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Dear Twins….

I’ve been a rather boring mama lately, what with complaining about you two non-stop all the time 😦

I’ve been harping on and on about how you two are turning my hair grey. And sometimes, I get so carried away with all this harping that I forget to see the silver lining on the cloud.

My sweeties, you both are bratty, brash and a menace. It’s true that you drive me up the wall, but only to come crashing down when you give that impish smile and hold out your arms for a hug 😀 . Sometimes, when I see you sleeping, I wonder where the time flew…when did my kids become individuals with a mind of their own?

But there are things you do for which I need to be really grateful to Allah.

I hear friend/relatives complaining about how their kids throw a fit when they have to be administered medication. I can only nod my head in amazement when I hear such tales, because you see, the two of you LOVE medicines!! I have no idea where you get that trait from, but the simple mention of the word  “medicine”  has you both tagging behind me with your tongues hanging out 😐 .And the worst part is, you guys actually love medicines which are the most bitter!! Go figure! You two clamour for medicines even when you are not ill. So if I’m ill, I have to make sure I never take my prescription in your presence, else you two scream at me to share my stuff with you 😀

When you two were little babies , I used to wait till you went into deep slumber before I could attempt to cut your nails. With fingers barely a few centimetres long and nails which were difficult to locate, let alone cut, I had a harrowing time. I had to run the nail-cutter through the nails before you moved an inch, because you see, my hands used to tremble so much because I was terrified of cutting through your tender skin.

Is it a blessing then, when you both now hold out your hands and fight each other to be treated first 😀 ?! And just when I’m almost done with the hands, you lift your feet for the toes to be clipped too. Makes my job so much more easier 🙂 . I can’t be thankful enough !!

And now, on to the diapering 🙂

There was a time when changing your diapers was a chore!! It didn’t help that when you two weren’t kicking your mamma in the face, you were busy digging your fingers into the poo 😦 . Eww!! Is it less than a blessing then, when these days, I just have to say “diaper change”  and you two come scrambling up to me and lie down obediently while I do the needful!! No kicking, no messing. In fact, you demand to be powdered over your privies with special emphasis on your bum 😀 . Yes, both of you LOVE your bums to be smeared with an inch thick layer of talcum 🙂 .

There are many other little things, like insisting on brushing your own teeth, having food by yourself, doing everyone’s bidding, setting right furniture which is not in place, picking up stuff from the floor and putting it back in its place and many other antics which either keeps your family in splits of has us gushing with love and pride. Sometimes, its hard for me to believe that you are yet to turn two…..and then there are times when I’m totally overwhelmed to see you both so grown-up.

We still have our hurdles to cross. You two can’t have a decent meal without smearing every visible surface within a metre’s diameter with your food. When you brush your teeth, you also take time to brush the walls, your cycle handle, the door knob and (yuck!) even your Abba’s shoes 😦 . I need to keep nail-clippers and scissors as far from you two as possible, because you try to mimic my actions, almost giving me a heart-attack when I see you trying to clip off the fingers of your twin 😐

It’s a roller-coaster ride with you two and frankly, I’m enjoying every millisecond of it 🙂 . You have no idea how much you teach me each day. How much more I feel chastised for shouting at you and how much more blessed when in spite of it all, you bestow me with a warm hug. Awww munchkins….you have NO idea how much I love you 🙂

You two will soon become two years old and officially enter the world of “Terrible-Twos”….which roughly translates to “Terrible-Fours” for me 😦

I’m buckling up for it, I am…and really hoping that at the end of the TWO’s I’ll look back as fondly as I do now. Ameen.

Have fun sweeties…..now and forever…..and keep learning. Because that teaches me a lot too 🙂

Your Much-in-love-with-twins,

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