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Something tells me this blog is now mostly resigned to narrating weekend updates. Not done at all! I plan to correct this slight at the earliest. Till then, here’s how my weekend went (note : I typed it all out yesterday, but forgot to hit publish. Saw the draft state today 😦 )  :-


I guess this is the only word that best describes this weekend.

And before you jump the gun, I’ll clarify that when I say, “Happening”, I mean, constant occurences of activities related to me and NOT, gossipy, interesting things that happen to other people.

Whew. I’m glad we sorted that out 😀

So, coming back to the weekend updates (and my weakness for bullet-pointing), I’ll promptly start off with Friday evening .

1) Yogaaaaaaa.Aaaaaaahhhh!!!

Okay, you got that. Friday evening, I dashed off to the gym and was late for the yoga class by 15 minutes (*hang my head in shame 😦 *). The Surya Namaskar was over by then (yipppeee 😀 ) and I began with the other asanas. I sincerely believe the yoga instructor gets her kicks out of seeing a plump, stocky woman fold herself into a pretzel and then having trouble unfolding herself! Why else would she ask me to do stuff that requires me to do unimaginable amounts of bending, squirming, turning, folding, stretching, groaning and gasping?! Or maybe she just wanted to punish me for coming in late ! Whatever the case, I’m much chastised and much supple today 🙂

2) JustBooks!

Thats the library which has recently opened a branch in Pune (I think the main branch is there in Bangalore). Score!

The icing on the cream? The library is on the ground floor of the same building which houses the gym! Double score 😀 !!

So now, not only do I get to work-out, I also get to issue books and read them at my will. I.AM.IN.WORD.HEAVEN right now 🙂

3) I took the kids to a colleague’s house for a team party. The other team members had come with their kids too and we were a loud, noisy bunch that had fun cooking and having a meal together. Shobs was a wee reserved, but Lui chatted on unabashedly! She did make me feel a little embarrassed at times, but then thats vintage Lui! Which kid doesn’t revel in embarrassing their parents, I ask you! Surprisingly, the twins didn’t damage anything…..but my friend’s house was in shambles by the time we all left 🙂 .

And oh, I made my, now regular, chilli-chicken, which was anything but spicy 😐 . Ho-hum. Will add more chillies next time !

Also, Lui tried to sneak out of the friend’s house with her hands full of the clothespins. We managed to stop her in time and drop the pins back in the balcony. The little felon!!

4) I spent Saturday evening playing with the kids, sorting laundry, cleaning up the room, giving some semblance of order to the wardrobe, and little tasks which otherwise get waylaid. The kids dropped off to sleep early since they were tired after the long day. I watched a rather sad movie, Murder2, because there was nothing else to do and I was bored 😦

PS: The movie is a bore with loopholes one can drive a car through! What a waste!

5) On Sunday, I revived the inner Tamilian in me and made Pongal and chutney for breakfast. It was appreciated by one and all 🙂 . For lunch, I once again made Kadhi, in the South-Indian way, with onions and tomatoes. Once again, it was much appreciated 🙂 (Seriously, I was on a roll yesterday 😀 ) . Post lunch, I went out to buy monthly groceries, cursing the BF who refused to accompany me and the BIL who had work! So I just bought stuff that I could lug back home on my darling Scooty! Obviously, I need to visit the grocery store again 😦

6) In my absence, the BF bought a bunk-bed for the kids. It is second-hand, but not used much. We’ll be redoing the mattresses for it shortly. But the kids L-O-V-E it to no end. It is red, blue and yellow. Has steps and allows them to touch the fan (groan). But much of yesterday was spent in getting the hang of climbing up and coming down. Lui is better at it , maybe because of her height, but Shobs has some way to go where the height department is concerned ( I’m wondering about the authenticity of that PediaSure ad….doesn’t seem to make any difference on my kids yet 😦 ).

Why bunk beds?

Because its high time the BF got to sleep on his own bed than sleep on the floor on a mattress 😀

(I don’t mind this change of settings at all. Obviously 😉 )

7) Yesterday being a Sunday, we had the regular plethora of visitors dropping by to visit the granny. It is heartening to see how many people care for her 🙂 . She is doing okay, I wouldn’t say great because I haven’t  seen any improvement on her status for the last couple of months, but at least her health is not on a decline. Some respite, that.

8) We moved the GMIL to the drawing room. Actually, we have a pretty large drawing room, so we partitioned it a bit by use of curtains to make a nice cosy alcove for the granny. One of the reasons for doing it was that the GMIL was cut-off from the regular house-hold activities when resigned to her room, whereas , in the drawing room, she could be a part of all the mad-rush happening around her. Also, she gets to watch some television, though she’s not a fan of it (seriously, I doubt if anyone in my family is keen on watching TV 😐 )

9) I made inquiries for driving classes. Yes, I’m finally planning on learning to drive a four-wheeler. Then I can happily bid the BF goodbye  and drive into the sunset 😀 . Will be joining from next week. Hopefully, most of the classes will be covered in the MIL’s Diwali break. I hope I learn quickly and don’t dash into anyone 😐

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Hello Hello Hello.


It’s a wonderful morning and I’m feeling chirpy today. But that’s just my mood. My hands and legs are a different story altogether. For the record, I have, hold your breath, commenced with my workouts from yesterday. Yes, folks, I’m now an official gym-go-er (I made that word up. You can tell 😀 ) . Equipped with some new tracks, a shirt borrowed from the BF (egads!! His T-shirt fit me!! *WAIL* ) and my forgotten Reeboks dug out from the dungeons they were resigned to, I headed to the gym last evening. Ten minutes on the treadmill later, I called myself fit enough to start the yoga class. Yes, I was fool, realized it 5 minutes into the session. But it was too late to back out. My pride was at stake! So doing the Surya Namaskar a thousand times later, as I collapsed on the floor, the instructor took pity on me and allowed me to bunk the Shirshasan (head-stand). I’m thoroughly grateful to her, right up to my creaking knuckles and buckling wrist! An hour later, when I finally crawled out of the gym and slithered to my bike, I realized with a jolt that I had to ride back home. Mustering up courage (with a few pleading prayers to the Almighty) I hopped on sped away. Once home, it took me a minute to put my bike on main-stand. Disconcerting it was. Also disconcerting was the look a neighbour’s kid gave me as  I wobbled my way up (see, even in pain, I refused to use the lift! When I get serious about working-out, I get VERY, VERY serious!  😐 ). Once home, the twins, bless their little souls, were the epitome of love and concern and threw tantrums which lasted only till 12 in the night. We slept early yesterday .

Surprisingly, though I imagined myself to be all stiff and sore in the morning, I wasn’t. In fact, apart from slight stiffness in the back I’m feeling rather peppy. Must be all that blood rushing all over the body 🙂 . Exercising’s good for the mood, I guess!

Anyhow, I had a great weekend this time too (thanks to the art of Zen and self-taught-lessons on Happiness Unlimited 😀 ). Though I didn’t get to go anywhere, it was fun to spend time with the twins. I’ll just quickly wrap up the weekend updates in this post.

1) We had submitted documents for the twin’s passport in the passport office around 3 months back. Two kids, twins, same date, same parents. Yet, for some unknown reason, Lui’s passport gets processed and delivered at our place and Shobby’s papers are still awaiting verification. The authorities are not convinced that he’s our son, then one day, they aren’t sure if I am the mother, another day, they doubt the BF’s credentials. This Saturday, I had to visit the clinic where the twins were born and get a letter from my doctor, on her letterhead, claiming that the twins were indeed my children! And my son was indeed my flesh and blood, irrespective of my maiden name. I’ve been trying real hard to hang on to my name, but the government officials in Maharashtra insist that  a married woman MUST have her husband’s name for identification proof. Apparently, they don’t trust their own marriage certificates! The BF’s been running from pillar to post, trying his best to sort out the issues and sometimes, he wonders aloud why I just don’t change my name to make matters easier! I refuse to. Because there is no government rule that I must. But the invisible rule of the land decrees that I should ! It is ridiculous, I know, we’ve been fighting it and don’t seem to be winning any time soon 😦

2) Saturday evening was special, because a wonderful friend from my company (and a loyal blog reader, Sheets) dropped by for a visit. It was SO wonderful to have her with me….we started chatting and time just flew. I wish she could have stayed longer….there was still so much to say and share . Thanks Sheets 🙂 . The pudding you made was yummy 😀 ( And please don’t mind the dismal state of my room. I was foolish enough to give Lui an old mehendi cone which she then proceeded to generously slather over the walls and the bed. )

She also brought gifts for the twins, a pack of various blocks which could be fashioned into toys. Needless to say, me and the BF were pretty occupied throughout the night :D. And oh, for starters, I made the simplest toy possible, a dining table and chairs. Lui was very excited to see the chair and playfully suggested that she wanted to sit on it. Shobs, on hearing this, came running across the room yelling, “Lui…..aap woh chair par nahin baitho. aapka bum bahut bada hai”. In splits we were 😀 !

3) Sunday was a breeze, house-hold work, cooking (where I made some amazing kofta-curry and surprised myself !) and relaxing . SIL visited us in the evening, but couldn’t stay long as her younger son was suffering from a sore throat and was getting irritable by the minute 😦 . I quickly rustled up some fish-curry for her to take back home. Later that night, at dinner, I found out that I’d missed out on the salt 😐 !

4) Monday was an official off but I had some pending work to wrap up, so I came in by 11 AM. There were other team mates who had turned up too, but they came early and left early. I was the last to come in and it was pain, I tell you. The office does not have air-conditioning on weekends. So suffering the heat, I did the best I could and wrapped up by 1 pm. Made a quick visit to Big Bazaar (yes, I still look out for that boy, who is yet again absconding), bought a pair of jeans for Shobs (who finally, finally outgrew his first pair *sending prayers of gratitude to the One above* ) , a top for Lui and a towel for the FIL. Also bought a couple of CDs of nursery rhymes which the kids L-O-V-E to watch on my laptop. They are even decent enough to click only on the left-click button to go next (as I’ve instructed them to 🙂 ).

5) Visited Aapa. There is one benefit of having an elder sister in town. You get to eat a wholesome, hot meal prepared with love by someone other than you 😀 . I stuffed myself silly, and then proceeded to settle down for a siesta on the divan and asked her to wake me up by 5:30pm. She was kind enough to do just that along with a cup of hot tea and slices of cake.

Elder sisters, I tell you……they take care of everything 🙂

6) Went to the gym for my first session (as explained above).

In all, I had a great weekend. I’ve finally made some concrete moves in the weight-reduction department and am raring to go full steam ahead. My target is to shed at least 3-4kgs by 4th Dec.It is a small, very small target, I know….but then, these initial kilos are the only thing I’ll be able to lose. The weight-plateau after that will take much longer to crack.

Before I forget, we got the twin’s report on Friday. We looked on in shock, horror and disbelief.



Always Cheerful!

Listens to Instructions!!

We at home, are still in denial. Me and the BF refuse to belive that the report cards belong to the twins! For once, we find it difficult to relate to even a single characteristic observed in school! Obviously, the teachers out there haven’t encountered Lui’s brash refusal to any request and Shobby’s bossy “nahin karunga” attitude. They haven’t heard the twins yelling late into the night or throwing tantrums because, “ussne mujhe dekha”! I sincerely wish the school agrees to keep the kids there for more than the current 3 hrs. Or let the teachers come here and stay with us. Either we’ll see an improvement in the twin’s behavior, OR the teacher’s will see the true side of the kids.

Whichever way, truth shall prevail 🙂


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I had been on a weekend rant for so long now that I almost forgot what enjoying a weekend meant. And no, it doesn’t mean long lazy hours (at least in my case). It does not mean ready-made meals served on a platter or having the kids off my hands (I’d rather chop my hands off 😀 . The weekends are , after all, for the kids, right?!).

What then, does it take to make a weekend really worth it??

After months of howling and cribbing, I’ve now realized that the way to a happy weekend lies in me.

On how I treat the time I have. What I do and what I don’t. But most important, what attitude I carry when I do the things that I have to do!

So this weekend too, we had our fair share of bunking maids . The regular maid as well as the nanny didn’t turn up. So instead of fretting over them and cursing them under my breath, I took the easier way out and decided to show them the literal finger! I was going to enjoy the weekend with the twins and family and the maids be damned if I was going to let them spoil this time for me!!

On Saturday, I got busy early. Got GMIL settled after her bath and breakfast and made Gulab Jamuns and Vegetable Pulao (I might add here, that in our house, weekend menus generally cross the 1 Kg mark. So the pulao was 1 kg rice with added vegetables. Large scale cooking to make sure rice lasts for dinner too 😉 ) . Post cooking, did a random round of cleaning, did a few utensils and bathed and readied the twins. The twins were less peskier because I had enticed them with a visit to their khala’s place (cousin L’s place, who stays close by). Thankfully, the kids co-operated. The BF was busy with some society work and was out most of the day. Once the MIL came back from school at mid-day, I handed over the house, GMIL and her sons to her care and took my kids out for an evening at my uncle’s house.

Had fun at Cousin L’s place. Helped her prepare lunch while the aunt was busy getting some food into the twin’s tummy 🙂 . Thankfully, the twins were better behaved and didn’t break anything or rip anything apart (the stress of which alone causes me gray hair 😦 ). We had a short siesta post lunch, after which I took the twins to visit my mom’s old family friend. Spent some time there, where the twins gorged on potato wafers as though their life depended on it 😐 (I don’t give them chips at home…mostly avoided since their school requested us parents to stop giving children packed oily stuff. So no more chips, no Peppys or their ilk. I know, my kids will hate me a few years down the line 😦 . *Sigh*…the things one has to do for motherhood!!)

When I got back home later that evening, the house was full of guests of the BF. I herded the kids inside and asked the MIL if I could help with anything. She said that the guests were about to leave….so not much work to be done 🙂 .  The twins had a light dinner and then I played them some nursery rhymes on the laptop. They were good as gold and didn’t touch any key other than the one I showed them for playing the next track 🙂 . They even dropped off to sleep early, tired as they were after a long day!

Sunday was even better. The MIL had made breakfast by the time I woke up so I just contributed to the sweeping house, washing dishes, loading washing machine kind of tasks. The MIL also agreed to make lunch for the day because I had to leave for a birthday party at 10:30. Getting the twins bathed and ready took a better part of my morning and it was only 11 AM before I could step out of the house! It took us some time to find an auto and finally head to the party venue. The Birthday Girl was the daughter of one of my best friend, who is a part of my friend circle mentioned here. Needless to say, once again there were hugs and handshakes galore. It is NEVER boring to meet your friends, specially ones who go back a long way 🙂 . The best part was that this time Shobs was tagging along and he got to meet my friends whom he couldn’t meet last time. By the time we left after lunch, everyone declared that the howling cry-baby Lui was a replica of me and that the silent, observant Shobs was his father’s true son ! Where do they get these ideas , I ask!

Anyhow, we took an auto back home, by which time, the twins were almost falling off to sleep. Once home, they were enveloped in the loving arms of the family, who said they found the house boring in the absence of the twins 🙂 . The BF and BIL played with the kids for some time after which I herded them in for some nap time. I woke up after an hour or so, made tea for everyone and instructed the cook  for dinner. The MIL and FIL had to leave for some house visits, the BIL went to meet his friends and that left me with the GMIL, kids and BF to handle. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel even a wee bit tired even till late in the night (I watched Chillar Party on my laptop till 2 AM. Never expected the movie to be so engrossing and entertaining 🙂 ) . In fact, I think I enjoyed myself this time, in spite of loads of work. Maybe the kids contributed by not being so cranky and demanding of my time…..or just maybe, I’ve grown up a wee bit 😀 . The crux of the matter is that I just changed the way I think about weekends. And it has immensely helped me in getting through the two days 🙂

And oh, since I’m feeling good, here are a couple of conversation snippets between the twins. I never knew when they grew up so much. I could swear they were born yesterday 😐


1) I’m attending to the GMIL in her room. Lui is playing with her rubik-cube. In between, she tires of it and places it on the table. Shobby comes hopping into the room, sees the cube and grabs at it. Lui immediately lets out a loud wail. I think of intervening, but then decide otherwise. Better to let the two sort out their problems themselves!!

Lui : (crying louder than ever) Mera cube!! Shobby ne mera cube liya

Shobs : Lui, mere paas cube nahin hai na. Mera wala toot gaya

Lui : (quietening down immediately) Sobby, aapke paas cube nahin hai?

Shobs : Nahin hai na. Mera cube toot gaya.

Lui : Aapka cube kisne toda.

Shobs : (obviousy thinking of the first name that came to his head) Mummy ne.

Lui : Haan Shobby? Mummy ne toda?

Shobs : (clucking his tongue) Haan na 😦

Lui : (holding up her palm) Aap 2 minutes ke liye khelo , phir humko do.

Shobs : Haan. Okay. (Trying to figure out 2 from his set of fingers, ultimately settling for 4 ) Mai aapko 2 minutes ke baad deta hoon.

So the brother-sister duo walk out of the room hand-in-hand, in complete harmony.

As for me, I just stood there looking like this ” 😯 ”


2) I’m in the kitchen making dinner last night. Shobs, who had earlier gone out with the BIL to buy some stuff, had just returned. In his absence, I had given Lui a piece of chocolate , a brand which Shobs doesn’t like. So I didn’t offer it to him after his return.

I’m standing at the stove, stirring my pot when the two brats start ‘whispering’. Well, they thought they were whispring, but they were pretty audible alright.

Lui : Bhaiya, aap please mummy se chocolate maango.

Shobs : Mujhe nahin chahiye chocolate.

Lui : Mujhe chahiye na. Aap please maango.

Shobs : Nahin aap maango.

Lui : Mummy mujhe gussa karegi na.

Shobs : Haa-aan?? Mummy ko chocolate maangne se mummy ‘very funny’ bolegi.

Lui : (giggling) Mummy ‘Very funny’ nahin bolegi.

Shobs : Bolegi na.

After which, he proceeds to prove his point by coming by my side and demanding the said chocolate –

Shobs :  Mumma….Lui ko chocolate chahiye.

Me :  (Answering in mock anger ) Chocolate chahiye??  Very Funny!!

Lui and Shobs break out in rollicking laughter , practically clutching their tummies as they turned to each other

Shobs : Maine bola tha na?! Mummy ‘Very Funny’ boli 🙂

Lui : (giggles)

I’m giggling myself as I think of these two 🙂

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Hello Hello Hello.

I’m back after a week of celebrations, feasting, donkey-work and relaxing. Apologies for abandoning this blog for quite some time, but like I’ve said before, when I’m home, the last thing I touch is my laptop 😦

I thank ALL of you who messaged/sms-ed/mailed/commented your Eid wishes. Its my fault entirely that I wasn’t around to do a proper Eid post. Blame it on the lack of planning and some last minute wrapping up (I bought new shoes for the twins on the eve of Eid. How early is that?!!).

Anyway, Eid was a muted affair this year. Somehow, since GMIL’s not an active force anymore, much of the hyperactivity is lost. We did some last-minute chopping and drying of the dry-fruits (something which is usually done much before Eid). In fact, I was chopping up dates the night before Eid. Muslims reading this part would be aghast at the horrifying delay in preparations. But what to do?! Somehow, we were just not clued in to Eid this year as we usually are 😦 . Maybe it has to do with GMIL being incapacitated. I somehow miss the old times when she used to yell at us to get things done! Aah well. Please pray for her quick recovery. Also, it was the first time in my living memory when I did not apply mehendi for Eid 😦 . There just wasn’t time for it. And when I did have the time, I also had two kids to mind over. All chances of sitting idle with henna-ed hands went out the windows 😦 .

There were plenty of guests though, except mine. After my first Eid, post marriage, I realized that my set of friends was the only group which did not have a host attending to them. The BF was busy with his friends and the same applied to the BIL, FIL and MIL. I was the one left to do the serving to all parties (being the conventional muslim family, we dont let the house-helps serve the guests). In the bargain, my friends from different groups sat stiffly, gulped down their sheer-kurma and bid me a hasty goodbye. I felt bad then. And I felt bad again , each year after that. Maybe I’ll invite friends over when the twins are a little older….or better even, when the BF and the BIL learn to cater to their own set and leave me alone with mine 😉

I think I must have washed a gazillion utensils last week. The maid took an off for the week and the nanny, who now helps around with the house work too (obviously with extra pay) started coming in by 12 or 1 in the afternoon. Severe test of patience it was, specially since the twins had a week off from school and made it their life’s purpose to compel me into yanking off that last hair from my head. Wanna know what all they were up to? They took out dry wheat atta in a bowl, added loads of water to it and then smeared it over the refrigerator and walls. They squeezed out mehendi from the cones, smeared it over their hands and then made palm prints over the house, on the walls, the floors, bed sheets and of course, their clothes( The stains refuse to ‘Vanish’ in spite of generous usage of the same! ). They insisted on having separate plates for their dinner and then proceeded to drop its entire contents on the floor. They spilled water by the jugful. They opened bottles of liquid handwash and smeared it all over themselves, then screamed their hearts off when some of it entered their eyes. They bumped into walls,doors and each other. They fell off beds, tables and chairs. They fought and they cussed. They yelled and they screamed. They cried buckets . They refused to eat proper meals and survived on junk-food. They made me feel shitty like a loser mom. In all, they were just being normal 😐

*Whew! *

Anyhow, since it was a rather WET weekend, much time was spent in idling by the windows , ruminating on life and other such wonders 🙂 . The twins had a blast, hanging on to the windows, looking down at the Dhol-tasha processions passing by below. Believe me, if you haven’t seen a dhol-tasha procession up close, you’ve seen nothing of the Ganpati festival. The air positively resonates with the beats! I bet by next year the twins will be down there on the road, dancing themselves silly with the crowd 😀

We did a whale of house-visits on Sunday. Took the twins to visit one of BF’s friends who had set up an elaborate tableau for Ganpati and Gauri in his house. It was beautifully done 🙂 The BF narrated stories of how he used to assist his friends in making those very same decorations when he was younger. Hidden talent that I never knew of 😐 . After this friend, we went to another one’s place for dinner and what a dinner it was!! Sumptuous chicken-lollipops, chicken&corn hot&sour soup and biryani wrapped up with hot Sheer-kurma. Bliss 🙂

Needless to say, this morning was awful!! Got terribly late while preparing food for lunch , the twins refused to cooperate and the BF refused to come out of his burrow to help. Somehow, managed to wrap up everything and leave for office. And once here, am back in the grind 😀

Thats all about me. How about you all?? Did you have a wonderful Eid too?? Have you set up Ganpati at your place? How is Shravan proceeding? Tell me all. I want to know what all I missed out on in the last week.

I’m all ears 🙂

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Monday’s here again and there’s loads to share from the past week and weekend. As usual, the fasts continue, no major volcanic eruptions yet (between me and the BF. Between MIL and GMIL. Between BIL and FIL. Between Lui and Shobs. Between me and the Nanny. Between…. oh forget it! Lets just say there’s peace all around 😀 )

Last week I was caught up with work and didn’t do any real posts. Sure, the Leh series were put up, but mostly because I wanted to preserve Bro’s wonderful adventure more than he did 🙂 . Anyhow, now that the series is over and there is surely no way out from work, I really must put in more effort (and some time) towards keeping up this blog.  There are so many thoughts running in my head, if I don’t put them down now, surely I’ll explode 🙂 !


Had the Twin’s official Parent-Teachers meeting on Friday. Awful timing, I say. Since the school gets over at 12:30, the meet was scheduled between 12 to 1 , so that parents could take their children home after the meet. Since the BF was in another part of the city (around 30 KM from the school) he couldn’t make it. That left me to make the necessary trip from home -to office – to school-to-home-to office. Yeah! Peachy, right?!

Anyhow, fighting the heat and dust, I reached the school on time. Met the teachers who, once again, reminded me how different my kids were at home and school. Lui received a little flak (disinterested, does not listen in one go, impulsive, etc 😦 ) and Shobs was heaped with praises (obedient, sociable, skilled 😯 )

When I narrated the same to the BF later, he reminded me that the same adjectives apply to the twins at home, but simply swapped! Shobs is the lazy, disinterested types and Lui is the one who is friendly and has good motor skills (the teacher asked me to teach Lui to pick pulses from a bowl to improve her motor skills. That evening, I found Lui skillfully plucking the pomegranate seeds from its peel. Her speed was to be seen to be believed. She is now the official pomegranate picker 😀 . I seriously wished the teacher was around to see it for herself!!)

We got the kid’s workbooks and art-books to have a better idea of what all they have learned in the last 2 months. Their progress is impressive 🙂 (even if I say so myself).  I don’t teach the kids poems and stuff at home. I teach them generic stuff. I let them know what a vacuum cleaner does or how to put the lids on lunch boxes. The MIL taught them how to fold clothes, but then, one fine day, Shobs discovered that pulling out folded clothes and tossing them in the air gave him more pleasure. Lui loyally assists her brother in this clothes-carnage. We’ve been hiding the clothes from them since then 🙂

Anyhow, the crux of the matter is that I know my kids are doing well….one at school and one at home. So I’m not worried 🙂 Things are going well. The teacher once again appreciated the lunch-boxes I send for the twins and I’m now even more inspired than before to make lunch times as exciting as ever 😉  . Suggestions for the same are obviously, most welcome 🙂


Since we are a working family, weekends are the only time we get for Ramadan cleaning. Needless to say, this last weekend was awfully hectic , what with pulling down all the stuff from over-head lofts, cleaning, washing, drying, repacking and then re-stuffing back to their location! And here I was, thinking that I’m the world’s worst hoarder! Appears that my in-laws are miles ahead of me 🙂 !! So we have utensils dated early 1930’s-40’s, belonging to the GMIL. They are copper and brass vessels, unused, patina-ed and smelly. But we pull them down, scrub them to shiny perfection (thanks Pitambari) and then stuff them back where they came from. The GMIL refuses to part with them( of course) and we have no idea how to use them . Our kitchen is already overloaded with utensils and stuff!! As I counted yesterday, we have 2 non-stick tawas, 2 iron tawas, 2 aluminium ones, 3 non-stick pans , 2 iron kadhai, 2 aluminium kadhai, 1 non-stick kadhai, 3 cookers (5 ltr to 1 ltr ), 8 steel vessels in varying sizes, around 20 aluminium vessels , ranging from ones in which you can make 10 Kg pulav to one in which you can boil an egg, around 20 stainless steel containers, innumerable pearl-pet jars (varying sizes), two-sets of dinner plates, 2 sets of quarter plates, two sets of stainless steel glasses and innumerable katoris. And I’m just listing the stuff we use on a regular basis. I’m not getting into the glassware and melamine section now. Not even the utensils I got from mom as a part of my wedding collection!!

What!? we are a Big family, remember?!

Anyhow, point is that a whole lot of time was spent in washing, cleaning, mopping,sorting, sweeping, collecting, dumping, sighing, running, cooking and finally, collapsing 😐

BTW, I made killer sabudana khichdi and Dhoklas for Iftaar (since there is no one else who will sing me praises, I’m compelled to do the needful myself  *humble-mumble* ). The twins crashed at 12:30 last night. I got up at 3:30 for Saheri. Still alive and kicking! I tell you people, keep fasts. OR have children. (The adventurous or the unlucky ones might opt for both 😉 ). There is no other kick-shot method to test your endurance and stamina 😀


Remember this post??

Okay, so the same girl ran away from home and married an office colleague 😀

Needless to say, the last few days at work have been interesting. VERY interesting. Good friend SK from work was a major factor in convincing the girl to take the step and must say, the effort from all sides was worth it 😉

Okay, since all the story above makes no sense, I’ll start from the beginning.

The said girl, lets call her SG(who is a Jain) , who fell in love with a colleague , lets call him SB (who is a Maratha). The minute her parents found out about the direction in which her heart beats, they whisked her away to her hometown and kept her in house-arrest. Initially, she gave the excuse of sick leave. But after some time, had to let the managers know that she was quitting. When asked why, she gave health reasons. The managers insisted that she get well soon and then join (wise decision, that. Not all managers are that considerate).

Anyhow, the guy pined for her, pestered SK for ages, asking for suggestions, help. SK did her bit and convinced SG to either take the plunge or opt out. But not to keep a guy waiting indefinitely! The girl, for once, took her own decision. So one fine day, SB took leave from work, went to SG’s hometown. The girl came out of her house on some pretext. The two eloped, went to a city nearby, got married and then returned to the guy’s family in Mumbai. SB’s family warmly accepted SG and then they all went back to SG’s parents to soothe ruffled feathers.

All in all, all’s well that ends well. Everyone’s happy (yes, including SG’s family. They were saved the humongous expenses that come with a Marwari wedding 😀 ) . So when these two trooped into office one day and declared they were married, there were hoops of joy (from those who knew) and loud exclamations (from those who didn’t). There were also loads of broken hearts, since SG is a looker and had quite a fan following 🙂 . Frankly, we were all tickled pink 🙂 . I was nostalgic …about all the times me and the BF pondered over how our lives would turn out had our parents not agreed to our union. I’m glad my parents supported me, because I for one, could never ever leave them for the BF !! And the BF knows this 🙂


The air here is just resonating with romance….and there are quite a few guys who think its time they took the plunge too. I’m just waiting for another love story to rock our sedate work environment 😉


I’ve been meaning to do a post on Hritik Roshan’s singing talents. I wrote a draft after I saw Kites…then deleted it because it didnt have much material. Then I started with one when I saw Guzarish. Scrapped that too (I’m not sure why). Then I saw ZNMD. And now, I really, really MUST do a post on him! Seriously!


I have finally succumbed to the cold-cough virus 😦

Lui is still coughing, MIL is hacking her way through the fasts and the GMIL is still nursing a runny nose. I fought valiantly, but I guess the battle was lost last night. This morning, I woke up with a stuffy nose and a itchy throat (horrible combination). Needless to say, I’m not fasting today (woe me 😦 ) . A few cups of warm water since morning have kept the throat clear. But its my nose that’s giving me trouble. Am sneezing terribly (for the record, I don’t do dainty sneezes. Thats the BF’s department.  I sound much more like a whale, out to get some air!) .

I’m a tad worried about the MIL though. She’s been suffering for close to 2 weeks now. She’s had loads of medication, but no reprieve 😦 . Even home remedies are not working. For the first time ever, she missed her fasts because of the cough. It is the season, I guess. Practically half the people I know are down with the cold-cough flu 😦


Thats all for now folks. Gotta get back to home and heart(h) 😀

Life’s good, weather’s sunny and there’s fish to fry (no, there isn’t. But it sounded good 🙂 ). Catch  up with ya’ll tomorrow.

Ciao 🙂

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Hey All. Hugs to you. I’ve missed y’all like crazy and missed posting on my blog like a drug addict misses his dope.


Whew! Now that I’ve got ‘high’ on seeing my own blog, let me update you on the many things that happened in the last two weekends. Since its a loooong update and I have a lot more work to do than usual, I’ll give a bullet point list of the major activities in the MomOfRS household (and also the outside 😀 )

  • I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part -2. Good friend from work, SK and me decided to book our tickets and watch the show sans our husbands, who have no appreciation for Harry Potter whatsoever (their loss, I say) . So we girls had a fun time watching the 3-D movie. My only grouse is that I somehow want the movie to stay true to the book and I did feel a little let down when the major action events in the book barely landed a second’s notice in the movie. Where was Grawp? Where was Fred Weasly’s valiant fight with the death eaters? Where was Hagrid? Worse, where was Voldemort, the evil Lord, whose name alone sends shudders down one’s spine?! Here, he looked just like a weak creature of the earth, struggling to gain control over Hogwarts and Harry (in that order). I missed them. But the special effects! Go watch the movie just for it 😀
  • Went for a special colleagues get-together last Sunday. This was my training group in my current company (in the year 2004) . Its wonderful that even after so many years, we are all in touch, though most have moved over to other companies, other jobs. Most of us made it for the get-together, but some couldn’t. The BF couldn’t accompany me since he had his own appointment with his friends, so I dragged Lui along for company( The MIL took Shobs along with her to her friend’s place). I swear we were the loudest crowd at the restaurant. We yelled and screamed at each other, hugged each other and went crazy over the kids 😀 . It was needless to say, a VERY happy gathering. Will some pics from the meet soon. BTW, it was a wet,Wet,WET day!!! And I did the BIG mistake of forgetting Lui’s raincoat at home. So as security measure, I wrapped her head in a scarf, covered it with her sweatshirt’s hood and then wrapped my jacket around her and put the hood on (in case you are wondering, I had my own raincoat in the dicky). When we returned home, I was shocked to see that her scarf was damp, after all that wrapping up, my dear daughter had got soaked anyway…..but then I realized it was just sweat 😐
  • I’ve been reading voraciously for the last couple of weeks. Read some good books and some trash. Also bought a few books through FlipKart. Their service is rather impressive, I must say! I decided a few months back I would now focus more on Indian authors than foreign ones. It helps to read the insights from a fellow countryman , I guess. Anyhow, the latest to join my list are Arvind Adiga’s Between Assassinations, Anything For You Ma’am by Tushar Raheja (avoidable 😐 ) , The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, Urban Shots by Paritosh Uttam and a host of newbie Indian writers, No Deadline For Love by Manasi Vaidya (fellow mommy blogger 🙂 ) and Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer . I completed the first three in this list and am currently reading the next three simultaneously (blame it on the multi-tasking thread in my head 😀 ) . Hey Prats, your story was cute. Super cute. Me likes 🙂
  • Shobs gave me a health scare last Tuesday. He was restless and lethargic and reluctant to go to school. But he was enthusiastic while taking his bath and getting dressed and having his breakfast. So I bundled him off to school in spite of his protests. Alas 😦  . I reached office pretty late that day and as soon as I stepped in, got a call from the BF that he had received a call from the twin’s school. Apparently, Shobby had thrown-up at school and was howling for his mamma. He also had a high temperature. Lui, was accompanying her brother in the crying business and driving the teachers mad. It was pouring that day and I was a long way from home. Luckily, the BIL called to say that he could get the twins back from school and to a doctor faster than it would take me to reach home. So I gave in and the BIL did the running around. It turned out that Shobby had chest congestion and wasn’t coughing enough to release it. Some cough-syrup and Meftal later, he was chirpy as usual 🙂
  • The twins LOVE school (Alhamdulillah). I still can’t belive that the only tantrums I have to face are those related to who will go first for bath or whom I have to dress up first! Its a race between the two, with Lui making sure that she wins, by hook or by crook!! So she’ll run into the bathroom and douse herself with water when I’m outside, removing Shobby’s clothes for his bath. Obviously, since she’s wet, she’ll have to bathe first . This girl is cunning, I tell you!! 😀 . And hey, I have one doubt. I give my kids as little medication as possible (hoping that they build their immunity rather than depend on medication), then why is it that my kids crave for medicines? I mean, I can ask them to behave themselves if they want medication (however bitter it may be) and they’ll toe the line!! Administering medication is a happy time in our place and the strictest punishment would be a threat to deprive them. Not sure if this is a good sign or a bad one 😐
  • Went shopping this Saturday, hoping to find some good catch in the monsoon sale. How disappointed was I to find that the only good stuff available are saris (which I don’t wear). There is a severe dearth of dress material and the stuff that is available , is all old stock – looking as dull as old clothes do!! It was a very unsatisfying day, with me and cousin L depressed to wasting an entire day and finding nothing! NOTHING!! I did buy a couple of things, but nothing that I’m happy about 😦
  • I visited a Police Station after a long time 🙂 Okay, so dont jump to conclusions and think I’m a regular the 😀 . The only time I went before was when I had to get my passport documents verified. This time, it was for the twins. The verifier took a hefty amount before doing the needful, but we had to wait for a long time for the Inspector to come in and sign the documents. We had an appointment for 8 pm, the fellow came in at 9:15. We were out by 9:30. In those 1.5 hours, the twins turned up the crank factor because it was past their dinner time and they didn’t like the fact that there was no place to sit. Plus, it was pouring outside, so we just stood in once cramped corner with the other families awaiting their document verification. Luckily, we were out before the twins threw a full-fledged tantrum! The severe looking police inspector wasn’t helping the matter any!
  • The BF’s aunt went back to her home on Sunday. We escorted her back home, me, the BF and the twins. The weather was lovely and clear and it was a nice chance to get the kids out of the smoke and pollution of the city, even if it was for only a day 🙂 . It was nice to have the aunt with us, we are thankful to her for all that she has done for the GMIL, but her family needs her too. It was hard on the granny to let go, but in the end, we couldn’t be keeping the aunt with us indefinitely, could we?! The twins called out to the aunt as we left her place, surprised that she didn’t hop in with them. These last 6 months, the twins had become quite attached to her and she to them. So though she didn’t sob much when she left her mother, she sobbed buckets as we pulled out on the road 😦 . I guess thats what kids do best! Make us addicted to them and then crave their presence !!

This week’s going to be tough. We have our client visiting from US and we need to comein by 9 sharp each morning. No more flexi-timing till he’s in town 😦 This has put a cog in the gear of my daily schedule, but with the BF chipping in, hopefully, the days will pass by like a breeze. Today, the MIL bathed the kids and the BF dried and powdered them before changing their clothes. He also fed them breakfast, readied their bags and waited with them downstairs for their school van. I do all the above everyday, but just typing this out and knowing that the BF does it all now, gives me a cheerful feeling  😀 . I wish he does this everyday of the twin’s school life 😀

Anyhow folks, I’ve been away for long. There’s a lot I need to catch up on now. Most of you have been blogging like crazy and I have hundreds of posts to read. Time is running out, so I now bid you adieu. Will come back with more posts and more pictures this week.

Till then, Have a great week ahead.


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Hello all. As usual, this Monday, I’m all peppy and fired up 🙂 (long time readers will know why 😉 )

The only dark cloud looming over my head is the twin’s illness 😦 . Actually, since the GMIL fell down and fractured her hip (back in Jan this year), the twins have been good as gold. Since both me and the MIL were busy tending to the granny, we never realized that for the last 6 months plus, the twins never fell ill even once!! I mean, no colds, no coughs and no fevers. It was almost as though they were living a charmed life (Alhamdulillah). The charm still runs on I guess, because the fever is not too high . Blocked nose and slight cough nothing that a dose of crocin syrup and nose drops cannot help. Given the measly weather, I doubt they could have fought the viruses any longer anyway. I gave them an off from school today and even went to the school to let the teachers know that the twins wouldn’t be coming today. They told me to send them back only after the two are completely well. Hmmm……looks like the two will be at home right through this week !


The GMIL is doing well (Alhamdulillah again 😀 ). The fat necrosis has reduced considerably and going by the amount that is secreted recently, we can safely say that it is a just a matter of a few weeks before her stitches heal completely. Once that happens ,I believe, she will have more energy and strength for getting up and walking around. The walking is a must, but granny is loath to do it as she feels weak and tired all the time.  Hopefully, once her wound is better, she will feel a tad more positive than she does now 🙂


The aunt’s doing well too, though her problem persists. Alas, her diagnosis points to a back injury which took place nearly 25 years back and caused some problem with the signals sent to her brain from her lower body. This is a neurological problem and requires surgery. Unfortunately, neither the aunt or anyone in her family is convinced as to the success of such an operation. Till the time they are , I guess she has no option but to suffer the catheter 😦


I did a mean thing this Saturday. I still feel bad about it, but I guess it was much-needed.

I’ll give the background first – The nanny is getting unreliable by the day. Since the twins started school, she has very little to do. Me and the MIL make sure we get the kids ready for school in the morning, so this girl happily saunters in around 12 noon.  She picks up the kids at 1 pm, feeds them and then puts them to sleep. After that, she washes a few clothes of the kids, has lunch and goes off to sleep herself. By 5 pm, all of them get up. She feeds the twins their milk and biscuits and just minds over them till 7 pm. After that she leaves.In all, her actual ‘work’ takes up only about 3-4 hours at the most.Yet, we never bothered to deduct her salary even though we were doing the work she was initially paid to do (like bathing the twins and feeding them breakfast). Earlier, when the twins were younger, there used to be a bucket load of washing to do, but slowly, as we potty-train them, there are hardly a few soiled clothes which need washing and even then, she prefers to dump them in the washing machine instead of hand-washing them. We don’t complain. If some clothes don’t come out clean, I put them back for washing.

The one thing that we have asked her to do is be punctual. And that is exactly the one thing she doesn’t do. She gets to sleep at our place, so she doesn’t sleep early at night. She watches television late into the night and then gets up around 10 am. When she does, she calls to say that she’ll be late (whats new!) and then finally turns up at the house by 11 or 11:30. Sometimes, even later than that.

When the GMIL was well, we never bothered with the delays. But since the GMIL herself is bed-ridden, whom should I rely on for those hours between the time I have to leave for work and when the nanny drops in?? With the school timings, that little problem was solved, but only for weekdays. Weekends were another story! I have asked her repeatedly to come on time on Saturdays because that is the only day I can get my non-official work done (any bank work, meeting people, shopping , etc). Even then, I spend only a couple of hours away from home.

So this Saturday, the nanny wanted a half-day off because it was her best friend’s birthday. I gave her the green signal, but also told her to come in early, as I had some important bank work to do. She promised to come in by 9 AM. And turned up at 11:30. By the time she came in, I was too hopping mad to go out anywhere. So just as she entered, I asked her to pick her bag and walk out. I told her in no uncertain terms that I just didn’t need her that day and that I was unwilling to pay her for just two hour’s of attendance. She started crying then, but I was too fuming mad to melt. Her delays had caused us much grief for the last 6 months, yet we all kept quiet. I guess, on Saturday, the bubble of my patience finally burst and I let her have it. I didn’t yell at her though. I was just sharp and curt. When she insisted on bathing the twins before going, I told her that there was no need for her to do that and I wanted her out of my vision pronto!

Frankly, this side of me surprised me more than the nanny or the other relatives at home (GMIL and her two daughters). I never thought I could ever scold anyone who is not married to me ( 😉 )or is not my offspring 😀 but looks like I can. I felt rotten after she left. I mean, the one reason we keep shut with matters related to her is that she is an orphan. She has no immediate family and since she spends the major part of her time at our house (not to be confused with the actual time she ends up staying, which is far less), we treat her like family. She sits for meals with us, has access to every room, knows exactly where stuff is kept and is treated with love and respect. The problem is when she does not honour that treatment 😦

Anyhow, she left with a heavy heart, I’m sure.

“Don’t worry, she’ll come on time tomorrow”, the MIL reassured me when I told her about my outburst. “I hope so”, I replied.

So this girl comes in at 11:30 am  yesterday.



I saw Delhi Belly yesterday.

And I’m still wondering what the fuss is all about.

Sure, there is profanity. There are some cheap jokes. There are sexual innuendos .

But, I have seen much more than this in regular Hollywood flicks. Maybe, the surprising fact is that a Hindi film, no , an Indian film could get away with it all !! I wasn’t shocked out of my mind or laughing my guts off. But I did have a silly smile throughout, meaning, I enjoyed what I was watching. It helped that the movie was short, because towards the end, it just became a tad tedious (the loose-motions didn’t seem funny after a while ). But overall, it was fun, too much happening too soon for you to dwell on a particular scene. thankfully, there were no breaks 🙂

Don’t think of the movie as path-breaking, or bringing in a new genre. It isn’t. It’s just a movie with loads of cuss words, but nothing new. You’ve heard them all before.

The best part?

Towards the end, when the protagonist realises whom he really loves and dives in (literally) to stake his claim. Witty, crazy and soul-shudderingly romantic! Now that’s how movies are meant to feel 😀


I made paav-bhaji for lunch yesterday. I made it for the first time by myself and I’m proud to declare that it was finger-lickin’ good 🙂 . So good that the BF took me out for the above movie post-lunch !! Hmm…that saying about the path to a man’s heart being through his tummy isn’t all that wrong after all 😀

Frankly, I’m better at non-veg stuff than veg. I mean, the regular day-to-day food is vegetarian, but when it comes to specialty dishes, I feel I score at non-veg than veg. One can rarely go wrong with chicken or fish. But if not careful, you can totally kill a vegetable 😦 . Cook a tad longer, it becomes pulpy. Cook too less, it is crunchy. Sometimes, the spices may not compliment it, at others, it may not need spices but you end up adding anyway and like I said before, kill it!!

I bow in respect to women who can make classic vegetarian dishes. In fact, I bow to women who can stay vegetarians 😐

I can give up mutton (forever!) and chicken. But seafood makes me weak in the knees. The delectable smell of fried prawns, the crisp covering of batter over soft, succulent surmai, the South-Indian fish-curry in coconut milk….what’s NOT to love?!!

Gosh!! Talking of food just makes me hungry!

Going down to the cafeteria for snacks now. You all take care and have a wonderful week ahead.


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Hello hello.

I’m back, if you’d like to know.

A lot tired and worn out. But back 🙂

Things have been awfully hectic these past few days and I seriously don’t know where to begin. GMIL is still in the hospital, the nanny was ill for the last 4-5 days and I wasn’t keeping well either ( Not that anyone was paying attention to poor ol’ me ).

I spent the weekend cooking, some more cooking and then minding the twins (which I swear, is the most daunting task ever!!) In between, I did take a break and attend a house-warming function held by a dear friend at work. Took the kids along , since I rarely take them out these days. Thankfully, they weren’t unruly. Just mischievous and full of love for another friend’s baby. Other than that, they ate their potatoes and papad and jalebis and didn’t fuss much when I sneaked in mouthfuls of rice. Excellent progress in public behaviour, if I say so myself 🙂

My friend, the host, had her family over for the function. She is the eldest of three daughters. One of her sisters is also married and the other one is studying. Now the point I’m getting to is that her mother has adopted a three-month-old baby boy ! What a fantabulous thing to do! I mean, at an age when most parents hang up their boots, here is one couple who’s taking the plunge in baby-rearing once again! What stamina, I tell you!!

Obviously, since her mom has set such a shining example, my friend has decided to adopt a baby herself! I swear, we need more such people like them.  It helps that they have a supportive family around them. These are the small examples which make all the difference 🙂

I guess it was the first office-friends get-together that the BF attended. As usual, he was his shy, reserved self, more mindful about the kids than his bumbling, chattering wife (towards whom he was most ignorant). We couldn’t stay there long as he had a society meeting to attend. A hasty goodbye later, we left for home.


Took the kids out to meet the GMIL last Sunday. Now once in a  while, the BF insists on taking the kids along on the bike. The weather being sultry, a cool dash on the bike seemed the right thing to too. Settling ourselves together,off we went. What a ride! Shobs shrieked in pleasure as the wind whipped his cheeks. He hollered and yelled and I suspect even yoddled!! Lui, meanwhile updated me regularly on the many buses she saw on the road.

While returning, Shobs sat between me and the BF and Lui sat in front of her father. A couple of minutes into the drive, Shobs asks me, “Mumma, moon dekho. Woh kiddar se aaya?”

So I went off into a litany of how the moon is always accompanying us and how God has sent it down to look over little kids and the like. A decent mixture of science and fiction. Because they are too young to understand the real truth 😀 !!

Anyhow, two minutes after my answer, Shobs stares up at the moon solemnly, point a finger upwards and asks, “Mumma, moon kiddar se aaya”.

Clearly, he wasn’t paying attention the first time! the bugger!

So I started off all over again. Gave him the script once again. He just looked serious through it all. As I was done, he asks, “Mumma, moom kiddar se aaya?”


I gave a one-liner.

“Mumma, moon kiddar se aaya”.

“From hell”, I replied.

“Nai nai mumma. Moon kiddar se aaya??”

By this time, I was ready to call it quits. Though we were a very short distance from home, I asked the BF to swap the kids. Once again, Shobs went back to spreading his arms and shouting out loud and I was happily cuddling up with Lui.

“Mumma, woh dekho moon!!” She exclaimed.

GOSH!! Not again, I moaned. But before I could answer, we were back in the parking!

Thank you God. THANK YOU 🙂


Its been awful at work lately. I mean, it isn’t the work that’s to blame. Its the hectic schedule between home, hospital and work which is to blame. Though the operation went well this time too, the GMIL is not as peppy as before. She lost a lot of blood too. The docs had to remove the steel plates and screws and cut out the hip-joint itself. She now has a shiny new hip-joint in place but its not giving her any relief either. Severe osteoporosis is taking a toll on her bones and recovery is slow. We’re doing our best to cheer her up. Frankly, she’s just tired of the agony of it all. God knows we would do everything in our capacity to relieve her pain. Its just that she now feels guilty of causing trouble and goes into further gloom 😦

Thankfully, the BF’s aunts are staying back to help us out. Unfortunately for the MIL and me, it is that time of the year when we are both neck-deep in work. The MIL did take a few days off from her school, but it was to stay with the kids at home than with GMIL in the hospital. The nanny’s been rather ill lately and we gave her leave to recuperate in peace. Thankfully, she’s back to work now 🙂

I now prepare the meals for GMIL and the aunts and also drop the lunch box at the hospital before proceeding to work. The only problem is that the hospital and the office are at different ends from my place and it becomes a very long drive by the time I reach office. Once at work, I’m so bushed that its difficult to concentrate. It doesn’t help that I’m still sniffling because of that dratted cold 😦

I have loads to do, and so little inclination 😦


Appraisal time is here.


Time to fight for my rights and better pay.

Time to make my managers aware of all that I’ve achieved this last year (not much).

Time to bring out the swords and the shields, brasso them and keep them handy.

Time to rummage through the archives, hunting for all the appreciation mails I’ve received.

Time to stop expecting anything to go my way (if it does go my way, I’ll have more reason to celebrate, right?)

Time to log in to the VPN and fill out that Self-Appraisal form.

Time to bid y’all good bye.

For today .

Have a great day people 🙂


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Hiya Friends.

I’ve been pretty busy at work lately and have very little time to blog 😦

Yesterday was a day of recharged citizens and cricket conversations. For the record, I took an active participation in all the cric-conversations  though I know zilch about the game. You couldn’t have figured that out if I hadn’t told you, I was that good 😀

Today is no better. I’m neck-deep in work and now, after coming back from a lunch with BFS, I’m stuffed to the gills and need cellotape to keep my eye-lids open.

Anyhow, I’ll take the effort and update you about the weekend 🙂

This weekend was much like the ones before it, though I have mixed reactions to all that was/is happening around me. Quite a mixture, I admit. Read on, if you aren’t bored already 🙂

We had our fair share of cricket craziness on Saturday. The BF glued himself to the couch in front of the TV and changed from a silent, charming gentleman to a profanity-spewing, frothing-at-the-mouth species (which I would NOT relate to anything human!). Thankfully, by Sunday morning, he recovered enough to be back to his normal self.

As for me, well……..frankly, I don’t dig cricket much. Win-win lose-lose, it’s all the same, it’s just a game!! I used up the time by making sure the twins stayed out of the BF’s way, cotton balls firmly clogging their ears (wouldn’t want the kids to hear too much swearing, you know!) and I personally got down to making ‘besan ke laddoo’ with my own two hands. Alas, right after I was done and was doing the rounds of the house, I found, to my utter dismay, that NONE of the family members is keen on besan-ke-laddoo,whoever’s hands they might be made from! The MIL was encouraging though. She claimed they were purrrfect and had a couple to convince me. I had a couple myself and was convinced. They were damn good, I must say 😀

Next time, I’ll stick to Gulab-Jamuns which are everyone’s favourite. Plus, they come in ready-made packs. Saves me half the trouble 😀

PS:  a snippet of conversation with the BF :-

Me : SL is batting first?

BF : *grunt*

Me : (pointing to Indian team) They lost the toss??

BF :  (glaring ) WE lost the toss 👿

Point noted, M’lord.


The nanny bunked on Sunday (I’m drafting a BIG post on why we are still not kicking her out. Will post it soon. I promise). I had a hundred things on my shopping list , but once again, it’s on hold. I’m taking a 2-week break in May to visit the parents and wanted to buy some stuff for them. But as usual, looks like I’ll be dumping last-minute bought stuff in my luggage 😦 .

But hey, I made Pongal for breakfast on Sunday and guess who LOVED it??

The GMIL!!

“Hey Bhagwan!! Mera jeevan safal ho gaya” 

Jokes apart, for once, the GMIL really, really liked what she was eating, in spite of her never seeing it before in her entire life! For the record, the ONLY cuisine the granny likes is what she knows how to cook. Everything else is worthy of the trash can!

Needless to say, I’m tickled pink since Sunday 🙂


While on Granny, guys, the poor dear is hospitalized today. By the time I hit publish, she would have come out of the op-theatre. Apparently, the metal rods in her thigh were causing her much grief. Though she had started walking a bit using the walker, it wasn’t without much pain. The last X-ray revealed that the metal rods and screws were digging into her flesh the wrong way . The operation today is to remove the rods and place some other contraption in its place (not sure exactly what it is).

At her age, I can only imagine the agony of going through another thigh-long cut and stitches. Hopefully, this time the operation will be better and healing as good as before. Unfortunately, the GMIL is not as peppy this time as she was before. She even sobbed last saturday because she hated being dependent on others. I hold myself to blame partially. Actually, with India winning the match and the fire-crackers and hooting and loud music everywhere, I didn’t hear the granny calling out to me. She needed to use the bed-pan and by the time I heard her and responded in the like, it was almost 40 minutes. She cried then, because she had to hold on till someone heard her. I felt like a sack of rotten eggs then.

But I was glad when she cheered up the next morning after the pongal breakfast. Pat-on-the-back, if I say so myself 😀

Do pray for her. She needs all the prayers and love you people can send across.

Thanks 🙂


We took the twins to a park on Sunday (Sarasbaug, for the Puneites). This park is famous for having loads of fun rides and eating joints lining the street outside. The twins had fun on some of the rides, though they refused to show their pleasure!! If you see the snaps, they look like the cheeriest couple of kids this side of the GMT.


They look like this :-

While riding elephants

While driving a jeep

Awfully pleased with the ball

Bursting with joy at the idea of posing!

In my defense, I can say that the kids refused to get off once the rides were over. Its just that they aren’t very expressive about it, are they?!

Or maybe, they are just hungry!

(Or was it me?)

The BF refused to buy anything other than a ball and a balloon for the two.

Cotton candy?, I cooed.

No, he said.

Paani-puri?, I wheedled.

Of course not. Not from here, he reasoned.

Bhutta?? I squeaked, glancing longingly at the roasting maize.

And who will look after the kids, he countered.







I returned home as grumpy as the kids. Swore to the MIL that I’m NEVER taking that man to a park again. The MIL was equally aghast at the no-food n0-drink curfew set by the BF. She wiped the tears off my cheeks and consoled that henceforth only the two of us shall take the kids out to Sarasbaug. I sniffled back in pleasure 🙂

And so folks, that’s how I’ve been busy. How about y’all?? Do drop me a line about your weekend 🙂

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(I staretd writing this post yesterday, but never got a chance to complete it . Thought of updating the first paragraph, but then thought, what the hell, you guys should know what I wanted to write yesterday !! So, without any corrections, I present – )

Hiya People, its Monday morning once again, but by the time I finish this post and hit publish, you’d be just getting ready to slip into your pyjamas and call it a day. Nevertheless, my good wishes stay 🙂

The weekend update post is not as busy (or long)  as it was a couple of weeks back. Apart from the nanny who bunked both days and the MIL who wasn’t home on Saturday to the BF , who was home, but totally useless, I’ve had my hands full. But I survived to write this post,  didn’t I?

I initially thought of listing all the events of the weekend, but then better sense prevailed and I’m now just categorizing all that I did and didn’t 🙂

What I Did Do

Cooking. Nimkis and pooris to Mutton Curry to Desi ghee (yeah, including the churning butter part. Quaint, isn’t it 😀 )

Minding the kids. No comments 😐

Minding the Fort (aka the household)

Minding the mood swing (drat that bluddy India-SA match!!)

Washing clothes (the washing machine went KAPUT 😦  and I don’t give my clothes to the maid)


What I Didn’t Do

Shopping for essentials (grocery and stuff which was HIGH priority for the last two weeks. Blame the nanny for bunking and ruining my plans 😦 )

Visit the parlour (*ahem* this is kinda rare activity, but since the BF commented not so kindly that I resembled a grizzly bear, me thought some TLC at the neighbourhood beauty spot was much needed)

Make biscuits (which I’ve been planning for ages….err…make that 2.5 years or the time since we bought our microwave!)

Operation Cupboard-Clean-Up (planned for months now. The strategy is in place, execution is pending!)

The twins were good as gold and stuck to their routine of pulling off the hair on my head, strand by strand.  I’m rather immune to the pain by now. As for the BF, the lesser said, the better. I’ve never understood the fanaticism behind cricket, but I’m sure I hate the game for what it makes of my man.Grouchy, grumpy, grunty. Stuck to  the couch and not even getting up for a loo break. Lunch, tea and dinner, all served at a fixed spot in front of the TV. The kids can holler like red-indians for all he cares. The wife can wail piteously, wring her hands in frustration and threaten to leave the house with the kids forever and all he’ll do is ask her to shut the door as she leaves. Because menial jobs like that cannot be carried out during crucial matches.

So the wife took out her anger on a BIG lump of maida (mixed with salt, kalonji and dried methi) , pounding it for all she was worth, rolling them out, cutting out small circles with a steel glass and then deep-frying them. The twins LOVED them, which was a big high, given that Shobs rarely chews anything and Lui has a sweet tooth.

Snack time 🙂 *


Sunday turned out as usual sans the guest list of the previous few weeks. The BF vented his ire on India’s loss by storming out of the house at 7 AM to play a match at the stadium near our place. It didn’t help. His team lost the match. He stormed right back in and didn’t come out of the room for the rest of the day.

The twins were better today, and by that I mean , they allowed me to spend some time cooking and washing my clothes. In fact, the twins assisted me in drying the wash 🙂 (there’s this small matter me needing to rinse a couple of them twice after the kids dropped them). It was fun 🙂

BTW, did I tell you about how enlightening it is to churn butter? I didn’t? Ok, well, here goes – You collect oodles of malai. When the box can take no more, you add a dash of curd to it, mix it well and kept in a warm corner. Also, make sure you transfer the curd-mixed malai to a larger container. You wouldn’t want to clean up the resulting mess otherwise! Next morning, you have two options –

a)  make the butter this way*

b) or use technology*

Guess which route I took 😉 ?!!

Once you’ve got the butter separated from the buttermilk, dump it into a vessel, load on the gas-burner, ignite and leave it alone to simmer and cook for ages (believe me, it took an agonizing 2 hours for the final ghee to materialize 😦 )

That said, I think the best part about the weekend was the super-duper time spent with the pests. They got in the way, stole the nimkis, bawled for apples when there were none, peed all over the place and generally had a good time. I had a good time too, because seriously, one can howl and rant over the mess which needs cleaning up, but its all worth it when your kids jump on your back and give you an impromptu kiss, or say ,”Mamma…Aa lau too” in their most serious voice!!

Yes, it’s totally worth the mess 🙂

* All images sourced from Google Images :)


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