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A Valentine’s Day On Friday

It is the season of love 🙂

Well, maybe not so much here in the US as it is back home!

I mean, by now every street in Pune would be covered with hawkers selling roses by the dozens and heart shaped balloons. The rates, though a bit high, would be pocket-friendly. Archies and Hallmark would be doing some serious business. Camp and Deccan would be covered with the college crowd, strolling along, some gutsy ones even holding hands 🙂 .


I miss that!

Though I’m right in the city here, things appear a little damp! A few stores have heart-shaped balloons, the department stores keep the rose bouquets but thats about it ! The streets are bare…..there’s no crowd around (maybe the weather is to blame) and clearly, youngsters are missing from the scene!


Nothing beats the snow and the lovely contrast it brings to red balloons and roses, however few they may be around 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in and out of Love!

Because there is never just one person who demands your love 😀


There’s one experience that I had today, a very unique one!

You know how women in India and abroad visit temples? Well, muslim women in Asian subcontinent pray at home but in the rest of the world, they go to the Masjid. There are separate sections for men and women of course. So today, being a Friday, the BF suggested that I join him for Friday prayers at the local Masjid here in Chicago.

I got the kids ready and took a cab to the destination where the BF was waiting for us. Once inside, we separated, with Shobby joining his father and Lui with me. We went to the area where women were to pray. It was possibly the first time in my life that I was praying in a group! Frankly, it felt pretty good. There were women from so many different countries, different colours, dresses and accents 🙂 !

After the prayer, we went down to the basement for a lovely lunch of Hyderabadi Biryani! Yum!! 🙂 🙂

It was awesome experience !






About the Valentine’s Day, nothing speaks better than Roses and Chocolates, isn’t it?

So I got my Rose AND the chocolate 😀

The Rose

The Rose

The Chocolate

The Chocolate

Have a great weekend ahead folks.

Have fun 🙂

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The Hug

A cute thing happened last night. I was heating the milk for the twin’s bedtime milk when I noticed that Shobby had secretly hidden the black raisins from his breakfast behind the water container. Thats only because he couldn’t reach the kitchen bin which was on the window ledge. Now Shobby hates black raisins just as much as he craves the brown ones. But the black ones are healthier and I force him to have atleast 2-3 a day. So I was rightfully ticked off when I saw the raisins. Lui, who had accompanied me to the kitchen, and who, I believe was witness to the ‘crime’ immediately grabbed my hand and started pleading, “Mumma, please, please don’t scold Shobby. Please don’t slap him. He don’t like black kishmish. Please don’t scold him Mumma, please, pleeeeease”.

I looked down at Lui with shock. Firstly, I had no intention of slapping anyone, but a firm reprimand was in place. Secondly, the way Lui was begging for mercy made me feel like the hangman 😦

Anyhow, so I went to the bedroom and called out to Shobby. He came hopping and skipping with a big grin in place. I confronted him about the thrown black raisins. The poor boy, his face practically fell till his knees . Once again, Lui started making begging gestures with folded hands and a pitiful face and I had a tough time controlling myself from grinning at her exaggerated concern 😀

I let off Shobby with the line that I want him to be healthy and thats why he’ll have to eat the black raisins. I also added that the only reason I was being light on him was because Lui asked me not to get angry. At this, Shobby took one look at me, turned to look at Lui and before I realized what was in his mind, he ran and hugged Lui as though his life depended on it. Lui hugged him back and whispered in his ear that she will always look after him. Shobby kissed her cheek and thanked her with a serious face. The two stood there for a few seconds, grinning at each other and I swear, I melted at the very spot. It was so sweet, so pure, the beautiful bond of love between them. Alhamdulillah!!

I hope and pray, they keep looking out for each other. Ameen.

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The Fairy GodMother

Dear Shobby,

By the time you are old enough to read this, you may not even have an iota of recollection about it. But the moment was too beautiful to ignore. I just had to write it down. I want you to read this and realize, that there is one person on this planet who is so tuned in to you, that your discomfort becomes her’s. Your pain becomes her’s. If you stop smiling, so does she.

No, its not me 🙂 . Even though I do confess to being all the above, I know that another person beats me to it hollow. Your sister, your twin. Lui.

For the past few months, all I’ve seen you two do, is to bicker and fight. You yell at each other, steal each other’s candies, come running to us, tattling about the other and in short, doing your best to convince us to get rid of the other. We parents are having a hard time just maintaining peace around the house 😐

Anyhow, on Sunday 27th Jan 2013, Lui woke up with a bad fever. We had to attend a wedding and your poor sister came along and didn’t create as much of a fuss as expected. We returned in the evening and both of you, for once, allowed me to get some shut-eye without screaming. You were a bundle of energy throughout the day, bouncing all over the wedding hall, getting in people’s way and just having a ball 🙂 . Towards evening, I hoped you would tire and relax for a bit.

Fat chance!

You were in no mood to oblige and kept bouncing all over the house. In between, you came hopping to me on one leg, claiming you wanted to go to the loo. As is the case these days, I switched on the light of the loo and turned my back. You, my little skipper, hopped into the loo, on one leg. Now I needn’t say what happens when a bubbly little kid does a one-leg hop on the wet tiles of a loo. Within a fraction of a second, you had bumped both shins against the hard ledge of the step-up loo. You let out a yell that was so full of pain that I dropped the washed clothes I was hanging up to dry and rushed to you.

You were hurt, very badly….there were nasty bumps on both your shins. You cried fat tears and I did all I could to calm you down. After a brief check to see if any bones were broken (thankfully not), I applied iodex and wrapped your legs in crepe bandage. It was disheartening to see your earlier cheerful face reduced to a glum, morose one.

Lui took your fall really bad. She was upset and kept pestering me to press your legs (“Shooby ke paer dabao”). Even when you slept on the sofa, she rushed inside to get you a blanket which she tucked lovingly under your chin. When you complained that you couldn’t see the TV, she ran back inside and fetched you a pillow. As you lay there, wallowing in self-pity, she dragged me into the kitchen and forced me to prepare a glass of sherbet. When I handed her the glass, she took a spoon and then proceeded to feed you the sherbet spoon by spoon. Its a different matter that she spilled a lot and you got bored of it and finally, I had to take the glass away from her. I just want  you to know, that in those few moments, when she was mothering you, I had a lump the size of a fist lodged in my throat. I could have stretched my hand for my phone and clicked a few snaps, but the beauty of her actions left me immobile. I just wish and pray, that you are able to imagine and feel the love she showered on you that day. I want you to realize that even at the tender age of four years, your sister felt your pain and did everything she could, to relieve you. And all this while, she was running a high temperature herself!!Even if you cant remember, just close your eyes after reading this post.

You are lucky my boy….she is a gem of a sister. You can have your squabbles, but don’t forget to cherish her, pamper her, humour her. She has her tantrums but she also has the deep-seated love for you. She may yell at you, but she can’t bear us yelling at you. She may scream and accuse you of stealing all her candies, but she also wakes me up in the night to make sure that you haven’t kicked away your blanket. She’s a bundle of contradictions, but she’s also your best buddy and forever companion. Treasure her, make her feel as special as she makes you feel. Beat up the baddies for her as she beats them up for you. Fight for her, protect her, love her. Because she does all this and more for you.

Take care of her too, because she is not just your twin sister, she’s also your fairy Godmother.

Yours (and Lui’s too)

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…….your Hubby knows you better than the back of his own hand 😐

Conversations which corroborate my above statements :-

1) The BF wants to hang up an extension box for my ironing convenience. I stand by, observing him going about this household task. The reason being, my hubby’s not much of a handyman. I mean, not that he can’t do anything, but he just doesn’t want to. There’s a difference, you see 😀 .  But there are times, like last Sunday, when he’s pumped up and raring to go. During such times, all leaky drains will be fixed, hanging wires will be rolled up and kept in place, potted plants would be dug up and watered. But these instances are few and far between 🙂

Anyhow, that particular day, he was going about his work, when he asked me if I had some cellotape. Me, the one accused of cluttering forever, usually has everything from a pin to a drilling machine which is presented to the  M’Lord when he so desires. So I brought out a big roll of cellotape and handed it over to him. He started hunting for the open end of the tape.

Me : (looking on intently and thinking to myself –  Hmph!! He can’t find the end. Look at him floundering! Bet he will turn and ask me to find it for him!! )

Meanwhile, the BF found the end, tugged at it and pulled out some length.

BF : Do you have scissors.

 (Now, I did have the scissors, but I wanted to punish him for starting something without the necessary tools and then making me run around fetching stuff)

Me : No. (Thinking to myself – Now he’ll ask me to rip off a length with my teeth! )

The BF  meanwhile uses his teeth to cut the tape, uses it where we needed it and hands back the roll to me. I’m a bit peeved because he proved me wrong. I put the tape back in its place and head back to him.

BF : You know, for a moment there, I almost gave in to your expectation.

Me : Huh? What expectation?

BF : You were sure I was floundering for the tape end and I knew you expected me to hand it over to you to find it 😀

Me : *gasp* 😯

BF : Moreover, when you didn’t have the scissors, you thought I’ll ask you to cut the tape with your teeth. Didn’t you?!

Me : (weakly) Wherever did you get that idea from ?!

BF : Don’t tell me I was wrong, because I know just what you were thinking. Its not yesterday that I met you 😀

Me : *groan* 😦

2) Its bed-time and I’m herding the kids into the room. Now, we have an arrangement where the kids and I sleep on the bed and the BF sleeps on a mattress below. Save your sympathy in case you were directing some his way. The reason he sleeps below is that the BF needs LOADS of space even in his sleep. He loves to sprawl all over the bed, irrespective of whether his arms and legs are getting in the way of wife or kids. He’s been banished to his own mattress below, where believe me, he sleeps like a baby.

Well, when in the process of getting the twins ready for sleep, I generally lay down the mattress for the BF (IF I’m feeling generous 😀 ) and spread the sheet. Sometimes, I even roll it up in the morning if he is particularly rushed. This night, I was in no mood to do the bed-spreading, so I diverted my attention towards the twins. The BF walks in, pulls out the mattress and lays his bed. I watch keenly, slyly. He tries spreading the sheet, but somehow, the folds refused to open and he had to struggle a bit with it.

Me : (to myself – Goodness!!! He can’t even spread a single sheet. I’m sure he’ll accuse me now of not helping him out. Let him even try it!! Am so gonna give him a piece of my mind!!).

As I watched, the BF finally spread the sheet right, fluffed his pillow and plunked himself on his ‘bed’.

BF : Disappointed??

Me : (surprised) Disappointed??For what??

BF : You thought I’ll blame you for not laying my bed, right?

Me : *gasp* 😯

BF : (big grin in place) AHA!!! I KNEW IT!!! You were just waiting with your curt reply if I had accused you. In fact, I even know exactly what you were going to say.

Me : (feebly) Seriously now. I really wasn’t going to say anything.

BF : Get real babes. You would have said, ‘You sleep on that bed, you make it up! Why should I?’

Me : he he. Of course not. You’re so wrong……..


But, he’s right , of course!!


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………was my Happy-wala Birthday!!

Yep folks. Yesterday, I turned a year older and none the wiser 😐

Loads and loads of Thanks to friends who called/mailed/messaged/commented/walled/scrapped me. Come to think of it, in this day and age of networking, its hard to miss anyone’s birthday, unlike the times when we diligently wrote down our friend’s birth dates in a worn out diary and swore to preserve it till the end of time!! And woe betide anyone who forgets their friend’s birthday 😀 !!Life is much easier today and for that I’m grateful to technology. I have a means to remember everyone’s birthday. That is one responsibility off my shoulders 😀 .

Anyhow, back to what I did these last two days :-

1) Operation Shop & Pack : Since I’m leaving for B’lore on Saturday, the one day that we got an off (for Anant Chaturdashi) was utilized for shopping (for the things asked for by Bags) and packing (with two kids and a husband-who-never-packs-his-own-stuff, one has a LOT of work to do !!). The Sun was merciless, beating down with unwavering intensity and by the time I was done shopping, I as ready to drop. No such luck though. If I didn’t do the packing then, it would be a mad rush at the last minute (since the next two days were working days and I am leaving at 5 AM on Saturday morning!!). So I dragged my sorry a** to finish the packing as soon as possible.

2) Had a cold war with the BF on Wednesday night, since my innumerable queries on his plans for the next day (BIG, visible hints to the partner) went unanswered and un-noticed. I huffed and puffed by myself and then gave in to fate and bad mood and planned for the work at office the next day.

3) BF offered to drop me to office on Thursday, I prepared his and BIL’s lunch boxes, fed the twins their breakfast and then we left. On the way to office, I bought sweets and namkeen ( as is the ritual if its your birthday 🙂 ). The BF looked a little grumpy, but I put it down to his bad mood whenever he has to get up early, which he did yesterday. Anyhow, he was also hungry, so we stopped at an eatery near office for some breakfast. And that’s when the dam broke. Or rather, his patience. The BF was annoyed with me for opting for office. I told him, no, I reminded him that I’ve been after him since ages to check if he has any plans for my birthday. Since he hadn’t replied in the affirmative, I decided to complete my work in office (since I’ll be on leave the next week). He gave me a royal dressing down, saying that in all these years together, he has never planned any celebration just because he isn’t good at it. He had assumed that like always, I’ll do the planning and let him know. I blasted out that it was a sorry day when I’d have to plan for my own Birthday and then he retaliated that what was the big deal about it anyway.Whew!!

Anyhow, crux of the matter is that post breakfast, I reported to work (as I’d planned). Gave the sweets to friends and sat down to do my work. I get a call shortly from the BF, asking me to check if there is any movie playing in any of the theatres in the vicinity.

WTHell…I fumed. I don’t have time for all this, and I told him so. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer, saying that he was standing right outside the office building and wanted me to come out pronto.Oh God!! What’s a girl supposed to do then?? I had no choice but to pick my bag, bid adieu to friends and beat it to the gate 🙂 . My manager did catch me running off with the BF, but he understood and was kind enough not to bring it up today :D.

The BF and me roamed around for a while, then booked tickets for Dabangg and whiles some time at a restaurant.

4) Dabangg: The Bang. All’s been said and done about Dabangg, but the only reason I could sit through it was that after a long time, Salman acted, if you know what I mean. After a spate of movies with him parroting memorized lines and sleep-walked through his role, it was good to see him interested in what he was doing!! Positive change, I say.

As for Ms.Sonakshi, she looked eerily similar to Esha Deol (complete with the broad forehead look), only taller.She was good as long as she had to look glum. It’ll be some time before her dialogues sound convincing! But she’s pretty, one can grant her that 🙂

And Oh, I finally, finally heard and saw the Munni Badnam number. Frankly, I’ve heard and seen stuff worse than this, so it wasn’t that big a deal. But seriously, why did zandu balm feature in the song? Specially with the action of her rubbing it on her posterior?!! Butt painful , I say  😐

5) After the movie, we went for an ice-cream (I had kulfi, I guess after years!!). And post that, we went to meet my mom. She and uncles were super impressed that the BF had taken an off for me. Him, having the reputation of NEVER being available from work, ever!! That he could take a day off for me surprised them to no end (and me too *gulp*. Guilty 😦 ). We came back home in the evening. The BF dropped me home and went to order dinner. The BIL left with him. I had a blast playing with the kids, but after a while I had the worst headache ever!! I guess I’m so unused to watching movies in theatres that if I do go once in a while, I end up with a throbbing headache and severe pain in my neck. A little Disprin helped solve the matter and the twins , for once , did not trouble with their dinner (my angels.mmmuuaah!!).

6) The BF returned around 9pm (after I called him a zillion times, rebuking him for taking two and a half hour just to get dinner!). He bought a cake, dinner and a gift. A new mobile phone for me. Because he was mighty upset on seeing my old cellphone being held up by cello tapes. In my defence, the tapes were put in place just day before yesterday because the scratch cover was coming off. I didn’t want it to come off completely unless I had a chance to buy a new one. Anyhow, I’m now the owner of a new Nokia 2323 Classic. Easy and convenient to use (and if I have any reservations about it, they were easily squashed by the BF who said that I tend to be careless about the phone and he didn’t want to risk buying a high-end phone when he knew my tendency to leave the phone around the twins. Sigh. How hateful is it when your loved one knows you too well 😦 ) . The redeeming feature of the new phone is that it has Sudoku on it (Yay!! No more borrowing cell phones from friends during long, never-ending conference calls anymore 😀 ). So all’s well on this side!!

That’s it folks. Lets not get into the details what happened next. because obviously, nothing did (Hehe!!! You don’t believe that, do you?)

Anyhow 😐

The neck pain came back again in the night and though I requested the BF to massage my shoulder and neck, we couldn’t find any Zandu balm around 😐 . He gave it a pass. And no, I couldn’t turn into a zandu balm for him, or for myself !!

Cheers 🙂

PS : The next post might take some time coming. Most probably from B’lore. Take care till then, Ciao.

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Dear RS,

Sweetheart, I swear to God you’ve never been subjected to an Emran Hashmi movie. Not even when you were inside mamma’s belly . I confess I did watch a movie of his once. But that was much before you were born. In fact, it was much before your mamma tied the knot with your abba!! It was a movie called Murder.It murdered all my chances of ever seeing his movies again.For which, I’m glad. Immensely.

But, I digress.

This is not about Emran Hashmi. And neither is it about your ammi or abba.

This is about you turning into a “Serial kisser”.

Did we tell you that you love kissing?? Well, apparently, it’s the only thing you love to do, other than eating cheese, that is 🙂

Just kissing someone on the cheeks when asked for, is  passé. Your latest trend now is to kiss people whenever possible. Better still, kiss wherever possible!!!

So giving in to your inner generous self, kisses are handed out on Abba’s head, mamma’s feet, big-dadi’s thigh, dada’s hand, dadi’s tummy,chachu’s nose and anywhere/everywhere on SS.

Its funny, yes, but at times it gets a wee bit embarrassing. Like,the time you know, mamma was busy talking to a few guests and you insisted on smacking her on the lips every time she opened her mouth to speak!! Or when your abba sat down for dinner with a few guests and you insisted on kissing his neck (where he’s insanely ticklish!!).

We no longer prod you to kiss anyone. You’ll kiss anyway. Is it any wonder then, that SS runs away from you every time you try drawing closer to him? I know it hurts you to see him scampering away like that, it shows in the way you draw your brows together in a delicate frown. But you cheer up instantly and give him a chase. After all, his kiss is pending with you 😀

I hate to say this darling, but other momma’s with babies younger than you, hesitate to leave their kids in your presence. Not because you are violent or bad.  It’s just because you love kissing their babies so much that taking them away from you results in you throwing the biggest tantrums ever!! And errr…ummm…the reason the kids have to be taken away is that , well, not ALL kids enjoy being smothered, if you know what I mean. Hate to be nasty here babes, but seriously, if you want to kiss them, a couple of times is fine. Clambering up on the babies and then smothering them with kisses is so not done!!

And oh, a word in from your abba. As much as he LOVES your kisses , could you refrain from kissing him in between your meals, specially when he’s leaving for work? Nothing personal, just that he usually has to change either his shirt or trousers, depending on where you’ve left food stains with your kisses. sometimes, he gets delayed. Awfully.But hey, if you do the same with mamma, its alright . She washes her own clothes anyway, plus, no one really expects mommies to be rin-ki-safedi-types all the time. We welcome stains 😀

Sweetheart, I don’t have words to describe how heart-warming your kisses are, specially when you wake your mamma from her sleep with a big smack 🙂 , or when you persistently kiss your abba’s head, hoping he’d wake up. I suspect he pretends to sleep just because he loves getting kissed by you 🙂  (I just wish you could teach your brother the technicalities of this activity, seeing that he still believes grinding his teeth and saying ‘Paah’ makes up a kiss!!). Your heart overflows with love and that is a wonderful thing. But like I said once before, could you please not kiss feet!!

Till then,

Pucker Up darling :).

From your much-kissed Mother 🙂

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How does it feel to be young and reckless?

To be madly , deeply in love and totally brash about it?

To be successful, rich and adored?

To be hated, spited , envied?

I seriously wonder what must be going on in the minds of Sania and Shoaib right now. Are they worried? Does Sania have any secret doubts about the alliance? Is Shoaib sure he’ll get himself out of the mess he’s landed in?

What about their parents? What do they think about his brouhaha??

And lastly, what about Ayesha, the queen of this game? Is she for real? Are Ayesha and Maha the same? Why did she want a telephonic Nikah (whatever that means!! As far as my knowledge of Islamic weddings goes, there should be at least 2 witnesses from each side who need to sign the Nikahnama along with the signature of the Kazi who conducts the ceremony. Where are all the witnesses in this case? How can a telephonic-nikah be considered valid when there were no witnesses around?). Why didn’t they have a proper nikah when Shoaib came down to Hyderabad after the supposed telephonic Nikah? Weren’t he and his team invited over to the Siddiquie’s residence? Where was Ayesha then? Why didn’t she come forward? Why didn’t the team get to meet her? Why were they introduced to her as Maha Apa?

Shoaib cannot take refuge in the statement that he was young and gullible when he married Ayesha. He should confess that he was plain stupid.

And Ayesha can be excused for being a smitten fan who took things a little too far. Is that her only fault? I think not. I’ll go by Shoaib’s version that he was shown a different picture of the girl whom he knew as Ayesha. I’ve seen plenty of such cases happening in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The prospective girl is one and at the final time, another one gets married in her place. The BF’s family had one such case. The gentleman, in this case, was gallant enough to accept his bride and live as if nothing undue had happened. But thats besides the point.

The point is , Ayesha wants a divorce. Shoaib refuses to give it, stating that he wasn’t married in the first place. He’s lucky, that Ayesha isn’t after his hide. All she wants is a divorce. He could have simply signed the divorce papers and everyone could have carried on with their lives.

But no.

They had to make a spectacle out it. Blow things out of proportion. Defame Islam further (without knowing the intricacies of its laws). Give two-bit Ulemas an opportunity to quote Shariah, which in turn contradict each other. Some say the wedding is valid. Some say it isn’t. Some say he should divorce his first wife, some say it isn’t necessary. Make up your mind people!!

I remember a ruling which came a few years back that said , weddings through internet are allowed when there are webcams in place and both the parties can see each other. Definitely not the case in telephonic weddings !!

The upcoming wedding has caused quite a furore, with people lambasting Sania for all their worth. People, who forget, that she’s the only indian woman to enter the International arena of Women’s tennis. That out of a country of  a billion , ONE single woman stood out, for whatever duration she did. Spare her the jibes, will you. She did the best she could. How about the rest of the people trying to match up to her levels before criticising her!!

As for Shoaib……not a very good choice, but then , love is  blind. We know that he’s blunt and prone to saying the wrong things at the wrong time. But now we also know, he’s immature, confused and not all there.

Whatever their reasons for hitching up, they are their own. And God help them.

And seriously, what do you think of the Shiv Sena denouncing Sania’s loyalty and patriotism? Claiming that “Had her heart been Indian, it wouldn’t have beaten for a Pakistani.” (Do read the entire text to know how small these guys are…the level of their thought process is lower than the scum on a rotting pond).

What planet are these SS guys from??

Are they planning on taking this stance to the regional level as well?? Like, a true Maharashtrian will never marry a non-Maharashtrian? Or maybe, if they do, they have to leave Maharashtra and settle elsewhere?

Someone please give them a reality check. And also tell them, that if they consider that Sania will become a Pakistani after her marriage, by that same logic, they should consider Sonia Gandhi as an Indian post her marriage. Why target Sonia as an Italian?!!

Uff….I’ve gone off on another tangent there!!

This post definitely isn’t about the SS or Sonia Gandhi, or even the Sania-Shoaib alliance.

I just wanted to say that , love and marriage  are a person’s most private and personal decisions. No one, and I mean, NO ONE has a right or authority to place judgements on anyone in these issues.

If Shoaib is guilty of a previous marriage, let the law take care of it. If he isn’t ,then all the best to him and Sania. Whatever the case, the entire media publicity over the issue is, at best humiliating.

At least for me, who finds people ridiculing my religion, because some people really don’t know anything about it.

Anyhow, rant over.

Will be back with another post later in the day 🙂

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Is it the season of love, already?

Firstly, I got kissed (in my previous post).

And now, its only the 12th, and I get a lovely Red Rose from the BF .


Nothing, apparently. He just bought it for me. Just like that. No reasons, no excuses.

Am guilty of thinking that he was trying to hide some guilt behind that rose (maybe he wants to make up for not being there to listen to my rants. Or maybe, he feels threatened by my blog….I spend more time on it than with him!!)

But I was wrong.

The BF doesn’t really care for the “Days”. He doesn’t believe that we need to express ourselves on certain days of the year. So, the “Father’s day”, “Mother’s day” kind of scene doesn’t work with him.

Same goes for Valentine’s day.

He doesn’t believe in it.

Over a period of years, I’ve heard him saying a zillion times that he HATES being tied to a day to prove/express his love. Initially, I used to be upset. I mean, which girl doesn’t expect a rose/chocolate/gifts on V-day?? But he would never bow to my wishes. V-day was usually spent with me either at work whole day or at home, if it was a weekend. But never with him.

In a way, I got used to his line of thought.

Because you see, he makes the most mundane day of the week feel like V-day!!

Like this time.

Like last night. The element of surprise is what actually works. The thought that he took out time to go and buy a rose for me . That, even in his work hours, he spent some time thinking about me. Knowing that after a long day at work and tired after managing the kids in the night, I need something to pep me up. Something to cheer me up and realize that there’s someone who understands me and loves me.

Isn’t that what really matters??

And I’m sad to say that I rarely ever think of him when I’m at work. That I rarely ever get him anything out of the blue.

Now that it IS the season of love, I guess I better make some time to correct my mistake.

I gotta buy him something good today…or maybe by tomorrow….(if I give it to him on V-day, he’ll KILL me 😀 !!).

Any ideas people?? I absolutely run out of gift ideas for guys!!

PS: If you are wondering why I’m asking for gift ideas publicly, lemme assure you, the BF almost NEVER reads my blog. So please send in your ideas asap.

Much Thanks in advance 🙂

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Competing in Silliness

This post isn’t about the twins.

It’s about the BF and me.

(What ?? Can’t we be silly??)

And while at it, sometimes, its difficult to figure out who gets the trophy 😀

A long time back, maybe a decade ago (yes, make that 10 long years back), me and the BF were in college. We had a large gang and had fun chatting up after lectures before proceeding to our respective houses.

It just so happened, that me and the BF had the same bus-route till a point, after which we parted ways. But just because we used to travel together, the rest of the gang took friendly jibes at our expense. We were the targets of innumerable jokes and taunts. The BF took it in his stride. He was used to guys ribbing each other like this. Hell, he himself used to do it to others.

I hated it. And I hated the fact that the BF didn’t seem bothered. He used to tell me to ignore it all. And somehow, just because he said that, I wasn’t able to. There were times I preferred going alone, but then, like he rightfully pointed out, I was falling prey to their jokes. Giving up a natural friendship, just because others made fun of it seemed illogical. And I really couldn’t argue with that.

Anyhow, before long, we were termed a couple (Shit! I hate the term even NOW!!) . I was tired of negating the accusations. And really, how many people can you really stop?? Believe you me, my very own Bro and Aapa were worried about it. There’s a small instance once, when dear Bro took me to Khadakwasla to gently pry out the secret of my relationship with the BF. I don’t know if I was shocked enough!! Practically choked on the bhel-puri and am yet to get back to liking it as before. Anyhow, I had a fun time going back home and ridiculing Bro in front of Aapa and bags. How could he have thunk it?!! I had a good laugh at his expense. Much later, I found out that Aapa had assigned Bro this task. The Sneaky pests!! And to think we are related by blood!! I could have easily gone for their blood myself!!

In one way, being linked to the BF saved me from the advances of some others who I’d rather not name. Suffice to say, they give me the creeps even now. One of them (lets call him TP) , whom I tried to avoid majorly, stopped himself from proposing when he found out about the BF and me. Thank God for that!!

Anyhow, back in college, during one of our chat sessions , I plucked a few grass twigs lying besides us and deftly fashioned them into a ring. Others oohed and aahed over it. So I made some more. The BF, tried his hand at it and made one too. Since we were “the couple”, the others started pestering us to have a mock engagement with the grass rings. I refused flatly. So did the BF. The joke was going a bit too far. And he could see that I was awfully uncomfortable. We could either deny the whole thing or play along. Denying it was difficult, coz just that day, TP was also present with us. It would make the path open for him if we confessed that we were really not involved.
So we played along (lesser of the two evils). We exchanged the grass rings.

I would have forgotten about it all, if BFC hadn’t made a chance comment on it to the BF (BFC was also a part of our group. I guess, of all the rest, we three are the only ones who are still together).

On hearing about it, I recollected that I still had the ring. Though , after our marriage, I didn’t have a chance to see it, it was preserved safely. Cello-taped at the back of an old telephone diary. Years ago, there were many times when I had thought of throwing it away, but somehow, just couldn’t get myself to. So I left it in my mom’s house (the one in Pune). Safely packed away in bundles of books and notes.

Since parents are visiting Pune next weekend, I went to clean up the house. And I also searched the cupboards to dig up the diary. After all these years, I wanted to surprise the BF. Let him know, that even though it was in jest, I had preserved his ring. He might have given me gold rings after that, but this was the first and the most precious ring by far.

I found the diary where I had kept it last time. The ring was there. And like each time before this, I ran a gentle thumb over its outline, marveling at how fate had brought us together. Who would have thought that years later, I would be able to show the ring to the BF and see the surprise in his eyes.

Rushing back home, I found him engrossed in some stupid movie DVD. I eagerly pulled out the diary, flipped the pages to the end and showed him the ring.

“I didn’t throw it away, you know. I had it with me all these years”.

The BF looked at me with surprise. He was genuinely shocked . I could see the emotions flitting in his eyes. The surprise, the recollection, the love. He gave me a warm smile and said he loved me.

I looked at the ring, the date scribbled under it and was about to mention the large time gap when I saw the BF stretch out his hand towards me. I extended the diary towards him, only to find out that it wasn’t the diary he was asking for.

He was showing me his ring.

The one he had preserved.

In his wallet. All these years.

And I never knew.

I looked up to see him smiling.

It was my turn to be shocked, surprised and in love!!

Couldn’t resist dropping a kiss on his head!! After all, I had least expected him to remember, let alone actually save the ring for so many years!!

We both looked so silly, sitting there, grinning like kids.

At being such sentimental fools.

Yes, we are silly. As silly as could be. And loving every moment of it 🙂

The Rings

Here’s the snap of the old diary, its pages yellow with age. The one cello-taped, is mine (its still a little bit green, since it was well-preserved 🙂 ). The other one on the top is the one which the BF had.

In a way, the BF was more sincere in his sentiments. He had the ring close to him all these years. He kept it with him always. I know that he changed many a wallet in this time span. But he had the ring with him all the time.

It humbles me, you know, the way love catches up with you when you least expect it.

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I believe in love….and so does he

Do you believe in Romance? In love? Passion?? All matters of the heart?

I do.


Am a cynic on the outside and a die-hard romantic on the inside. No wonder I fell in love. No wonder I dreamed of getting married to the BF some day. And I did.

We were lucky to have time on our side. We didn’t rush into our relationship, and neither were we rushed into deciding our future. We had the time, to get to know each other, understand each other. To find out what makes the other tick. To ignore the tiny little idiosyncracies we both have. To bear each other’s anger. To find a common ground among our differences.

But mostly, to LOVE each other.

So, what does love really mean??

Is it the slight twinge in my heart when he is out-of-town on work?

Or the smile that crosses my face as I hear a romantic number?

Is it the lump in my throat when he buys me a rose…for no particular reason?

Or the soft squeeze on my heart as I see him sleeping deeply like a baby?

I don’t know.

But if it’s any one of the above, then you can be sure I am in love.

Irrevocably so.

For me, his way of expressing love was very different. He went out of his way to accept my likes and dislikes.

I love coffee, he HATES it. Yet, he would take me out for coffee and suffer through a mug.

I love Chinese, he HATES it. Yet he would take me to Chinese restaurants and fiddle with the fork and noodles.

I love chocolates, he HATES them. Yet he would buy me bars , just to keep me happy.

I love movies in theaters. He HATES it, preferring to see them at home. Yet, he took me out and suffered sitting in the dark theater for 3 hours.

I love switching on the fan at night. He HATES it because it gives him a sneezing fit. Yet , he lets me keep it on since I can’t sleep otherwise.

I love cold weather, ice creams. He HATES it. Yet he buys me ice-creams and takes me out during winter, though he would much prefer cozying up at home.

We have so many differences between us that even my mother quipped once as to how we two ended up choosing each other!!! (Did I mention I’m short, fat and dark and he’s tall and fair and erm….well built ? And yeah, I’m balding and you can’t see his scalp. Yup, different, we are 🙂 )

We have come a long way. Today, we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. And how does it make me feel??

Frankly, I don’t think its our anniversary that matters. For social reasons, our relationship is 3 years old.

But we go back much longer. We have completed 11 years of friendship. Of acquaintance. Of being together. Of being there for each other. Through thick and thin. Through good and bad. Through sorrow and joy. Through hardships and smooth sailings. Through job struggles to on site trips. Through separation to getting together.

And now, we are parents. To two adorable babies.

How time flies.

It seems like just yesterday when he used to come to drop me till the bus stop, both of us chatting up on nothing in particular. There was no frisson, no passion, just plain camaraderie. The comfort of being in good company. Of enjoying that company. Did we fall in love then?

Or was it much later…..

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that we were together. And it just seemed right.

It’s as if he was the last piece in the jigsaw of my life. With him in place, the picture was complete.

I was complete.

Is this love?? Kya yehi pyaar hai?

While we are on romantic numbers, this one is very close to my heart.

Since we got married and had twins, we haven’t been able to spend time together as we used to before. I miss that. We do make time to cuddle and catch up with each other’s work, stealing a few kisses whenever we get the chance 😀

On the passion scale, we are at an all time low.

But on Love, the scales fall short 😀

So for my third wedding anniversary, I’m kidnapping the BF and spending the day with him (It’s all hush hush for now. Though we have a long weekend, am not planning on an overnight trip simply because we can’t stay away from the kids. And I, personally, cannot sleep without them 😦 ).

Maybe I’ll blog about it later.

Or maybe I wont 😉

Anyway, there may not be any new post today.

Have fun people. And if you haven’t said I Love You to your loved one, go ahead and say it.

It’s totally worth it.

Believe me 🙂

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