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Hello folks.

After a hiatus of months (just ignore those itsy-bitsy posts I did in between) I now plan to get back to full-time blogging PRONTO.

No more procrastinating, no more dilly-dallying, just pure, old-fashioned blogging. You know what that means?

Yes, I plan to once more bombard you all with the nitty-gritty happenings of the MomOfRS household, not to mention, the ever-teeth-gnashingly-annoying twins. By the way, did I mention that I’m now back in my parent company? No? Well, yes I am. And though its all warm and fuzzy to get back here, I do miss the crowd back there at the client’s. I’ve had some really good time there (and some awesome friends too). There are good friends here too, but apart from a couple who immediately made me feel at home after coming back, most are busy with their respective projects and friends. In other words, they have moved on. This is the cue that I must too and in no time, I surely will 🙂 . But in the meanwhile, I’m feeling a tad low, a lot apprehensive and mega sleepy (The food here is good!! I swear. I kind of over-ate today. Having an awful time trying to keep my eyes open 😦 ).

On the update front, Granny is doing a little better (Alhamdulillah). She still can’t talk, but at least she attempts to. Her eyes aren’t as vacant as before and her responses are a little better than before. All the docs have advised against hospitalization, requesting us to just give her tons  of TLC. And when a doc says that, we all know what that means 😐 !! The twins, on their part are half the cause of GMIL’s progress. Lui spends some time each day, clambering on her big-dadi’s bed to press the old lady’s swollen feet. Shobby, who has recently developed an aversion to being kissed  (I knew boys turn out like that sooner or later, never guessed it would be this early 😦 ) holds no qualms in hugging his big-dadi and planting loud smacks on her withered cheeks. He doesn’t mind getting kissed back by her either. Talk about preferences!!

On the personal front, the BF is uber-busy, with me needing to book appointments to talk to him 😐 ! And even then, he doesn’t have much time to chat 😦 . At home, once he’s back, the kids refuse to let go of him. so the poor chaps plays with the kids for a while before I finally manage to drag the brats off to bed. That reminds me, its been ages since I posted a snap of the twins. The last one I did was the one on their B’day post, which was in Nov!! The machines at work here don’t permit uploading of images *Grrrrrr….*, will have to do the needful from home, I guess!

I have a project interview tomorrow for which I’m ill-prepared. I’ll be fired with questions regarding a domain I know nothing of, but am keen on getting into. A little preparation is on the way but nothing teaches you as well as a good hands-on experience. Do pray that I get through (though secretly I doubt I will 😦 )
Thats all for now folks. Will keep you updated on the interview (and the food) tomorrow. Till then, Adios 🙂

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Taking That Step

Thats it. I did it.

Finally asked for release from the project I’m working on. Something which I should have done about a year back, but given the level of procrastination I live in, it took me another year to conclude that working here has given me nothing in terms of experience or exposure (BUT it has given me some valuable friends for which I’ll forever be grateful).

I’ve been working at the client side for two years with no increment, or promotion and with neither of the two visible in the near foreseeable future. My managers back in my company are not here to evaluate my performance. The managers at the client side give their feedback and couldn’t care an iota what my managers do with that feedback. Also, I think I’ve suffered the ignominy of being a ‘contract employee’ for long enough. More of a ‘worker’ maybe. Not that I have anything against workers, but when I see all my efforts going to naught, its time to wake up and face the truth. All work and no pay indeed makes this MomOfRS a really angry employee 😐 . I’ve finally decided to put my foot down and demand what is my right.Jab jaago, tab savera !!

But there is a small niggling doubt at the back of my head which keeps asking me if this is what I want. Not the release. I do want that. I mean the work that I do. I feel happy doing my work…..but not exhilarated at the thought of going to work every morning.  Is the job to blame or the work? Apart from the salary, what value has it added to my life? I spend more hours at work than I’d like to. I come back home exhausted and drained. The work hours, the long drive to/from work and beating the traffic make me more than tired at the end of the day. Even at work, I do something that I’m good at, but not exceptionally so, that I’m irreplaceable. The money it brings in is welcome, but where is the charm?? Did I lose it on the way to my 8+ year career? If yes, why didn’t I realize it before? If not this, then what? What do I do now that I can earn just as much to pay off the loans but still have time to play leap-frog with the twins?


(Time for me to take a deep breath )

For now, I’ll just it back and do the work assigned to me. And wait, till I get called back. Once on my own turf, I’ll think, and I mean, really think, what I must do with my life.

As ever, suggestions are most welcome 🙂

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We had our business counterparts visiting us a couple of weeks back . They were two lovely women who were responsible for gathering the customer requirements and feedback and guiding us on what the market needs are. But I wont get into their professional expertise here. What I want to share are the inputs of the personal kind that I gathered from them.

But first, a little background. Lets call one of them L and the other M. They are both senior members in the team and with the client company for the last 11 years. Needless to say, they have an excellent professional record and an enviable standing in the company. Also, L must be nearing 50 and M must be between 35-40 years of age (I didn’t ask, for obvious reasons). B-U-T! They are both gorgeous !!

During their stay here, we had the opportunity to take them out for shopping and spending some time with them. These two women sure know how to keep their professional life separate from their personal. So, away from office, they can talk nineteen to a dozen about their kids and personal life, but once back in, they shed the casualness and become professional once again. It was amazing to see the transformation, because frankly, it was so effortless, I doubt they realized the change themselves! Lesson One learnt here.

For all the meetings scheduled with the two, it was embarrassing to note that they were always before time 😦 . I mean, we did try to make an effort to reach on time, but they beat us to it each time!! They didn’t mind letting us know that before coming here, they were coached on the IST and our interpretation of it. I felt a tad humiliated on that, but they were cheerful and didn’t mean it in spite, so I’ll just accept the fact that try as we might, tardiness is in our blood. So next time we have a meeting, it is best to leave a few minutes before time than to rush in at the last minute. Lesson Two learnt here.

L was recently married, a few months before she came to India. Even as we wondered at the decision of marrying so late (by Indian standards), we were humbled by her comments that she married the right man at the right time and in a manner that she always wanted to. That she could conduct the wedding on her own expenditure (it was extravagant, I tell you, them pictures don’t lie 😐 ) . We, the ones who chip in (marginally) as our parents first struggle to earn and then spend it all on our weddings , felt rotten. Somewhere along the line, I feel we are way too pampered. Why do our parents have to spend on our wedding? Why cant we do it ourselves??  Maybe then we can ask Dad to cross off that obnoxious relative from the guest list 😀 . Lesson Three learnt here.

L and M don’t have children of their own. L has opened up her arms for her husband’s children (from his first marriage). We wouldn’t have guessed they weren’t her’s, going by the way she gushed about the kids and the way her face glowed with pride when narrating their achievements 🙂 . M adopted two kids from far-off Russia, a pair of siblings, both boys. And the way she gushed about them was heart-warming too. I mean, it takes a large heart to be so encompassing, to learn to accept and love. And both these women love the children in their lives, we could see that 🙂 . Lesson Four learnt here.

These two women stayed here but a week, but their sheer exuberance and enthusiasm was infectious. They weren’t prissy and uptight and even agreed to eat everything we piled on their plates. It was a far-cry from some other visitors I’ve seen who wouldn’t touch our food or water unless it was pizza or coke! L, the elder of the two was so energetic, she would put a 20-year-old to shame ! They were frank, open, welcoming and I guess this was the reason we extended our hospitality far beyond what we do for other clients. And, the best part, they never commented negatively about our roads or the markets or the crowd 🙂 . I think they accepted India as they saw it whereas we still struggle to come to terms with what we see. Lesson Five learnt here.

We felt really bad that these two had to leave so soon…..I think I’ve learned a lot from them . And maybe, just maybe, they had some more lessons up their sleeves 🙂

So here’s hoping L and M come back for a visit soon (at least L said she would 😀 ).

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Hello Hello Hello.


It’s a wonderful morning and I’m feeling chirpy today. But that’s just my mood. My hands and legs are a different story altogether. For the record, I have, hold your breath, commenced with my workouts from yesterday. Yes, folks, I’m now an official gym-go-er (I made that word up. You can tell 😀 ) . Equipped with some new tracks, a shirt borrowed from the BF (egads!! His T-shirt fit me!! *WAIL* ) and my forgotten Reeboks dug out from the dungeons they were resigned to, I headed to the gym last evening. Ten minutes on the treadmill later, I called myself fit enough to start the yoga class. Yes, I was fool, realized it 5 minutes into the session. But it was too late to back out. My pride was at stake! So doing the Surya Namaskar a thousand times later, as I collapsed on the floor, the instructor took pity on me and allowed me to bunk the Shirshasan (head-stand). I’m thoroughly grateful to her, right up to my creaking knuckles and buckling wrist! An hour later, when I finally crawled out of the gym and slithered to my bike, I realized with a jolt that I had to ride back home. Mustering up courage (with a few pleading prayers to the Almighty) I hopped on sped away. Once home, it took me a minute to put my bike on main-stand. Disconcerting it was. Also disconcerting was the look a neighbour’s kid gave me as  I wobbled my way up (see, even in pain, I refused to use the lift! When I get serious about working-out, I get VERY, VERY serious!  😐 ). Once home, the twins, bless their little souls, were the epitome of love and concern and threw tantrums which lasted only till 12 in the night. We slept early yesterday .

Surprisingly, though I imagined myself to be all stiff and sore in the morning, I wasn’t. In fact, apart from slight stiffness in the back I’m feeling rather peppy. Must be all that blood rushing all over the body 🙂 . Exercising’s good for the mood, I guess!

Anyhow, I had a great weekend this time too (thanks to the art of Zen and self-taught-lessons on Happiness Unlimited 😀 ). Though I didn’t get to go anywhere, it was fun to spend time with the twins. I’ll just quickly wrap up the weekend updates in this post.

1) We had submitted documents for the twin’s passport in the passport office around 3 months back. Two kids, twins, same date, same parents. Yet, for some unknown reason, Lui’s passport gets processed and delivered at our place and Shobby’s papers are still awaiting verification. The authorities are not convinced that he’s our son, then one day, they aren’t sure if I am the mother, another day, they doubt the BF’s credentials. This Saturday, I had to visit the clinic where the twins were born and get a letter from my doctor, on her letterhead, claiming that the twins were indeed my children! And my son was indeed my flesh and blood, irrespective of my maiden name. I’ve been trying real hard to hang on to my name, but the government officials in Maharashtra insist that  a married woman MUST have her husband’s name for identification proof. Apparently, they don’t trust their own marriage certificates! The BF’s been running from pillar to post, trying his best to sort out the issues and sometimes, he wonders aloud why I just don’t change my name to make matters easier! I refuse to. Because there is no government rule that I must. But the invisible rule of the land decrees that I should ! It is ridiculous, I know, we’ve been fighting it and don’t seem to be winning any time soon 😦

2) Saturday evening was special, because a wonderful friend from my company (and a loyal blog reader, Sheets) dropped by for a visit. It was SO wonderful to have her with me….we started chatting and time just flew. I wish she could have stayed longer….there was still so much to say and share . Thanks Sheets 🙂 . The pudding you made was yummy 😀 ( And please don’t mind the dismal state of my room. I was foolish enough to give Lui an old mehendi cone which she then proceeded to generously slather over the walls and the bed. )

She also brought gifts for the twins, a pack of various blocks which could be fashioned into toys. Needless to say, me and the BF were pretty occupied throughout the night :D. And oh, for starters, I made the simplest toy possible, a dining table and chairs. Lui was very excited to see the chair and playfully suggested that she wanted to sit on it. Shobs, on hearing this, came running across the room yelling, “Lui…..aap woh chair par nahin baitho. aapka bum bahut bada hai”. In splits we were 😀 !

3) Sunday was a breeze, house-hold work, cooking (where I made some amazing kofta-curry and surprised myself !) and relaxing . SIL visited us in the evening, but couldn’t stay long as her younger son was suffering from a sore throat and was getting irritable by the minute 😦 . I quickly rustled up some fish-curry for her to take back home. Later that night, at dinner, I found out that I’d missed out on the salt 😐 !

4) Monday was an official off but I had some pending work to wrap up, so I came in by 11 AM. There were other team mates who had turned up too, but they came early and left early. I was the last to come in and it was pain, I tell you. The office does not have air-conditioning on weekends. So suffering the heat, I did the best I could and wrapped up by 1 pm. Made a quick visit to Big Bazaar (yes, I still look out for that boy, who is yet again absconding), bought a pair of jeans for Shobs (who finally, finally outgrew his first pair *sending prayers of gratitude to the One above* ) , a top for Lui and a towel for the FIL. Also bought a couple of CDs of nursery rhymes which the kids L-O-V-E to watch on my laptop. They are even decent enough to click only on the left-click button to go next (as I’ve instructed them to 🙂 ).

5) Visited Aapa. There is one benefit of having an elder sister in town. You get to eat a wholesome, hot meal prepared with love by someone other than you 😀 . I stuffed myself silly, and then proceeded to settle down for a siesta on the divan and asked her to wake me up by 5:30pm. She was kind enough to do just that along with a cup of hot tea and slices of cake.

Elder sisters, I tell you……they take care of everything 🙂

6) Went to the gym for my first session (as explained above).

In all, I had a great weekend. I’ve finally made some concrete moves in the weight-reduction department and am raring to go full steam ahead. My target is to shed at least 3-4kgs by 4th Dec.It is a small, very small target, I know….but then, these initial kilos are the only thing I’ll be able to lose. The weight-plateau after that will take much longer to crack.

Before I forget, we got the twin’s report on Friday. We looked on in shock, horror and disbelief.



Always Cheerful!

Listens to Instructions!!

We at home, are still in denial. Me and the BF refuse to belive that the report cards belong to the twins! For once, we find it difficult to relate to even a single characteristic observed in school! Obviously, the teachers out there haven’t encountered Lui’s brash refusal to any request and Shobby’s bossy “nahin karunga” attitude. They haven’t heard the twins yelling late into the night or throwing tantrums because, “ussne mujhe dekha”! I sincerely wish the school agrees to keep the kids there for more than the current 3 hrs. Or let the teachers come here and stay with us. Either we’ll see an improvement in the twin’s behavior, OR the teacher’s will see the true side of the kids.

Whichever way, truth shall prevail 🙂


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Monday’s here again and there’s loads to share from the past week and weekend. As usual, the fasts continue, no major volcanic eruptions yet (between me and the BF. Between MIL and GMIL. Between BIL and FIL. Between Lui and Shobs. Between me and the Nanny. Between…. oh forget it! Lets just say there’s peace all around 😀 )

Last week I was caught up with work and didn’t do any real posts. Sure, the Leh series were put up, but mostly because I wanted to preserve Bro’s wonderful adventure more than he did 🙂 . Anyhow, now that the series is over and there is surely no way out from work, I really must put in more effort (and some time) towards keeping up this blog.  There are so many thoughts running in my head, if I don’t put them down now, surely I’ll explode 🙂 !


Had the Twin’s official Parent-Teachers meeting on Friday. Awful timing, I say. Since the school gets over at 12:30, the meet was scheduled between 12 to 1 , so that parents could take their children home after the meet. Since the BF was in another part of the city (around 30 KM from the school) he couldn’t make it. That left me to make the necessary trip from home -to office – to school-to-home-to office. Yeah! Peachy, right?!

Anyhow, fighting the heat and dust, I reached the school on time. Met the teachers who, once again, reminded me how different my kids were at home and school. Lui received a little flak (disinterested, does not listen in one go, impulsive, etc 😦 ) and Shobs was heaped with praises (obedient, sociable, skilled 😯 )

When I narrated the same to the BF later, he reminded me that the same adjectives apply to the twins at home, but simply swapped! Shobs is the lazy, disinterested types and Lui is the one who is friendly and has good motor skills (the teacher asked me to teach Lui to pick pulses from a bowl to improve her motor skills. That evening, I found Lui skillfully plucking the pomegranate seeds from its peel. Her speed was to be seen to be believed. She is now the official pomegranate picker 😀 . I seriously wished the teacher was around to see it for herself!!)

We got the kid’s workbooks and art-books to have a better idea of what all they have learned in the last 2 months. Their progress is impressive 🙂 (even if I say so myself).  I don’t teach the kids poems and stuff at home. I teach them generic stuff. I let them know what a vacuum cleaner does or how to put the lids on lunch boxes. The MIL taught them how to fold clothes, but then, one fine day, Shobs discovered that pulling out folded clothes and tossing them in the air gave him more pleasure. Lui loyally assists her brother in this clothes-carnage. We’ve been hiding the clothes from them since then 🙂

Anyhow, the crux of the matter is that I know my kids are doing well….one at school and one at home. So I’m not worried 🙂 Things are going well. The teacher once again appreciated the lunch-boxes I send for the twins and I’m now even more inspired than before to make lunch times as exciting as ever 😉  . Suggestions for the same are obviously, most welcome 🙂


Since we are a working family, weekends are the only time we get for Ramadan cleaning. Needless to say, this last weekend was awfully hectic , what with pulling down all the stuff from over-head lofts, cleaning, washing, drying, repacking and then re-stuffing back to their location! And here I was, thinking that I’m the world’s worst hoarder! Appears that my in-laws are miles ahead of me 🙂 !! So we have utensils dated early 1930’s-40’s, belonging to the GMIL. They are copper and brass vessels, unused, patina-ed and smelly. But we pull them down, scrub them to shiny perfection (thanks Pitambari) and then stuff them back where they came from. The GMIL refuses to part with them( of course) and we have no idea how to use them . Our kitchen is already overloaded with utensils and stuff!! As I counted yesterday, we have 2 non-stick tawas, 2 iron tawas, 2 aluminium ones, 3 non-stick pans , 2 iron kadhai, 2 aluminium kadhai, 1 non-stick kadhai, 3 cookers (5 ltr to 1 ltr ), 8 steel vessels in varying sizes, around 20 aluminium vessels , ranging from ones in which you can make 10 Kg pulav to one in which you can boil an egg, around 20 stainless steel containers, innumerable pearl-pet jars (varying sizes), two-sets of dinner plates, 2 sets of quarter plates, two sets of stainless steel glasses and innumerable katoris. And I’m just listing the stuff we use on a regular basis. I’m not getting into the glassware and melamine section now. Not even the utensils I got from mom as a part of my wedding collection!!

What!? we are a Big family, remember?!

Anyhow, point is that a whole lot of time was spent in washing, cleaning, mopping,sorting, sweeping, collecting, dumping, sighing, running, cooking and finally, collapsing 😐

BTW, I made killer sabudana khichdi and Dhoklas for Iftaar (since there is no one else who will sing me praises, I’m compelled to do the needful myself  *humble-mumble* ). The twins crashed at 12:30 last night. I got up at 3:30 for Saheri. Still alive and kicking! I tell you people, keep fasts. OR have children. (The adventurous or the unlucky ones might opt for both 😉 ). There is no other kick-shot method to test your endurance and stamina 😀


Remember this post??

Okay, so the same girl ran away from home and married an office colleague 😀

Needless to say, the last few days at work have been interesting. VERY interesting. Good friend SK from work was a major factor in convincing the girl to take the step and must say, the effort from all sides was worth it 😉

Okay, since all the story above makes no sense, I’ll start from the beginning.

The said girl, lets call her SG(who is a Jain) , who fell in love with a colleague , lets call him SB (who is a Maratha). The minute her parents found out about the direction in which her heart beats, they whisked her away to her hometown and kept her in house-arrest. Initially, she gave the excuse of sick leave. But after some time, had to let the managers know that she was quitting. When asked why, she gave health reasons. The managers insisted that she get well soon and then join (wise decision, that. Not all managers are that considerate).

Anyhow, the guy pined for her, pestered SK for ages, asking for suggestions, help. SK did her bit and convinced SG to either take the plunge or opt out. But not to keep a guy waiting indefinitely! The girl, for once, took her own decision. So one fine day, SB took leave from work, went to SG’s hometown. The girl came out of her house on some pretext. The two eloped, went to a city nearby, got married and then returned to the guy’s family in Mumbai. SB’s family warmly accepted SG and then they all went back to SG’s parents to soothe ruffled feathers.

All in all, all’s well that ends well. Everyone’s happy (yes, including SG’s family. They were saved the humongous expenses that come with a Marwari wedding 😀 ) . So when these two trooped into office one day and declared they were married, there were hoops of joy (from those who knew) and loud exclamations (from those who didn’t). There were also loads of broken hearts, since SG is a looker and had quite a fan following 🙂 . Frankly, we were all tickled pink 🙂 . I was nostalgic …about all the times me and the BF pondered over how our lives would turn out had our parents not agreed to our union. I’m glad my parents supported me, because I for one, could never ever leave them for the BF !! And the BF knows this 🙂


The air here is just resonating with romance….and there are quite a few guys who think its time they took the plunge too. I’m just waiting for another love story to rock our sedate work environment 😉


I’ve been meaning to do a post on Hritik Roshan’s singing talents. I wrote a draft after I saw Kites…then deleted it because it didnt have much material. Then I started with one when I saw Guzarish. Scrapped that too (I’m not sure why). Then I saw ZNMD. And now, I really, really MUST do a post on him! Seriously!


I have finally succumbed to the cold-cough virus 😦

Lui is still coughing, MIL is hacking her way through the fasts and the GMIL is still nursing a runny nose. I fought valiantly, but I guess the battle was lost last night. This morning, I woke up with a stuffy nose and a itchy throat (horrible combination). Needless to say, I’m not fasting today (woe me 😦 ) . A few cups of warm water since morning have kept the throat clear. But its my nose that’s giving me trouble. Am sneezing terribly (for the record, I don’t do dainty sneezes. Thats the BF’s department.  I sound much more like a whale, out to get some air!) .

I’m a tad worried about the MIL though. She’s been suffering for close to 2 weeks now. She’s had loads of medication, but no reprieve 😦 . Even home remedies are not working. For the first time ever, she missed her fasts because of the cough. It is the season, I guess. Practically half the people I know are down with the cold-cough flu 😦


Thats all for now folks. Gotta get back to home and heart(h) 😀

Life’s good, weather’s sunny and there’s fish to fry (no, there isn’t. But it sounded good 🙂 ). Catch  up with ya’ll tomorrow.

Ciao 🙂

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No, please don’t think I’m posting something gross here.

Trust me, I’m not 😉

Its just that lately, I’ve been observing and reflecting on office washrooms, reason being, I came across  a distant cousin sister of the BF who is working in a nationalized bank, which, hold-your-pee, does NOT have a washroom. The women are expected to work from 9:30AM to 6:30 PM without a loo break! Luckily for her, a doctor’s clinic nearby provides a little relief, albeit only till 3 pm. After that, it is pure self-control till the time she gets back home! The commercial complex where the bank is located, does have a common washroom, but like all public toilets, it is not worth even a dekko (let alone a visit!!)

I’ve been working in the IT sector for nearly 8 years now. Changed around 4 companies in that duration (It has been a long journey). There is something very similar about the IT set-up. The cubicles are more or less the same (Sometimes, even the colour scheme is the same ) . The coffee rooms don’t have much of a difference, and all cafeterias smell alike. I guess, except for the external facade (glass front or plain cemented) , they all look alike, feel alike. Also, all IT offices have one thing in common. They have sparkling washrooms!

Surprisingly though, all offices I worked in had very different kinds of washrooms. They all had their common features, the wash-basins, the WC cubicles, the tissue dispensers and the like. Yet, they were different. For instance, my first company had a 2-room washroom with a single wash-basin in one room and a single pot in the other. This catered to about 15-20 women in that wing! There was another larger washroom on the other side, but when you have to go, I’m sure you would rush to the one nearest to you. So this one washroom had constant traffic. It was fun. Being a tiny confined space, it always had at least one or two women awaiting their turn, catching up on the office gossip in the meanwhile. I don’t remember a single instance when anyone came in there to make calls. No, that never happened. The space just didn’t permit it.

The second place I worked for, had basic washrooms. Nothing fancy, no unnecessary bright lights. No reams of tissue rolls, it just had blow-dryers to dry our hands. And a wall poster in the washroom advised us to use our handkerchiefs if we ever washed our faces (Yes Teacher 😐 ). There was no fancy carpeting and only two large mirrors per washroom.  The WCs were separated by solid walls on three sides and a wooden door on the fourth. Some would say it was miserly, but I personally liked this type of non-fussy, but efficient facility.

The third company I worked in , had washrooms which were – believe me – difficult to access 😀 . Yes, one had to go through 5 doors (4 in a row) to reach the single commode at the end. Whew! That was tough. The other option was to walk all over to the other end of the work-hall, exit it and then visit the ladies washroom there. In times of urgency, the nearest one usually came to our rescue, except, if you could just barrel through those 4 doors 😀

The office I work in currently has two buildings. One is owned, the other leased. Obviously then, the leased one seriously lacks the sparkle and shine of the owned one! And I sit in the leased one. Sheesh!!

Okay, so this washroom isn’t really bad, it is clean, has enough mirrors and doesn’t run out of tissues or hand-wipes.


This washroom has a stall set-up , where each commode is separated from the other by a partition, which starts about half a foot above the floor. Obviously, then, there is no top covering except for the roof 😦 . Until I started working here, I had no idea how much I would come to hate stall set-up!! Call me finicky if you will, but I prefer to be closeted from all sides before I do my business. I know that no one will actually do it, but I simply freak out on the idea that someone might bend down to look at me from under the door 😐 Creepy as hell and it gives me the jitters 😦 .

Luckily for me, I sit closest to the washrooms (Okay, so its not the best location ever! But then, I have the quickest access when nature calls 😀 ) and I know when it is empty. So I dash in there when no one’s around and then dash back. Clearly, I’m one who doesn’t like spending much time in washrooms listening to others flush!

Which is why, it surprises to me to see the number of girls who’ve made this washroom their favorite hang-out place 😐 . At certain times of the day, the washroom is packed with girls hanging on to their cellphones, either talking nineteen to a dozen, or whispering secretly in a corner. It always amuses me to see them there, spending the better part of an hour at times, talking incessantly. Some call their boyfriends, others their parents, friends or in-laws. Sometimes they make official calls to banks, maybe for a loan or call up telecom call centres complaining about some service or the other. Whatever the case, I HATE sitting in there listening to all the chatter! All the more reason for me to keep an eagle eye on the vacancy status of the washroom!!

Almost makes me feel the most useless – HEY!! HOLD ON AN EFFING MINUTE!!!

You know what?!!

I just had the weirdest  feeling that I did something rather abnormal by writing an entire post on office washrooms!An entire post 😯


I REALLY need to get a life, don’t I ?!!

On the other hand, I think I’m just grateful I’m not in the shoes of the BF’s cousin. That would definitely be the test of my control.

(On a tangent, sincerely wondering how come guys are NOT affected by the lack of sanitary facilities 😐 . Its not as if all guys love hugging a tree or a wall ! Any inputs from male readers?! )

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Foto(s) Friday

Remember I promised to post snaps from last week’s training? I finally got the time to download those images from my cellphone to my PC!

Without much ado, ladies and gentlemen, Let me present to you the collection of snaps taken from a fatigued mind and restless body –

Testing the ‘Effects’ option on my Nokia –

False Colour


Black & White


There were a zillion bottles of Bisleri consumed. It was surprising, because the training hall was a close cousin of the Tundra. I suspect the victims consumed all that water in order to take extra loo breaks and escape the chill 😉


More bottles

Some more bottles

That snazzy orange purse belongs to me. Gifted by Aapa when she used to live in the land of the Sheikhs! Alas, she’s back! And the stock of snazzy handbags depletes 😦

For a better view of the bag –


I like the curly design 🙂

Our table had a martini glass piled with mentos. The best part was that after every break the hotel staff kept replenishing the glass. LOVE them 🙂

Orange Mentos on Day1

Pink Mentos on Day2

My only grouse was that they didn’t change the flowers from Day1. So by Day2, the charming little flower pot had droopy carnations and orchids struggling to hold their head high! For the record, they looked like this on Day1 –


I think I fell in love with the ceiling lamp holders. They had a zig-zag pattern and looked like draped cloth around light bulbs. Very pretty 🙂 –

Ceiling lamps

Close-up of the lamps

Also loved the chandeliers in the Buffet hall. They looked expensive at the first sight. But on closer inspection, found that they weren’t really that heavy. The glass balls were delicate, but definitely cheap. Nevertheles, it looked pretty and bounced off colorful light all around –

The chandeliers

I must have clicked a hundred snaps of my Kada, trying my best to get a clear pic of it. But somehow my cellphone just couldn’t capture a clear image. The nearest I could get to is this –

Sparkly kadas gifted by Shital

An oh, in case you guys were wondering whether I did anything other than going click-happy, let me state that I did raise a few poignant questions which the trainer gladly answered

The microphone

And since I’ve been rather lax in posting lately, let me come out of hiding and show you all what I look like. A walking advertisement for dental fixtures, thats what –

Thats me

By the way, this snap is from Day2 and let me tell you, those socks were much needed. I survived because of them 😀

Mucho hugs and love to all of you who keep dropping by even though I rarely oblige with a post these days!

Life’s rather tough lately and am just crossing my finger,toes and eyes and hoping that this phase passes by soon. Frankly, I’m tired……………

And oh, I’m rather in the dumps today. Suffering a severe case of migraine, headache, whatchamacallit. I rarely get headaches and by that measure, I’m unable to understand why my head screams in agony when I move it even an inch. I dare not turn my head all of a sudden, rather, I slowly swivel my neck. Creepy, I agree, but what to do 😦

Remedies anyone??

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