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Okay, so I’m being rather nasty here and maybe one day, when my kids read this, they will never forgive me, but I seriously MUST post this 😀 😀

Yesterday, while I was ironing the twin’s school uniform, Shobby came up to me and muttered, “Mumma, Little Z has not come to school for so many days”. I looked down at Shobby, he looked truly worried and heart-broken.

Now, for the un-informed, Shobby and Little Z are BFF.  I guess she adores Shobby as much he does her. Make what you can of it 😀

Anyway, even I was concerned why the little girl didn’t show up for so many days. So I fished out the phone and gave her mother a call. In fact, if I had given the phone to Shobby, he could have dialed the number himself. He remembers it so well 😉 .

When the mother picked the call, I asked her about Little Z. Turns out, the poor girl was bitten by some insect which made her skin break out in an awful rash. But all was fine now and the girl would come to school the next day, her mother reassured.

Since Lui was hanging on to my shoulder, begging me to let her talk to Little Z, I asked her mom if Z was around. She was, and I spoke to her for a minute before handing over the phone to Lui. As with all pesky moms, I turned the phone on speaker mode before giving it to Lui !

Lui, with all the sincereity of her gentle heart, asked Little Z about her health and why she didn’t come and all the usual talk. Z replied to a couple of questions and then, ignoring Lui’s further queries, said this, ” Lui, please give phone to Shobby”. Lui initially ignored the command and kept on talking, discussing all that they did in class that day. Z repeated her request one more time , a little too firmly, I think, ” Lui, give the phone to Shobby. I want to talk to him”.

Shobby all but burst with pride when Z said this. He immediately grabbed the phone from Lui and with what I think was a distinct blush, started asking her about her health 🙂 . They spoke for a few minutes in which Little Z’s voice became much melloewr and sweeter than when she was talking with Lui. Once done, Shobby came up to me and handed over the phone.

I have no words to describe the distinct glow on his face as his face beamed like a thousand flashlights. No words were necessary. He just grinned and walked off.

Lui, poor girl was offended big time. She just couldn’t understand why she was sidelined by Z in favour of Shobbs. “She is my friend too”, said Lui, her brow furrowed with worry.

“Its okay dear”, I consoled her, “it happens”.

Lui went off to look for Shobby while I sat there pondering once again…..why now? Why not after another decade?!!


😀 😀 😀

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Oh Brother!


“Mummy wouldn’t allow nail-polish, so we managed with a sketch pen!”

Does anyone remember the above picture?? A long time ago, I’d written a post on how the twins coloured each other’s nails using a sketch pen. I think the two were around 2 or maybe less than 2 years then. I did throw a fit then but the two were least bothered. As you can see, they were pretty much engrossed in the activity.

Its been nearly three years since then but Shobby’s penchant for decking up his sister hasn’t diminished 🙂 . He likes the colors of nail-polishes but never attempts to apply them on his own hands. Rather, he prefers applying it for Lui. Similarly, he likes the collection of various clips and bangles that Lui has, but never attempts to wear them himself. He just likes to dress up Lui, playing with her hair and suggesting color combinations for the bangles 🙄 .

Just recently, I found him busy doing this –


“Coloring my sister’s toe-nails”

Initially, I was aghast. Not at him applying the nail-polish, but because I don’t allow nail-polishes during school days and also, because I don’t have a remover (I never apply it so I don’t keep a remover 😦 ) . My first concern was how to get rid of the polish from Lui’s nails before the next morning (luckily, the front-door-neighbor had the remover 😛 ). The BIL , who had just returned from office, was appalled to see Shobby sincerely at his task, which according to him was a un-manly thing to do! He begged Shobby to stop it immediately, but I told Shobby to finish what he had started. Obviously, I’m rather comfortable with my son’s interests. I don’t want to demarcate what he can and cannot do in life. I’d rather assign myself to teaching him what he should and shouldn’t do 😀

Anyway, Shobby continued with his work and Lui was so pleased that she claimed him to be the BEST BROTHER EVER! 🙂


Posing with the finished work

If you look closely, Shobby did a pretty neat job, I must say 🙂 There is much lesser smudging than expected. The reason I didn’t get a snap of Shobby after he was done is because he ran to the the BIL, obviously to placate his Chachu, being the politically correct person that he is 😀 😛 .

A few days later, I found the two doing this –


Applying Mehendi on the legs

Shobby got hold of a mehendi cone and deviating from tradition, decided to apply mehendi on Lui’s legs. Not palms or feet. He started drawing stuff on her legs !! As usual, Lui is a willing participant to all this pampering. I think she likes to be doted upon, the way Shobby does. Something tells me that the girl almost expects it out of him 😐

So sincere is little Shobby that he doesn’t give up even when Lui is bored to death and goes off for a nap! Tenacious….thats what the little boy is 😀


“Wont give up!”

Its rather nice to see how much little Shobby is ready to do for his sister. The only downside is that Lui takes undue advantage of his devotion 😦 . She commands Shobby to run errands for her. She makes him do her homework when she’s not in the mood. She asks him to fetch her stuff that she needs . She even makes him get water for her 🙄  . If any adult is around, we stop Shobby and ask Lui to do her own work. This ticks off Lui to no end and makes Shobby unhappy because his sister is upset !

It doesn’t mean that Shobby is an angel. That halo over his head can wait. He’s also the primary reason why Lui loses her cool most of the time. Shobby loves to instigate Lui whenever he can. He makes fun of her, specially when she is already riled, just to see how far she goes with that temper. He also whacks her pretty hard when he feels like it 😐

So yes, they both balance out their equations pretty well 🙂 . But all said and done, Lui couldn’t have had a better brother than Shobby…I just hope that when they grow up, they realize and never forget what they mean to each other.

Ameen 🙂

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Spelling B !!

“Mumma”, pips up Shobbs one day,”What is the spelling of sleep?”

“S-l-e-e-p”, I said.

“Wrong wrong wrong”, he jumped up and down in excitement.

“Spelling is Esss, Elll Peeeee. Sleep”

“Aaahhh!! And how would you spell Apple?” I asked him.

“Apple?? Kitna easy hai. Aeee Peeee Ellll. Apple”, grinned the genius.

Not a spelling bee contestant in the making, is he??

🙂 🙂 🙂

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The Hug

A cute thing happened last night. I was heating the milk for the twin’s bedtime milk when I noticed that Shobby had secretly hidden the black raisins from his breakfast behind the water container. Thats only because he couldn’t reach the kitchen bin which was on the window ledge. Now Shobby hates black raisins just as much as he craves the brown ones. But the black ones are healthier and I force him to have atleast 2-3 a day. So I was rightfully ticked off when I saw the raisins. Lui, who had accompanied me to the kitchen, and who, I believe was witness to the ‘crime’ immediately grabbed my hand and started pleading, “Mumma, please, please don’t scold Shobby. Please don’t slap him. He don’t like black kishmish. Please don’t scold him Mumma, please, pleeeeease”.

I looked down at Lui with shock. Firstly, I had no intention of slapping anyone, but a firm reprimand was in place. Secondly, the way Lui was begging for mercy made me feel like the hangman 😦

Anyhow, so I went to the bedroom and called out to Shobby. He came hopping and skipping with a big grin in place. I confronted him about the thrown black raisins. The poor boy, his face practically fell till his knees . Once again, Lui started making begging gestures with folded hands and a pitiful face and I had a tough time controlling myself from grinning at her exaggerated concern 😀

I let off Shobby with the line that I want him to be healthy and thats why he’ll have to eat the black raisins. I also added that the only reason I was being light on him was because Lui asked me not to get angry. At this, Shobby took one look at me, turned to look at Lui and before I realized what was in his mind, he ran and hugged Lui as though his life depended on it. Lui hugged him back and whispered in his ear that she will always look after him. Shobby kissed her cheek and thanked her with a serious face. The two stood there for a few seconds, grinning at each other and I swear, I melted at the very spot. It was so sweet, so pure, the beautiful bond of love between them. Alhamdulillah!!

I hope and pray, they keep looking out for each other. Ameen.

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Miniature Logic

Ever tried winning an argument with a 4-year old?

Chances are, you’d either look smug after outwitting them, or, you’ll be left baffled with  their line of reasoning with their limited knowledge.

With me, its mostly the latter. The twins, at almost 5 , have started bombarding me with the kind of logic and one liners that usually shut me up while I try and reconcile myself with what they’ve just said. Of the two though, its Shobby who gives out the googlies most.  He may be just 3’3″ in height, but his mind mostly works on adult time zone !

Here are some snippets of recent conversations with the brat :-

We were back home after an engagement in the family . I was in the kitchen, making some tea for all the relatives who had come back home with us. Shobby, who has a keen interest in all that I’m cooking, piped in with a question, “Mumma, where is M chachu”.

“He’s gone out”, I said.

Bachche laane ke liye gaye hain?”(Has he gone out to get kids?), he asks.

“What?? Bachche kyun lekar ayenge?“(Why would he go out to get kids?), I wondered aloud.

Unki shaadi ho gayi na, issliye. Shaadi ke baad bachche milte hain na“(Because he got married. After marriage one gets kids), he reasoned. Obviously, by ‘gets’ he means that kids are bought on the market 🙄

It was all I could do to keep bursting out aloud with laughter 🙂

It took me some time to tell him the difference between an engagement and a wedding 🙂


One day, we (me and the kids) were enjoying a lazy afternoon on the bed, with the kids rolling all over me and each other. In between, Shobby, in a rare show of affection, cupped my face in his tiny hands and gave me a keen look. It was a tad unnerving because he tends to look a LOT like his father when he gives that kind of a look. Just when I was wondering when the kid’s scrutiny will get over, he gives a big sigh and obviously referring to my pimples, says, “Mumma, aapke face mein kitne spots ho gaye hai. Please drink more water. Paani peene se aapke sab spots chale jayenge. Yeh sach baat hai (Mumma, you have many spots on your face. If you drink water, all your spots will go away. This is the truth)”.

So solemn was his look and so sincere his advice, I killed the laughter bubbling in my throat and punished him with a volley of kisses 🙂

And Oh! When we had that accident a few months back, water therapy was suggested to the BF to cure the wounds and pain. In Shobby’s own words, “Abbu, agar aap roz roz, hamesha ke hamesha bahut saara paani piyoge, toh aapka sab pain chala jayega” (Abbu, if you have water everyday and forever, then all your pain will go away).

Point noted. Water is drunk in abundance now 😀


On a recent trip to a resort near Pune, Shobby had this to say as he took survey of the room assigned to us.

Mumma, yeh ghar achcha hai, lekin ek problem hai. Badi problem“(Mumma, this house is nice, but there is a problem. A big problem).

“What problem babes”, I asked.

“No kitchen 😦 . Yeh ghar mein kitchen nahin hai. Yeh bahut hi problem wali baat hai”(There is no kitchen here. It is a very big problem), says he with a disappointed nod of his head !

“But why?”, I wondered aloud.

Arre baba, khana kaise banayenge?”(How will we cook food?), he bristled.

“Err….we are at a resort sweetiepie. We don’t cook here. We get readymade food”.

Achchaaaaa!! Toh aisi baat hai. Yeh toh mujhe pata nahin thha. Theek hai, phir koi problem nahin hai“(Ohh. Is it. I didn’t know this.Okay, then there is no problem).

Whew!! Saved!

For a kid who loves the idea of cooking, a missing kitchen is a big deal indeed!


In my previous post, I already mentioned how Shobby has directed his entire focus of attention towards his father. Each time I call out to him for a hug or a kiss, he goes, “Mumma……...abhi Abbu ki chance hai na!”(Mumma, its Abbus turn now).

Its frequent enough to drive me up the wall 😐


When the BF had come back, he made sure to get loads of clothes and toys for the kids. Lui was in a happy state of mind, excited about all the new things and went about gushing about her gifts.

Shobby, meanwhile, walks up to the BF, puts his tiny arms around the BF’s neck and says in the most serious voice, “Abbu, aapne hamare liye kitne saare gifts laaye. Thank you Abbu”(Abbu, you have brought so many gifts for us. Thank you).

The BF was teary eyed and choked for quite some time.


One day, the BF was playing with the kids (on his India visit in May). In between, he was feeling a tad upset that he’ll soon have to go back again.

“Shobby, when I go back, I’ll remember you a lot. What will I do then”, he mock lamented to Shobby.

Abbu, mere paas ek idea hai. App yeh iPhone se meri photo lo. Jab meri yaad ayegi, tab yeh photo dekho” (Abbu, I have an idea. Take my snap with your iPhone. When you think of me, see my photo”.

Achcha?! Photo dekhne se kya hoga” (Really? What happens on seeing a photo?), persisted the BF.

Shobby, with the maturity of a centenarian says, “Meri yaad nahin ayegi. Aisa hi hota hai” (You will not miss me. This is how it always happens).

Needless to say, the BF stores up countless snaps and videos of the twins on his iPhone 🙂


Sometimes, I call Shobby a Rat. Only because he’s so tiny, but so sharp 🙂

He also has a cute way of getting into our covers for a cute snuggle.

One day, as I was watching the twins play and saw the vast difference in heights of the two kids, I lamented loudly,”Shobby darling, when will you grow tall?!!”

“I wont”, he replied confidently,”Mai aapka rat hoon. Rats big nahin hote” (I’m your rat. Rats dont grow tall).

Yeah, right. A part of me does wish that you always remain my tiny little boy whom I can carry and cuddle all I want 🙂 . And I hope and pray you continue to provide me blog fodder with all your talk 😀

I’m being mean, but cant help it can I ? I’m a relegated-to-the-the-sidelines-mom at the moment. Better take revenge while I have the chance 😉

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For Lui and Shobbs, a game of “Hide-n-Seek” goes something like this :-

1) Whisper loudly about their plans to play HnS right behind Momma’s back. Obviously, she’s deaf as a whale and wouldn’t hear a word.

2) One of them hops onto the bed and snuggles under the blankets. The other comes up to Momma and innocently claims that the other twin is ‘Lost’, so will Momma please find him/her??

Where was Momma all this time? Right next to the bed, ironing their uniform. Obviously she’s blind as a dingbat too and didn’t see the kid hiding.

3) The said Momma wrings her hands with worry and goes around the house, searching for the ‘Lost’ kid with one giggling kid tagging along.

4) The tag-along-kid finally gets bored and asks Momma to search the bedroom, particularly the bed. Momma is led safely back to the room.

5) The hiding kid pops out from under the blankets with a big “BOO”!

6) Momma faints with shock and relief. The “Boo” scared the pants off her and she was relieved because , whew! her baby was safe! The kids giggle and clap their hands wildly.

7) Steps 2 to 6 are repeated for the other kid, with plans made right under Mumma’s nose. And yes, Mumma does go around the house a second time,  hunting for the newly ‘lost’ kid 😀

The twins suck a Hide-n-Seek 😀 . I mean, they haven’t really figured out the essence of the game yet. They know they have to hide, but they have no clue that the hiding part should be a secret. Mostly, they suffer from a fit of giggles which gives away their hideout. But the best is when they do the Ostrich act, you know, the one where they stuff their heads under the pillow and have their bums sticking out and seriously believe that their Mumma has NO CLUE about their hiding place :|.

Yes, those are the best times 🙂

And Oh, it’s not just HnS that they are terrible at, try playing treasure hunt with them. They’ll hide stuff in the most obvious places and then ‘lead’ you to it just when you finish counting! Its been a frustrating time trying to explain that I need to search for that darn thing! When I hide it, I make them search, giving out only simple clues. But when they hide it, I know right at the onset where it is 😦


You know, the best part about having twins is that they always have each other to play with or against. Hardly ever do the twins pester me to join in or to entertain them. I can leave them alone and they will keep each other busy throughout the day. Thats one of the reasons why its easy for us to prevent them from watching television. I mean, they are okay with not watching cartoons, because they have each other to play with. I’m really lucky that way (Alhamdulillah!)

Even as I type this, the kids are discussing their next hideout. They’re doing it right in front of me 😐

Now, seriously, they do think I’m deaf and blind, don’t they 😀

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Striking A Pose

One fine morning, as I stood waiting for the twin’s school van, Shobby turns to me and says, “Mumma, do I look good”.

“Of course you do”, I gushed, even as I wondered where this came about!

Phir meri photo kyun nahin lete?”, he asked.

“Well, because its cloudy and the light is not very good right now”, I reasoned.

“Please Mumma, please photo lo na, mera mood ho raha hai“.

“Haha!! Why not”, I said and unlocked my phone to click one.

The little boy walks up a certain distance, turns around, folds his hands and says, “Abhi photo lo”.

So I take his snap and show it to him.

“Hmmmm, mujhe lagta hai mai issmein achcha dikh raha hoon“, says the tyke.

“Haan Shobby, aap toh hansom lag rahe ho“, chips in Lui.

Well, as their  mother, I’m inclined to agree with them 🙂 .

What say 😀 ?!!


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