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Lui Says……

……the damnedest things!!

Lui, with a body of a nearly-five-year-old, has a head of a 90-year-old. She spouts wisdom at the drop of a hat and even without!Β  Though we call her the granny of the house in jest, the truth is that she exhibits so many qualities of her great-grandmother (the Big-Dadi) that it borders on the spooky!!

Big Dadi was fond of fruits, Lui can survive on them entirely.

Big Dadi was very loving and affectionate. Lui loves to hug people, pat their backs and say that everything will be alright 😐

Big-Dadi , while watching TV, used to sit cross-legged with a hand propped on her knee, with the palm supporting her face. Lui sits EXACTLY like that (Creepy 😦 ) .

Big Dadi was fond of her butter and Ghee. Lui can eat butter and ghee with a spoon. ( *gag* 😯 )

There are too many similarities between to list here, but suffice to say, Lui is a reincarnation of her Big-Dadi πŸ™‚

Being the granny that she is, Lui comes up with lines that have me mostly banging my head against a wall or more recently, looking around helplessly, wondering how come I landed in this parenting mess in the first place 😐 !

Some recent comments from Her Highness –

1) Lui and Shobbs went crazy over a jar of sweet, strawberry flavored water sticks that I’d bought them once. The jar was steeply priced for a very little quantity and I didn’t buy it again. A few days back, I saw that jar in aΒ  shop and purchased it. The twins have been on impeccable behavior for some time now and it seemed apt to reward them for it. As soon as I entered the house, I yelled out for the kids. Lui came running to greet me. I beamed at her and pulled out the jar.

“Look what I’ve got for you”, I was all excited πŸ™‚

Lui, instead of hopping with happiness, gives me a look of pity, pats my shoulder gently and as though explaining to an imbecile, says, ” Mumma, this is NOT healthy at all!!”

Huh !!

😐 😐 😐

“Err…you don’t want this??”, I was, to put it mildly, beyond shocked!

“Its okay. I’ll eat it because you got it for me”

Good Lord!! The generosity!!!

Just then, Shobby bounded into the room and as soon as he spotted the jar, his face split into two with the widest grin I’ve seen in ages!

“Wow Mumma, you bought this!!”, he exclaimed, happiness oozing from his every pore. Thank God for Shobbs. My little saving grace, thats what he is πŸ˜€ !

“Shobbyyyy”, calls out a stern voice. “This is not healthy Shobby”, warns Lui.

Shobby’s face falls, he’s torn between his love for the wafer, but is terrified of the repercussions if he defies Lui…..it is a tense moment, I’m not sure what to say or do. I look at them silently glaring at each other.

“Okay, eat one now. But only one, Samjhe??”, Lui gives in magnanimously.

Shobby’s grin is back, he pulls out two wafers, gives one to Lui and brother and sister walk away hand in hand.

I sit there withΒ  the jar, and after looking at it for a while, just throw caution to the wind and yank out two wafers for myself!

As long as my kids know how to keep healthy, why deprive myself ?!!

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

2)Β  I was feeding the kids dinner (yeah, I still do that….its the only meal we have together and I like feeding them myself. MUST stop it soon, maybe sometime around their Birthday, I’ll wean myself out of this habit πŸ˜€ ) . The twins were enjoying the luxury of watching TV (some inane cartoon which I’ve decided never to let the twins watch again because it contained inappropriate content). The in-laws were having their dinner peacefully in another corner of the room. Shobby got bored of the cartoon and switched the channel. Lui, without a second’s hesitation, whacked him hard on the chest. Her movement was so quick and so unexpected that with Shobby, we all gasped out loud.

“Lui,” I thundered,” How dare you hit your brother?”.

He changed the channel. I was watching it “, she yelled back.

I was furious, more so because the violence was brought out by a stupid animation 😐

“Lui, if you EVER raise your hand on Shobby again, I’ll punish you. VERY BADLY. Got it??”. I yelled back at her.

“Listen Mumma”, she toned down a bit but the attitude was still in place, ” Nobody in this world is perfect. Only Allah is perfect. Everyone in this world makes mistakes. Ho jaata hai“.


😐 😐 😐

Am still not sure if it was said to calm me down, was an apology or just an excuse for her behavior.

But this is when I looked around helplessly, terrified of what the future has in store for me. I still have another 15 years to go before she charts her own path.

So Allah, being perfect, please help me 😐

3) It was bedtime, the twins had changed into their pyjamas . I asked Shobby to switch on the Goodnight which he gladly did. As I was fluffing-up the pillows and dusting the bed, Shobby says in a small voice, “Mumma, mujhe Abbu ki yaad aa rahi hai“.

I took a deep breath and turned to console my child.

No luck !

Lui beat me to it.

She was hugging Shobby to her bosom, patting his head and back, caressing his cheeks and cooing lovingly that Abbu will be back soon and that he missed them too and that we’ll all have fun when he gets back.

I was stumped. The two stood there for what seemed like ages, hugging each other, sharing their grief.

Lui has usurped my role successfully.

Someone please remind me what exactly am I still doing in this house !!

😐 : |: |

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The Red Chair


Busy cooking, I turn around at the voice.

“See what I’ve got for you”

“My! Whats the chair for?”


“Oh Ho!! I got it for you”

“But Why?”

Some blushing and smiling later, Lui looks up.

“Can’t you understand?”

“You cant keep a chair here in the kitchen dear. Please keep it back where you brought it from”.

“Hmmm….I thought you might need it”

I smile at her and say Thank You.

“Welcome Mumma”.

And with a big smile, she bounds away.

In the entire conversation above, she spoke only the first syllable.

I swear, Lui has the most expressive face EVER !!




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The Hug

A cute thing happened last night. I was heating the milk for the twin’s bedtime milk when I noticed that Shobby had secretly hidden the black raisins from his breakfast behind the water container. Thats only because he couldn’t reach the kitchen bin which was on the window ledge. Now Shobby hates black raisins just as much as he craves the brown ones. But the black ones are healthier and I force him to have atleast 2-3 a day. So I was rightfully ticked off when I saw the raisins. Lui, who had accompanied me to the kitchen, and who, I believe was witness to the ‘crime’ immediately grabbed my hand and started pleading, “Mumma, please, please don’t scold Shobby. Please don’t slap him. He don’t like black kishmish. Please don’t scold him Mumma, please, pleeeeease”.

I looked down at Lui with shock. Firstly, I had no intention of slapping anyone, but a firm reprimand was in place. Secondly, the way Lui was begging for mercy made me feel like the hangman 😦

Anyhow, so I went to the bedroom and called out to Shobby. He came hopping and skipping with a big grin in place. I confronted him about the thrown black raisins. The poor boy, his face practically fell till his knees . Once again, Lui started making begging gestures with folded hands and a pitiful face and I had a tough time controlling myself from grinning at her exaggerated concern πŸ˜€

I let off Shobby with the line that I want him to be healthy and thats why he’ll have to eat the black raisins. I also added that the only reason I was being light on him was because Lui asked me not to get angry. At this, Shobby took one look at me, turned to look at Lui and before I realized what was in his mind, he ran and hugged Lui as though his life depended on it. Lui hugged him back and whispered in his ear that she will always look after him. Shobby kissed her cheek and thanked her with a serious face. The two stood there for a few seconds, grinning at each other and I swear, I melted at the very spot. It was so sweet, so pure, the beautiful bond of love between them. Alhamdulillah!!

I hope and pray, they keep looking out for each other. Ameen.

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A New Kind Of Fear

Warning : Long post ahead

I hate newspapers.

Gone are the days when everyone at home used to fight over the morning paper with Dad usually winning the game! None of us at home liked to read a paper in parts, it had to be the entire bunch or none at all. No sharing of pages was preferred. But then, news those days was worth reading. Was worth starting the day with.

With the papers today, it is gloom piled on gloom. The more sadder, morose, heart-wrenching the tale, the more prominently is it displayed . I really have no appetite for 4-5 rape cases reported on the front page anymore. Either the men in the country are really desperate and are on an active raping spree, or maybe the awareness created these days allows more people to come up and register complaints. Whatever the case, it’s a terrible way to start a day when all you read about is how minors are brutally assaulted. My kids are of the age that gets reported in the papers and even the whisper of the thought, of something terrible like this befalling the kids, is enough to make me bristle with fear and anger.

But this post isn’t about the newspapers. Or about depraved men breaking havoc on innocence.

This is about the other kind of fear I’m facing these days.

The twins are a riotous pair. They scream and yell at each other all day long and only when very highly provoked, do they get physical. Even then, the blows are much milder and more often than not, there is intervention by the adults and peace is restored.

Once outside the confines of home, they become different people. My kids, specially Lui, gets bullied a lot. At school, in the van, at the day care and sometimes, even with kids of relatives. Shobby gets bullied too, but I think he has some of that survival instinct that only boys have and he mostly stays away from situations which may end up with him getting bullied (that’s the diplomatic in him). Lui, on the other hand, doesn’t bow down if she feels that the other person is wrong. She points it out to other kids when they do anything wrongful and like most kids who get a lot of flak at home and at school, Lui’s unwarranted words of wisdom are nothing but an irritant. They despise her for being upright , for speaking up. Even in the school van, lots of kids start chanting mean things whenever she gets in. I try my best and be firm with the kids but it’s not them or their chants that I’m worried about.

Its my daughter.

Slowly and steadily, she’s turning into a victim. Somewhere along the line, I have myself to blame. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always told the twins that it’s a crime to fight with other children or to hit them. I’ve always preached about talking politely and never saying anything derogatory to anyone. Now that Lui is at the receiving end of those very derogatory things, she is unable to lash back with a few choice words of her own.Β  Heartbroken, she usually breaks down. This is the cue for everyone else to taunt her as a cry-baby. I wouldn’t have taken it seriously if I hadn’t seen the terrible changes coming over her recently. If you go by my previous posts, Lui was always the confident one, the only one who used to mix with all the students in her class, the only one who chatted up with and helped other kids who were ignored by the rest of the class. Recently though, she is apprehensive of going to school or going to the day-care and surprisingly, of even meeting relatives 😐

It is rather worrying. She isn’t as free as before. There is hesitation in what she says and does and recently, even the smallest rebuke from us sends her into a volley of silent tears. Its heart-wrenching, because this is not how my child used to be. I was always proud of my daughter being the boisterous one. Nowadays, kids younger than her taunt her everyday in her school van. I’ve been begging the drivers to let me know why this is happening. But like most drivers who are more worried about just getting to the schools on time, even this one doesn’t have the time to analyze what the kids are doing behind him. The other attendant only intervenes when the little boys get physical. Verbal abuse by the kids is largely ignored. When children chant “Lui is a monkey” or repeatedly call her “ugly”, the attendant doesn’t intervene. For him, its just harmless fun.

But the effect it has on Lui is terrible. Many times, when I ask her why she cries (and further allows the bullies to rag her) when others are making fun of her, she says that she feels “very bad” and somewhere inside her, “it hurts”. 😦

Ragging and bullying starts at a very young age. It’s usually one against many, as mob mentality begins from a very young age. Children learn very early that they can’t be accused of any wrong-doing if they do it in a large group. No one person will be held accountable and usually, the punishments meted out to a group are not as severe as the ones doled out to individuals. News items like the ones where a 10-year-old died of severe trauma after being locked in a school bathroom or a 12-year-old committing suicide after her ‘friends’ posted hate messages on her Facebook page are unnerving. Β  I’m terrified of news reports that mention mental trauma in kids. Isn’t childhood the time when one is careless and free? Since when did little kids start going into depression and the abyss of self-loathing? All because of a few words/actions of other kids?

Peer pressure is a terrible thing. I don’t think Lui ever reacted in the same manner when anyone at home scolded her or made fun of her. But when kids of her age do it, she is unable to ignore it .

For a long time, I kept wondering if there was something wrong with my daughter. She is a little sensitive, I agree, but since when did being sensitive become a crime?! She is always considerate of other kids, always willing to help, always the generous one, giving out everything dear to her if someone only asks for it. Sharing comes naturally to her. I must have scolded her a zillion times for losing her pencils and her crayons at school every other day. But later I found out that she used to hand over her pencils and crayons to other kids who forgot to get theirs. It’s a different matter that the other kids never bothered to return her stuff. Not that she would ever mind!

It seriously worries me then when my kid gets ragged and bullied. Whenever she is in a good mood, I bring up the topic and I do my best to let he know that just because other kids call her ugly does not mean that she indeed is ugly.Β  That she doesn’t have to take the words of other children as the law. That in spite of all that the others say, she is still our beautiful child and we all love her deeply.Β  Sometimes, Shobby chips in and claims loudly that Lui is the prettiest girl in his class. He says it in a matter-of-fact way which usually brings a smile to our faces, but Lui’s brow remains furrowed.Β  When I’m really upset at her being upset and threaten to come to her school and complain to her teacher about the other kids, Lui does a turnabout and says, “Mumma, aisa mat karo. Teacher will scold them. Phir unke mummy bhi scold karenge. Phir woh bachche royenge. Woh log chhote hain na, issliye unhein samajh nahin aata ki aisa karna galat hai”(Mumma, please don’t do that. Teacher will scold them. Their their mummies will also scold them. Then those kids will cry. They are small kids. They don’t understand that it is wrong to do such things).

Really now!! How can I help my daughter when she suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome?

There’sΒ  a huge learning curve ahead of us. I have to learn to teach her how NOT to accept bullying and she needs to learn how not to react to bullying. She can take a tip or two from Shobby. He plays the safety card well. He himself never bullies anyone (he just cannot!! He’s too tiny to do that!). Unfortunately, he isn’t able to defend Lui either. This is something that she alone will have to learn to face and fight.

So many things to protect a child from! Seriously, our parents had it much easier. I don’t think we ever heard of words like ‘depression’ or ‘peer-pressure’ or even ‘trauma’. When parents used to send us to school, they were confident of wisely investing those 6 hours in us. When I now send my kids to school, there are a hundred different worries running in my mind. Will the driver drive safely? Will Lui be spared the ragging today? Will she have a good day in class? Will she come home without tears? Will someone tease her inappropriately?

Once again, parenting isn’t easy. Its tough, demanding and mind/heart-wrenching! Its has its benefits though and that alone are enough to help us get through each day.

Anyhow, if anyone has faced similar situations where their children have been ragged or are the centre of attraction to bullies, please chip in with your comments on how you’ve handled it. I’ll be much obliged !

Β Thanks πŸ™‚

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For Lui and Shobbs, a game of “Hide-n-Seek” goes something like this :-

1) Whisper loudly about their plans to play HnS right behind Momma’s back. Obviously, she’s deaf as a whale and wouldn’t hear a word.

2) One of them hops onto the bed and snuggles under the blankets. The other comes up to Momma and innocently claims that the other twin is ‘Lost’, so will Momma please find him/her??

Where was Momma all this time? Right next to the bed, ironing their uniform. Obviously she’s blind as a dingbat too and didn’t see the kid hiding.

3) The said Momma wrings her hands with worry and goes around the house, searching for the ‘Lost’ kid with one giggling kid tagging along.

4) The tag-along-kid finally gets bored and asks Momma to search the bedroom, particularly the bed. Momma is led safely back to the room.

5) The hiding kid pops out from under the blankets with a big “BOO”!

6) Momma faints with shock and relief. The “Boo” scared the pants off her and she was relieved because , whew! her baby was safe! The kids giggle and clap their hands wildly.

7) Steps 2 to 6 are repeated for the other kid, with plans made right under Mumma’s nose. And yes, Mumma does go around the house a second time, Β hunting for the newly ‘lost’ kid πŸ˜€

The twins suck a Hide-n-Seek πŸ˜€ . I mean, they haven’t really figured out the essence of the game yet. They know they have to hide, but they have no clue that the hiding part should be a secret. Mostly, they suffer from a fit of giggles which gives away their hideout. But the best is when they do the Ostrich act, you know, the one where they stuff their heads under the pillow and have their bums sticking out and seriously believe that their Mumma has NO CLUE about their hiding place :|.

Yes, those are the best times πŸ™‚

And Oh, it’s not just HnS that they are terrible at, try playing treasure hunt with them. They’ll hide stuff in the most obvious places and then ‘lead’ you to it just when you finish counting! Its been a frustrating time trying to explain that I need to search for that darn thing! When I hide it, I make them search, giving out only simple clues. But when they hide it, I know right at the onset where it is 😦


You know, the best part about having twins is that they always have each other to play with or against. Hardly ever do the twins pester me to join in or to entertain them. I can leave them alone and they will keep each other busy throughout the day. Thats one of the reasons why its easy for us to prevent them from watching television. I mean, they are okay with not watching cartoons, because they have each other to play with. I’m really lucky that way (Alhamdulillah!)

Even as I type this, the kids are discussing their next hideout. They’re doing it right in front of me 😐

Now, seriously, they do think I’m deaf and blind, don’t they πŸ˜€

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Reaching New Heights

Decades ago, I used to be a wide-eyed innocent, absorbing the new things around me with astonishment and delight. Β Those were the days of wonder, new discoveries and sometimes, disappointments. There was delight when I ‘understood’ the concept of animation and how drawings could be brought to life. I was stunned to know that the songs in Hindi movies were sung by different people than the ones on screen. It just made watching the actors so difficult, because it made no sense for them to enact the the song, miming with their lips 😦 . Disappointing, YES!!

There is a huge list of first-time achievements/realizations that I still remember from my childhood.Β Of a hundred new things that I learned, there is one very distant activity that is imprinted on my mind. The sheer happiness when I learned to fold a saree. Yup! I remember distinctly because those 6 yards gave me enough trouble! I used to love folding freshly washed laundry, except for mom’s looooooong sarees which seemed like the toughest things ever. Even bed-sheets were easier, because I would spread them on the floor and then go about folding them. There just wasn’t enough space to lay the saree flat on the ground 😦 . So I used to struggle, get entwined and sometimes, just when I thought I had done it, one folded section would slip from my hand and I would have to do it all over again. It was rather frustrating, irritating even. Mom never asked me to fold her sarees, she would be okay doing it herself or sometimes, Aapa, the elder sister, would do it. But I just couldn’t!!

Then one fine day, I got it. Just like that! I got the hang of how exactly I needed to go about the business and within seconds, I had a neatly folded saree in my hands. I still remember the rush of excitement, of knowing that I could figure out the solution to a problem, myself. That I had made my own discovery πŸ™‚ . It was a high of a different kind. For a few seconds, I thought that I had just ‘grown-up’ a tad bit πŸ˜€

Maybe, Lui felt something on the same lines last weekend.

I was busy in the kitchen making tea. Lui comes in and says, “Mumma, see this”. As I turned around, she stood on her toes and stretched out her hands to flip the switch for the kitchen lights. It was at a height that she couldn’t reach earlier. As I stood there and looked at her grinning there proudly, I couldn’t help but remember my childhood. The same sense of victory, of achievement.

Lui was pleased as hell, I could tell πŸ™‚ . It was an act that she could perform all by herself. In fact, switching on lights is an activity that I never ask the kids to do. I’m a tad paranoid about them . But here was my daughter, beaming brightly, showing me how she could reach the light and flip them on and off. When Shobby strolled in and rued that he could NEVER reach them buttons, Lui graciously offered to ‘lift’ her brother so that he too can have his share of fun πŸ˜€

Shobby still couldn’t make it πŸ˜€

Anyway, the only reason I posted about this small development was because, for a fraction of a second, I saw the little me in Lui. I saw her happiness and her glee…..it used to be mine once, though it seems so far off now. Even though we keep learning new things even today, the sense of wonderment is lost . A pity 😦

Not sure if I posted this snap here before….but this is how the twins look these days –

Lui and Shobbs

Lui and Shobbs



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The twins, I regret to say, are no longer the wee innocents I took them to be. I think they crossed over to the smart-ass category right after they started school. For sure, in the last two years I have seen dramatic changes in the way they talk and express themselves. No longer do they simper or coo. Nopes. Its all over. The current trend is to yell, holler, scream, taunt, question, or just plain ignore. I believe it is the latest communication style in pre-schooler world. Or maybe, its just my two 😐

Anyhow, since they have a mouth, they will speak. Opinions have to be expressed. Questions have to be thrown at us, repeatedly. Disagreements have to be made loud and clear. Some recent conversations went like this :-

Lui is after me to open a small pack of Kelloggs Chocos.

Lui : (Simpering up to me) Mumma, please open this. Khul nahin raha. Please open it sweetie-pie.

I take the packet from her and rip it open.

Me : See pumpkin, thats how you tear it open. Else use a scissor.

Lui : (Haughtily)Haan, haan. Mujhe sab pata hai. Don’t teach me!

Me : 😐


I’m at a wedding dinner with the MIL and kids. We are seated at a round table which has 8 other people around it. I try my best to make the kids interested in the dinner, but they refuse to eat anything other than the rumali roti. I give up and dig into my plate, most of which had already cooled down considerably. Since most of us at the table didn’t really know each other, conversations were muted. You can say we were the most silent table in the hall. Midway through my meal, breaking the silence, chirps a voice full of derision.

Shobby : Mumma, zyada mat khao. Nahin to aap pehle se bhi zyada fat ho jaoge. Mai aapke achche ke liye bol raha hoon.

I choked on my food, fervently praying that no one else heard it. But the faint titter that eventually broke into a full-fledged guffaw by all the others around the table, indicated otherwise 😦 .

Needless to say, I didn’t touch the biryani thereafter 😐


We were coming back from the wedding in an auto. The MIL was mildly rebuking Shobby for his gaffe. The tyke, instead of being repentant, was petulant and kept claiming that he did nothing wrong. I couldn’t help giggling at his attempts to contradict the MIL. Finally, when he couldn’t take the rants anymore, he blurts out ,” Arre, ab bas karo!!! Nahin toh main aapki shikayat dada ke paas karoonga“.

Hearing this, Lui chips in with her pearls of wisdom.

Lui : Arre Shobby, koi fayada nahin. Jo log shaadi karte hai, woh log ek doosre ki complain nahin karte. Sirf tareef karte hain.

Shobby contemplated this wisdom seriously and did shut up after that 😐 !!


One day, I got something in my eye and was looking for the culprit in front of the mirror. I was rather engrossed, not to mention I was standing rather close to the mirror. Shobby entered the room and seeing me in that pose arched an eyebrow, ” Mumma, kya hua? Face par dark-spots dhoondh rahe ho kya?”

Okay! Looks like TV time needs to be cut down further 😐 !!


The BF had bought a few gorgeous frocks for Lui in his last visit. One day, Lui was trying them out and I mentioned that she looked like a fairy. Obviously, she was pleased at the compliment and preened in front of the mirror. Suddenly, something came over her and she came to me to return the compliment.

Lui : Mumma, dont feel bad. Aap yeh frock pehnoge toh aap bhi fairy jaise dikhoge. (Pause). Actually, bahut fat fairy nahin, sirf thode se fat. (Pause). (Spreading her arms wide) Aap itne fat nahin dikhoge, (bringing her hands a tad closer) sirf itne fat dikhoge. I’ll tell Abu to buy new, big frock for you.

Yeah right! Exactly what I need after that battering to my self-esteem 😦


One day, I bought some new clothes for the kids. They were pretty overjoyed, rather, I should use the word overwhelmed, because frankly, very rarely are the two left speechless. After a few seconds of mute admiration for the new clothes, Lui turned to me and said, “Mumma, aap duniya ki sabse achchi mumma ho. Maine aapke jaise mummykahin nahin dekhi”. At this, Shobby chips in with input, ” Lui, Mumma itne achche issliye hain, because hum dono zyada, zyaada, zyaaaada achche bachhe hain“.

Right πŸ˜›


Well, here are the two imps, full of sibling love πŸ™‚

Sharing an umbrella

Sharing an umbrella

Hum dono

Hum dono



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The Artist


Those terrible waxy things that leave oily marks on any surface they come across and are a pain to get rid of? Well, its a favorite in the MomOfRS household. The twins LOVE their crayons. And then some 😐

Though I’ve never discouraged them from using it, its been tough to prevent them from scribbling over any and every surface they come across. Table laminate? Check. Refrigerator? Check. Cupboards? Check. Sofa? Check. Bedsheets? Check.Walls?? Hell, YEAH!!

Till last Ramzan, each and every wall had fallen victim to the kid’s cruel usage of the said crayons. Luckily, over the last few months, they have desisted from colouring the walls. All the other surfaces are still their targets though.

Of the two, I believe the onus of blame must fall on Lui. She is the one who goes around the house, rubbing her crayons deep into any surface. When she is not busy doing it herself, she is the instigator who tells her brother and any other visiting child to go ahead and use those wax-sticks 😐 (and seriously, have you ever tried being tough with someone else’s child when your ownΒ  is at fault? Bad, bad place to be inΒ  😦 )

Anyway, Lui is turning into a new leaf lately. Leaving other surfaces, she now concentrates on colouring her books, pictures or just plain sheets of paper. And she does everything in technicolour. So if she’s colouring a bear, the bear would have all the shades present in her crayon box. Its funny, really, to see the splash of colours on her pages. I’ve never told her to colour the leaves green and apples red. She’ll learn to do that herself some day. For now, I just love the way she uses her own imagination in colouring things. There have been people who pointed out that she isn’t colouring her pictures ‘correctly’ or that she’s not colouring within the lines (for god’s sake? She’s just four, not Van Gogh!!)

But what she does colour, she does with all her heart πŸ™‚ . Lui has her own style, I must say. Usually, you can find her drawing shapes on an empty paper and then filling in the colours. The images don’t make sense, but for some reason, I believe she has a hidden talent in her somewhere.

Here are some of her drawings( which only she can understand πŸ™‚ ) :-






Distinct style, isn’t it?

And here is the artist herself, hard at work :-




As for Shobby, he likes his colours, but not as much as Lui. He is more of a paint boy. Give him a set of finger paints and his life is bliss πŸ™‚ Will do a post on him sometime later. That is, IF he lets me take snaps of him at work. Or at least his art work ! For now, if he finds me hovering around with my mobile or camera in hand, he either hides his work or simply tears the papers to shred 😐 !! Some phobia this kid has ! He has his skills, but I doubt he has the kind of talent that Lui does, in this field. Am sure Shobbs is meant to do other things. Like helping his Momma in the kitchen πŸ™‚ . It is definitely something I’m encouraging him in πŸ˜€

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Once again, pulling out a post from the drafts!! I really have no idea why so many of my posts are lying in the drafts (around 65 at the last count) and I totally forgot to publish them 😐


Till a couple of years back, I was very enthusiastic about applying mehendi to Lui. She has the cutest hands I’ve known, dimpled and chubby (though her nails are a different story altogether!!). Her fingers aren’t long, but they are soft and tender and when she cups my face in her hands or when we hold hands while crossing the road, I feel that they are something very precious, like the softest bale of silk, cool and soft. If I have a headache, she would gladly rub Vicks on my forehead, her caresses gentle and her touch beautiful!

Needless to say, I love her and I love her hands. Since she was a kid, I’d beg her to stay still while I drew pretty flowers and tendrils with mehendi. My painstaking efforts were tolerated by the toddler, which was roughly for 5 minutes, after which she would just rub her hands together and smudge the entire thing.

I would feel peeved, that my daughter didn’t show signs of loving this hobby as much as I did (not that I’m very good at it!) but I was hoping that the lovely green mehendi paste would play its magic on her.

It didn’t.

She would make it clear in no uncertain terms that she didn’t like it at all 😦 . Frankly, it was unrealistic of me to expect my daughter to like the same things that I do. She is so unlike me that I wonder if she really is my daughter. When a child shows liking for stuff which is close to you, it becomes easier to initiate the child into it, to show them the right way to go about it. Something to do with treading on familiar territory, I guess. With Lui, since we have nothing in common, bringing her up continues to be a challenge. I’ve introduced her to all my likes and hobbies, alas, she has zero inclination towards any 😦

In fact, it is little Shobbs who’s the picture of sincere curiosity as he asks me what ingredients I’m adding to the dish which I’m cooking, or wondering why I’m not wearing a matching dupatta with my dress!

Lui, couldn’t care less 😐

Anyhow, on the Friday evening before Eid-ul-Zuha, Lui went to play in the neighbour’s house while I went about my work of preparing for the weekend. After an hour, when there was still no sign of Lui’s return, I went to the neighbors place to check on her.

Imagine my shock, when I see her sitting calmly with her hands outstretched as the neighbors kids painstakingly applied little intricate designs on my daughter’s hand.

“You shouldn’t have bothered K”, I told the young girl,” Lui will mess it up within minutes”.

But K was almost done, so I let her finish.

Kharab mat karna“, K gently warned Lui.

“NO”, yelled the little monster as she ran back home.

I just shook my head, knowing fully well what the monster would do as soon as she reached home.

Alas, Lui proved me wrong. Once again. She sat as patiently and still as a saint till the Mehendi dried. And as she sat there, willing for it to dry, I couldn’t help but realize how much my daughter has grown-up! She’s finally more patient, in control. Moreover, she finally took a fancy to Mehendi…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ That is reason alone for me to celebrate!

Cant wait for this particular one to come off….then I will draw those flowers on my baby’s handΒ  πŸ™‚ .


For the record, I did apply Mehendi to Lui after that…she was still as a statue and very cooperative!

Alas, I don’t have snaps of that effort 😦



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I was digging through my laptop yesterday and came across a few snaps taken from last year. We had gone on a short weekend trip to a resort near Pune ( I really have no idea how I missed out on doing a post on that 😦 ).

Anyhow, so as I was sifting, I came across a couple of snaps that captured the twin’s personalities so vividly.

These were taken when we were at the check-out counter at the time of leaving. The BF was busy paying the bills, we were waiting for him to wrap up. This being a remote resort among the hills, there was a large bunch of Langurs which were causing some trouble. The workers at the resort used fireworks to disperse the monkey-crowd. They were mostly successful.

This snap was taken as the kids observed the workers at work –


Lui was all attention, at the edge of her seat. Shobby, meanwhile, was laid-back and just looked on at the proceedings.

There was one particular langur who took a violent turn and chased one of the workers around the resort. The man ran screaming with the monkey behind him and the rest of the workers running behind the monkey. It was total chaos 😐 . Everyone was rooted to the spot because the reception area of the resort had an open plan with only a roof covering our head. Anytime, the langur could turn and come at us.

I turned to look at the kids and was transfixed by this image –


Lui : ZOMG!!!!!
Shobby : Do I look as if I give a damn!

I’m really tickled as I see this snap πŸ™‚ . Here, Lui is at her best expressive self. She is scared, worried, shocked, terrified, all at the same time.Β  Her face and her body language speak volumes on whats going on in her mind. Shobby, on the other hand, couldn’t care less 😦 or even if he does, he’s doing a good job of suppressing his feelings. I really cannot make out what he thinks about the whole men-chasing-langur-chasing-man scene!

As seen above, Lui is impulsive, quick to draw conclusions (something like me, I’m afraid 😐 ) . Shobby is thoughtful and doesn’t give in to emotions unless he’s convinced of what he has seen. It doesn’t mean that he is cold…he’s a rather warm-hearted,sensitive kid. But he doesn’t go about openly disclosing his feelings…much like his father πŸ™‚

Just goes to show how very different two kids can be…even those born under the same sign and the same time!!

Amazing, isn’t it?? πŸ™‚

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