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By the Water Cooler : Review

Do you ever have that uncanny feeling that you’re being watched? You swiftly turn to look, but everyone seems to be about their work innocently. Yet, yet you can’t help but feel that there’s someone around you. Or that there’s someone watching you! You try to shake away the feeling and carry on…..only to encounter it some days later!

Do you ever get that feeling? Do you?

I do.

And I now know who/what that someone is!

Its Parul (of the Radio Parul fame).

(It has to be her!! No doubt about it!)

So its Parul who was sneaking up behind me, following me and taking down notes while I had one faux-pas after the other. I can almost imagine her glee as she saw my monster-boss giving me hell, her sheer delight when I faced the unhelpful manager, her chortling with laughter when the “coffee-club” helped me reduce my woes 😀

She was there to eavesdrop on all the gossip and the secret crushes. And also hiding behind corners when I tried to knock some sense into career-suicidal colleagues !!

Ok Parul. Own up now!! It was you all this time, wasn’t it?!!

It is MY professional life you’ve catalogued in “By the Water Cooler”, Isn’t it? Isn’t it??!!!!

I agree you changed the setting a bit. Replaced the IT work environment with the corporate one. But the illogical managerial dictats, the crazy-doesn’t-cut-it boss, the impractical client demands, they are all there!! Just as they happen(ed) with me.

Reading “By the Water Cooler” is like going down memory lane and marveling at how I managed to survive in this cut-throat environment with my sanity intact 😀

Kudos to Parul for making this book so real.So believable.And SO FUNNY 😀

There were parts where I was laughing out so loud, I almost woke up the twins 😀  (For the record, I could have completed the book within a day, so captivating it was, but because of the twins-who didn’t permit me the time and solitude 😦 – it took me so long!! . Any reading could be done only after they toodled off to sleep, which meant, I caught a few pages in the wee hours of the morning 😀 ).

Anyhow, if winning the book was the cake,reading it was licking the icing.

Yummy 😀

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