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Delhi Diary 1 : Chalo Dilli

Our tickets were booked for the Goa-Nizamuddin Express from Pune on the 18th of April at an ungodly hour of *gasp* 04:15. 

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep a wink! 

Somehow, travelling with kids always keeps me on tenterhooks, dreading all the while that I’ve surely missed out some important thing to take along. And I wasn’t wrong. SS developed a cold and cough and RS got the loosies. And I had every other medicine except for these two. Beat that! 

Anyhow, let me start from the beginning. 

The week before, was a whirlwind of activities at work and at home. I needed to wrap up work so that there were no issues in my absence. And I needed to pack everything at home, shop for a few things, put them all together as per the need to pull them out , and overall, just struggling to make sure that I didn’t hop on the train and leave the kids behind (which , since I’m back, seemed like the BEST thing to do!). 

The BF hates packing. Period. So no help on that front. But he needs his roller brush, his hair oil, his shaving kit, in other words , ALL his stuff right at the top of the bag, so that the minute he opens it, he can find what he wants. Following this condition, I had to pack all my stuff at the base of the suitcase, along with the pack of diapers and sterilizer. All his stuff went on top. A smaller strolley was packed with the kid’s clothings and other knick-knacks. And then, I had not one, but TWO baby bags filled to the brim with a change of clothes, diapers, napkins, wet-tissues, three thermos flasks, tin of powdered milk, tin of Cerelac, and most important, 6 feeding bottles. Whew!! I definitely wasn’t travelling light! 

On 17th night, I checked up the stuff once more and finally locked everything. We fed the babies and put them to sleep. I cleaned up the room , stacked stuff into place and then mulled over the week to come. Remembered to grab the camera at the last-minute (though I really shouldn’t have bothered!! It was more of a hindrance, and rarely used 😦 ) . Anyway, I couldn’t sleep, so I read up on the Pale Horse by Agatha Christie. It was quite gripping and I didn’t realize when it was 2 AM. Time to get up and change the kids, call up BFG and BFS to confirm that they were ready too. The gets readily allowed me to change them in their sleep, which was good. But they definitely threw a tantrum when we picked them off the bed and disturbed their sleep. Protest, they did. And as wildly and loudly as possible 😐 . 

GMIL was in tears at the thought of being parted from the kids. She was genuinely moved. The MIL and FIL were still doubtful about us taking the kids along. But it was too late to change our decision. The kids cannot stay without me yet (not to mention that I’d cry myself to sleep if I was parted from them!) and there was no possibility of canceling our trip. So there, in spite of their stern disapproval, we lugged the bags downstairs and loaded the car. The kids were pretty up by this time and luckily, didn’t bother us as much. 

At the station, found BFS and BFG waiting at the entrance along with BFG’s father. We all counted our baggage (which were THREE each , making me direct killer looks at the BF who had warned me not to exceed 4 bags for all the four of us) and trooped inside . Had a cup of tea while waiting for the train to arrive and arrive it did, right when I was busy gulping down the BF’s cup (since he wasn’t keen on it, but uncle had bought it anyway!).  The bogie was a little way further than where the indicator was and we all cursed the driver unanimously was making us run till our compartment with luggage and two kids! Once we all piled in, counted the luggage and bid goodbye to uncle, the train started once more and we were off!! 

BFS was excited enough to pull out her camera and start clicking snaps immediately. I couldn’t really be bothered because the kids were acting up, not keen on being confined to the limited space and were also hungry. Fed them their milk and tried to put them to sleep. But no luck 😦 . They were up and bright and in no mood to be put back to sleep. 

On an aside, here’s a brief layout of our seats :- 

AC-2 Tier Berth layout


Our seats were in a wierd L-shape and the kids didn’t like the limited space for movement. But in a way, it was good, because at least we were all together in a separate area. The only major disturbance factor was the door which was practically open the whole time since people kept coming in and out, specially the guys from the pantry serving tea/coffee. SS tried his best to sneak out when the doors opened and the BF had a tough time keeping him in check. 

Somewhere around early morning, I think, maybe 6 AM, RS went off to sleep, SS went to sleep with his Abba a little before that. I plunked down myself, only to get up to the wails of RS who did not approve of me infringing on her space. This girls needs a LOT of space to roll about in her sleep and she certainly wasn’t pleased with the narrow berth. I had no option, but to wait till she went deeper into her sleep before thankfully slinking in beside her, half of me dangling precariously off the edge. Only I know how I managed to sleep that night!! I won’t put up BF’s side of the story about how he managed to squeeze his nearly six feet muscular frame in that side berth, because frankly, this is my blog and I expect you all to sympathise with me!! 

Anyhow, I crashed out shortly after my head hit the pillow and woke up a few hours later…..to the combined wail of the you-know-who!! 

Ahh…another day to go………. (to be continued)

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