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God knows that I have two really pretty kids.

But my children are going to have a really tough time believing that as they grow older! I mean, I know of parents at work who take their kids out for photo-shoots, you know, the complete works with a professional photographer, umbrellas and lighting. The kids dress up in pretty outfits and pose for snaps. The albums, when they come out, are glossy, the kids are cherubic and the parents (if they feature on the album) have the biggest smiles ever.

Not so for us. For our kids are bestowed with a father who has very little skills with taking photographs and even lesser, seeing them. They have an uncle who rarely takes a snap that isn’t blurred to perfection! I mean, he makes sure that its impossible to figure out whose snap it is 😀 . Thirdly, they have an over-enthusiastic mom who LOVES taking snaps and is so damn hyper that her end-results leave much to imagination. *Sigh* Sorry kids. We leave you with really bad memories of yourselves, not that we aren’t trying to  improve……but maybe, just because we try too much to improve . Makes, sense? No? Never mind.

Anyhow, I took a few snaps of the kids at a recent party and the results are far from pleasing 😦 .With me fiddling around with the camera settings a thousand times, the kids would get bored and start getting distracted. And I go click, click click nevertheless. The final results look like this :-

the pose-masters

Whiling the time talking to the goat/horse

Shobs is trying to do the 'Yo-Man' act

Summing up the venue

I’m yet to take ONE good snap of my kids 😦 . I don’t want to go to a professional yet…I know my kids wouldn’t cooperate (they never have. Drat it 😐 !). Its up to me to improve I guess. And I’m hoping (really hoping) I get the hang of this thing before my kids fly the coop !

Till then, they gotta make do with some rather embarrassing pics from their childhood.

Awww c’mon sweetie, I’m sure your friends wouldn’t make fun of that pose of your’s. Tell them you were practising for your school’s annual day show . And Shobs darling, seriously, do ANY of your friends have a tongue as big as your’s? I’m sure they’re just jealous. And no darling, don’t ever think of hacking into my account and delete these….I have too many back-ups 😉



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Note: Did you notice the frayed arm-rests on the sofa? Good. Thats what you get when you think you are smart and buy stuff that kids can ruin in minutes!! The twins love scraping at the sofa covers, delighting in watching the fine lint come off :roll: .

(Please abandon any ideas of believing that the kids take after their mother. I'm innocent. I swear :| )

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The twin's reaction to their Birthday cakes

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I have twins who don’t really understand that not all kids have siblings and that too, of the same age. So they are surprised if they cant see a baby boy along with a baby girl when we visit friends. The two are so used to each other, that even though I try and prevent fights between the two, they invite each other for the same. Sample case – They both fight over who will add a spoon of Protinex mix to the GMIL’s milk. I usually give the granny milk when the two aren’t around…but when they really fight it out, I rush to get two spoons, fill them both half-way and then ask each of them to add it to the cup.

Painful procedure this 😐

Anyhow, so one day, while Shobs was busy with his father in  the bedroom, I sneaked in some milk for the GMIL. Lui saw me and asked me whom the milk was for. I said it was for Big-dadi. So what does little Lui do? She goes running to the bedroom yelling, “Shobby, Shobby….chalo….big-Dadi ke milk mein powder dalenge”. So Shobby promptly dashes out of the room, runs up to GMIL’s bed and then the two fight over who will add the powder :roll:.

But there are other times, when they genuinely tend to each other.

One such instance happened last Sunday.

So last Sunday, while I was busy running around doing my regular cleaning tasks, the kids decided to give me some respite and headed to the room for some play time.

(Suspicious behavior, or so I thought on hindsight. but then, thats the problem with hind-sight….it hits you only after the deed is done 😐 )

Anyhow, as I was busy in the kitchen, I realized with a jolt that they were rather quiet. Too quiet in fact. Very unlike them…….so with goosebumps crawling up my spine, I sneaked up to the room and peaked inside…….and let out a sigh of relief.

For my two little munchkins weren’t really devising plans on making me grey early. They were busy painting their nails with a bright orange sketch pen!

I looked on in wonder as Lui, the picture of concentration, bent her head and meticulously painter her brother’s nails! And this is the same girl who had trouble colouring within the lines 😐
Check out her nails…..she did that herself!!

Once she was done with all of Shobby’s ten fingers, she showed him the pinky-white nails of her right hand. “Shobby bhaiya…..mere haath mein polish nahin hai”, she mewled. “Aao, mai lagata” , says little Shobs and proceeds to colour his sister’s right hand’s nails.

So engrossed were the two with this little activity that they paid no heed to an eager-as-a-beaver mother who went click-happy with her cell-phone to preserve the image of her children indulging in some team work 😀

I think the BEST part about having twins is that they never lack company. Whether it is to fight with or play with or shout at or tattle about, they always have each other.

(The only drawback being that sometimes I feel left out 😦 )

But, it is more than reassuring to know that they are there for each other 🙂

About the nailpolish….well, I did try washing it off (to much objection and screams of protest) because I’d read that the ink is poisonous and frankly, I’m not always around to check when they put their fingers in their mouths. I wasn’t very successful with the washing, the ink seemed rather stubborn. By Monday evening, it became rather faint and was almost gone.

Last evening, they coloured it purple 😐 . Yes, Shobs included.

Sometimes, twins are simply that – twice the trouble 😦

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The twins - after helping their chachu cut the cake!

PS : Its getting  difficult to say they are twins! Lui is shooting up and my son seems in no hurry to catch up with her 😐

PPS : Note the nail-polish on Shobby’s fingers. Right after the nanny applied it, he chided her, “Mai girl hai kya?” Wonder why didn’t think of it when she was putting it on 😐

PPPS : Thats the GMIL’s alcove behind. We use the curtains to separate her area from the drawing room. Right now they are parted to let her see the television (exactly where Lui is looking right now!)

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Wordless Wednesday

“Lui, Shobs!! What are you doing in there??”

“Just chilling out mom!! ”

"the cool air tickles me just right"

"Hey Mom, d'ya mind if I settle in here for the night?"

And that’s why you must never plan on cleaning your refrigerator, on a hot day, when the kids are home!

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Wordless Wednesday

What next??

Umbilical clothes lines??

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The Soup Slayer!!

Go get that soup girl! Don't let it get past ya!!

And that’s how my daughter ‘attacks’ her bowl of soup. And just as you wonder about the fierceness of her expressions, she does a perfectly lady-like act of wiping her lips when she’s done –

"Let me lick off this stuff before I use the napkin"

Looks like I’m not an altogether failure where public behavior of my kids are concerned *wiping sweat off my brow* . That’s one major hurdle crossed, I guess 😀

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Wordless Wednesday

Image Source : Big Brother 😀

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Now this is a VERY late entry in response to Shail’s Three Word Wednesday, but seeing that the next Wednesday is still a few hours away, I’m penning a few lines using the words drink, feeble and  predict.

Disclaimer : The idea for this story is not mine. A very long time back, when I was a kid, I’d read a story on the same lines. At that time, I didn’t understand it, maybe that’s why it stuck with me all these years 😀 . This is my attempt to write my own story on the same premise. If anyone remembers/recollects the original, do let me know. Thanks 🙂  .

Here goes :-


He looked at her once again. Was this the same girl he had known all along? Loved all this time?

 He was showing her his palm and trying to explain all the intricate lines on it and she all but mocked him and turned her head away! Gone were the days when she would look at him with those limpid eyes and simply absorb all that he expressed.

Her skin was so fair, so delicate, he could make out the tiny intricate pattern of veins under it. A porcelain doll, he thought, but then, he didn’t really know what a porcelain doll looked like. At least, not then.

He made another feeble attempt to attract her attention, but she just yawned and turned her back on him.

The cheek!!

He turned a bit and looked at her. She was sleeping. So peaceful, so angelic.

Why did she have that effect on him?? Why did he feel so possessive of her?  So protective?!

He tried to think back to the first time he’d seen her, but it seemed a distant memory. It seemed as though they knew each other forever. But he knew exactly when he had fallen for her. The time she had done those flips, her body graceful and light, like a butterfly!! He didn’t know anyone who could move like that. Her laughter accompanied her moves and he was smitten. Who could resist that tinkling sound?!

Who could predict that after all this time, she would finally get bored of him. No, not bored. Indifferent was more like it. Yes. She was indifferent towards him. And that hurt. Hurt real bad in a sense he couldn’t explain, even to himself.

She woke up shortly and he asked her if she’d like her drink. She just shook her head and said no. She didn’t look all that well and he felt the first stirrings of panic. She had a stricken look on her face. He tried to hold her hand, to console her, but her hand lay limp in his. He could see that she was far more afraid than he was.

All of a sudden, there was a rush of water in their room. It hit them hard and before he could think, flood, she was pulled away from him. He saw her scream, the mouth wide open, her voice silenced by all that water.  He tried in vain to grab her, to hold her before she was so rudely torn away from him, but it was futile. The current was strong and within seconds he was caught up too, screaming and kicking and trying to escape the force but totally helpless and exhausted by the time he was thrown out of the door.

He blinked hard, it was so bright outside, it hurt his eyes. Why was everything dry here. Where was She?? Who were all these people?!!

“Congrats Mrs. S. Here is the other one. It’s a boy this time . Your twins look healthy. Enjoy them 🙂 ” , said the nurse handing the woman her second baby.


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