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Dearest Lui and Shobbs,

I’m visiting these pages after ages! For no fathomable reason, I had stopped writing. I convinced myself it is because I’d rather ‘stay in the moment’ than mentally take down notes to blog about it. I wanted to be an active participant of your lifeΒ than be an observer of your growth (of which I’m guilty at times!).

But I was wrong.

Capturing the precious moments of my life with you is what makes this blog so special to me. Each time I pull out an old post and read about your antics, it brings a smile to my face πŸ™‚ . I may not immediately remember the incident, but reading about it does jog my memory and everything becomes clearer, as if it happened recently. I’m sad that these last two years, which have brought about such tremendous changes inΒ you, have not been penned 😦 . It is my fault and now that you are turning 7 (Gosh! I still can’t believe it !!), I think its high time I do justice to you and my blog.

But first, a confession.

I sit here sobbing a little as I type. Tears flow down my cheeks because I feel overwhelmed. You two have turned out to be so terrific in every way that I feel incompetent as your mother, your guardian. I can’t think of any single good deed that I did to deserve you. I sob because I want to give you all that you desire, but you never demand. You both derive pleasureΒ from the smallest things in life, making me realize that it isnt money that buys happiness. I’m proud to say that you both are my sunshine. You are the brightness that fills every crevice of my heart and make me giddy with joy πŸ™‚

Lui sweetheart, Β you are our residentΒ angel, bet you already know that πŸ˜€ . You can spin me and the BF around your little finger just as easily as you did 7 years back! The only difference being that you’ve got a loud mouth to go with it now πŸ™„ ! I have watched you grow into a wonderfully confident little thing, quiet unlike the shy, gawky me of yore. I puff up with pride at your grace, your kindness and generosity, your impeccable manners and your readiness to apologize for your mistakes. Believe me darling, it takes people many manyΒ years to achieve all that! You are just seven, but I have seen how wonderfully Β you go about making friends, being kind towards the underdogs, helping out friends and classmates as best as you can and pleasing your teachers with your impish smile πŸ™‚ . Β These are not things that I haveΒ ‘taught’ you, theyΒ come from within you.Β I can only pray to Allah to keep this warmth in you forever.

Shobby darling, you are our bundle of joy, wrapped in multiple layers of humour and mirth πŸ˜€ . I can’t believe that a kid as young as you has a wicked sense of humour, but you do! It is a great gift and I seriously pray that it stays with you forever, for there is no medicine like laughter, right πŸ˜€ ?! You are seven but people ask me if you are 4! Some even ‘recommend’ that I feed you πŸ™„ . At times I feel offended, but then I realize that those people don’t know how tough your beginning was. You put up a good fight champ and and in the last 7 years I’m grateful to Allah for giving you a healthy constitution. Though tiny, you are sturdier than most kids your age. Like Lui,Β making friends comes so easily to you! This is all the more surprising because earlier you were quite the shy guy, offering nothing more than a smile! Your confidence has blossomed and I’ll confess that I preen a little when people complement me on your kind disposition.

Seven years back today, as I lay on that hospital bed, I marveled at the beauty of Lui and the fragility of Shobbs. Today, I see character in Lui and strength in Shobby. So much has changed, for the better I’m glad to say (Alhamdulillah) and I canΒ only pray that you progress towards your own betterment. I have not set any benchmarks for you, I do not expect you to do great things, frankly, I feel just honoured being your mom.

We’ve reached the lucky seven, you and me together, although for me, it is twice the luck πŸ˜‰ . You are neither little kids nor young adults. It is a difficult phase for me because you have grown curious about so many things. You ask questions and I do my best to answer them (ex: What does showing the middle finger mean?) . It is difficult to gauge your level of comprehension and I worry that I might push you across the border of innocence (frankly, NO mother likes to believe that her kids grew up!), but there are so many things you need to be prepared for. The world today is not as kind as before, people around you would be quick to judge, quick to blame and quick to demean. But you need to hold on to the goodness in your heart. Keep that flame of kindness alive, no matter how others treat you.

And laugh. Laugh as you laugh today, from your belly, with abandon, with the sparkle in your eyes.

Because that’s all it takes to make your world a better place to live inΒ πŸ™‚

Many Happy Returns of the Day my Babies…….!

PS : Here’s a little collage of you two over the last two years! Am sure you’ll find pictures of before somewhere in this blog πŸ™‚

Six to Seven :)

Six to Seven πŸ™‚


Love you forever πŸ™‚




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Dear Lui & Shobbs,

There were a lot of ways in which I wanted to write this post. The first plan was to do a comparative analysis of the differences between the time when you were wee little infants and your current boisterous selves.

I dropped that plan pronto 😐

(No point in going back to the infant you. That time is long past. You are individuals in your own right with a mind of your own πŸ™‚ )

Then I thought of doing a round-up of the year, of listing all the major milestones covered, the achievements, the speed-breakers….but then I realized that I have not chronicled this year very well 😦 . There were large gaps between my posts and not much can be inferred from what I did put up! I regret it deeply and I guess this situation kind of motivates me to write more often, take down every little thing you say or do πŸ™‚

Frankly, this year was very different from the past few. This was the first time your father wasn’t here to pamper you silly. If you were a little older, you could understand how deeply he was hurt at missing your birthday. His prayers though, are with you , as usual πŸ™‚

We didn’t have a party on your birthday, per se, but two days before that. It confused you a bit initially, but you realized soon enough the difference between “just-a-party” and “actual-birthday” πŸ˜€

You got more gifts this year than all the years before put together!

This was the first time you both helped me with the decorations, suggesting where to put up the balloons and how to string the streamers πŸ˜€

You didn’t cry or throw a tantrum, rather, I guess this was the first time you were comfortable with the crowd and enjoyed the company of other children πŸ™‚

You didn’t eat a single bite of the delicious chocolate cake or the kiwi one 😦 (everyone else enjoyed it immensely except the two it was meant for !)

As I went through the party snaps, I realized with a pang that you two have indeed grown up. YouΒ  Lui at 3’8″ and Shobby at 3’5″ are not nearly as tall as other children your age, but when I see the confident gaze as Lui looks at the camera, or the casual stance that Shobby takes as he poses for his snap, I realize just how much has changed. You have become aware, if I may use the term here….aware of your surroundings, things, people and each other. You understand your effect on your family. You know the reactions you can get out of us with your one statement or action. The difference now is that you aren’t as naive as before πŸ˜€ ….and I haven’t been able to figure out if that is a good thing ! πŸ™„

This year, you added to your vocabulary by leaps and bounds. It is futile to have secret conversations around you two 😦 . Which reminds me of your new-found love for secrets! Though you both confide in me, it is a little surprising that you both want to keep secrets from each other! Maybe, just maybe, you are making an attempt to wean yourself off from each other! Yet again, am not sure if that is a good thing 😐

This year I saw you both going through your own set of hurdles Β …..friendly Lui had trouble keeping friends , got bullied ,was nick-named a cry-baby (even at home) but came back with excellent grades in school. Shobby, you turned into a popular guy in class, had to struggle with memorizing sentences, excelled in maths and drove everyone nuts with your constant volley of questions! None of the hurdles were bad enough to stop you two. And we are trying to make sure that you continue to do good in the things that interest you.

This last one year has been a little sad, with you both missing your “favorite Abbu” (your words, not mine πŸ˜€ ) like anything and insisting on talking to him every morning and night πŸ™‚ . Somewhere along the way, I realized that you two had taken control over the situation much better than we had anticipated (Alhamdulillah). Though Lui cried buckets when your father was leaving last time, she was back to normal the next day, even philosophical about why he had to be away πŸ™‚ .

This year, I saw an immense improvement in your manners and your public behavior….more than once, I have swelled with pride when people have congratulated me on you. I shouldn’t be taking credit, I’m not responsible for your good behavior alone.Β  Your grandparents and Chachu have done pretty much from their side in bringing out the best in you πŸ™‚

Dear babies (and I’ll continue to call you that even when I’m halfway to my grave), you are the light of my life and your father’s life itself! We both love you so much, it is difficult to describe in words how we really feel. Many a times, when your father is here and we see you sleeping peacefully, your lashes fanning your soft cheeks, Shobby curled into a little ball like a hedgehog and Lui’s arms and legs flung across the bed, we can’t help but marvel at the wonder of having two gorgeous babies like you two and wonder, for the umpteenth time, what we did right in life to deserve you two πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday Sweethearts…may you have all the best in life in all the coming years. Ameen.

I know I should have done this post yesterday but I was too busy spending the day with you to notice when time flew by! Its a day late, but I know you wouldn’t mind πŸ˜€


Pretty in Pink


Dapper Shobby


Pleased as punch πŸ™‚

Love you both! A thousand times over πŸ™‚



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Diwali Mela

I’m not a Diwali shopper for obvious reasons! The markets are far too crowded and rushed with genuine shoppers for me to indulge in window shopping. So , I usually desist.
Also, a long time ago, when I was out shopping during Diwali in a very crowded part of the city, I heard a woman howling piteously because someone had stolen her money-bag. She lamented about the money she had lost, the answers she will have to give at home and at the end, the despair her children will feel. So deep and heart-breaking was her anguish that it felt as though she had lost a loved one. Though I wanted to help her, I was not at that stage in my life when I could monetarily recompense her in any way. The lady was there with a relative and both women were genuinely grieved at the loss.
That incident is always fresh in my mind….maybe thats why I don’t make a big deal of buying new things or clothes during Eid. Sure I do buy stuff, but I usually buy the clothes whenever I get the chance and not necessarily around Eid time. I’m not afraid of pickpockets……I just don’t want to build up the anticipation in my children. God forbid, ifΒ  I’m unable to fulfill their expectation, I would be in the same place as that woman and that is somewhere I don’t want to be 😦

So yeah, i buy stuff around the year as and when I get the chance. Also, I get to shop without the hustle and bustle. Sometimes, I get greatΒ  off-season deals too πŸ™‚

Anyhow, this post isn’t about me going out shopping. I wanted to talk about what happens when the shops come to me 😐

People who know me, also know that I have very little control over my purse strings. Show me something pretty, weave a sad little tale around it and chances are that I will fish out my purse and shell out whatever amount you quote for it.

Its a disease!

Needless to say, I’ve been putty in the hands of hardened salesmen and women. Being older and wiser, I don’t allow any of them near my door anymore. But seriously, how do you control yourself when your office arranges a plethora of stalls for Diwali shopping right in your work-premises?! I mean, check out the stuff below….who can resist, I ask you!

Sparkling stones.....!

Sparkling stones…..!

I had a tough time pulling myself away from the glittering tables loaded with stone jewellery. They were so sparkly I sure my eyes twinkled just looking at them 😐

The *ahem* price tags changed my mind. Spoilsports!


Little diyas and tea-lights

The diyas surprisingly didn’t find many takers….I think even my Diwali celebrating friends found them too steeply priced. The tea-lights were priced between 400-500 for a set of three. For that rate, I’ll simply light up the bulbs in my house 😐


Pretty mugs and haldi-kumkum cases

The haldi-kumkum containers were cute. I’ve never seen them before so they were a novelty. A pity that I have no need of them 😦


Baubles….loads of them!

Confession timeΒ  – The baubles drew the largest crowds. I think I must have personally held each and every piece in my hand before replacing it back with a big sigh. Why oh why are delicate, beady necklaces so expensive 😦


Aroma dispensers

This aromatherapy diffuser was my personal favorite.It was so cute and effective! Just light a small lamp inside and add a few drops of aromatic oils to two tablespoons of water in the top container. The heat from the lamp will diffuse the oild all over the room. Enchanting! I booked one immediately. Alas, I didn’t buy it at the end of the day. The renovations in my house will begin shortly and I realized that I shouldn’t be adding to the existing clutter.


More colourful diyas

These diyas were expensive too. But yet, it found some takers πŸ™‚


Pretty kurtas

I took a fancy to this black and blue kurta, although it was two sizes too small for me. It was just so fish-like (the light blue sleeves go right down till the bottom of the kurta, something like fish fins) and different, I just had to have it. The wise friend who had accompanied me, made me see the truth and dragged me away from that counter 😦


Awesome handcrafted lanterns

These were the most beautiful lanterns I have ever seen. They may be common to many, having seeing them before, but I think that the fellow who made them must be a very talented chap to make the cut-outs so neat and clean!

Of all the stuff above, I didn’t buy anything. But I did buy a beautiful white Lucknowi kurta which was exorbitantly priced at 1170/-. But the fabric was pure heaven and IΒ  just had to have it πŸ™‚

I also bought a nice cotton dress-material for the MIL. Haven’t shown it to her though. Will get it stitched and then surprise her with it πŸ™‚

Also bought a pack of Khakhra and garlic-sev for the in-between hunger times in office. I had withdrawn 2K from the office ATM and at the end, I was left with a Rs.50 note 😦 . I’m awfully apologetic towards all those people whom I had booked stuff with, but didn’t bother to buy from. I hope the booking amount keeps you happy….don’t want to ruin your Diwali, seriously πŸ™‚

I hadn’t planned on spending as much as I did yesterday, but I’m sure you all must have splurged for Diwali πŸ™‚

Since most people will be on leave from tomorrow itself, here’s wishing you all a lovely, bright and safe Diwali.

Bring out the lights people πŸ™‚


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Gluttony Overload

Chocolate Cheesecake
Black Forest
Dark Chocolate

First two made by me. Cut by twins, devoured by all.
Chocolate Cheesecake bought by BIL. Cut by twins, eaten by all. Finished by me.
Pineapple bought by BF. Cut by twins, devoured by all.
Black forest bought by ex-project colleagues and lunch group at work. Cut by me, devoured by all.
Dark chocolate bought by current project team. Cut by me, devoured by all.

I’m hoping, really hoping that this is the end of the cake saga. Frankly, I’m now having dreams of whipped cream frosting with pink cherries and I swear it is liquid chocolate that now flows through my veins.
Ideally, I should be nauseous at the thought of more cake…but you know what?? Its just the opposite. I feel like having more and more *hangs head in shame* . Its almost like an addiction, you know. You start eating and eating and realize with a gasp that you just cant stop! All the sugar goes up the brain and fires up some circuits. The choco gives a constant buzz and whatever little remnants of sane thoughts residing in the brain are neatly tossed out of the window. So now, after a year of sincere efforts to lose weight (while I was 65kgs), I now weigh a ridiculous 75!!
Go on. I’ll wait while you digest that fact.
Thousands spent on gym membership, sporadic yoga at home, constant running after the twins and yet, YET, the weighing machine seems to inch further and further the wrong way.

This Birthday, I threw caution to the wind and dug my way through food. What to do? I feel hungry all the time and I LOVE cake πŸ™‚
B-U-T. This is wrong. So wrong 😦
It’ll take me ages to undo the damages. I’ll just have to start with baby steps once again, isn’t it?
Tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow, I shall turn into a new leaf.
As for today, I need to wrap up the leftover cakes πŸ˜€ . Get rid of the temptation. Clean up the refrigerator. Warn family and friends of dire consequences if another cake crosses the threshold. In short, erase every memory of the sweet, creamy, gooey, chocolatey,….goodness!! What the hell am I doing?!! I gotta stop right now!!
C’ya folks tomorrow πŸ™‚

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Through Tears And Smiles

It is Dad’s fault.
He was the one who called me up early in the morning. On a Sunday!!
I spoke to him for a few minutes. It felt good. He sent me oodles of prayers and best wishes for the future. As I bid goodbye, I promised to call him up more often.
“So, how does it feel?”, the BF asked.
Thats when the dam burst.
I sobbed. I sobbed hard. The BF was shocked. He didn’t think I would take it this bad.
“Its okay sweetheart…you are just a year older”.
“Ish knwat that. I mish my pah-ents”, I muttered between sniffles.
“Lets ask them to come and settle in Pune”, he offered by way of help.
I would have thumped him with a pillow if I wasn’t already busy with drowning in my tears.
“Okay, why don’t you make a quick trip to B’lore next weekend”, he offered, in the way he knows which helps avoiding major conflicts.
“*sniff* *snort*”.
“Take the kids, spend some time with them”, he comforted.
“Cant. Much work. Tickets ‘spensive”.
“Well…you either gotta think about the money or about the family. Take your pick”.
Damn this guy!! He cant even let me wallow in pity on my own birthday!!

So friends, this is how I ushered in another year in my life. I was sad, upset and whiny. I wanted my Mumma and my Dad and I wanted to be the little girl I once was. For a few moments there, I was overwhelmed by it all, the kids, my job, the home, my responsibilities and my overall ineptitude. A part of me wanted to get out of it all. I don’t want to grow any older 😦 . Thirty Three done. Thirty Four Start. Whew!! Seems a count too many, doesn’t it.
But then, like Dad says, age is frame of mind (His frame is definitely the best teak out there, because he just seems to get better as the years pass by. Mine must be made of oak, rotting from the inside 😦 ).
Anyhow, the dark clouds didn’t linger too long over my head :). By 9:30AM, I was happily making curries and whipping up cakes. Good cheer and sanity were restored. The kids were in a benevolent mood. There were no tantrums or howls of protest πŸ˜€ . They got to cut up cakes and blow out candles (in that order πŸ˜€ ). The BF and I managed to sneak in a couple of hours to go and watch a movie (Barfi. Good one). We bought some toys for the kids on our way back. Evening was spent with the family. We had a family dinner, followed by some more cake-cutting. The BF had to go out for some work and got delayed.He came back with another cake and a bunch of red roses *blush*
So we cut the last cake of the day at around 11 in the night. The kids were too full of sugar to feel sleepy and we had a nice story-telling session till late night.
As we finally said the prayers for the night, I thanked Allah for all the little bits of love and happiness that surrounds us.
And here’s hoping (and I really, really hope) that I mature up and have the courage to face whatever comes my way.
Brick or bouquets, I’m ready for both πŸ™‚

Edited to Add : To everyone who called/messaged/emailed/walled/scrapped or did anything else to wish me, Thank You. You made it a great day for me πŸ™‚

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A Birthday Just Passed By

We turned Three yesterday.

Not the twins. The Blog and Me. We turned three.

Somehow, the date, 9th Sep, just didn’t register when I woke up yesterday. And this morning, as I saw the calendar in my Outlook, I got the proverbial flash of tube-lights coming on in my head.

Oh My Gosh!!

I missed my own blog’s birthday!!

Not that the blog was complaining or anything…but still!!

A quick look at the stats and the comments assured me that total number of hits I’ve received in these three years is far lesser than what most of you get in one month, or a week, or a day.

Yet, to all those who dropped by, I am indebted, for letting us live πŸ™‚ . If not for you, I’d have quit ages ago (me being the procrastination queen after all 😐 )

On that note, I do hope you all come back again and we shall continue to ponder over the mysteries of life, universe and everything.

The answer, by the way, is 42 πŸ˜€

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We Won! We Won!! We Won!!!

We didn’t come first though.
But we did come in SECOND!!!
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
*skipping around my cubicle*
Yay Yay Yippee Yippee Yay Yay!!!

*Plonking on my chair*
Doesn’t suit my age to skip so much 😦

I’m off on a tangent here and I’m sure most of you would wonder what I’m rambling about !
Let me clarify. We had a cooking competition at work. After a lot of ‘hmmmm’ and ‘hawwww’ I registered my name along with two more members (Thanks DiCh and RuSo).
The rules were such :-
– No in-flammables allowed (no gas, no induction plates, no electric cookers, etc)
– No completely cooked product from home (partially boiled stuff allowed).
– Two dishes : 1 Mocktail and 1 Chaat (of our choice).
– Points for presentation, cleanliness and team-work.
– 1 Hour to prepare everything.
The second round had the same rules but different menu – 1 Dessert and a side-dish of our choice.
Needless to say, we barely knew any dishes that didn’t require cooking in the conventional way 😐 . Somehow, we rustled up these in the two rounds :-
1 Mocktail : Splitzy Splash
1 Chaat : Jhatpat Chatpat
1 Dessert : Gorge-ous
1 Side-Dish : Cous Cous Hota Hai.

Apparently, the judges liked our efforts enough to award us the second place (out of 10 teams πŸ˜€ ).

Right now I’m too caught up with completing the work I ignored in the frenzy of the competition.
I’m getting back to my excels and reports now…..For the snaps and detailed recipes of all these dishes, will do another post ;).
Please do come back πŸ™‚


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