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Lui and shobs are eating their boiled eggs. As usual, Lui gulps down her’s and looks on longingly at her brother’s bowl.

Lui : Shobs, aap mujhe anda do.

Shobs : (who doesn’t liked boiled eggs much) nahin!

Lui : Shaabi, aap mujhe anda do nahin to mai royegi

Shobs gives in to the emotional blackmail and breaks a piece of the egg and hands it over to  Lui

Shobs : Yeh lo. Thoda sa.

Lui : Pehle Plish bolo.

Shobs : Plish lo.

Lui : Abhi aap mujhe thanku bolo

Shobs : Thanku didi

Lui : belcome Shaabi!

Me : 🙄


Lui and Shobs run around the sofa in the drawing room. Shobs has a toy that Lui wants. Shobs refuses to hand it over. Lui snatches it from his hand clambers on the sofa. Shobby gives chase and whacks her hard on her back. Lui immediately starts bawling like crazy.

Me : Shobby, that was mean. Lui ko sorry bolo.

Shobby : (tugging his ears) Lui, sholly

Me : Thats a good boy. Now play and don’t hurt each other.

In the meanwhile, Lui clambers down from the sofa and proceeds to play with her toy.

Shobby calmly walks up to her, whacks her again and before she can start bawling, grabs his ears and says , “Sholly”.

Me : 🙄


The SIL visited us on Saturday evening with her kids. Since it would be time till the kids had their dinner, I asked them if they would like to have Maggi . All kids yell their approval at the choice, so I proceeded to the kitchen to do the needful. Meanwhile, my two brats tag behind me, pull out plates and spoons and settle down on the kitchen floor.

Me : Maggi abhi ready nahin hai. Thoda time lagega

Shobby : (obviously not understanding what ‘ready’ means) Maggi lao, jaldi se.

Me : 2 minutes betu. I’m cooking it.

Shobby : Mummmaaaa!! Mere plate mein maggi nahi hai, dekho! Jaldi se do na!

Me : (Furiously stirring the pot and mentally challenging the company to prove that Maggi cooks in 2 minutes!) Ruko zara. It’s still cooking.

Lui : (yelling) MUMMAA!! Shobby ko maggi do. ABHI!! Kabse bula raha hai na woh!

Shobby : (looking at Lui) hehe…humne kaise mummy ko sataya na?!!

Me : 🙄


Me and the BF sit down for dinner. The twins are playing/fighting with each other in our bedroom. Suddenly, Shobby runs out screaming in terror while Lui gives him chase. He has an empty Baby lotion bottle in his hand that Lui wants. She screams at her brother to give it to her. He refuses and tries to take refuge behind me. Lui yells at her brother, Shobby screams in terror. Fed up with the noise, the BF chips in,

BF : Shobby, give the bottle to Lui. I’ll take you for a bike ride. We wont take Lui with us because she yells at you.

Shobs : (handing the bottle to Lui) Lui, yeh lo.

Lui : (Looks balefully at her father)Nahin Shaabi,aap lo (and hands over the bottle to Shobs).

Shobby looks terrified again and throws the bottle back at Lui.

Shobs : Mujhe nahin chahiye. Aap lo.

Lui : (throwing the bottle back at Shobs) Mujhe bhi nahin chahiye.

Me :  🙄

BF :  🙄


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The most dreaded phase of toddler-hood is here.

I’ve been avoiding it for ages, hiding under a rock, humming to myself, pretending I never heard it, but it all comes back. Again and again and again!

Ladies and gentlemen, my children have conquered the realm of  *takes a deep breath*, “WHY“!!


Yes, I’m in the unenviable position of answering the Why’s of their daily life. These are not the simple routine questions expected of little toddlers, no make that pre-schoolers.They dont ask me why they have to eat their meals or get out of the bed in the mornings. They don’t ask me why they can’t go out to play in the park after sunset or why Lui wears frocks and Shobby wears trousers. No. They don’t ask me such simple questions. Because they are my children, they have to make my life miserable. They look for opportunities to ask me the most embarrassing questions in public. In fact, they ask me odd-ball questions irrespective of the venue 😦

Check these out :-

1) Me teaching Lui a hindi song –

“Machhli jal ki rani hai”

“Mathli jal ki naani hai”

“Jeevan uska paani hai.”

“divan uchka paani hai.”

“haath lagao, darr jayegi”

“aath lagao, dar jayengi”

“Bahar nikalo, mar jayegi”

“Baal nikalo mal jayengi. Mummaa….machhli kyun marr jayengi??”

“Err…ummm….because there is no water. Machhli paani mein rehti hai.”

“Machhli bahar kyun nikalenge?”

“Umm…*blush*….err..khane ke liye.”


At this point, I find it very difficult to explain to her about her mother’s undying love for seafood. I skipped the topic  and jumped to another poem.

2) I was ironing my clothes one day, humming to myself. Shobs heard me and asked –

“Mumma, gaana gaati?”

“Yes baby.”


“Err…I like singing. Mujhe achcha lagta hai.”

“Kyun achcha lagta hai?”

*Mentally searching for a little more intelligent answer, and coming up with -*

“Aise hi!!”

“Kyun aise hi?”

Aaarrghh!! At this point, I’m sure the tyke is not as bothered about the answer as he is to see his mother all riled up!! I grunt and don’t bother to reply.

3) Me giving the twins a towel rub down after their bath.

Lui : Mumma, mere paas woh nahi hai (points to Shobby’s privates)

Me : Err…ummm…..its okay, you are girl.

Lui : Girl kya hai?

Me : See, Lui is a girl, Shobby is a boy.

Lui : Kyun?

Me : *stumped* Err…ummm…because Lui likes to be a girl (forgive me , but I had to come up with something!!)

Lui : (thinking it over)…Phir Shobby girl kyun nahin hai?

Me : Uff forget this. Jaldi karo, school jana hai.

Digression, thy name is N____!!

4) The MIL was folding laundry, when Lui spots some of her mother’s innerwear. She grabs at it and runs with it to my room.

Lui : MUMMA!!! Aapne pink chaddi kyun nahin pehne, BOLO!!!

Mumma, who was entertaining friends in her room, burns with horror!

The friends, of course, are rolling on the bed , laughing 😦

5) The BF is leaving for some work on a Saturday. I kiss him on his cheeks and bid goodbye, not paying attention to the two brats who were observing this activity with great interest.  I initially wondered if they’ll comment on it , but they didn’t. The brats  kept quiet about it throughout the day. Obviously, by evening, I had no recollection of it. And then, obviously, my kids had to remind me of it, right in front of the family, including the GMIL –

Shobby : Mumma, aapne Abu ko pappi diye the na?

Me : *gulp*

Lui : (yelling) Kyun diye pappi aapne?? Haan?? Jaldi bolo!!

All eyes look towards me and then look down. Everyone tries best to stifle their snigger. I, of course look the picture of mortification. MIL comes to the rescue, changes topic and tells me to feed the twins their dinner. Thanks to this thin twig of rescue, I herd the brats back to my room. The room, of course resonates from the families’ laughter !!

Life, as they say, is a perennial circle of questions. I can understand my twin’s inquisitiveness, their eagerness to know, even if the context is beyond their understanding. I can see the genuine interest in their eyes when they ask me something, their faces shining bright with the eagerness to learn.

What I can’t understand is, why me?!!

Why cant the twins confound the BF with their queries?

Why doesn’t anyone else land in a humiliation pit because of these two?

Why am I the butt of ALL their non-conformist queries?!

Pray, WHY?!!

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It was a Bad idea!!

Bad Bad idea to gang up with 6 kids (5 under the age of 4) under one roof in the peak of summer.

The repercussions of my well thought out plans (or so I thought at that time) can be felt strongly even now 😦

The kids drove us crazy. The heat ensured we couldn’t go out anywhere during the day. Frequent power cuts (which Dad assured us wasn’t the case before) drove the children restless. Keeping them occupied became a traumatic experience .For once, I chided myself for not making my kids used to watching the telly. That way, I could at least make sure they sat in one place for a while instead of running up and down the stairs 😦


Looks like I’m ranting as usual.

Well, now that I’ve already groaned about the negatives, let me take my time and tell you about the good things that happened.Just to maintain the balance and all that jazz 😀

– The Family . The entire family (read, parents and siblings) got together after ages!! I think the last time we all came together was in Dec 2008 at the naming ceremony of the twins. After that, someone or the other was always missing. This time, we all came under one roof and had a ball. Literally 🙂

– The Love. The twins got to know their cousins after a long time. This was one totally fantabulous get-together. Where we elder siblings were busy reminiscing about our childhood and the years gone by, our kids were busy getting to know each other. Its a pity we (me and Aapa) stay so far away from the other two siblings. I swear all the kids took to each other as though born of the same womb. There were loads of hugs and kisses given for free between the toddlers (which the elders say have to be coerced out of their children), the eldest kid became a leader of sorts, with a faithful following of 5 toddlers behind him and it was a tearful farewell indeed when the kids of B’lore had to bid goodbye to the kids of Pune.  *Sniff* 😦

– The Time. I had one of the best times ever with the twins. From dawn to dusk, we were inseparable (blame it on the kids. I SO craved for loo breaks and bath times without them yelling blue murder behind my back!). Though it might sound clichéd, I must admit, I bonded with the kids BIG time. Back in Pune, I share them with so many people, but here, I took complete responsibility. Also, since the maid refuses to wash clothes and we use the washing machine, I washed the twin’s clothes by hand (that includes soiled clothing, remnants of a  losing battle in toilet training).

– The Food.The FOOD!! I must’ve gorged on a zillion mangoes (by the name of Banagenapalli which is now my all-time favourite!!), eaten dozens of fried fish and slurped on many a chicken/mutton curries. Needless to say, I’ve returned with one too many heat boils on my face. Ultra-clearasil and Face-Clin gel are now permanent residents of my purse 😐 .  I was apprehensive of feeding the kids non-veg (we had limited their intake to eggs and chicken/mutton soups), but seriously, you can keep a catholic out of church, but not a muslim away from non-veg !! The terrible two, fussy eaters them both, coolly munched on fried fish and chicken pieces as though they were born doing that !! And no, they didn’t touch the rice or rotis 😐

– The Talk. Where the twins earlier uttered at the max 5 syllables in a sentence, they have now progressed to entire stretches of conversation, which, if not stopped could go on for hours!! It was hilarious to see the twins trying their best to talk to the younger ones , often repeating the same line over and over again, obviously wondering why the youngsters were so daft! In return, they were at the receiving end when Baby M (who’s a year older) and elder cousin brother Bojo though that the twins were speech impaired. Luckily, everyone inspired everyone and the vocabulary of all the kids is now much enhanced 🙂

There is so much more to write about. But I think I’ll pass the talk and post the pics. There aren’t that many, because I was too busy having fun with the kids to bother with the camera. But I’ll surely post them as soon as I download them to my machine.

Till then folks, gotta say, its great to be back 🙂

(And Oh, I MUST write a completely new post on my trip back to Pune which is an experience in itself!! Let me keep that for later.)

Have a great week ahead 🙂

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Hiya folks. Guess what?!!

Am back again. Not that you were eagerly awaiting my return, but still, I’m all chirpy and peppy today, so I won’t notice the meagre crowd flocking to this blog 🙂

There’s LOADS to update from the MomOfRS household and before it all gets washed away from my memory, I’m putting it down here.

Didn’t I mention before that the kids have started talking?
Well, I take that back now. They don’t talk anymore 😦

They jabber non-stop, at times making it awfully difficult to fathom what they intend to say!!

Apart from the speech, there is a distinct change in attitude, a certain way of behaving, retaliating,arguing!! We’ve been having a tough time answering the questions since they know how to ask ‘why’ but cannot understand the ‘because’.  I’m also having a tough time instilling proper grammar and a little tameez. It’s an uphill task in a household, where the rustic GMIL has never used the ‘aap’ word before. She uses only ‘Tu’ or ‘Tum’!! The nanny too uses the same terms.The kids have picked it up pretty well and they usually ask me stuff like, “Tu office jaata“, to which I have to correct them and ask them to repeat,”Aap office jaate“. Though they repeat after me every time, their usual instinct is for ‘tu’. I hate that term and it irks me to no end when the kids use it. But then, I would have to change the way everyone at home speaks and that is not an easy thing 😦

Anyhow, here are a few samplers of how these two converse :-

1) Lui pulled out a steel container from the kitchen and brought it out in the drawing room where I was chatting with the BF and MIL. Shobs pounced on it the minute he saw it, but wily Lui managed to hang on to the box.

Shobs : mujhe de
Lui : Nai!! Mera hai

Shobs looks at us for help, but the BF has warned me that Shobs never holds his own against Lui and its time he learnt to fight his own battles. So we just watched how the situation would work out.

Shobs tried to grab at the vessel again, but Lui snatched it away and glared at Shobs menacingly. Shobby, being a gentle soul at heart, gave up the fight. This disappointed us a bit and we went back to our prior discussions. Lui, in order to gain attention, dropped the vessel on the floor. The BF immediately reprimanded her for it.

Lui : Thoby ne giraya.

Then turning to Shobs, this cunning girl says, “Thoby,dabba kai-ko giraya” ? (I swear I have NO hand to play in the ‘kai-ko’ part 😐 )

Shobs replies defiantly, “Maine nai giraya“.

Lui raises an admonishing finger at her brother, “Nai girao dabba, Thoby“. Then she looks at her father for approval!!
The BF is caught between the urge to shake her for her smugness and admiration for the scheming monster that is her 😀

2) One day, I was playing with the kids at home. I threw the ball to the other end of the room and asked the kids to fetch it (hey!! no pet-training accusations please !!) In her hurry to rush before Shobs, Lui shoves at her brother and reaches the ball first. Little Shobs is so annoyed at her behavior that he marches up to her and yells,”Luiyyya!! Mujhe dhakka maara!!” . Lui is stunned into silence to see her mostly obliging and meek brother turn into this indignant fierce person!! Way to go Shobs, I yelled 😀

3) Last weekend, the BF was lazing at home(recuperating is more like it, since he was bed-ridden for AGES!!). His back hurt, so he asked me to pummel his back a bit. I obliged and started hitting him with my fists. Shreiking like a banshee, Lui charged across the room and yelled at me to stop. “Nai maaro mere abba ko. Nai maaro!!”. She glared at me angrily. I ignored her and continued the beating 😀

Shobs was enjoying the scene and kept goading me,”Aur maaro, mummy, aur maaro“.

NAI MAARO!!” yelled the girl and spread herself on top of her father, her tiny face contorted with anger.
The BF, was super-gleed as his ickle daughter came to his ‘rescue’. He’s been calling her his little warrior ever since 🙄

4) I was busy ironing my clothes one morning. The twins had just woken up and were still lazing around on the bed. Lui started coughing shortly.
Lui : Mamma…mujhe khud-khud aaya.
Shobs : Mamma….Lui ko kha-chi aati?
Me : yes baby.
Lui : Thoby, mujhe-ko kha-chi aati. Mujhe-ko dava do.
Shobs : Kha-chi aati?
Lui : Haaa-aaan.Thoby.Bhaiyya.Mujhe-ko davva do.
Shobs : Mamma…Lui ko kha-chi aati.Lui ko dava do.
Me : Yes of course. If you hadn’t told me, I would’ve never known!!

5) Shobs had just had his early morning milk and pooped in his diaper (Poop training is on hold for winters). The MIL entered the room with a bright multicoloured floor-mat.
MIL : Look what I got here?? A lovely mat for my sweethearts!
So saying,the MIL spread the mat on the bed. Lui immediately hopped over and sat cross-legged on the mat.
Lui : Thoby, aaja. Iddar baith.
Shobs didn’t reply. Neither did he move.
MIL : Kya hua Shobs? Why don’t you sit on the mat?
Shobs : Maine shi-shi kiya. Da-per mein. Abhi nai baith-ta. Kal baith-ta.
Needless to say, the MIL was smitten by Shobby’s sensibilities 😀

6) I had another one of my altercation with Lui one night. Since the time she started talking, she’s been one demanding child. Totally willful and stubborn, she refuses to listen to anyone else and only wants things done her way. I know we both are going to have many upheavals as she grows up and I’m mentally trying to prepare myself for it. Anyway, so she was in one of her moods when she didn’t want to wear her diaper or her pyjamas. She kicked wildly when I tried to pull up the pyjama and that was it. I snapped at her and told her that I wont be talking to her for the rest of the day (this was around 11:45 pm).So saying, I switched off the light and went off to sleep, leaving the miss to do whatever she wants. After about half an hour, she sidled up to me. She creeped up closer and kissed my cheek. Instinct took over and I kissed back.

Lui : Kai-ko puppy diya? Kai-ko?
Me : Huh?? kyunki aapne diye.

Lui kissed me again. I kissed her back.

Lui : arrey!!! Kai-ko puppy diya?? Nai do.
Me : Huh? Okay.

So she kissed me one more and then settled herself next to me. Within minutes, she was fast asleep. Seeing her sleeping, I took a chance and quickly tried to put on her diaper again.

Lui : Arrey!! Diaper kaiko dali? Nikalo. Abhi!!!
The girl wasn’t asleep after all 😦

So I pulled it out and waited for her to drift off again. Thrice that night, I woke up to put on her diaper and all the three times, she woke up and insisted on removing it (Note: NEVER buy Mamy-Poko pull-up diapers for wilful kids.They are very easy to get rid of).


I gave up the fight. And slept 🙂

Luckily, there were no accidents in the night and somewhere around 6am the next morning, I put on her diaper and pyjamas. Luckily, this time, she slept through it 🙂

7) Lui is more possessive about her stuff than Shobby. My little boy doesn’t bother even if Lui takes away all his stuff. But Lui is far away from being generous with him.

One such time, the nanny had pulled on a red pyjama on Shobs after his bath. Now, I usually buy gender-free clothes for the two and we don’t mind who wears what. This red pyjama was worn by both for a pretty long time. But suddenly, Lui realized that she liked it better and didn’t appreciate the thought of Shobs wearing it.

Lui : Nikalo mummy. Mera pant hai woh. Nikalo.

Me : Its ok dear. Just today, let your brother wear it. Aaj ek din. Bas.

Lui : Naaaiiiii..Mera hai woh. Usa-ko nai do.

And then she proceeded to throw a royal tantrum, throwing herself on the floor and kicking her arms and legs and wailing for the pyjama. I didn’t want to give in to her demands (unreasonable as they were) and kept quiet.

Shobs watched the proceedings for a while and then suddenly, without warning, went up to Lui, removed his pyjama and threw it on Lui’s face.

Le teri pant“, he said quietly.

We were shocked!! Lui was stunned! She just looked on meekly as Shobs walked out of the room with his head held high and bums shining bright!


8) The twins are grasping words very fast, but that doesn’t mean they are able to say it equally well. Lui has a slight lisp and tends to talk fast. So words like “Kapde” come out like “tapade”. Shobs talks slowly, succinctly. But at times, he is so slow, we call him slow-motion. Because he says stuff like this :-” Mumma….Mujha – ko…. Cha…ma…ch do“. Or, “Yeh ka- cha- la hai?”


I guess the best part about the speech is the bridging of the communication gap between us and the kids. At least now, if their tummies ache, they can tell us, instead of the old times when they cried non-stop and we were left with wringing our hands , wondering what possibly could be wrong!!

These are good times indeed 🙂


I guess if I continue to go on, I won’t get any work done today. Lets keep some updates for tomorrow or the day after.

By the way, it feels great to be back  🙂

Missed you all!!

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Some Teensy-Weensy Updates

Somehow, the last one month has changed the twins tremendously….its almost like how we used to prepare for exams, you know, idling away the whole year and then trying to mug up notes on the eve before the big paper. The twins, who were lagging awfully in many departments of growth have suddenly covered up for the lost time……right before their second birthday 😀

So we now have conversations like these :-

SS : (holding out a spoon) dadi, yeh lo.

MIL : yeh kya hai?

SS : chammach

MIL :  (laughing) Great!! You understand this. Do you understand when to go to the loo?

SS : (cocking head to one side) Haan. Bathroom.


I’m having dinner and RS, who has had her dinner sits besides me, playing with some food on her plate.

RS : (mixing the food vigorously with her fingers and scooping it in her hand) Mamma, khao

Me : Thanks betu, but I’m having my dinner.

RS : Khao, achcha hai achcha hai .

Me : I know dear, but I don’t want it.

RS : (looking towards the window)  Budda-baba (old-man) Aa!! Mumma ko lo!

Me : 😐

(the story here is that when she doesn’t have her meals, I tell her that the old-man outside the window will take her away. I know, its horrid. But she’ll never have her meals otherwise 😦  . But looks like she’s giving me a taste of my own medicine 😀 )


At a relative’s place, SS is running around the house with his milk bottle hanging from his teeth.

Me : Shobby. Stop it. You are not drinking the milk. Give me the bottle.

SS : (stops running, looks at me, raises a palm) Arre Ruko !! Peetaaaaa.

Me : (stumped!) 😐


SS’ hair have grown long enough to need a cut. And RS is yet to sprout hair which can hold a tiny butterfly clip together!! It’s just a week to their Birthday now and I’m hoping she grows enough of them !!


RS is 3 ft tall.

SS is 2 ft 9 in tall.


Rs has 12 teeth.

SS has 16 . And still doesn’t chew much. Simply swallows the food 😦


RS didn’t wake up in the night for the last 2 days.

SS woke up only once .

(fervently praying) Ameen.


RS pees standing up.

SS pees sitting down.



SS stomps his right foot and hops, when angry.

RS jumps and throws herself on her butt when she’s angry.


RS sleeps on her tummy. Always.

SS sleeps on his back. Always.


It’s a week till their B’day and I’m so totally kicked about it 😀

And No. I’m not having a party.But more on it later.

Till then….looking forward to more new developments from the twins 🙂

Watch this space!

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