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Men Will Be Men

This morning, I was chatting with my project mates when the topic of Shah-Rukh Khan’s latest film, “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” came up. This is how the conversation went :-

Colleague 1 : Trailor gives away the entire movie. Shah Rukh is looking old now.

Colleague 2 : Haan…buddha ho gaya hai.

Me : Of course!! He’s nearly touching 50 now.

Colleague 1 : But so is Salman. But he doesn’t look that old.

Me : Thats because he doesn’t have any responsibilities. He doesn’t have a wife or kids.

Colleague 2 : But Aamir Khan has two wives!! AND children. But he still looks young!

Me : Correction. Aamir Khan has just one current wife. He was divorced from his first one.

Colleague 2 : But you forget, Aamir has three children!!

Me : I agree…but….

Colleague 1 : Hmmm…so the secret is this. If you want to look young, you either don’t marry or if you do, make sure you marry many times.

Colleague 2 : I agree…..the more a man marries, the younger he becomes.

Colleague 1 : Sahi hai yaar….ek wife aadmi ko buddha kar deti hai!!

At this point, the guys guffaw loudly and high-five each other, whereas I can only stare on in shock!!

Seriously, when will guys grow up??

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Bonafide Parenting

BlogAdda (bless them!!) is turning into an addiction.

As if getting free books from them (under the book review program )wasn’t addictive enough, they’ve now got me hooked to their new blog on Parenting. Its called Parentous.com. Believe me people, if you want little nuggets of everyday ups-and downs of parenting, then do hop over to their site. They have some amazing authors with some awesome slice-of-life stories.

And…err… *ahem*……*cough cough*, there’s one post by me *blush*

Sadly, I submitted that post in a hurry and it didn’t turn out quite like I wanted it to.

Hopefully, I’ll write better in the coming weeks!

Do drop by and take a look.


Thanks 🙂





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