦

Maybe to relieve the sensation in his gums, he loves biting/nibbling things. His favourite being human skin. So whether its your nose or cheeks or thighs or tummy, nothing escapes this brat’s sharp tusks. Too many people in our house carry bruises, evidence to his latest attacks!!

RS has lovely teeth. All aligned properly in a neat row. No gaps. It will be a mean feat if I can retain this quality once she gets her permanent teeth!! Am not planning on introducing her to chocolates or toffees any time soon. In fact, I’ve even cut down on extra sugar in her diet.

Both the kids have milk without sugar. As long as they lap it up gladly, no need to introduce the white poison!! We use jaggery in place of sugar for meals which do require something sweet.

I shouldn’t be comparing, but there’s a relative whose kid is a few months older than the twins and he has a mouthful of teeth. Since the twins are at par in the teeth department, am not sure whether that kid got his teeth prematurely, or whether my kids are lagging behind on the pearly white count!!

Any idea when the kids should be introduced to brushing?? Any safe toothpaste that can be used (which wont harm them even if swallowed!!)??

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Here SHE is……

………The latest entrant to the brood.

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together to welcome Ms.BABY!!!

(Drum rolll…….)


The elder sister has finally delivered the much awaited package. At around 4pm this evening.

The parcel weighs approximately 3kgs in weight and is of delicate composition. To be handled very VERY carefully.

Though the service was very poor (don’t even get me started on the delay!!), the end result was TOTALLY worth it!!

He He.

Jokes apart, the munchkin hasn’t been named yet, thats simply because no-one has bothered to ask me yet.

As the youngest Khala, I’ll impose my authority for the nomenclature asap.

Ages ago, Aapa had once mentioned that if she ever has a daughter, she’ll name her “Tazain” ( Isn’t it a pretty name?)

Not sure if Aps even remembers it now.

But i’ll surely remind her of this.

In case she doesn’t like it, my list is ready 🙂

Anyhow, please send in your blessings for the second-time-momma and her bonny baby.

G’night for now folks.

Much love to all 🙂 .


PS:- RS and SS ADORE babies. Its just too sad that BOTH of them are suffering from a bad cold. Can’t risk the newbie, can I?

Introductions will have to wait 😦


PPS: If you are tsk-tsking over the poor picture quality, let me state that the pics were taken from my ever-reliable Nokia 3230.

Not everyone travels with a Canon around their necks, do they?!!!

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When I say “NO” !!

Disciplining the twins has started in full steam.
And not always with favorable results.
You see, the twins are yet to understand what a “NO” means.
At times, I feel that they do understand, but yet take pleasure in pulling their mamma’s legs.
So we have instances like these :-
– Mamma changing RS’s diaper. The rolled-up diaper is shoved under the bed, out of SS’s reach. SS tries to pull it out. Mamma says, “No SS, No. No touching diapers”. SS, saunters off somewhere. Mamma is pleased with her boy. That’s how all kids should listen to their parents. Mamma gets back to putting the new diaper on RS, when suddenly, WHACK!! The loaded diaper hits mamma full in the face. The sneaky rat had managed to pull out the diaper behind his mother’s back after all. And now did the favor of giving it back to her!!!

– RS playing with the plastic cricket bat. SS comes dangerously close to her and gets a whack on the head. RS laughs with delight and repeats the action. SS howls piteously. Mamma calls out to RS and says firmly, “No, RS, NO. No hitting SS”. RS gives a big smile and comes to mamma. WHACK!! Mamma gets a taste of the bat on her head!!
Yes, exactly what I meant when I said “NO”.

– SS busy chewing off his fingers. Rotten habit, must break it. Mamma wags an admonishing finger at SS and says, “No putting fingers in mouth. Pull out your fingers now!!” SS Looks up keenly and pulls out his fingers.
To promptly grab the wagging finger of his mother and shove it into his mouth, biting hard on it.
Mamma can only yelp out loud in pain.

– RS taking her “making-baby-sleep” patting to an altogether new level with really violent thumps. SS yells loudly at being the recipient of this ‘love’. Mamma says ,”NO RS. STOP it. STOP!! NO patting SS”.
RS looks up to mamma, says , “maaaammaaaa….”. Mamma melts in a jiffy and picks up RS for a cuddle.
WHACK WHACK WHACK. Mamma gets a few loving “pats” on the face.
The nose still hurts as I type this.

– Mamma feeding kids. Kids refuse to sit in one place. Prefer running around. Mamma shouts, “NO running. Sit here and eat. NO, NO SS, NO Running, I said!!”. RS looks at SS, looks at mamma, and looks back at SS. The twins smile at each other. RS leans forward and dips her hand into the bowl of food. The food is then sweetly smeared on the mamma’s face.
Not sure if this is anger, vengeance or just plain love (in her attempt to ‘feed’ her mother).

So far, I’ve *ahem* NOT been very successful. B-U-T, I’m no lenient mom !! Am not the one to be taken lightly. I will not bow to the rebellion (albeit in milder doses) of the twins.
I’m a demon where disciplining is concerned.
And so, until the kids learn to understand the word “NO” and mind their ‘P’s and ‘Q’s, I shall not rest. I shall continue my quest for the perfectly mannered babies.

InshaAllah, I shall succeed. HA!!!!

Err….also hoping that the kids co-operate. You know, like NOT treating their mamma like a punch bag the WHOLE time !!!

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Houseful of Chaos

What do you get when you put a 5-year-old (Ar) a 2-year-old(Ab) and two one-year-olds (RS and SS) together in a room?

Total chaos. Destruction. The running wild with the no-will-blame-me freedom!

Last two days have been awfully loud and noisy since the SIL came over with her two boys. The kids have taken to each other like fish to water. So while RS loves pushing little Ab into corners and forcing her kisses on him, kid Ar is busy minding SS, making sure that he doesn’t hurt himself. Little Ab has also taken a  fancy to RS, walking around the place chanting “Looeee”  (ahh, I so love the baby lisp!!) at regular intervals. And Ar is busy schooling SS on the consequences of the “Jungle Van”  (anyone knows what it is??) if SS doesn’t eat up his dinner. RS loves patting everyone to sleep and her favourite is Ab. To Ar, she loves showing off her belly button. So every time Ar comes anywhere near, this girl lifts her frock and points a chubby finger to her belly button.  ( Note : Disgusting habit. Must remember to break it before she hits puberty!!). SS, being the mild-mannered kid that he is, simply follows the crowd. So if the others are running around in circles, he’s sure to join in. If Ar leaves the room, SS is on his heels like a loyal pup.

They are also running amok pulling down stuff withing their reach. So we now have  MIL’s cupboard’s last two rows emptied on the floor (culprit RS). Newspaper strewn all over the house, paper which no-one has read yet (culprit Ab and RS)! Kitchen utensils brought to the hall and happily banged (culprit SS). Tricycle driven over anything and everything (culprit Ar).

Ahhh…the joys of having kids!!

But not all is bonhomie here. Loads of fights ensue. Over the toy car. The tricycle. The balls. Practically everything. Since the twins are already bored with the toys, they don’t give a damn as to who plays with their toys (RS shows a wee bit of jealousy when we put SS into the toy car. She generally shoves and pushes him till the poor boy whimpers to be let out. Then the smarmy miss happily clambers in and has the whole place to herself. But of course, this behaviour is restricted to SS only. She couldn’t care less when little Ab made the car his own!)

Fights mostly take place between Ar and Ab and my two midgets try to play referee.  They take sides with whichever party cries first. And then these two join in. So we have a bunch of 4 kids howling their hearts out.

Much fun. Not!!

SIL and MIL are contemplating jumping off the balcony if the kids cry in unison once more. The BIL has decided that the four now need to be tied to the bed post as punishment. The BF has taken leave for today, to relieve the MIL for the day. SIL is not sure whether she should stay till the weekend of go back home.

GMIL is enjoying all the ruckus 🙂 .To see all her great-grandchildren around her must be giving her a high. She’s the only one who has been grinning . Thank God for that 😀

Me? Am trying my best to stay away from home 😀

Naah, not really. Work is keeping me occupied and I finally asked for a release from this project. As expected , the managers are not too happy, but they agreed to relieve me after Feb. Another 2 months go!! Hmmmm…..

Anyhow, waiting for the day to end. Planning to leave early today. Just wanna go home and be a part of the madness there.

Looking forward to it all. Much!!


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A year back : 27Dec08

I had this mail sitting in the drafts and I completely forgot about it. Just fished it out to post.

On 27th Dec 2008, we celebrated the twin’s naming ceremony. My family was here in Pune, with Dad rushing around with the preparations (He had come to Pune just a couple of days before). Bro was busy assisting him. Bhabhi and cousin Lubna were busy with the decorations, Mom was busy with the babies. And I was busy…umm.. not really, but yeah, I was busy relaxing in the midst of all this mayhem 😀

There was an unfortunate incident in the BF’s family because of which most of his relatives could not come. But the SIL and her family made it to the event (Thank God).

There were loads of people from our side….family friends, friends of my grand parents from mother’s side….. BFC,BFS and BFG…and many more.

I don’t have a snap right now, of the swing that was readied for the twins. Will post it as soon as I get hold its soft copy. But I have to say, Bhabhi and Lubna had done a splendid job!!

Aapa had lent us the satin baby bed for the day, which totally added to the look.

Here I am, towards the fag-end of the evening, grinning like an loon, displaying my trophies :-

My two babies and Me

The pic is a little hazy, because dad took it with his cellphone camera (the only camera he’s comfortable handling!!)

SS is as usual, busy sleeping, and RS, as usual, is busy absorbing whats going on around her (This girl is far too observant for her own good ).

When I look at this pic, at me comfortably holding BOTH of them in my arms, I marvel at the time passed. At how far we have come. I can barely hold RS fo more than 15-20 minutes at a stretch now (mA). There was a point in those days when I used to fret over them like a manic. They were way too thin, too under weight (being preemies). But Alhamdulillah, they are doing good now.

One year down the line, and I can look back proudly. To see that in spite of our many short comings, me and the BF did the best we could.  And that we have succeeded to a certain limit.

There is much more to come ahead. Many heart aches, rebellions, reprimands and what not. Am not sure if I’m ready for it all…

But then, I wasn’t really prepared for the twins either. Or was I ? 😀

I haven’t  done so bad till now, have I ?

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No more a ‘baby’


How time flies….

Opened Gmail to find the regular mail updates from Babycenter.com . Here’s what it says  :-

No more a 'Baby'

So, officially, the babies are now ‘Toddlers’.

The twins, being preemies, turned toddlers last month. But I still refer to them as babies. Because thats what they will always be.

To me , at least 🙂

But the babycenter reminder comes as a jolt. The babies are growing up and they will now be addressed as toddlers. And what after that?? Pre-schoolers? Play-groupers? 1st graders??

How nasty do these titles sound??

So I’m being an ostrich and hiding from the fact that the kids are growing up. That within a year they will start talking and making friends. Start playgroup and get a life.

Somehow, I like being an ostrich.  Its better this way. To not see that the more your babies grow up, the more they become independent, the further they go away from you.

Philosophical I have become lately.

Not a good thing I tell you…..it makes you take the path of thought you would rather not.

As for the babies, they find joy in whatever new they learn, do.

So why should I grudge them their freedom to run riot ?

Thats what babies, oops!! Toddlers are supposed to do, right?

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