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………….kept me away from blogging these last few days.

Though I have loads to share about the twins and their time at school, somehow, I’m unable to come out of the gloom and do those posts.

It doesn’t help that the lady who died was a gentle soul, much loved by all. She was too young to die, we think (Is 41 too young or old enough? Who decides?). It hurt  more that she died alone, with no family member around her. Her husband was out at work and her son was out with his friends. She did have low blood pressure once in a while, but it was not serious enough for her to take daily medication. When it struck her this time, she passed out and possibly knocked her head against a wall. She lay there for hours before the husband and son returned and broke down the front door. Though she was rushed to the hospital, it was already too late. We got the news early in the morning last Friday. Since then, there have been loads of tears spent and much consolation given, to the bereaved children as well as the uncle. They were a tightly knit family, maybe that’s why her dying alone has shocked and upset the family so much.

The timing was plain misfortune. OR it was just Allah’s will.

Whatever the case, may her soul rest in peace. 

PS : On a side note, I bathed a corpse for the first time. Nothing, and I mean nothing can ever prepare you for death than seeing one dead. The cold cold body, the stiff hands and legs which will never move, the eyes which will never flutter open, how much ever you will them to, the mouth that will never smile again….gone for ever, never to return.

Makes one think of all that one wants to do before the final call comes, to have lived without regrets, to have loved and be loved in return. Makes me think harder about being around for the twins. I may have joked about my diet plans earlier, but I guess this incident has just hardened my resolve. I have to be around for my children…..at least as long as I physically can.

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