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….just got two new members!

Lui and Shobs are the latest entrants in the “I LOVE Salman Khan” club! A fact made abundantly clear by the following conversation –

The BF is reading the morning papers and the twins are playing on the sofa. Shobs playfully clambers on to his father’s shoulder, looks down at the paper and spots a snap of Salman Khan.

Shobs : Abu, yeh Shalman Kaan hai na, Shalman?!

BF :  😐 Huh?!!

Lui immediately clambers over the father’s other shoulder and peers down.

Lui : Arre Shobby, yeh Shalman nahin hai, Sallu hai, Sallu.

BF : 😯

Me : 😯

Evidently, the nanny is keeping the twins entertained with Salman Khan in our absence (since we rarely switch on the TV in their presence and then too, only Animal Planet or National Geographic). What surprises me though, is that of all the movie actors they’ve seen on screen, there is only one whom they recognize! No other actor/character registers in their mind! If this isn’t the sign of a true follower, what is 😀 ?!!

Aaaaannd….the cherry on the cake?

Both Lui and Shobs have taken a liking for wearing button-down shirts with the buttons open 😐 . No more T-shirts for them !Any attempt to button the shirts are met with stiff disapproval and howls of protest. The worst part? Lui loves rubbing her bare tummy as she goes around the house claiming herself to be ‘Sallu’ !!

Ya Allaaaah!!!

After all the hard-work and sacrifices I made to keep them away from the cine-world !!

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