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You know, I really want to add more to this blog in terms of content. Right now, I’m stuck in a rut where all I can write about, are my kids (which I don’t mind, really. They are the reason the blog exists in the first place πŸ™‚ ) . Its just that for the last two days, I’ve been wondering what to write about and frankly, I drew a blank when it came to matters concerning solely me! It is a little unnerving, to know/realize that nothing is churning my mind enough for me to voice an opinion or start a discussion. How dull have I become 😦 !!

On the plus side, on an impulse, I threw a potluck lunch at home today. Invited the few friends that I have here. They were very sweet and even at the short notice, turned up with their dishes. Honestly speaking, I’d been planning the potluck for ages, simply because there is no other way to socialize here. I have one friend, she in turn knows the wives of her husband’s colleagues and just like that we all became acquainted.

It was a fun afternoon. Though we just had a couple of couple of hours together, it was time well spent. We ateΒ Paani-pooris, Puliyogare, vermicelli-Upma, Chhole-puri, Daal-vadi, Pizza (by me) and Rasgulla!! Believe me, by the end of the lunch, we could barely move πŸ˜€ ! With heavy hearts and even heavier tummies, we broke up to collect our respective kids from school πŸ™‚ .

Thanks for coming guys :)

Thanks for coming guys πŸ™‚

Notice the lights? T’was because the day got terribly dark and dreary towards noon.


Another weekend’s here and the BF is yet to get back. Right now he is in Pune, with the rest of the family (his and mine). My little cousin brother is getting married and the family has come to attend the wedding and the festivities! Β All I can do from here is send my brotherΒ my love and best wishes. My parents, husband, brothers and sisters are all in one place and I’m far far away from them.

Could I be any more sorrier for myself??


Am missing everyone terribly πŸ˜₯


American women have a thing for nails. I am yet to come across an American woman who does not have well manicured nails. Both the hands will have nails of equal length (unlike most Indian women who prefer to decorate the left hand but leave the right hand free for practical purposes!). The colors would be bright, with plenty of nail-art (glitter, stones, intricate patterns, you name it !!)

Β The nail spas here must be doingΒ a roaring business!

Compared to them, all the Indian women I know, have neatly trimmed nails, very few remember to use nail-polish and I’m sure none of us have ever entered a nail-spa here!

Anyhow, one fine day, I decided to take a break and grow my nails. It took weeks but I finally managed to get them to a decent length. After shaping and buffing, I applied the hardener, colour polish and then the top-coat (I can’t believe I actually know so much about nail-polishes πŸ˜€ ). The fingers looked good! Really, really good. I flaunted my hands, with a new-found confidence in their appearance.

And then came dinner time.

And with it, the realization that the women who were the inspiration for my nail-effort, surely weren’t the types who went home to cook dinner for their families.

Take the simple example of chopping onions (an ingredient without which I just cannot cook. Period!) . Firstly, I couldn’t hold the knife at the regular position because that would make my nails touch the chopping board. So I held the knife more towards the end of the handle. The left hand fared no better. I had to hold the onion, yet cut it such that I don’t chop my nails in the process.

I used to be known for my onion chopping speed, but with the long nails, I think I took thrice the time to cut one onion. The nail of the left Β index finger suffered some chipping, which was corrected with some nail polish. I somehow persevered and finished my cooking. But it wasn’t just the problem with cooking. The nails came in the way of scrubbing the tub or washing the toilet-bowl. I was afraid of them tearing while scrubbing some heavily greased pan or while doing the laundry. Heck, I couldn’t even type properly with them.

On the third day, I took the nail clipper and chopped off the nails. Also removed the nail-polish for good measure. The nails look just like they used to before. My hands don’t look fancy anymore.

But you know what? I’m actually relieved. I realized that having clean and workable hands are more important to me than having glitzy ones which come in the way of everything I do.

For people who do manage all their regular tasks with fancy nails, I say, good for you πŸ™‚


The kids got their first set of assessment result yesterday. All straight A’s except for a ‘B’ in Writing! As soon as I saw the report , I made them sit and write two pages of text from any story book of their choice. The BF, when I told him of the result, was a little miffed that the kids didn’t get a ‘C’ or a ‘D’ in anything! In fact, he feels that I push the kids too hard and he doesn’t want them to be the academic types who only score in exams. Though the kids got an A in Gym, Music and Arts, the BF wasn’t satisfied.

Anyhow, I was pretty surprised when the kids didn’t protest the writing imposition I laid on them. I thought they will yell at the prospect of extra writing after they finish their regular homework! But it was not so. When I asked Shobby if he knew why I was making them write, he said, ” Yes I know. Because we got a ‘B’. ‘B’ is for BAD. We need to get an ‘A’. ‘A’ is for ALL GOOD “.

Well, he said it, not me πŸ˜€


Its getting chillier by the day here. So much so that I make sure I reach the twin’s school just as their teacher leads the children out to the gate. Standing at the gate, waiting for the kids can be a torture, with icy winds piercing the skin and getting into any openings between the jacket and muffler. Making the kids wait for me would be even more cruel! I’ve got the timing down pat though. My kids are the first to leave school πŸ˜€


And just like that, the last two entries veered towards the kids!

I just can’t stop writing about them, can I?!

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Yesterday was a pretty snowy day in Chicago. The snowfall started in the morning and lasted the whole day. We had around 6 inches of snow in our area 😐 !! After dinner, I decided to go for a walk around our block. The BF volunteered to mind the kids while I took a leisurely stroll around πŸ™‚ . He did warn me to be careful though (and even kept calling me to check).

Packing myself into jacket and gloves and boots, I ventured out.

At 8pm in the night, it was a pretty lonely stroll 😦 . There was hardly anyone around. Only a few cars zipped by. I guess the snow had stopped a lot of people from going out. I did get a few strange looks from a couple of doormen outside the apartment blocks. I mean, people here either rush out to get from one place to another, or they are serious runners/joggers who dress up and jog at an even place. No one really strolls along, if you know what I mean!

Anyway, I walked along, admiring the white snow everywhere. It was difficult to walk because the snow had covered all the walk-ways and if you didn’t want to slip and fall and make an ass of yourself, it was best to walk slow and keep one foot forward firmly before raising the next. By the way, did you know that fresh snow is just like flour dust. You can dust it off your clothes and hands without it melting and making you wet . Cool, isn’t it? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

As I walked along, I relived the old-time memories of Kashmir, of days when we were snowed in and the only way to get out of the house would be when the Orderly bhaiya would come in the morning and shovel the snow blocking half our door πŸ™‚ . Mom would heat water in the large fire place which would then be used to unclog the drains in the bathroom and toilet 😐 . There was a central heating system called Bukhara which was nothing but a large metal drum with wood burning inside kept in the middle of the bedroom πŸ˜€ . There was no TV or entertainment of any kind. But there were loads of apple trees which we would climb and eat apples from! And ohh….this was when I got into the habit of eating snow 😐 . There was plenty of fresh, clean snow to gobble up πŸ˜€ .

Lovely memories, those πŸ™‚ . *Sigh*

Unfortunately, the snow here isn’t as clean. Or maybe its because we are in downtown. Am sure the snow in the suburbs would be pristine white πŸ™‚ . Within half an hour of its fall here, you can see a thin film of grey covering the snow. It is the smoke from vehicles around. The snow on tree and rooftops looks better. I saw a lot of people using snow-blowers to clear the driveways and the footpaths. Almost got a load of snow on me from one, luckily, the fellow saw me at the last minute and waved his hand in apology πŸ™‚ . He didn’t have to. I’d LOVE to be drowned in snow! Coming from warm Pune, who wouldn’t πŸ˜›

The roads were full of slush, with snow melting because of the vehicles. Sure wouldn’t want to step out there! I just wondered how much more slushy it would get when the snow really started melting! Luckily, the drainage system here is pretty good so hopefully, our shoes wouldn’t be ruined completely πŸ™‚

Here’s a pic of the benches outside our apartment. As you can see, there’s no place to sit! Thats how high the snow has piled up πŸ™‚

Snow on the benches

Snow on the benches

I picked a little of the clean snow and made a snowball. When I came back home, the kids were tickled to see it. Both gladly posed with it too πŸ™‚


Lui with the snowball


Shobby posing with it. He’s VERY happy

The snowball has been kept in the freezer, to preserve it till the time the kids go to Pune πŸ™„ . Thats some preserving I have to do  😦

Thats all about the nightly stroll. More on the trip to Devon (or as it is called, the “Desi Place”) in the next post πŸ™‚

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The Nameless

Hey there πŸ™‚

Its been a while now, you know, I’ve been talking to you all through this blog, expressing all that I have to express and then some more ! Some of you, when you see a connection, go over to the comments sections and drop in a line or so. But most of you, those hundreds of people who escalate my stats but are mostly nameless, are a mystery to me. It cheers me to no end to see that however silly the twin’s antics, there are people out there who find it entertaining enough to open my blog once in a while to read about them. Sometimes, they get the short end of the straw and end up reading about me 😐 .

Life’s not always fair, I admit 😐

Nevertheless, I want to know about you. You don’t have to write paeans about me or the blog. Just drop by to the comments section and give me your name. Or just say “Hi “, just so you know, I’m assured that there isn’t a hacker sitting out there somewhere ,who takes sadistic pleasure in hitting up my stats.

Also, I really do want to know how many of my true friends are aware of this blog πŸ˜€

Most are, I confess……but I just want to mess with the rest πŸ˜€

So, what do you say?

Wanna give me your name? Wanna drop by and say Hi ?!

Go on, I’ll wait……



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Thanks to you all, I have finally managed to collect the required documents for my passport. Hopefully, I’ll get a submission date sometime this week and after that, all is in Allah’s hands πŸ™‚ . I think I’ve been jinxed enough already. Every time I get one step closer to joining the BF, something or the other pulls me back two steps! BTW, have I mentioned that I finally got my visa? Well, I did, after a horrendous wait of 10 months! There are many other factorsΒ  which will decode whether I finally get to join him or not! Keeping fingers crossed…….the twins are so, SO keen to see the snow…and hopefully (inshaAllah), we’ll fulfill their wish this winter πŸ˜‰

Else, I’ll just hand then both a cube of ice 😐


I had to get my photograph taken this weekend for the passport submission. The neighborhood Kodak store came to the rescue and the fellow assured me that I’ll get good quality prints in an hour. Well enough, I said, as I sat demurely in front of a white curtain. A look at the mirror in front of me had me a little worried. For the last few weeks, I have been suffering a severe facial allergy which has left me with some horrible red/brown rashes. The marks were still there 😦

The photographer took a couple of snaps and asked me to select the one which I wanted to get printed. I selected the least offensive one and went my way. Later that evening, I collected the snaps and came back home. Going through the snaps, I realized that , man! I still look good πŸ˜€

But hey, wait an effing minute? Is that my snap?? Well…it did seem so.

Then, why did it look so different?? I mean, it was me, but it was somehow not me? Got what I’m saying?!

And then, with a bang, it hit me – The photographer Photoshopped me 😐 !!

There was distinct airbrushing around the cheeks and nose which gave me a smooth , blemish-free alabaster skin tone! I’m not sure whether to be flattered that I have such a lovely snap of myself (which will eventually go into my passport) or be appalled that the guy took the liberty to Photoshop me without my consent 😐 !! Did I really look that bad in person?!!

Truly torn 😐


The house-help snapped!

Not at me, or at any of her employers. She finally snapped at her husband.

This maid (lets call her L )has been with us for the last 5 years. She is a gentle soul and like all gentle souls, she was subject to inhuman levels of physical violence and torture by her husband. In her words, its not just his drinking habit which is at fault, it is his mental instability which is the root cause of his illness. She had him treated many times, even got him admitted with a psychiatrist, but there was no luck. She suffered his wrath because he was ‘ill’ and like a good dutiful wife, it was her duty to stick by him. Though we begged her to leave him and move out with her children, she was afraid of what ‘people will say’ and refused to do so.

Anyhow, last week, for the first time in her life, she raised her hand at him. Beat him with a broom, she confessed. For a long time now, I’ve been goading her to fight back, to not take his violence sitting down, to think of the repercussions of the discord on her children (who are blessedly boys and above 15 years of age). The husband did not take the broom-hit lying down either. He threatened to kill her and her children . That was enough for her to snap . She has complained to a local women’s group about him, logged a police complaint and even told him that she will be leaving the house. He, in turn told her that he is ready to leave himself, provided she shell out money for his everyday food and drinking πŸ™„ .

Obviously, the lady is so ticked off that she wants him to rot in his house πŸ˜€ . Sometime this week, she will look out for a new accommodation for herself and her sons and move out for good.

I’m really happy for her, for her being able to finally take a stand , to open her eyes and realize that a husband who is less of a man is no ‘pati-parmeshwar’ she has to suffer for life.

Send your good wishes her way please….she needs all the good vibes for the difficult task of breaking free πŸ™‚


Antibiotics make me crazy!

Am on a dose of heavy-duty antibiotics for an infection I ignored earlier and which is now rather severe (What?!! Can’t the educated be stupid for a change?!). So the dosage is rather high and it is doing strange things to me (besides killing the bad bacteria inside me). I’m woozy, have difficulty keeping my eye-lids open, though I’m in complete control of my mind and I think I know how Pinocchio must have felt with his wooden body.

Antibiotics bring out empathy. Must note that one!

Its tough typing out this post with only one eye open at a time. This line is courtesy the right one. The top para was by the left.

The meds have also given me the patience of gun-powder. So just don’t ask me how I am…most likely I will bite your head off first and then spit out the remains to figure out what exactly it was that you asked about.

So yeah, Antibiotics make me crazy. Very crazy.



Why do children turn to gold in the night? And then turn right back into the devils in the day-time?

I was feeling rather low last night, the above antibiotics were kicking in with a frenzy and my inner turmoil was buzzing loud and clear in my ears. The twins were a tad upset to see me so distraught, so they did the best they could. Snuggling up to me, they put their little arms around me and muttered the sincerest promises they could come up with.

“Mumma, we will never do any masti again”.

“Mumma, we will always listen to you”.

Hum kabhi bhi zidd nahin karenge“.

“Mumma, always aapki baat sunenge“.

“I will never ask for anything”.

“We will be happy with what you give us”.

I think I passed out even as they kept cooing their vows into my ears.

This morning, I think I’m the only one who remembered them vows. The kids were back to being the brats they are.

“I DON’T want to get up”, yells Lui from under the covers.

“I want Pediasure in my milk. Why did you add Bournvita”, howls Shobby.

“Mumma, please don’t go to office today”, begs Lui.

“I want to talk to Abbu RIGHT NOW”,Β  demands Shobby.

And life is back on the regular track !


So, how is the week kicking off for you?!

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A Year went by. Again.

I grew older by a year yesterday. Its funny , you know, one day you are a number and the very next day, you are the number plus one . But then, what is age, if not a number?! How exactly am I different today compared to two days back?

Beats me, I still feel the same 😐

The kids had fun blowing the candle and cutting the cake. As a rule, the twins get to cut the cake for everyone’s birthday at home, including theirs. It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is, they are the ones to do the honor πŸ™‚ , a duty that they much look forward to ( I’m inclined to think we’ve been pampering them to no end!).

Edited to Add : I got back pretty late from work yesterday. As soon as I stepped in, Lui and Shobbs asked me when we’ll ‘celebrate’ my birthday. The BIL wasn’t expected back home before 11pm and I had forgotten to pick a cake for the twins on my way back. So I just apologized to them, promised that I will get them a cake ‘tomorrow’ and went in to change. I came out, and laid out the dinner for the twins. Just as we were almost done, my in-laws came in with a large birthday cake πŸ™‚ . I mean, I had no idea they had sneaked out to buy one ! It was rather sweet of them πŸ™‚ . The twins, obviously, were delighted πŸ™‚

I already received my gifts much before and am going ga-ga on the smartphone. My 3G plan is yet not activated but hopefully, it should be active from either today or tomorrow. WhatsApp, FB, here I come πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And ohh, this is really sneaky, but my smartphone has an option to click snaps in the ‘beauty mode’. Which means, it takes snaps of mine and blurs out the millions ofΒ  zits and scars on my face. I actually look all glow-y and pretty. I LOVE this phone alreadyΒ  πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


On hindsight, I realized that my last post paints a rather grim picture of me 😦

I must be some sort of a monster mom for my son to be over-whelmed with gratitude towards his sister!


😐 😐 😐


Its been a few weeks since I rejoined work. I know I was looking forward to joining back but a part of me still misses the solitude of home!

I’m generally a very affable person and can talk nineteen-to-a-dozen with complete strangers. But I’m usually at my happiest when I’m alone. I love my loneliness and unlike the BF, I can think up of a million things to do when alone. He needs people around him, even though he’ll hardly utter two complete sentences when they are around. But he needs them . Don’t ask why.

The other thing I miss is picking up the kids from day-care, having evening tea/snacks with them, the homework time and then early meals and nap time. With me working full-time, our schedule has gone bonkers. I get delayed, reach home not before 8pm, quickly scan their school diary for homework and thank Allah and my stars if they have completed their homework in the day-care itself πŸ™‚ , feed them dinner and call it a day. Just when I’m about to hit snooze along with the kids, I realize that I haven’t had dinner myself ! Quickly hop out, have a few bites and then hop in again!

Now remind me again, why exactly did I rejoin?

Oh yeah! ‘Twas for the money.

*Damn* !!


I gained more kilos at home than what the BF lost in US ( We now have a difference of barely 10 Kgs between us)Β  . The stark difference in our girths also highlights the height difference between us ! With him getting leaner and me getting broader, we no longer look like the ‘made-for-each-other’ couple anymore 😦

Staying at home has made me lazy and fat. Luckily for me, friends at office have taken it upon themselves to make me fitter. So they make me climb the steps from our first-floor wing to the 7th floor cafeteria. Its a different matter that by the time I reach the last floor, am practically hanging on to the side rails for dear life, my legs feel like jelly and I’m gasping like an asthmatic. I waddle till the cafeteria, dump some food on my plate and grab the nearest chair. All that excessive breathing makes me lose my appetite and I eat smaller portions than before.

They also drag me along for walks *shudder* at odd times. Imagine! Walking right after a meal?!! Who does that?? I mean, except for half the population of my company, who else?!

I’m hoping it all helps 😐


We are having some renovations taking place at home. Since the apartment we live in is an old construction, we’ve finally started the process of getting the wiring concealed. Loads of drilling and banging is taking place.Β  Every single piece of furniture/appliance/exposed goods is coated with a fine layer of dust. Initially, I used a cloth to wipe away the dust each day. But every evening, its right back 😐 . So I’ve given up. Let the dust accumulate till the work gets over. Am not going to be bothered with it. I’m ALSO praying, rather vehemently, that no guests should drop by our place 😐 . Its a mess with a capital “M”.

By the way, I LOVE the smell of oil-paints. The MIL’s room is the first to get repainted and every time I pass by their room, I stop to fill my lungs with the sharp smell. It smells so divine πŸ™‚

(Okay, so maybe its just me! And for the record, I love the smell of fresh petrol when my bike is refilled with it. I don’t like the smell of petrol that comes as exhaust :|)

My room is next and I’m petrified of the mess thats gonna happen. I need to shift the double-bed, bunk-bed, 3 cupboards, a study table, 2 chairs and 1 large Army trunk to another room. For obvious reasons, most of my stuff will land up in the terrace. The next few days will be terrible, but the outcome will be worth it πŸ™‚ . InshaAllah πŸ™‚


I haven’t read the newspapers since last week. Even when I do, its usually in the evenings and mainly the sections that are related to sports, entertainment or like the “Pune Mirror” says, “chai-time”. I like doing the cross-word, Sudoku, the Mensa puzzle, etc.

I no longer bother to start my day with bad news and more bad news.Β  And guess what?Β  I’m in a better mood these days than before.Starting the day on a happy note DOES make a difference.

And sometimes, ignorance IS bliss!!


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As the title denotes, this isn’t a concrete post (Dunno when was the last time I wrote a serious ‘topic’ based post 😐 ) but more of the little things that are happening around me.

To begin with, when I came in to my office this morning, my machine wouldn’t recognize me. Did I type in a wrong id? No. Did I type in a wrong password? Heck, No!

I simplycouldn’t login to my machineΒ  😦

Plenty of calls to the sys-admins and a few hours later, I could finally access my machine and my mails. It seems that my machine had ‘somehow’ gone off the office domain and couldn’t be identified. Talk about walking off into the sunset without a backward glance 😐

Anyhow, my machine was roped back in and I’m now thankfully looking at my blog (I love it πŸ™‚ )and my inbox (empty as usual. Sigh. WHY don’t I ever get mails, huh?!!)

…..work life is back on track πŸ™‚


Took the train quite late, but I finally have a new smartphone, the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Its quite pretty and lightweight and does everything but make me a cup of morning tea! 😐 . As long as I can reach the BF 24×7 on video calls, I’m not complaining. Plus, I can also publish posts from it (it’ll take some time though, proof being my previous post). I just need to trim my fingers into fine tapers so that 3 letters don’t get typed when I supposedly hit one.

Cousins and relatives are taking turns, introducing me to WhatsApp and every other conceivable app that exists in the play stores. Thanks people, but I really don’t think I’ll be using even half the features listed for the device 😐

I do have a few games installed, but they have all been hidden from view. I’ve never let the twins use any of my previous phones , except to talk to people. With the smartphone too, they’ve kept their distance once I told them that it was solely for my official use and NOT for their time-pass. The twins, bless them lord, have not asked me for it even once. They do feel upset when “other kids get to play on their mother’s phone”. I feel bad too, but then, rules are rules. They are usually upset for a few minutes after which both are back to playing with each other.

Not sure how long this charade will work though 😦

Right now, my kids have no clue how to unlock a phone. Shobby knows that sliding a finger across the screen will get it to work, but he doesn’t know that he needs a press a tiny button at the side to get the screen active πŸ˜€ . I’ve never shown them how its done and am glad that their ignorance persists πŸ™‚ .


I also have a new bike now, the Access 125. My TVS Scooty had the proverbial one wheel in the grave and another on a banana peel kind of situation.Β  It still runs fine, except that for some reason, it tends to veer towards the left and would probably go in a circle if I don’t steer it back to position. It was pretty trying, overall. Hence the new bike. I haven’t got the registration number for it yet so I’m not using it. But every time I see it standing tall and proud in the parking, my heart soars πŸ˜€


Pretty soon,Β  I’ll be working from another client side office, this one would be around 15-16 Kms from my place (This would be my second “local” onsite πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ). Not liking the idea one bit, but the only other option was to get a project in another office location which is around 26km fromΒ  my place. I chose the lesser devil 😦

The clients have a bus service which would come for pick-up at 8AM. The twins leave at 8:30AM. So now, not only do I have to get up earlier and wake up the twins and get them ready, I also have to worry about the 30 mins they’ll be spending at home before the MIL herds them to their school van. My worry is that the two will most likely go back to sleep wearing their school uniforms (ironed with great difficulty by me!) .Β  The MIL has reassured that she’ll make sure they catch their van in time πŸ™‚

The plus point is that I’ll have an hour’s idle time in the bus. Precisely the reason why I opted for the smartphone. Will be using the morning hour for a blog post πŸ™‚


Dad, Mom, Bhabhi and Little M are in town πŸ™‚

We had a get-together at home yesterday and the twins had a blast. Aapa was there with her two kids and together the five of them turned my house upside down πŸ™‚ .Β  The best part is that we totally ignored the kids and let them entertain themselves. OnceΒ  Shobby taught the others how to rock a Hula Hoop, they were all occupied for nearly and hour, taking turns and improvising πŸ™‚

We made Biryani and Sheer-kurma, the typical Eid menu, only because none of them were here during Eid time. For some unknown reason, I also made my chilly chicken specialty which was well received πŸ™‚ . I was standing in the kitchen the whole time and believe me, by night time, my knees felt like bricks!

But it was all worth it, because nothing beats getting to spend time with loved ones, isn’t it?!


Thats all for now folks, there’s more to write about but plenty of work to catch up on too. See ya tomorrow πŸ™‚

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