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Help me sleep!!

I’ve had it!!

Seriously 😡 .

Its been nearly TWO years since I slept through the night. The sleep deprivation is not doing me any good. I’m losing hair, piling on weight, the skin is lack-lustre, there are dark circles the size of craters under my eyes and I’m perennially in a nasty mood.

I LOVE my kids to bits, but I guess I’m reaching the end of my tether!!

So tell me, O-folks-who-have-kids.

HOW exactly do you make sure your kids sleep through the night??

For the record, this is the routine I follow these days :-

9-9:30 pm : dinner time, generally dal-rice mashed, or milk and rice mashed.

11 PM : Kids hopefully toddle off to sleep.

11:30 PM : Diaper change, with a last bottle of milk before they sleep. The twins can guzzle milk in their deepest slumber!! BUT, herein lies my problem. The twins refuse to drink over 120 ml. If I give them a full bottle, they have their 120ml and leave the rest. Exactly after 3 hours, somewhere around 2:30 to 3:00 AM, they start howling. Yes, I’ve used the word howling , because that is exactly how they both start yelling at the top of their voices in sync!! From my deep sleep, I practically spring out of bed and jump into action , fumbling for the lights, filling their bottles , shaking the mix and handing them over to the duo.  The BF , meanwhile, vainly tries to hush the kids with his eyes closed. Mean feat, that!!The twins eagerly grab for the bottles in their sleep and all is bliss in my life. If I’m extremely tired, I conk off as soon as I hand them the bottles. But usually, I stay up till they finish, wash their bottles and then go to sleep. To be rudely woken up around 5:00 or 5:30 AM. The same, fumbling activity ensues and once the feed is over, I hit the pillow, only to wake up in another hour for the regular morning chores!!

This is the routine on any regular night.

For the irregular nights, the twins wake up alternately EVERY hour, which effectively ensures that I don’t catch the requisite 40 winks 😯 !!

To overcome this problem, I’ve tried these techniques :-

1) Give the twins a bath and milk before they sleep.

2) Feed them their dinner earlier, so that they have their fill of milk by 11 pm.

3) Feed them late so that they are famished and have more food (enough to last them the night).

4) Give them water, instead of milk, when they get up in the night.

Alas, I’ve failed miserably on ALL fronts.

In spite of my BEST efforts, the kids just HAVE to get up for their nightly feeds!! And when I tried the water-instead-of-milk trick, they howled their protest so loud, that the neighbour came knocking on our door wondering if the kids were going through some trauma!! Little do they know, who exactly was going through the said trauma!!

We also tried a ‘dadima-ka-nuskha’ where we grind a wee bit of nutmeg and mix it with milk or honey and feed it to the kids. Nutmeg ensures that the kids snore through the night.

Once again, to my rude realization, I found that my kids are immune to nutmeg. Give them ANY measure, it makes no difference.

Their systems wake up on clockwork and demand just the same amount of feed every time!!

What am I to do??

Help me people!!

I really can’t go through another year without sleep. I am this close to admitting myself in the nearest asylum!!!

I need my sleep back đŸ˜„ .


Help !!

Edited to Add :-

I just realized that this is my 300th post!!

THREE.HUNDRED.POSTS. In a time span of NINE MONTHS!! Not even a year yet!!

It was almost like a blow to my solar plexus, with the air whooshing out of my lungs.

Now seriously folks, be honest.

Do ya all really really feel that I talk/post  a wee bit too much?!! C’mon, I beg you to be honest here.

Am I posting too frequently??

Or it isn’t frequent enough??

Being new to blogging, I really don’t know what the standards are!

Enlighten me, please 🙂


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Poop Tales

I reached home a little early yesterday and as expected, the twins launched themselves at me . I quickly changed and took the liberty of playing around with them.

We had a lot of fun, grappling, chasing, swinging, doing everything that makes the twins squeal in delight 🙂 .

Maybe around 45 minutes later, while the kids were playing with talcum powder (their latest obsession is to spread talcum powder on anyone and anything, including self!) , SS squatted down and spread the powder on the floor with his palms. Now, my boy generally sits like this when he’s busy with the big job and that’s why the antennae sprung up and I asked him mildly if he was busy with his ‘sheee” (short for shit. I know you know it. Just saying 🙂 ). He didn’t reply, just gave me a look and went back to spreading the talc.

RS, meanwhile, went belly down on the floor and looked under SS’s bum. Then she gets up, walks around and peers down from another angle. She repeats this act from the front. Confident that she sees no droppings between his legs, she comes up to me and says, “nai-ay’.

Errr…..Your reporting capabilities are impeccable sweetheart, but the investigations can wait. How about just trusting your nose, for a change 😀 !!

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Thanks a lot for your wishes and prayers, people.

RS is much better now. The fever is finally down and she is back to being the active baby whom I love and adore :). As usual, she was back to bullying SS, scampering down the bed, running to and fro and generally pleasing everyone with her antics. And all these are reports from just this morning. Her fever subsided only around 4 am today. It was a tough night, believe me. It’s not a pretty sight, a sniffling, coughing baby with a high temperature, all red in the face and the dullest eyes ever!!

Am glad she’s better now. If only her throat gets better too. Poor thing is unable to have anything, except milk. Am keeping her on liquid diet for today. Hope the soreness comes down a bit. Any solid food and she’s throwing it up. She feels as though there is something stuck in her throat and tries to put her hand in and in turn gags and throws up. Must be awful for the poor darling.

So disturbed was a neighbour’s kid (Sania, 12 years ) at RS’s illness that she was crying in her house and calmed down only when her mother brought her down to see that RS was being given medicines and would be fine. I was deeply touched to see that my kids are loved so deeply by other children. Even the front-door neighbour’s kid (SK, 11 years) , who’s a permanent friend of the twins now, dropped in a couple of times to play with RS and distract her from shoving her hand inside her throat. I’m grateful to Allah that I have such kind and considerate neighbours…people who, when the twins get cranky, take them out and relieve us for some time. Who come home and play with my kids everyday, who have helped me change the twin’s nappies and dress them 🙂 . Once RS goes to SK’s house, she refuses to come back home!! Thats how closely the twins have bonded with the neighbour’s kids.

SS, contrary to his regular persona , is behaving quite well these days. Hs isn’t throwing tantrums or demanding attention like he usually does. Maybe even he knows that his sister needs us more than him. My babies’ mind doesn’t cease to amaze me at times!! He’s been quite generous with his kisses too (which otherwise, he never bestows on anyone!!).

Anyway, things are more or less back to routine. Am not so guilt ridden in office today. Looking forward to having a nice and quiet weekend with the kids 🙂 .

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My baby is ill…..

…… and I’m in office because I have a client call to attend and my team member is on leave.

RS was feverish since yesterday. Crocin drops didn’t work last night. She was still burning with fever this morning. I took her to the doc who , after a thorough check-up declared that my baby had a severe throat infection (no wonder those cough syrups weren’t working all these days!!). I felt like a bad bad mother for not realizing this before. But then, she used to cough only early mornings of late night , while sleeping!

I administered her the prescribed medicines after which she had her milk. The temperature, thankfully came down a bit after some time. I know she’ll be sleeping through most of the day today, and that is my one excuse for reporting to work!

Luckily, the MIL will be home by 5:30 , that is 5 hours from now, after which , the BF will be home too.

In all the rushing around with RS, I gave zero time to poor SS,who, for once was quite obliging and didn’t whimper for me all the time. Thanks Baby. For not harassing your already worried mother 🙂 . Life sucks big time! I know. And I just pray that you dont contract this infection of RS.

Priorities, you say….well if I wasn’t assured of the GMIL being at home with BIL and the maid there to assist her, I wouldn’t  have even thought of budging out of the house.

But it doesn’t help assuage the roar of guilt that I can hear in my ears. Only option is to wrap up work asap and rush home.

So no more posts for today ….but do drop in a kind thought for my babies 🙂

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Last Sunday I did some jewellery shopping with the MIL. The BF played chauffeur for the day and drove us around. For once , he was placid throughout, not even uttering a single word of reproach , even though we left him out in the heat and sat in the air-conditioned shop for more than an hour!! Poor guy.

The jewellery store we were at, is an old reputed store. But I wasn’t satisfied with their service. Firstly,the staff was not so polite. I don’t know marathi, but I can make out the tone. And when someone speaks a little rudely to the MIL (who speaks real soft and decent) ,I know they are not all right. Secondly, they catered to people who came in after us. The MIL had already booked her stuff and we had come to just make the payments. It took them more than an hour just to prepare our bill. How efficient is that??

I mentioned this to the MIL and her answer surprised me. “How would you behave if you were asked to work on a Sunday”, she asked. Oh well…..now that she mentioned it, I agree I’d hate it. But not to the extent of venting my anger on others. I didn’t point out that ALL the staff members were rude…or that there were five staffers who not attending anyone, yet, were reluctant to attend to us. The impertinence!!

Anyway, remember that baby pool I spoke about earlier, well we got it inflated and all set for the twin’s first dip-in-cold-water session.

RS took to it like a fish (as expected), since this girl can’t be kept away from water for long. It was SS who was quite scared initially. He howled loudly the first time we dipped his feet into it. So BIL did the clever thing of introducing him to it gradually. First, just the feet. Then when SS cried, quickly taking him out and distracting him for some time. Then bringing him back for another dip, this time, up to the knees. He had to perform this exercise four times before SS was comfortable enough to sit in it and splash. RS, meanwhile had become a pro. She was splashing like crazy, flinging her toy fishes out of the pool, fishing for stuff that had settled at the bottom and over all , having a great time. Expectedly, she threw a royal fit when we tried to fish her out of the it.

Suffice to say, the pool is a big hit. We are going to have a regular dip session every weekend now !! Only problem being, I can’t find an proper place to store the inflated pool. Can’t deflate it because it requires a machine pump to inflate it (and we don’t have one!). Making a trip each week to the garage far away from home is not possible. Any suggestions, people?

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of the twins having their fun :-

Hunting for drowned stuff

Splashing his fish

Splashing her fish


Seeing the kids having such fun, I was more than tempted to hop in myself. But given the fragile strength of the pool and my *ahem* not-so-light-frame, I gave the thought a pass.

Its been ages since I went swimming…..primary reason being, I threaten to empty the pool as soon as I dive in(he he , seriously , not kidding 🙂 ).

But I do look forward to the time I’ll be taking the twins for their first real swim. RS, no doubt will catch on quick. Its SS I’m worried about. He’s way too timid for his own good.

Hoping things change as they grow up a little more.

Summers are here…and in all this heat, a pool is just the right reprieve. This is the twin’s second summer and hopefully, they’ll handle it better than last year ( though they didn’t trouble us much then , except for getting up every half an hour throughout the night!!)

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In Pune, we have no reason to celebrate Spring. We have no Spring. One night its bitter cold and the very next day, BANG!! It’s the peak of Summer.

This year’s winter was the twin’s second one. The first time round, they were tiny little fledglings, wrapped up in sweaters and blankets. This time ,they had pullovers, monkey caps and cardigans. I know they won’t have any use of it for the coming winter and am planning to give away all the old woollies (that reminds me, I’m just not able to discard those tiny little half-sweaters that the twins wore when they were a few weeks old. Am gonna preserve them till the end of my lifetime, just to remind me of how very tiny they were………).

Anyhow, I found a few snaps of the twins in their woollies while clearing my desktop. Image quality is very poor (what did you expect from me?!!) and not very clear….but I know I won’t be seeing these caps and sweaters again. So here’s an adieu to the woollies :-

Looking out for Pigeons from Chhoti-Dadi's house


'Helping' Big-Dadi with the green leafy veggies 🙂


Looking out for Pigeons at home


You know, there are times when I fret that the twins are not growing up enough. I feel they are not putting on the requisite amount of weight, they are not growing taller, they have lost most of the baby fat, they are way too thin, they haven’t started speaking coherent words yet, and what not!!

But when I sit down to sort their cupboard, and come across clothes that don’t fit them anymore, I realize with a start, that they really are growing up. They have outgrown loads of clothes by now. It almost seems like a trick of light. How could it be?? When all I can see is that my twins are such tiny  little slips of people, running around between our legs…..

Ahh well…maybe mothers have a different set of eyes when they see their kids. Maybe I have those eyes too. But I also know that I don’t look at them with rose-tinted glasses. I see them for what they are. Faults and all. I don’t think my babies are the most beautiful in the world. I know there are better looking babies out there. I don’t think they are the sharpest and smartest ever. In fact, I’m not the mom who feels that her children eat rainbows and poop butterflies. I guess that more or less sums up the kind of mother I am.

B-U-T. I know that they are mine. If they have any faults which can be overcome, I’ll do my damn best to help them over come it. If they are not naturally brilliant, I’ll work on giving them more mind puzzles, games, help them hone their skills. I know it’s not easy doing all this, but it comes with the package deal of being a mother. People lament that RS has a stubby nose. I think it gives her character.  Some say that SS will be on the shorter side.  Good things come in small packages, I say. I don’t want my babies to be perfect. I want them to learn to live with their imperfections IF they are unable to over-come them in the first place.

I guess I got off on a tangent here 🙂 . This was supposed to be a post on winter clothing!!

I guess I should reserve the rest of my sentiments for another proper post.

For now, I gotta sort and wash all the old woollens for giving away.

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Tooth update


The current count of teeth stands as follows :-

RS :
Upper = 4 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 2 molars
Lower = 4
Total =10 + 1/2 + 1/2

SS :
Upper = 4 + 1/2
Lower = 4
Total = 8 + 1/2

So RS has sprouted two molars now :).

Am welcoming those most precious set of teeth that will finally enable my baby to chew food and not just swallow it 😀

She has been nibbling on bits of chapatti and dry toast for the last few days and seems to be making good use of those new teeth.

SS is yet to get his own. Seeing how he generally follows in RS’s wake after 2-3 weeks, am expecting him to sprout his by sometime this week.

Anyhow, after using the finger brush (suggested by Shweta) for the last one month, I thought of graduating to a proper tooth-brush for the twins.

Finger Brush

Searching high and low, I finally found the right tooth-brush and toothpaste at the BabyCenter outlet in Pune (Surprisingly, I didn’t know that BabyCenter had their outlets in India, let alone Pune, yet let alone, on my way to work!! Was more than elated when I found it hidden behind a tree, sandwiched between a bakery on one side and a Men’s apparel store on the other 🙂 ).

I hopped in there and selected the softest bristle toothbrushes for the twins along with fluoride free toothpaste from Pigeon.

Johnson's baby tooth-brush

Pigeon Tooth paste (Flouride free)

Well, it wasn’t really smooth sailing getting these two to brush. Firstly, they refuse to open their mouths. And when they did, on the first touch of the brush, they tilt their heads way back so that I face their upturned chins. When I do manage to shove the brush in, both start gulping on the tooth paste.

RS was a little more helpful, she allowed me to swipe the brush across her teeth a couple of times, before she lost interest and clammed up.

With SS, I have to forcefully open his mouth and shove the brush in.

If you are wondering why I gave up on the finger brush so soon, well, it’s because I have Sharks for kids!! They have collectively managed to mangle my finger to bits. The thick silicon was no protection against their deadly jaws. At one time I actually heard my bone crunching in their jaws (well, not really, but pretty close!!)

I now have to get a few minutes earlier than usual….I have three sets of teeth to brush.

What fun 😐

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