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From today’s Pune mirror headline :-

More is new CP

B D More, ADGP (Establishment), is set to take over as Commissioner of Police from Meeran Borwankar after NCP and Congress finally agree on his candidature


This would be  the kind headline I generally give a miss to, until the BF pointed out the last few words :-

after NCP and Congress finally agree on his candidature”

With NCP and Congress both vying for the post of the top-most bully in the city, how exactly is the Commissoner of Police to perform?

Can he go against people who ‘allowed’ him to bag the post?

Or will he make sure that the goons get their way, anytime, anywhere?

Is that even a question anymore??

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The papers carried this news in the headlines today :-

Death for cab driver, friend who raped, killed city BPO employee

“….Pronouncing the judgment in a packed courtroom, principal district and sessions judge Anant Badar refused to take a lenient view and held that the crime fell into the “rarest of rare” category. “They (the accused) did not show any sign of remorse after committing the crime. There is no scope for them to get reformed or rehabilitated,” he said.”

I looked at it and smiled. For once, I’m proud to be in Pune. Proud to be in a city that knows how to punish a culprit, unlike Delhi , Gurgaon or Calcutta, where every effort is exerted to put the blame on the victim! The culprits, meanwhile, can go scott free!

These are the words of the judge, Anant Badar –

“…The crime was not committed by the accused in a sudden impulse for sex, but in a predetermined manner to satisfy their hunger for sex,” the judgement read.”While satisfying their lust, Borate forgot the fact that he was married. The motive evinces total depravity and meanness of sex maniacs having a pervert mind.”

Albeit late (since the crime was committed in 2007), it is nevertheless justice served! There were people I knew who knew that girl. It was shocking, despicable. Raping in itself was a heinous crime, but then following it up with murder was another level of devilry. Something like Nayana Pujari’s murder . A woman who was once a part of the BF’s team, a woman he had worked with, a woman whom he knew! For a long time, he was rattled about her murder. His company immediately put in different work timings for women, for their safety. But that doesn’t really serve the purpose. What should have been done is to place stringent checks on the education and qualifications of the cab drivers. I used to travel by company cabs for shifts in my first job. The two drivers we had were the sincerest and most decent men I’ve known. But people like Kokade and Borate give those good drivers a bad name!

But the punishment declared by the Pune must be lauded. It is time to send out the strong message to these rapists that their actions cannot and will not be tolerated!!

For more on victim-blaming and society’s indulgent attitude towards the rapists, visit here.


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I love Mayavati.

I mean, how can you not?!! This Woman dominates like no other, thunders instead of talking, pays homage to herself and siphons off crores better than Ocean’s Eleven!

Also, she provides me with a lot of blog fodder 😀 (and that, I must say, is her saving grace 😐 )

Anyway, since I’m a loyal Mayavati follower and a keen watcher of her activities, its deplorable that I haven’t yet done a post on the private-Jet-Assange-gate (that rhymes!!) . A digression that I will proceed to correct, pronto!

So for the un-informed, my favourite politician got a mention in Wiki-leaks. That itself calls for a whoop of joy and distribution of sweets. The Behenji has ‘arrived’ and how 🙂 .You can read the entire content of the leak here, but since I love the lady, I’ll do the honors and post the juicy parts here :-

“…the law and order situation in UP has improved only in that Mayawati has centralized corruption in her own hands.”

“One Lucknow journalist related a story in which a State Minister was forced to do sit-ups in front of her as penance for not first asking permission to call on UP’s governor.”

“Mayawati forced a civil servant to resign when she learned his daughter had joined the Congress Party in Delhi.”

“…..she employs nine cooks (two to cook, the others to watch over them) and two food tasters.”

“…..she constructed a private road from her residence to her office, which is cleaned immediately after her multiple vehicle convoy reaches its destination.”

“While inflation, development and terrorism will be the “issues” in the coming national polls, caste remains the DNA of UP politics, and no one has demonstrated more ability at playing caste politics than Mayawati”
And my personal favourite –
“Mayawati is obsessed with becoming Prime Minister”
C’mon?! Which Indian politician isn’t?! Doesn’t LK Advani (with one leg in Kabr and another on a banana peel) want the same? Does anyone accuse him of it?

Sadly, Mayavati doesn’t see how famous she has become, instead, she harps on how Assange must be admitted to the Agra mental asylum. She obviously believes that she was voicing the opinion of a hundred other politicians around the world, most of whom harbour the same opinion! But not so surprisingly, Assange’s wiki-leak only publicized what the entire population of India already knew! I wouldn’t word it here (her henchmen may just hunt me down and skin me to make her a new pair of shoes 😐 ). But I guess this image best depicts her growth :-

Assange, on his behalf, has sent across some witty quips to Mayavati’s outbursts.  For now, he has the upper hand, because not one person in this country has an iota of doubt on the report (do you??). Says something about the state of our politics, doesn’t it? I mean, we know all this, yet we elect them. Sheesh 😦 .

Sab Maya hai, I guess 😐

Note : cartoons sourced from Google images.

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I could write a funny little couplet with the three characters , Obama, Osama and me, but I won’t. Because though funny thoughts do creep up my mind, what I’m posting today is far from it. I’ll be writing about Osama and how he changed my life. I’ll mention Obama, who must have have faced a percentage of what I did. I’ll talk about me and the ones close to me. I’ll talk of all the agony and pain we went through. The humiliation, the anger the confusion. I’ll talk of all the things that went wrong because of Osama and why his death does not bring any relief or respite.

But first, something about Obama. Its close to election time and since the Prez didn’t have much to count on for a second term, does the timing of this operation sound suspicious to you?? It does to me at least. So there was Osama, not hiding under a rock or a bunker, but living lavishly in a large bungalow with his family. So, wasn’t the US aware of his hide-out until now?? I, for one, am not impressed at the way the operation was carried out, even if Obama was hunkering over the screens, watching with baited breath as the Navy seals went about their task.

So the big Terrorist- chap was gunned down in his house. Great.

He was done in in the presence of his family. I wouldn’t really say ‘Great’, but I guess the family saw it coming one day or the other.

Since we are not typical television watchers AND we didn’t get any papers yesterday (because of labour day), it was pretty late in the evening when we saw the news and were stunned into silence.Initially, I was rather skeptical of the whole act. The US claimed they shot him and dumped his body in the sea. Really?? I don’t believe you, I said. I refused to accept the news until finally, sometime later that night,they showed his dead body. It did look like the same fellow,I admit, specially the mouth part. With a head riddled with bullets, it was difficult to be 100% sure. But the world was sure and slowly, I too accepted that this guy was no more. Till late in the night, the family was discussing the consequences and repercussions of this death.

Wonder why??

Because as a middle-class muslim family, we’ve had our share of abuse because of him.

Remember 9/11??

I was doing my post-graduation at that time, didn’t have a TV or a radio at home. When I reached college, I heard a lot of animated conversation around. Conversation, that would suddenly stop in its tracks when someone spotted me. Gradually, someone came up to me and asked me if I knew what had happened that day? I remember joking about some lecturer not turning up for class. Alas, the truth, when told, was more horrific. Because, though I was informed about the ghastly deed, it was with a lot of raised eye-brows and hidden questions. ‘Did you know about it? How do you feel now that your people have done such a horrific thing’?

Good friends stuck by me, not bringing up the issue in front of me, unless I did so myself. I could feel their reluctance to talk about in my presence. For the life of me, I could not understand why they thought talking bad about the taliban would hurt me!! I have NOTHING to do with them, I could have yelled and it would still have fallen on deaf ears.

My brother had a traditional day in his office that day. He wore a Pathani to work. The minute he entered the office, the first thing he heard was a colleague shouting across the workhall, “Kya ______, yeh kya kiya tune??” Brother was obviously confused, until colleagues came up and demanded explanations about why he blew up those towers. Can anyone imagine the humiliation, the consternation of being accused of such a heinous crime publicly?? Something which he had NO hand in whatsoever?

It was the same for years after. No PG accommodation/hostel was ready to take me in after learning of my surname. I walked from one place to another, saw that there was vacancy and yet, the owners would claim that the place was taken. It came to a point when the first thing I did after ringing the bell was to let the owners know that I was a muslim and if they were okay with keeping me as a paying guest. Should I be surprised that ALL of them bluntly told me that they don’t keep muslims. The only time I got a place was when a girl living in one house turned out to be an old friend from Dehra-Dun days. Even then, she didn’t tell the owner aunty that I was a muslim. It was only on the day that I entered the house that she found out the truth. She didn’t like it one bit, but it was too late to back out. Thankfully, the one year that I stayed with her, she encountered no issues with me and we got along rather well.

In all this, would it have mattered to anyone if I told them that my father was a war-decorated army officer? That he spent 35 years of his service for his country, a country that is as much mine as it is yours? That patriotism runs in our blood as much as it runs in yours!!

You know what irks me the most? That no other religion bears the brunt of activities of some of its outcasts!

So a bunch of Sikhs can blow up a Kanishka, but no one will point a finger at a Sardar and insinuate that he’s a terrorist or a persona non-grata. Christian terrorists can blow up sections of the North-east in India or hundreds in Cuba, but no one will ever dare to term Christianity as a terrorist-religion. Hindu fanatics will go around burning people alive, but Hindus will always be the ones terrorized . Its only when a muslim terrorist blows up a place and the entire populace is quick to term ALL muslims as violent. ALL muslims are terrorists. ALL muslims should be avoided, boycotted. Like the time the BF was in USA and was refused accommodation because of his religion. Yes, even he was directly told by the owners that they didn’t rent space to muslims. Whom did the BF finally put up with?? Other muslim students who were similarly shunned. The irony is that the BF was on H1 visa to US with his colleague and good friend, who was a hindu. His friend got a place easily, the BF didn’t. I think, if you are NOT a minority, this kind of humiliation would be difficult for you to fathom.

(Please note, I’m NOT pointing fingers at anyone here. I’m just puzzled at the way the wave caught up about equalizing muslims with terrorists. It has come to such an extent that it is actually fashionable to talk of the two in the same breath!!)

This is something we go through each day. Try hunting for a house in a good society…..sorry, No muslims. Try getting admissions to a good college…..sorry , no muslims. Try even schools ……and you have a fledgling of a chance of getting a seat. And even then, you’ll be made to feel gratitude, because, you see, the management doesn’t generally allow muslims, but they’ll make a concession for you . For a hefty amount, of course!

Now that Osama lies buried somewhere in the Arabian sea (probably eaten up by the fishes by now), a normal middle-class muslin can think of breathing easy, for a while. But somewhere, there will also be a niggling thought eating at us that this may just as well be the beginning of the end. Things may just get worse from here. We may rejoice his death, but there are many more like him around for comfort. And the stigma that lies buried in everyone’s mind will never go, Osama or no Osama.

But I guess this is just the pessimist in me speaking. I would LOVE to be proved wrong. I would love to see my kids holding their heads high when they walk into prestigious schools, places where they get admission on their merit and not religious inclination. I would LOVE to live in a society where the neighbors don’t call their kids back home just because they entered our house.  I would LOVE it if my kids came back from school and talk about their achievements rather than wonder why their teacher called them some bigoted names. I would LOVE to see my kids mingling with other children, understanding about their culture and religion and not wonder why no one’s bothered about their’s. I would LOVE to have the freedom to be treated as an equal citizen of this country, a place I was born and brought up in. A place I love just as much as you if not more. A place, I hope my kids get a chance of knowing and loving as much I do.

So tell me people, am I asking for too much??

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Good friend Srihari forwarded me this link –  My Son, the pink boy.

I hung on to each word, because it said a lot I’d have liked to, but only better. It also brought out memories of this post which I wrote when people started objecting to my son painting his nails red and playing with dolls 🙂

Its a pity that we are so strait-jacketed into thinking in a certain way that anything out of the blue immediately sets our alarm bells ringing.

Anyhow, do check out the link above (and also Sarah’s blog)


I wanted to post this particular news day before yesterday itself, but work and bad mood didn’t permit it.

Seriously,I want this woman to be awarded the highest civillian gallantry award!!!

Way to go girl! I wish the educated female populace had half the guts you have !!


Puss in boots  😀

I really have nothing to say here. Just thought the entire fiasco was pretty (un)funny.

Maybe the starlet should post a snap on twitter, posing with her ‘friend’ and ‘sister’ . That would answer all the questions , wouldn’t it?!!


I used to be a rediff regular.

That is, before they started posting tiny, sleazy video images on the home page under the guise of “follow”.


Do they really expect people to follow the innumerable “MMS scandals” and “car mein sex” rackets?!!

Err…..correction people. I just hopped over to check and found that people *gulp* actually do follow !! Really 😐


Rounding up, hats off to this guy. He’s practically managing a little village by himself.

The best part?? This news gets publish in a UK tabloid before it hits the Indian media 🙂

India. Population.Yeah, we are synonymous like that 😀


Last but not the least, do the body-painted men-in-blue gross you out as much as they do me?!

This particular image makes me go “Ewwwww” !

I did hear some tidbits on these snaps being photoshopped to slice off the flab and pump up the ‘ceps. But not able to find the related links.

Never mind.Will post them as soon as I find them.

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Boot Polish and Bandook

By now, we’ve all heard/read reports the  Great shoe-cleaning incident .

Going by Mayavati’s total nonchalance while the security officer went about his ‘job’, we can safely assume that it wasn’t the first time Maya Devi had her shoes cleaned publicly. If the media snapped up the event this time, their bad luck!! After all, what’s the big deal about this case anyway?!!

Anyway, I came across this rather caustic letter addressed to Padam Singh, the boot cleaner. Sorry, I meant, retired Deputy SP. Do read it if you have the time.

In another Police related news, how horrifying is this news?? 

And so totally unforgivable this one?!!

In both these cases, even if the men recover, I’d say, just shoot them and make sure they don’t get up this time!!

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From the news

So much is happening these days, that I dread to pick up a newspaper,lest I hear of yet another scam or maybe another eye-opener that we sincere tax-payers have been taken for a not-so-enjoyable joy-ride! Once again!!

These days I focus on the smaller news items, the ones hidden somewhere between pages 7 and 8. The kind of items one would otherwise simply skip by on a regular day. I’m amazed I never gave these itsy-bitsy news snippets their due! I mean, here was wholesome news presented with the relevant R&D in place which made me think. Isn’t that awesome in itself??

Anyhow, I was skimming through the week’s papers yesterday and came across some really interesting stuff. Check these out :-


1) Good-looking couples more likely to have girls

Oh yeah baby!!

That’s rather nice! My poor SIL will go and hide under a rock when she finds out that the whole world thinks she’s ugly 😐 . The SIL, by the way, has two sons!!

And I’m having serious doubts about having one son and daughter.

Where do I stand exactly??!!

2) Gay India is in the pink of health

Nothing wrong with this one, except, maybe the colour-coding part!! Peeves me out completely 😐

And ohh….do note the number of times the word “queer” is used in context of LGBT, and that too, by ‘supporters’.

Some pride, this!!

3) Sonia’s faith is her private matter: HC

I’m really, really impressed by the amount of dedication required to garner this information. Possibly, the applicant is digging for some USA/Italian conspiracy link if Ms.Gandhi said she was a Christian.

I’m wondering….if she says that she’s a practising hindu, would they get off her back??

Or maybe , file another RTI to find out if she knows the Gayatri Mantra by heart!

Sheesh!! Some people have all the time in this world!!

And here’s poor me…..struggling to wrangle a few minutes for my blog 😦

4) In Norway, women officegoers told to wear red bracelets during periods

The news goes something like this :-

“Women staff in offices in Norway have been asked to wear red bracelets when they are on their periods – so that no one would inquire why they were using the toilet more often, a media report here has said. ”


To think that anyone, anyone would be bothered with how many times I use the toilet is ridiculous!! Get a life men!! Don’t you have work to do??

Arrghh….I’m mad just thinking about the humiliation!!

5) ‘Every fifth divorce in US involves Facebook’

Facebook ,Twitter, Orkut, High5,Myspace  and many more.

Does divorce really need such reasons?? I mean, if a couple have differences, they are bound to separate any day. If a man carries on with his ex on FB, then there must be something lacking in his relationship with his wife. The same goes for women too. And if a crack exists, then why blame an online application for it?! The worst that FB must have done is, maybe accelerate the process a bit.

Anyhow, blaming someone else is a sign of weakness. The fault lies within us and the sooner we accept it, the easier it becomes to come out of the denial mode! Articles such as these are simply misleading!

6) Now, a chic airbag for cyclists’ heads


Just what I needed the most. A collar which costs more than twice the cost of my cycle. Because I don’t like the way a cycle-helmet looks 😐

These people are so bang on target!


There are so many more bizarre things happening around us…..and I don’t have the time to take them all down 😦

For the record, there are a lot more gruesome things happening out there, but I’d rather not link to those. It spoils the mood and the day. And I’m not referring to Adarsh or housing loan or land-scams. These, we have become immune to. I swear I don’t even bat an eye-lid when I see such stuff in the papers!

More’s the pity 😦

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From the NEWS…….

So US President Barack Obama said he won’t be able to visit the Golden Temple after all (for whatever reasons!)

Apparently, this has made a lot of people unhappy. Unhappy enough to start a campaign to persuade the man to at least have a dekko!

A web campaign to persuade the prez to visit the Temple!!  Seriously??

Am I the only one who thinks that his non-appearance is a non-issue?!

What’s wrong people??

When did we start expecting politicians to lend credence to our religion??

Isn’t  the Golden Temple greater than Obama?

I could only shake my head in dismay when I read this part :-

“If these rumors (of cancellation) are true, this is a tremendously disappointing moment for the entire Sikh community and religious minorities in general. What was supposed to be affirmation and recognition of a young, vibrant, and growing religious minority, has devolved into a race to the bottom.”

A race to the bottom?? You’re kidding right?

Don’t YOU believe that your’s is a young, vibrant and growing religious minority? Don’t we Indians accept that fact? Isn’t that enough? Why the need for an American President to put his stamp of approval?

It looks like I’m ranting again 😦

But can’t help it.

Though we are now used to looking at the West for EVERYTHING, I never thought religion would be a part of that. World recognition does not stem from propaganda, it stems from the core of the religion, whichever you may follow.



Now that the back-slapping and applauding of CWG have died down, we get to hear of the uglier side of it which was kept under wraps. No, the corruption was exposed much earlier. I’m talking of what happened behind the scenes when the delegates came over to the Games Village. Of all the stuff reported, I personally feel that the worst was the behavior of the Police. Laughing at the delegates?!! WHY??

Unlike what we like to believe,  Atithi is dev only if they belong to the Caucasian race. Mongoloid, Africans and Dravidians are a strict no-no. Ample proof lies in how students of North-Eastern states are treated in other parts of the country, or how African students are harassed here.

No use ranting here……we still suffer from the Raj hangover 😦


Talk about the pressures of being a girl!!

It’s now Saina Nehwal’s turn to confess that her grandmother wanted a boy instead of her.

So typical isn’t it?

I mean, I know a lot of my friends who are even today, under pressure to give birth to a boy.  And if they don’t have a boy, their daughters don’t receive the love and attention they deserve. I mean, if you don’t have a boy, you are incomplete!! And though I’ve ranted about it enough, there seems to be no end to the blatant way in which I see women bowing down to such pressure! A dear friend at work is trying for a second baby. Though she says she’s happy with whatever God gives her, she sneaks a peak at chinese calendars, or reads through the net on how she can increase her chances of having a boy. I don’t try to advise her otherwise. She is a victim of the mindset which is so, SO deeply ingrained in us, it is almost a part of our gene-code.

That would make for a new study, isn’t it? I mean, just suppose, by looking at a person’s DNA scientists can figure out whether S/he is an Indian or not 😀 . Wow!! We’ll have a unique international identity! Wowza!!


Sanjay had twins.Yay!!

A boy and a girl. Double Yay!!

Now why wasn’t it front page news when I delivered twins?! Hmmpphh!

Maybe because I wasn’t close to 50 when I did!

Or the BF wasn’t old enough!


I’m not jealous, really. Not at all.

Just ticked off miserably 😦


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