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Fiction : A Baseless Story

I’m not good at story-telling. Heck, I’m not even good at fact-telling!!

But I have thoughts that run amock in my head. Thousands of tiny little slivers of thoughts that seem to bind me in their own pensieve. What I’m working towards, is to slowly disperse the hazy cloud in my head. To collect a few thoughts and string them in a narrative. Not all that easy I guess, but I need to give it a try, don’t you think so?

I did try my hand at it once, here and here.

And now, I think I should make a conceited effort to atleast do one fiction tale every month. Starting from this one 🙂


Jan 2010 : A Baseless Story

P looked down and admired her body. She had the right curves, after all. Thanks to her personal masseuse who spent precious time kneading her sore parts. There were times when he hurt her with his vigorous fingers, but she knew better than to interrupt him. She didn’t like the glint in his eyes when he was at work. She’d rather suffer the agony than yell out in pain. After all, didn’t her skin look soft and smooth when he was done with her? And wasn’t that what He admired the most?!


It was for Him that she bore this torture. The way he looked at her lovingly, longingly. The way he brought his lips close to her, the way let out a gentle sigh when he took a whiff of her tantalizing scent ……… !

Enough!! She thought to herself. It was time that she let him know her feelings too. She couldn’t hide them forever….at least not when every pore of her’s screamed for his touch.

It was time to get dressed. He would be calling for her soon. She looked at herself once again. Her alabaster skin was creamy white, with a faint blush of pink. The heat made her turn red, she surmised…or maybe it was love !


How strange this word seemed, yet so familiar. Wasn’t it love she saw in his eyes? But was he blind that he couldn’t see the equal devotion in her’s? Couldn’t he understand why she came to him again and again ?

As usual, as she got dressed, her friends accompanied her. TK, CC, Chez, Olly, Muz, all clustered about her. They were her regular companions. Rarely did she leave them behind. But today, something didn’t feel right. She looked hard at her friends. Why did they all seem like a burden today? Why did she want to do this trip alone, without their peppy presence?

She felt a sharp stab of pain…….was it jealousy?! Something within her turned nasty. Maybe He never spoke to her directly because of all these friends around her. What if she avoided them? Difficult, she thought. I would never be able to get rid of them. But there MUST be a way!! Her desperation gave her only one solution. Be rude. Make them go away on their own. She knew it would hurt them…..but she hoped they would understand. It was so difficult to be reasonable when you are in love!!

So, rude she was. When it was time for them to go, she rudely shoved at CC and TK. Olly attempted to appease her, but she turned on him angrily, calling him a black-faced wart. When Muz intervened, she called him a stink-worm. CC decided that P wasn’t in a good mood and advised everyone to back off, which they did gladly.

Her heart beat wildly as she approached his door. It opened before the first knock.

It wasn’t him. It was his friend, That Man! The lecherous one whose greedy look was enough to make her nauseous.

And today, she was exceptionally vulnerable. She had brought herself unadorned, for his eyes only.

That Man looked hard at her.

“Hey buddy”, he yelled , ” C’mon here. You won’t believe this”.

He came rushing to the door.

She waited with bated breath. One look at him and she nearly swooned once again.

But wait. What was that look on his face?

Why did he look confused..? Wait a minute!! Was he angry?

Oh No!!


He rushed back in and made a call.

“Is this some kind of a joke??” he yelled into the receiver, ” You either send another one right now or give me back my money!!”

She stood their apprehensively…not knowing what to do, what to say. She was bewildered beyond her belief. The love she was craving to see in his eyes was now turning into anger, hatred.

Only That Man continued to look at her with a smirk. How she wished she could smash that leering eye!!

“Dude, what do you want to do with this”, he yelled.

He said, “Throw it away , I guess. Who likes to eat an empty pizza base anyway?!”


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Now this is a VERY late entry in response to Shail’s Three Word Wednesday, but seeing that the next Wednesday is still a few hours away, I’m penning a few lines using the words drink, feeble and  predict.

Disclaimer : The idea for this story is not mine. A very long time back, when I was a kid, I’d read a story on the same lines. At that time, I didn’t understand it, maybe that’s why it stuck with me all these years 😀 . This is my attempt to write my own story on the same premise. If anyone remembers/recollects the original, do let me know. Thanks 🙂  .

Here goes :-


He looked at her once again. Was this the same girl he had known all along? Loved all this time?

 He was showing her his palm and trying to explain all the intricate lines on it and she all but mocked him and turned her head away! Gone were the days when she would look at him with those limpid eyes and simply absorb all that he expressed.

Her skin was so fair, so delicate, he could make out the tiny intricate pattern of veins under it. A porcelain doll, he thought, but then, he didn’t really know what a porcelain doll looked like. At least, not then.

He made another feeble attempt to attract her attention, but she just yawned and turned her back on him.

The cheek!!

He turned a bit and looked at her. She was sleeping. So peaceful, so angelic.

Why did she have that effect on him?? Why did he feel so possessive of her?  So protective?!

He tried to think back to the first time he’d seen her, but it seemed a distant memory. It seemed as though they knew each other forever. But he knew exactly when he had fallen for her. The time she had done those flips, her body graceful and light, like a butterfly!! He didn’t know anyone who could move like that. Her laughter accompanied her moves and he was smitten. Who could resist that tinkling sound?!

Who could predict that after all this time, she would finally get bored of him. No, not bored. Indifferent was more like it. Yes. She was indifferent towards him. And that hurt. Hurt real bad in a sense he couldn’t explain, even to himself.

She woke up shortly and he asked her if she’d like her drink. She just shook her head and said no. She didn’t look all that well and he felt the first stirrings of panic. She had a stricken look on her face. He tried to hold her hand, to console her, but her hand lay limp in his. He could see that she was far more afraid than he was.

All of a sudden, there was a rush of water in their room. It hit them hard and before he could think, flood, she was pulled away from him. He saw her scream, the mouth wide open, her voice silenced by all that water.  He tried in vain to grab her, to hold her before she was so rudely torn away from him, but it was futile. The current was strong and within seconds he was caught up too, screaming and kicking and trying to escape the force but totally helpless and exhausted by the time he was thrown out of the door.

He blinked hard, it was so bright outside, it hurt his eyes. Why was everything dry here. Where was She?? Who were all these people?!!

“Congrats Mrs. S. Here is the other one. It’s a boy this time . Your twins look healthy. Enjoy them 🙂 ” , said the nurse handing the woman her second baby.


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Fiction : “The Call”

She stared at the report, shocked that it was still in her hands, that it hadn’t yet dropped to the floor after she first read it. That she was still standing, her feet slightly apart, looking down at that sheet of paper.

There it was, clearly stating the obvious. The print bold, even highlighted with a yellow background.

It can’t be true, she told herself again. Not after all the care I took.

Instinctively, her hand went to her belly. Could she feel it in there. Yes, she thought. It’s in there…..a part of me …

But how did it happen? When did it happen? Try as she might, she was unable to pin-point that instance …..did she subconsciously know? Maybe…..

Was her subconscious mind responsible, after all? Is it that easy, to shove the blame on something else entirely? Why didn’t she heed the warning signs? Wasn’t she responsible herself? No no….she screamed inwardly. I don’t know ….

And what about HIM? Hadn’t he warned her before? Hadn’t he asked her to be careful?

She had laughed off his concerns …..a mutinous look in her eyes. He was worried then. She had simply shrugged her shoulders and told him that it was her problem. She would take care of it. He didn’t seem convinced. She just giggled and asked him to enjoy the present and stop worrying about the future.

How naive she had been.

Had she really taken care, taken precaution?

Can this be termed as her failure?

So many questions….and she had no answers.

But she had to let him know. He had a right, hadn’t he? It would kill her ….but she had to do it.

Her hand trembled as she reached for the phone. What would he say? Would he even talk to her? Hadn’t he made it clear that he had no soft feelings for it. Hadn’t he made it sound like something ugly, something unwanted ?

But it had to be done. NOW.

She dialled his number….he picked up on the fourth ring.


She almost hung up right then. She couldn’t get the words out of her mouth.

“Hello?!!” he was insistent.

“Its me…”, she managed to whisper.

“Hey…..What happened? ”

“I got the report this morning…”.


She could hear the tension in his voice, almost see him stiffening with the phone to his ear.

“It’s true”, she sobbed.

“What’s true?”, he was starting to get worried now .

“It’s true”, she wailed,” I’m 15 points over maximum fat limit . The report says , I’m obese!!”


Disclaimer :

The above short story is entirely fictional and any resemblance to a person living (not dead) is purely unavoidable.

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